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Yet another battle...

LeeLee versus Dr. David MacBeth!!

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David leaned forward in his desk chair and raised an eyebrow.

“A rabbit? You’re serious about this?”

Dante nodded. “Yep. Well, not like a normal rabbit, obviously. A giant mutant super powered rabbit. But yeah, the girl’s kinda a bunny.”

There was a suggestive chuckle from the other side of the room, where Altaer sat in his casual clothes, sampling a variety of David’s fine liquors. “Heh, bunny. Term’s got a lot of implications, you know. Some rather pleasant implications. I’m sure some one-on-one time with me would serve our purposes, don’t you think, Davie?”

David sighed. He passed no personal judgment on anyone, but still…sometimes he wondered why some of the best people in his life were also the most dissolute.

“Dante did not bring us this information about Sanctuary just for you to be Mr. Playboy. You’re in this discussion for tactical advice, not sex jokes. And do NOT follow up on his comment, Dante.”

David maintained the silence just long enough to make sure everyone present had some level of composure, and then waved Dante on. “Please, continue.”

The man shrugged. “There’s not much to say, I guess. She seems super sweet, certainly the most accessible of all of the Sanctuary members. I mean, I wouldn’t want to see anything bad happen to her, you know?”

David furrowed his brow. Dante Rockwell had proved himself to be a key player, now intrinsic to the operation of The Coils. David trusted his judgement, but still…Dante was relatively new to the ways of Nehushtan. Niceties were not a consideration when dealing out reprisals. He shot a questioning glance at Altaer, who took a moment to notice after studying a glass of Amarulo.

“Damn good stuff. Shipping from South Africa has to be a pain in the ass, though.”

David merely rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. Altaer snorted, but answered the implicit question.

“Yeah, when Dante first mentioned her to me, in addition to telling him to speak to you about it I tapped into both my own contacts and our Serpents. I doubt there is one fleck of anything bad in that girl – not that she can’t fight, because I’ve checked out her records, but just that while she is certainly a fighter and hunter, war isn’t in her blood. Terminally naïve, would be my pegging. Not stupid, but just too damn new to this whole shithole we call normal life to know what the fuck she’s gotten herself into. Sanctuary just seems like a nice place with nice people, you know? On the surface not a hell of a lot different from us. She’ll trust anyone who can play their cards right, and Lord knows you’re the master of that, Doc.”

A slow smile rose and fell across David’s face. Naïveté stemming from plain idiocy was something he abhorred: childlikeness, however, was something he considered a rare treasure in the world these days. He hoped Altaer’s estimation was correct. Besides, it made the process of persuasion incredibly easy. He put his head down for a moment, an almost prayer like position when considering his steepled fingers, then darted his eyes up.

“Very well, my friends. What I say, do, and do quickly.”


The infant’s first breath was a tiny miracle, and David could not help but pull his mask down so he could beam at the new mother as he passed her son to her.

“I’d like you to meet your son, Alice.”

He politely stepped back as the father of the child crowded in beside his wife to see, and nodded to his interns to finish the procedures for him. He quickly shed his medical gown, cleaned himself up, and rushed up the stairs.

He mentally checked his list of patients, and inwardly groaned as he stopped in front of room five. His face, of course, showed his usual impenetrable smile. No one knew who might be watching, therefore he made it a habit to never show any emotion except when alone or when the effect was fully calculated. So, he merely swung open the door and remained as jovial as ever.

“Becky, how good to see you again. Has Duke’s paw healed from that nasty break I heard he had?”

She shifted from where she had been lounging on the bed and smiled at him. “Yes, he’s much better, thank you. And it’s good to be here again.”

He snapped on a pair of gloves. A glance at a spreadsheet told him Valera had already taken all of her information, and he garnered that there was not anything new to think about. “Well, let’s move along with your examination. You know the drill.”

Becky was not one of his favorite clients. She was an attractive young blonde, and certainly nice enough. But she was also just too eager to undress for her gynecological exams and mammograms. Besides, she made appointments for these sorts of exams every two months, when his maximum recommendation was once a year. It was not that her beauty was lost on him, of course, but merely that he had cultivated a distaste for this sort of woman over the years. Perhaps he was “old-school” in his mindset, but he believed a lady should always behave as one – and Becky’s behavior before, during, and after each visit told him she was no lady. Just as he was wistfully contemplating making a call to Altaer to see if he could solve the “Becky-problem,” Valera slipped into the room. Her words were terse, as usual.

“Your special appointment is here.”

David heaved a sigh. “Well, Becky, I’ll have to let Miss Braginsky finish your exam. I’m sorry, but this is a highly important appointment I must take immediately.”

As he passed by Valera, he rolled his eyes upwards as a sign of gratitude for her timely appearance. This made even her suppress a laugh.

He moved to the last room in the hall, and knocked. A chipper, girlish voice called out. “Come in!”

David swung open the door. Leelee was sitting on the edge of her bed, swing her rather prodigious feet cheerfully. He smiled and walked up to her.

“Good morning, Leelee! I’m Dr. MacBeth, although feel free to call me David. So, what brings you in to see me today?”

She shook the hand that he offered. “Oh…one of my friends told me that you were the best doctor for the RHG, so here I am!”

David nodded. Dante had done the first stage of his job well. He set his notepad to the side and stood.

“Well, first off your Gladiator sheet tells me that those paws of yours are actually gloves. Could you remove those please?”

“Sure!” Leelee did as she was asked, and then David proceeded with the usual diagnostics. Everything – her pulse, breathing, BMI, neural responses, senses – was perfect, at least based off of his calculations. He took a blood sample to run tests, both legitimately for her own good as well as to develop a full record of her nature. She was definitely someone he wanted to research further.

When he was done, he poked around her gloves for a few minutes before handing them back to her. “Well, I guess we’re all set. I’ll have your blood-test results back as soon as possible. I will contact you through the RHG system to set up a follow-up appointment to go over my compilation of data. Overall, it seems to me you are in excellent condition, but the final interpretation of data will depend upon more precise calculations.”

Leelee hopped up, slipped on her gloves, and gave Dr. MacBeth a huge hug.

“Thanks doctor! You’ve been so nice! I’m glad Dante suggested I visit you. You’re clinic is soooooooo much nicer than the RHG hospital!”

David accepted the hug warmly, and beamed another smile. “Well, I certainly am glad to hear that. I look forward to seeing you again soon, LeeLee. Don’t forget to stop by Miss Belladonna on the way out.”

__________________________________________________ _____

It was three in the morning when Valera padded up beside him with a yawn and a two cups of tea. MacBeth stretched his neck, smiled, and accepted the cup of tea. He slid a long arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close for a moment, then let go.

“Thanks for the tea, sweetie. Couldn’t sleep, or just thinking of me?”

Valera gave a sleepy smile and wrapped both hands around her own steaming cup. “Both, I guess. Curious about how the lab work is coming, but I had to pass the work kitchen anyway, so why not grab something hot. I don’t plan on staying up, though…mine’s chamomile.”

David shifted to one side so that she could see his work, and she slid in to look. He narrated what the glowing screen was displaying. “Basic blood composition overall pretty normal. Ton of platelets and related compounds, though. Hemoglobin levels are out the roof. Immunity is really clean, oddly so.”

Valera didn’t bother looking away from the screen. “You’re right…this looks like the kind of immunity you would expect in someone just out of infancy. Almost no signs of it being exercised.”

David looked down on her, proud that his daughter was so intelligent. “Yes…one would think she had spent most of her life inside of a primarily pathogen-free bubble, which would not be too unreasonable of an assertion. What’s been keeping me up, though, is trying to untangle her genetic code.”

He flicked a dial that brought up a 3-D molecular display on the screen, with a massive list of chemical formulas shown in a sidebar. Valera let out a small gasp. David grunted in agreement. “That’s what I thought. First things first, though, this isn’t natural. This kind of composition is selective, meaning that select portions of her DNA have been replaced with engineered substances. Base format I would definitely say is human, but things have been taken a good way from there. Whoever did this was a top-tier master of the art. I’ve isolated the engineered portions and have already analyzed several series of codes, so I should have it fully sequenced and analyzed by mid-morning.”

Valera stepped back, and gave him a knowing look. “I know you’re using this to get a better grasp on Leelee, but I also know the way you think. After you finished studying the DNA itself you’re going to get forensic on this, aren’t you?”

David only gave a crooked smile. “Why, of course dear. Right, as always. I like to know the players in the game. Players of this caliber are rare.”


The day was cool as he David rode through the woods outside of his Lake House. He had just received another shipment of ammunition for his P-51D Mustang to replace what he had poured into the mental monstrosity. He found it humorous that – after Genesis managed to reboot, escape, and rebuilt its suit, his Serpents told him that the machine was inadvertently crushed out of existence by a spaceship. The being in the spaceship, however, was a subject about which he was still gathering reports.

For now, David was enjoying a few moments of free time. As they moved deeper into the woods on his estate, however, his stallion nickered nervously. Mist of the Moors was the choicest horse from the stables at MacBeth Manse in Scotland, a giant fog-grey steed whose forebears included champion thoroughbreds, the family’s ancestral war-mounts, and American mustangs. David had personally trained this beast to be fit both for war and competition, although he had never had need to ride him in either. At eighteen hands and pushing a half-ton, plus David’s intensive training and bonding, Mist should not have spooked in these woods. The horse’s ears flicked forwards, and David strained his own eyes to reach into the shadows.

The dew still clung to the ground, turning the layer of fallen multi-colored leaves from dry and crackly to a moist sound-dampening cushion. Despite the fact that they were becoming increasingly bare, the thickness of the trees combined with the feeble morning rays limited sight to only just over a hundred feet. David inhaled deeply, then held his breath. He could not hear anything, and he smiled as he reached for his saddlebags. That told him precisely what he wanted to know.

The joyride had ended. The hunt had begun.


Leelee loved car rides. She, of course, could not drive yet – both because regulations said she was too young, and because he feet were simply too big to fit on the pedals. She especially liked this car ride, though, because they were leaving the city and driving for a couple hours out into the countryside.

She knew Dante was enjoying himself too, but for other reasons. Just when he was trying to decide between getting a rental car and a taxi, a strange man with scars on his face wearing rust-colored pants and a huge leather duster drove up in front of the park where they were waiting. He slid out of a 1930s Ford “rat-rod” as he called it and tossed the keys to Dante. His smile was kind of odd, and Leelee remembered thinking that his rust-colored pants smelled like a kill from an old hunt. But he stayed only long enough to drawl out “I’ve got three, so I figured you’d like something better than a taxi. Just don’t let four-fifty horses get the best of you.”

Now, though, Leelee was truly in her element. The gates to Dr. Macbeth’s estate had been locked, so Dante parked out front and let Leelee out to walk down the winding drive that led to the house. Hopping over the gate was no problem at all for her, and she was soon merrily on her way. It was wonderful to be outdoors and away from the city, a bit too wonderful for her to keep her focus. She could hear the faintest sound of something hooved moving through the woods. Her stomach immediately reminded her that she had skipped breakfast to make this early appointment, and the thought of fresh game slipped into her mind.

Her whole appearance changed in that instant. It was not an external change so much as the subtle shifting of the eyes, ears, and body positioning that radically alters the visual impact of a being.

She had become the predator.

Her movements too were changed: no longer the bubbling carefree actions that were normally characteristic of her, but rather the fluidity of a calculating hunter. Time became irrelevant as she drew ever closer to her target. Before it was in sight, however, something else drew her attention. Something shifted off to her left, nothing more than a splotch of green that seemed slightly out of place. Leelee leapt straight up into the air as a crossbow bolt sang under her, driving all the way up to its fletching in the trunk a weathered poplar behind her. When she landed, she spun to face her attacker, charging forward at full speed, claws bared.

Instead of being frightened, the figure remained hunched over, and for a moment it was impossible to tell what it was doing or even what it was. Moments before she pounced, however, it straightened and let fly another bolt at point blank range. Leelee let out a sharp cry as the titanium tip bit tore through the upper left side of her chest and punched through her shoulder-blade. Her instinct was to try to rip it out, but one touch was enough to tell her that the bolt was equipped with anchors or barbs that would make it impossible to remove.

A click brought her focus back to the battle at hand as she saw the crossbow raised for the third time. This time, though, she was not going to let it be fired. Her powerful legs coiled under her, and she launched bodily at the hunter, claws bared and ready to tear into flesh. The man wisely tossed the crossbow aside and drew a pair of massive bone-handled bowie knives. Instead of trying to back away from her like she anticipated, he lunged forward to meet her charge. They clashed in mid-air, and the force of impact set them tumbling backwards through the wet leaves. A moss-covered rotten log brought their spin to a halt, and the two combatants parted to assess their wounds and size up their foe.

As she stood Leelee winced. She had certainly dealt far more than her share of damage, but those knives had been driven home far too many times in that short encounter. Despite knowing her claws had done their work, the man seemed oddly prepared to fight. He was clad from head to foot in layers of billowy green – tunic, pants, robe, and two cloaks. His head was shrouded in a pair of overlapping, drooping hoods of the same dull green, covering a face already hidden by a mask as well as coiled scarves. Every inch of his body was covered in either leather or worn green fabric. The tatters covering him showed that her claws had indeed worked, but only a few of the slashes were tinted with blood.

She contemplated using her fire, but that would require getting in too close for too long, something that could not happen again. Already her bleeding was out of control, and if she did not start moving soon she would be in even worse condition. Pausing to try to heal herself now was out of the question, since she knew the man would try to attacker her again. The bolt still stuck in her shoulder sent waves of pain through her body, but right now she had enough adrenaline to ignore it.

Leelee flashed into another attack, but this one was now tailored to her opponent. Instead of giving him an opportunity to strike, she came in swiftly on all fours, jumping past to swipe at his left arm in one lightning fast motion. This time she saw him jerk as his muscles were ripped apart. As she landed and spun to face him, she smiled. Though his left hand was still clenched onto the handle of his knife, the hunter’s arm was dangling uselessly at his side, blood running in a steady stream out of the shredded folds of his clothing. Instead of circling, he backed away slowly, subtly, buying more space between himself and Leelee.

She, however, was not about to let him get away now. She repeated her attack, but this time before she drew close she only had a split second to dodge before there was a searing pain as one of the knives slid down the right side of her ribcage and across her side and back. Though her senses and reactions had saved her life, when she stood to her feet it was clear the lacerations had severed tendons. Her back refused to straighten fully, forcing her to remain hunched over on all fours. The hunter quickly switched his last knife from his useless left hand to his right to replace the one he had thrown, but continued to backpedal.

When she attacked this time, she did not try to slash him at all. Though she was inexperienced in actual combat, years of hunting had taught her to be a quick learner. As he readied his knife with his good hand, she rolled to the side and struck out with both legs. The startled man flew backwards into a stound pine with a thud, and slid to the ground. Leelee rose slowly, and realized that while her maneuver was wise tactically, it had aggravated all of her wounds to her torso. Fortunately, the activity had slowed her bleeding for the time being, so she slowly pushed herself to her feet. A long stare at the hunter revealed that he was not moving at all, but remained collapsed in a heap amid the pine-needles. Leelee limped to the nearest tree and sat down with her back against the trunk. She knew she could not rest for long, but needed to summon enough strength to try to move again, or at least heal herself. Already the numbing effects of her adrenaline were wearing thin, and the effects of bleeding from a number of wounds was catching up with her. Several of the smaller ones had healed, but the larger ones like the long slice to her side and back as well as the bolt in her shoulder were extremely painful. She pinched her eyes shut to try to keep herself from crying. All she wanted right now was to be with her family – they always kept her safe.

A sudden rustle snapped her back to attention, and she froze stunned as the hunter leaned against the pine tree, crossbow fully drawn and aimed directly at her. She did not even have the chance to yell as he flexed his fingers on the trigger.

Before he even finished his action, though, there was an echoing crack as if some giant had suddenly broken one of the forest trees in two. The hunter’s hooded head seemed to flex outwards for a fraction of a second before half of it erupted in a sickening spray of blood and tissues. He collapsed to the ground quietly, his fall dampened by the moist bed of pine needles. The crossbow never fired.

Leelee struggled to process what had just happened. Although used to being “up close and personal” with death, seeing someone’s head explode was still traumatic. Hoof-beats sounded dully through the woods as the Doctor galloped up to her on his massive steed, his Winchester hanging loosely in one hand. In a single, almost artistic motion he swung to the ground and sheathed his rifle, rushing up to Leelee. His face was mix of compassion, concern, and tender love so pure it seemed almost impossible that it could be worn by a mere man. The very sight of it assured Leelee that here was one who would be as close and protective of her as her own family.

In that moment Leelee’s composure broke, and tears of both pain and fright for her life ran down her cheeks. She did not wail; rather it was an almost silent expression of emotion that had been pent up since that first bolt was fired. Normally she could face a fight almost happily, but this one had brought death so close to her that it overshadowed ever her insuppressible joy. As David ran up to her, she held out her arms to him like a scared child. A smile that would have fit the face of an angel parted his lips, and he scooped her up in his long arms, carrying her vertically like a caring father with his own offspring. As he walked over to his horse, one hand gently stroked her hair as she wept silently into his shoulder. His voice was pitched and modulated to seem almost as a lullaby.

“Shhh…there now Leelee. Everything’s alright – I’m here now. It’s okay. Nothing’s gonna hurt you, not while I’m around. You just cry it all out…we’re gonna get you all nice and fixed up as if nothing had ever happened. Why, tonight we’ll both be eating ice cream and laughing away this whole terrible thing. I’ve got you, Leelee…shhhh….”

Standing beside Mist of the Moors – who was none too happy to have this “monster” near him but bore his duty obediently – David leaned some of Leelee’s weight against the saddle while he dug in his jacket pocket. He pulled out a syringe and showed her.

“I’m going to have to give you a shot now that will make you feel better and help you be okay until we can get you back to my house, alright?”

She nodded, and was surprised when he announced that he was done without ever having felt more than a slight pinch in her neck. As they waited for the drugs to take full effect, he bundled her back up in his powerful, comforting embrace. She had stopped crying now, content to just let him hold her and rest her head on his shoulder. Her gaze rested on the tree that was stained by her own blood, where she could have been killed had David not fired that shot.

“David, why did that man try to kill me? Do you think I scared him?”

Though she could not see his smile from her angle, she could feel the low rumble of a soft chuckle vibrate through his chest. “Oh, dear sweet girl – no, you did not frighten him. He is merely a representative of that age old curse – sin. The desire to put oneself first above the needs of all others, the disregard for what is just and right and good. There have always been men of his type – men who destroy life for purposes of their own invention, men who spread lawlessness for causes of their own imaginings. Do you know, Leelee, what sin is?”

She furrowed her brows, thinking for a moment. All of her pain had been replaced by a sort of pleasant warmth, so she could think more clearly than at first.

“I guess sin is what evil people do…it’s bad stuff that makes others sad. It’s the kind of thing I DON’T love.” Her last words were aimed somewhat petulantly at the dead hunter who was just out of her range of vision.

There was another rumble in his chest, and David patted her back. “You’re right, Leelee. Many people, though, try to hide their sin, and make others think that it’s not there. Sencarn has tried to do that with his supposed Sanctuary – it sounds good, but really it is founded upon evil…sin. Even his name – Sencarn – means one thing: sin incarnate, or living sin.”

Leelee lifted her head so that she could look David in the face. Her face showed her confusion. “But Sanctuary is a nice place. I like the people there.”

David nodded. “I know – I like some of the people there as well, like you and Dante. But some of them – like Sencarn – I don’t like because they hurt people who don’t deserve to be hurt, and then they make up reasons to justify themselves. You can stay with Sanctuary, because I’m sure they won’t hurt you, but if you want to love things then you’ll need to become part of Nehushtan.”

She cocked her head. “Nehu-what?”

David gave a musical laugh. “Haha…well, I’ll explain all that later. For now, we need to get you healthy again. Up we go.”


He shifted her weight to one arm as he hoisted himself back into the saddle, the settled her just being the saddle-horn. With a twitch of the reins Mist broke into a canter back towards David’s house. As they rode away, David cast a glance over his shoulder at the hunter. As soon as his eyes settled upon the body, it vanished. His Reflection had done well, as had the disguise and equipment Altaer had made for it. Dante had done his part, and now David had taken care of the rest. A sweet girl had been saved from becoming just like everyone else – she had been given the hope of a surrogate family, if only in principle, and of peace and protection for as long as she should live. More importantly, she had the assurance that no matter what, she could always do what is right and know that there would always be one to stand by her, one who was just, mighty, and wise.

Another Serpent had been born.

Leelee bounded through the forest, marveling at the pine trees around her. They were all white, like snow! Leelee loved snow! Laughing, the bunny girl leaped over a fallen tree, weaving around a wild raspberry bush. Above her, the dark sky unleashed a thunderous growl, warning of the wet weather to come. Leelee slowed down, squinting at the clouds above her. They didn’t look like they wanted to cry yet.

The bunny girl was a queer sight to strangers. Her top half was entirely human, aside from her blonde-furred bunny ears. They poked up out of her blond hair, which was tied into a long ponytail with a bright pink ribbon. Her face was that of a young female teenager, decorated with shockingly bright pink eyes and faint pink heart shapes on each cheek. She wore a heart-shaped pendant around her neck, the chain of which was beaded with glossy, pointed fang shapes. Her shirt was light pink, and had the words, ‘I love your EVERYTHING!’ in glittery pink gel. Leelee also wore a faded, well-worn pair of jeans shorts, which cut off just above her knees. Her lower half terminated into a pair of large, powerful, blonde-furred rabbit legs. Her rear sported a white, fluffy bunny tail, completing Leelee’s look.

The bunny girl bent down low, sniffing at the forest floor. David’s house was this way.


Beneath the shade of a large white pine, stood a slender male of about 6’4”. His gold-blonde hair fell just behind his neck, but no more, and he was dressed in a fancy-looking tuxedo. The battle invitation had come upon him unexpectedly, and he’d had no time to get into a proper outfit for the situation. Now, with the weather promising to be overcast and dreary, Doctor David Macbeth was feeling quite underprepared. Though there was nothing stealthy about a raincoat, it would have been a welcome thing to have in the coming conditions.

The Doctor looked up at the sky, frowning as the first droplets of rain began to fall. He pulled up his sleeve, glancing at his watch. His opponent should have been here by now. The sound of disturbed brush caught his attention, and he straightened up to face it. The gladiator burst from the foliage, and he was taken aback for a moment by her appearance. The description he’d been given was, to quote, that she’d been “a hybrid of some type.” Now that he saw her though, he began to realize how vague that information really was. The Doctor studied her upper features for a moment, and a slight frown tugged at the corners of his mouth. She was…younger than he’d expected.

“Hi there!” she cried. “I’m Leelee!”

Her bubbly voice reminded him of his own Lily Belladonna. With a friendly smile, David stuck his hand out for her to shake.

“A pleasure to meet you, Leelee.” he replied. “My name is David Macbeth.”

Leelee grabbed the Doctor’s hand and shook it so hard that he almost fell over. She then let go immediately and laughed at him.

“Nice to meet you David Mac-whatever- your-name- was.”

“Just ‘David’ is fine.”

“Alright! Are we playing now?”

Confusion played with David’s expression.

“Play?” he queried. “I though we were going to fight?”

Leelee shook her head firmly. “Nope. We’re playing. Or else you’d be dead.”

David nodded at this, considering the seriousness of the seemingly playful creature’s tone.

“I see.” was his reply.

Leelee crouched down, and her oversized furry paw gloves suddenly sprouted long, vicious, snow-white claws.

“Let’s play NOW!” she cried, swiping at the Doctor with both paws.

David leaned back, dodging the attack. He lashed out, the side of his hand striking above Leelee’s left eye. The bunny girl staggered, dizzy, allowing her opponent to strike her again, but this time at her knee. The limb bounced reflexively, bringing Leelee to the ground. As she struggled to regain her footing, David brought up his Winchester rifle. Leelee crouched, tense, trying to figure out whether she was fast enough dodge a bullet. Her ears drooped.

“You’re going to…shoot me?” the girl asked, her voice wavering.

The Doctor paused. Was he? She was just a girl. A girl that was reminding him too much of Lily. Sensing his hesitation, Leelee grabbed the gun with both paws and wrenched it from his grasp. David tensed to dodge, but Leelee just used the butt of the weapon like a club. She smashed it into the side of his face, sending his entire world into a dizzying blur. David was dimly aware of the sound of his gun hitting the ground, and recovered just enough to get a kick in the stomach. The Doctor grunted, folding his arms to block another blow to that area, but was slashed in the side of his left leg instead.

Staggering, David leaped backwards, his injured limb nearly giving out. His eyes scanned the brush. Leelee was gone. His eyes darted over to his rifle, lying forgotten on the forest floor. It looked blurry. The Doctor blinked, and that’s when he realized it was raining heavily. Shaking his head, he moved to retrieve his weapon. He’d been so distracted with the fight, that he’d forgotten about the weather.

Just as his hands were about to close around the gun, Leelee slammed into his side, bowling him over. If it wasn’t for David moving his arms at the last moment, he most certainly would have landed on his neck. He twisted, throwing punches and blocking as best as he could.

Despite his efforts, he ended up on his face with Leelee on top. The bunny girl giggled.

“Can you see the bugs?” she asked, nudging David’s head. His nose pressed into the moss, and something with lots of legs went up one nostril. The Doctor snorted to get it out, and drew one of his knives. He shoved the knife blindly behind him, not wanting to risk hesitating again.

There was a sickening crunch, and Leelee shrieked in pain. She leaped off the Doctor, who scrambled to his feet as fast as he could.

Leelee stood before him, her eyes blazing, one paw clutching at the right side of her chest.

Her paw was soaked in blood, and as the Doctor stared, he saw a tear trickle from her left eye.

David looked at his knife, mentally cursing its cruel red shade. He felt like a monster.

“That hurt.” Leelee stated. “I should fight a little bit…since you’re serious.”

David locked eyes with her, regret in his eyes.


Leelee sprang forwards with a snarl, smacking the knife out of his hand with one of her claws. David backed away quickly, but Leelee hopped at him again. With no time to draw another knife, the Doctor lunged forwards. Halting in her advance, the bunny girl backtracked a few feet away and crouched, ears flat. David was close enough now to see that every one of her teeth was sharply pointed. Disturbing. He tensed to dodge, but Leelee remained where she was.

Then, she paused for a moment, tucking her head between her arms. She was inspecting her injury. David ran at her, drawing another knife. Just as he was about to reach her, Leelee moved backwards, releasing a young tree she’d been pressing down. The plant came up, hitting the Doctor square in the face. With a cry, David staggered back, losing his knife. In mid-recovery, he spotted Leelee aiming a kick at his abdomen again. David grabbed her leg, yanking on it hard. Leelee shrieked, flailing her arms to recover her balance. She managed to secure a grip around the tree she’d hit David with, but it couldn’t take the strain. The tree snapped, sending both gladiators to the ground.

Landing on her back, Leelee found herself wrapped up in the Doctor’s constricting embrace. Ferocity burned in her eyes for a moment, before giving way to fear. Snake. She didn’t like snakes!

“I don’t like snakes!” she screamed in his face. “Let…go!”

When David didn’t reply, Leelee opened her mouth and tried to go for a neck bite. The Doctor twisted, grunting in pain as the girl’s teeth sank deep into his shoulder. Releasing him, Leelee went for another bite, but David pushed his head against her chin, trying to keep her from biting. He had to think of something. Leelee had other ideas. Grabbing a mouthful of David’s hair, she yanked it out as hard as she could. This time, she managed to make him scream. The Doctor’s grip loosened, and Leelee wriggled free. Shaking herself off, the bunny girl leaped for a nearby bush.

“Oh, no you don’t.” David said to himself. He lunged, managing to secure a grip around Leelee’s left leg. The bunny girl faceplanted, releasing an irritated growl. When twisting failed to free her, Leelee turned slightly and lashed out with her free leg. David caught the brunt of the kick with his nose. Crying out, the Doctor released Leelee to grab at his injury. He didn’t need a mirror to know it was broken. Trying to take advantage of his pain, Leelee lashed out with her claws. Anticipating the attack, David rolled out of the way and struggled to his feet. Leelee came close, and David made a grab for her ears. However, Leelee remembered what Ethernu had done, and slicked them back against her neck. Suddenly rethinking her strategy, the bunny girl continued to back up before bursting into the brush once more.

For a moment, David was alone. He paused, wondering whether he should give chase or try to find his gun. He decided on the latter, and turned about to begin his search. Surprisingly, the Winchester was lying just a couple of feet from his position. The Doctor approached it carefully. Nothing happened. Slowly, he picked it up, and then swung around, tense. Still nothing. His thoughts began to wander to Leelee’s injury.

Come on, David, he argued with himself. Focus.

The man walked carefully through the forest, ears open to the environment. Every so often, David would shiver; a reminder of how drenched he was. The cursed rain wasn’t letting up. In fact, it was pouring so hard that he was sure it was worse now than when it started.

Meanwhile, Leelee crept through the brush. Claws sheathed, she moved in absolute silence. Eying the Doctor from the moist greenery, she calculated his position and then bounded towards a random pine tree. Leelee’s claws sprang out, and she attacked the base of the tree. One huge distraction coming right up!

David swung around, aiming at the sound of splintering wood. Creaks and groans echoed throughout the forest, and then, silence returned. Tense, the Doctor advanced towards the source of the first noise. There was a giggle behind him, and he whipped around. Leelee burst from the brush, zigzagging to discourage aiming. The Doctor brought his rifle up, but she was too close, so he Reflected instead.

Leelee ground to a halt, her claws scarring deep marks in the forest floor. There, right in front of her face…was another Leelee.

“Hiya!” the real Leelee giggled. “You look just like me! Do you want to be friends?”

The copy bared its fangs, and its claws sprang out. Leelee’s ears flattened, and her pupils narrowed to feral slits. This one wasn’t going to play nice. The two Leelees sprang at each other, and the next moment had them rolling in the dirt, scratching, biting, and kicking whenever they could. The Doctor backed up, trying to draw a bead on the real Leelee. For a moment, he couldn’t tell the difference. They were both moving too quickly. Suddenly, one bunny girl pinned the other, a wide grin dominating her face. The right side of its chest was bleeding.

Got you, David thought, and aimed carefully for her right hind leg. He just needed to slow her down a little…

Lightning blazed across the sky, blinding both gladiators for a split second. David blinked to clear his vison, and realized Leelee had climbed up a tree and was just about to pounce to another one. The Reflection of her stood at the base of the bunny girl’s tree, hesitant to make the ascent for some reason. Out of position now, the Doctor backed up a little more to restore his aim…and promptly tripped over a rotten log.

He hit the ground hard, his weapon flying from his grasp. As soon as he was down, the real Leelee hopped over the log, claws aiming directly at his face. The Reflected Leelee made no such appearance.

David’s legs shot out in an almost instinctive motion, catching the bunny girl in the face with both feet. Leelee shrieked and landed somewhere above him. David scrambled to his feet as quickly as he could…just to see Leelee running off with his gun in her mouth. Shaking his head, the Doctor moved to pursue, but then noticed a pile of freshly disturbed dirt nearby. Curious, he dug through it and found his missing knives. Slipping them back onto his belt, he straightened up quickly.

So, she buried them, he thought to himself. Clever.

He snapped out of his reverie just seconds late. Leelee came up behind the Doctor, plunging a raspberry bush branch deep into his wound. David cried out and leaped forwards, just in case Leelee went for another attack. She didn’t, allowing him enough time to grit his teeth and remove the branch. Whirling around, he spotted Leelee coming straight for him again, so he lashed out with the only weapon he had available…which was the thorn branch of course.

Leelee caught the attack in her eye and stumbled back, screaming. Half-blind, she twisted around and ran as fast as she could. Right into a pine tree. The tree groaned, and suddenly began to fall. Seeing this out of her good eye, the bunny girl turned away from the tree and darted off into the bushes. The tree crashed against another one, and that began to fall as well. When those had hit the ground, the resulting tremors convinced the other trees to follow this example.

David’s eyes widened, and he scrambled to evacuate the battlefield. Trees crashed down around him, filling the air with the cacophonic chaos of cracking branches and snapping roots. A tree suddenly began falling towards him, and the Doctor began to backpedal. Another tree smashed down behind him, causing him to halt for a moment. Unfortunately, a moment was all his wooden end seemed to need. As the tree’s shadow fell over him, the Doctor crouched down, hands over his head, as if they alone could ward off his coming doom. He never got to see it though, because a sizeable branch found his head just in time.


The Doctor woke up cold, wet, and miserable. Three things that didn’t coincide with any of his theories about what heaven would be like. Sitting up quickly, David groaned, gingerly fingering a large bump on the top of his head. He was quite sure pain didn’t belong in heaven either. The Doctor got up slowly, and noticed a familiar-looking creature standing just a few feet away. It was his Reflection. Its left hind leg was crushed and bloody, and had scratches all the way up its thigh. Leelee must have trapped it to keep it from helping him. The Doctor moved carefully through the woods, eyeing the trees around him as he pulled twigs out of his hair. As he passed by one of the stumps, he noticed that there were numerous claw marks near its breaking point. So Leelee had rigged the trees to fall. But…why? Thinking of her brought his memory back to the previous chaos.

Oh, no.

“Leelee?” David cried, moving faster now. “Leelee! Where are you?!”

After fifteen minutes of scrambling about among the fallen trees, his heart sank lower and lower. He’d found his rifle, but there was no sign of Leelee anywhere. What if she’d never made it out? Had she intended to kill herself with the trees? He paused for a moment. No…that was ridiculous. A loud tapping noise caught his attention. Looking up, he saw his Reflection standing near one of the large fallen trees. It was hitting the tree with a branch. When David made eye contact with it, the Reflection pointed at the tree. Rushing over, David heard sobs, which got louder as he neared the tree. When he reached it, the sight drew a gasp from his lips.

It was Leelee. She was lying down on the forest floor, both legs crushed beneath the tree. Its trunk was scored with claw marks, showing that she’d made quite the effort to free herself…but in vain. Leelee had her face in her paws, and her body shivered with sobs. David rushed to her side.

“Leelee. I’m here now.” the Doctor said, trying to keep his tone soothing. “I’ll get you out of here, and you’ll be safe, okay?”

Leelee took her paws away. Her face was streaked with tears.

“It…hurts…” she whispered. “It…it hurts…so bad.”

“Everything’s going to be fine.” David assured her, hoping secretly to himself that it was true. Signalling his Reflection, he began to lift the tree. It was hard work, but soon it and the Doctor managed to get the pine off Leelee. They then transported her back to Healing Hands.


Leelee woke up in a very white room with lots of machines. Doctor David Macbeth was standing by her bedside. When she made eye contact with him, she saw the worry on his face vanish.

“Did I die?” Leelee asked him.

David smiled and shook his head.

“No Leelee.” he chuckled. “You’re very much alive.”

“Oh good!” Leelee laughed. “If I was dead I would have made you sad. I don’t like making people sad.”

The Doctor nodded.

“Speaking of which…” he began. “…why did you make all those trees fall, Leelee?”

The bunny girl’s eyes narrowed, and then she nodded at him.

“I was trying to make a big distraction.” she answered matter-of- factly. “Except the distraction was too big. I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologize child. But I must say that what you did was quite dangerous.”

Leelee’s ears drooped, and she couldn’t look him straight in the eyes.

“I’m sorry.” she said quietly. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

David drew close to her bedside, and then stroked her head gently.

“All is forgiven, Leelee.” he said. “Promise me you wouldn’t do it again?”

“I promise, Doctor.”

A brief silence fell, and then suddenly Leelee sat up and looked at her bandaged legs.

“Hey!” she yelled suddenly, causing David to jump. “Where’d my legs go?”

David recovered and stifled a laugh.

“They’re bandages Leelee.” he told her. “Your legs need time to heal.”

Leelee cocked her head.

“Oh.” she replied. “But I could just do this…”

She placed her paws on the bandages, and suddenly they burst into bright white flames.

Shocked, David moved to get the fire extinguisher, but then…the fire was gone. Leelee stood on

the hospital bed, singed bits of bandage lying around her. She flashed him a big toothy grin.

“See?” she said. “I can heal myself.”

David nodded approvingly, new respect in his eyes. “I do.” he replied.

“Since I’m all better…can I go now, doctor?”

“Yes, you may, Leelee.” David replied. “And…you can call me David.”


Leelee hopped to the door, but just before going out, she turned back. Coming up to her hospital bed, she picked up a bit of burnt bandage. Turning to David, she held the piece so close to his face that the doctor’s eyes crossed.

“David?” she asked. “Can I keep this?”

The doctor smiled.

“Yes Leelee.” he said. “Of course you can.”

“Yay!” the bunny girl cried, twirling happily in a circle. “Thanks David! You’re the best!”

She then turned and bounded out the door. David stood there for a few moments, and then looked back at the empty hospital bed. He smiled again.

"You're welcome, Leelee."

12-14-2016, 11:35 AM
It amuses me that me and my friends called rabbits "dabbits" before dabbing became a thing with the youngsters.
Why. Also, offering my first CnC. But first, some snide references:
Alph, haven't you done, like, four battles in the space of two seconds? Well, another one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFY1QXe5vRs).
Inviting more people to the clinic? Well... another one (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFY1QXe5vRs).

As for Cass, the amount of you'd be dead where you stand jokes I could make Leelee's factual "nope, we're playing" remark is too damn high(insert meme here).

So, Alph. I feel this has been said before, and I can't say it without being a hypocrite. BUT, it still stands that the amount of character favouritism and David getting away (scot... heheheheheh) free is TOO DAMN HIGH

So, Cassandra. While I'm loving the more Darth Vader-style dark side you are putting into Leelee, and it makes her feel less cheese and more like "Oh shit I'd be dead where I stand" (just one meme) , which is nice. But, the amount of plot convenience is TOO DAMN HIGH

12-14-2016, 02:41 PM


Did you actually vote?


Cass CnC:

You did great. I'd like to ask that you write in Gdocs if possible because the format you used screwed up formatting when I copy/pasted into SP (random line breaks and all). But that's just a pet-peeve with me being lazy, so don't think too much of that :P.

As for the actual battle, overall there isn't much I'm going to say (as I've said before, this means I like it ;).

What I will say is the "You'd be dead" kind of idea, while nice, doesn't do it for me. You did it in your battle with Ethernu as well...literally the exact same thing. It's just too...blatant, IMO. If you want someone to know they'd be dead if you were being serious, you make sure they understand that without you having to tell them.

I mean, when Darth Vader (to continue Doom's allusion) slices Luke's hand off and has him dangling above a huge drop hanging onto an antenna, he doesn't need to exactly say "Oh, by the way dude, you'd be dead." Because Luke kinda got that idea when his hand when flying off into the air and he got himself nearly made into a human bug-splat.

I mean, a lot of us here could say "oh, you'd be dead." David is a master of the rifle--and a long range rifle at that. He could say "well, I could have sniped you, so hey, I'm just playing" every time. Zalgo has conquered planets. Ditto Omega. Serif could just behead you. Dante has an arsenal of weapons and explosives. Dracustos has a badass feral form that could just teleport to you and beat the shit out of you.

I guess what I'm getting at is that in her "first" battle with Ethernu, I liked the phrase. Repeating it here seems awkward. "Show, Don't Tell" would be my CnC.

The ONLY other CnC I have is that the whole "nearly slicing down a whole forest of trees so that they all fall once one is pushed" scenario seems a BIIIITTTTTT of a logic leap. No offense, but idc how fast you are or how sharp your claws are, unless you are Paul Bunyan one simply doesn't just do that much damage to trees that fast. At least trees large enough to cause any damage. Hardwoods are just...difficult to cut because they're hard, and softwoods typically have a butt-ton of gluey sap that will cause problems.

Again, overall a great story. I like it, and am glad I fought you. Congrats, girl!

12-14-2016, 03:13 PM
i voted for alph, but to be fair, there was a lot of speaking my language (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/What) on both sides.

12-14-2016, 09:00 PM
And I’m back.

This battle was fun to read and imagine, but I shall not hold off any longer.
First up, my comments on Leelee Versus Doctor David MacBeth by Cass.

Cass’ work was a little on the simplistic side. A little less description than I usually favour, but that’s better than it being overdone. I can’t quite picture a hybrid - or rather, the image in my head of said hybrid is a little odd, but who am I to speak on that? I find myself not having much to say about this - not that it’s a bad thing. The story flows okay, mostly, but it’s not particularly memorable or anything.
The line “Nope. We’re playing. Or else you’d be dead.” seems bland, in my opinion. It doesn’t seem threatening enough, and it doesn’t fulfill any purpose - at least not in my opinion. If this is an attempt to show superiority, then it could be demonstrated in actions - overkill actions - rather than words, which seem empty.
The fight scenes are fine, quite action-packed in fact. Still, the weather seems like it is a last-minute remembrance; to be honest, I thought it would have had more impact on the battle. Not like it is a very important point, but perhaps you might consider this in the future. *I am also curious as to how Leelee “moved in absolute silence” when it is raining heavily. Surely there are puddles of water?
It is also my opinion that the progression of emotions during battle were a little too quick, but perhaps that is just me. And the rotting log and the thorn branch was just too convenient now…
The story starts getting a little messy in the middle of the fight, requiring a few reads to properly understand it - and I’m not too certain I still fully understand it. Still, the crash into a pine tree which crashed into another one, causing tremors which “convinced the other trees to follow” was a little overdone, in my opinion. Also, somehow a tree crushed both her legs…? A little unlikely, considering that if there really was a tremor, multiple trees in the area would be uprooted, which would lead to her being pinned by at least a few trees. Unless she made it out in time, which is unlikely given the tremors, which would cause unstable ground.
David is also very unlucky in this battle. Seems like Mother Nature really doesn’t like him - the ‘cursed’ rain, the rotten log, now the falling trees. And of course, the “sizeable branch that found his head just in time”. I am also surprised the Reflection didn’t vanish when David was knocked unconscious, but that’s Alphaeus’ sphere of influence.
The ending was sweet, and overall a pretty good conclusion to the story. Wrapping up, this story was pretty good. Not my usual cup of tea, and there are a few little snags here and there, but still a good read overall.

Now, for Alphaeus’ work. It was beautifully written, and I really must applaud this one.
Wabbit Season.
Now, we hunt.

I am always rather intrigued whenever Nehushtan is brought in, and to have the Serpents mentioned so early gave me hints that Leelee is most likely going to be recruited - and surprise, she was. Nothing wrong here, but the pacing of the introduction was nicely done. Slowly, not a direct jump into a fight, and at the same time, it’s a good showcase of the situation currently.
Also, the “Becky-problem” - it certainly gave me plenty to laugh about. Nicely done there.
Leelee seems quite similar to how Cass portrayed her, in contrast to the Davids in both stories. Still, characters aside, I find this plot more intriguing and much deeper. It grabs hold of your attention, and despite its length, doesn’t seem to daunt the reader - which is an excellent thing. Now, we reach the hunt.
The action was simply glorious. Vivid descriptions, fluid words - simply beautiful. The point of view switches explain quite well of Alphaeus’ skill in handling characters, which is always a good trait in an author. The results of a high speed, close combat battle are quite clearly explained, which is nice, as it provides a logical reasoning for the reader to follow.
Still, there is a sentence going “His face was mix of compassion, concern, and tender love so pure it seemed almost impossible that it could be worn by a mere man.” A little overkill, in my opinion, but it does explain things quite well and ties in with the plotting. Perhaps this one could be dialed back a little, but either way, it’s fine. Also, I understand that “musical laugh” is a valid description of laughter, but I find the idea of David and his baritone with musical laughter quite funny. Unless I’ve gotten it wrong, and David is securely in either the tenor or bass range.
The ending was shorter than Cass’, but definitely equally as impactful. Overall, this was simply a delight to read, and I hope to see more of your works around soon.

To wrap it all up - my vote went to Alphaeus.

Ciel out.

12-15-2016, 06:26 AM
And I’m back.
Ciel out.


So, regarding much of what you said about Cass's battle and her character description, you might want to make sure you read people's char sheets before you read their battles -- that clarifies her description. Heck, she even has a picture she drew.

Also, just curious, but I am aware you intend to create your own wRHG...

How is that coming?

12-15-2016, 07:38 AM
The site didn't load properly for me on SIM net, and I thus apologise for anything that I may have gotten wrong and the like. It was not my intention to offend or insult.

It's... five pages on google docs and still counting. And unfortunately, I've not touched some of the major portions of the application - really only the demo, personality and backstory. Raelia is a tad different from any other character I've created, and I'm trying to balance out abilities to prevent any overpowered issues from happening. Trying to come up with a plausible explanation for her abilities has also left me stumped, I'm afraid.
I'm hoping I'll be done before the weekend is out, though.

12-27-2016, 05:08 PM
Congrats Alph!