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01-15-2017, 10:21 PM
So, unfortunately, Ficlles was unable to work on his side due to illness, so this battle ends in a forfeit. However, we've promised each other to battle again in the future, so look forward to it everyone! That said, here's my side of the battle:

GDoc Link (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1tQ7CCZ1GhMH_rDiethj2-r6mysGIeJSuuG22OnK1IgA/edit?usp=sharing)

He who is overly attached to his family members experiences
fear and sorrow, for the root of all grief is attachment.
Thus one should discard attachment to be happy.

“Where are you taking me again, Sharon?” Leo yawned, stretching his body. He had yet to finish fully recovering from his wounds with Melox, but the poison had left him and now he was feeling too energetic. Still, waking up at three in the morning was a bit much, even for him. He still had three hours left of sleep under normal circumstances; Sharon had been acting weird when she invited him out as well. “You know I’m open to going on dates, but is there even anywhere we could go right now? I mean, I didn’t make any food, and you don’t like going to chain places, right?”

Sharon flicked her hair over her shoulders, her breath misting in the air. Unlike Leo, who had his hot blood kept him warm, she required a thick coat and scarf to try and steel herself against the weather. “I told you, it’s a surprise. I’m allowed to surprise you now and then. It’s only fair since you usually only visit me when you’ve gone and gotten yourself hurt.”

“You’re exaggerating a bit,” Leo says, shrugging. “But if this is your way of saying you want me around me, you should just be more honest and forthcoming about it.” He promptly received a punch to the jaw. “Ow ow ow ow ow! Still recovering you know!”

“Idiot,” Sharon said. “I shouldn’t have to say anything for you to want to spend more time with me. But that’s not what’s happening.” She sighs, finally turning to face him. “Remember when we first met? How I said you reminded me of someone? Well, they asked me to take you to them. They’d like to meet you.”

Leo’s ears perked. “A friend of yours wants to meet me? Huh, that’s weird. I’m not exactly interesting or anything.” Sharon just shrugs, and Leo withholds a snicker.

“I never understand what goes through her mind. She’s kind of a weird gal. For example, do you know, I’ve never seen her face? I’ve never heard her talk, either.” Sharon begins waving her arms around her, as though to try and vent her frustration at the strange relationship. “It’s like, ya know… ya know! I just don’t get what’s up with her. Usually she visits me once a month, and we’ll have drinks at my place. Then I mentioned you, and she got weirder than normal. Asked to meet you immediately.”

Leo blinks as Sharon turns and continues on. “So, uh… does this mean you’re inviting me to your place?”

“...goodness, you’re just too much sometimes.” Sharon continues on, Leo following along behind her when he gets a call on his phone. “Ugh, I really don’t care for this thing Sharon. It’s troublesome.” Answering, he waits to see who was on the other side of the line.

“Is this Leoncio?” An unfamiliar guy’s voice. That was peculiar.

“Yep,” Leo answered truthfully, still following Sharon closely. Something seemed a bit off, however.

“My name is Arcryl. Arcryl Clearshot. I heard about you from my buddy Steam, since we’re in the same clan. That kinda means we’re allies now, huh?” The kid’s voice was rather excited. Leo kept quite, and Arcryl continued. “Anyways, I heard from him that you’re pretty strong, but that you also are a pretty fun guy. So I was thinking to myself, ‘Hey! Maybe this guy can give me a good time for my first real gladiator battle!’ These fights should be fun, ya know? Good clean fun for everyone. So, what do ya say? Wanna have a fight?”

Leo stretched a bit before he brought his phone back to his ear. “Sure thing. How’s about tomorrow, around noon sound?”

“Sounds like a deal.” The line clicked and turned to an empty beep. He’d hung up on him as soon as he answered. A touch rude, but Leo liked the enthusiasm. The prospects of the fight distracted him enough that he didn’t notice Sharon stop in front of the door. The two crashed through, falling on the floor.

“What the hell?!” Sharon gave him a wallop on the head. He certainly deserved it. “Jeez, are you sure you’re not some kind of masochist?”

“That really hurt,” Leo said, rubbing his head. “You almost hit my ear. That would’ve been really painful, ya know?”

And Leo stopped moving.

He stopped thinking.

He stopped breathing.

Though Sharon squirmed and shifted to remove herself from beneath him, he didn’t notice her. In his mind, he was no longer with her. There was something, someone here. His blood raced, practically burned through his skin. Everything, everything sharpened for him. The gentle breeze coming through the door, the feeling of the wooden floor, the faint scent of blood…

Blood…? Something was seriously wrong. Something was triggering a reaction in his body, something that seemed so familiar, and yet, so dangerous. It was as though his instincts were coming alive, screaming, rampaging. Every cell was fire, and the flames were stoked by his fear, a primal fear. Though there was no sound, he heard it clear as rain. Footsteps, moving slowly down the stairs.

And there she was, framed by moonlight, face hidden by a mask of a four-eyed cat. Dressed in a strange blue kimono, she was terrible beauty. The smell of blood drifted from her like perfume.

Leo’s body told him to run. He could hear his heart threatening to escape his chest. His lungs still refused to take in air. His brain brought no thoughts. He was frozen in place. This woman… this woman was responsible.

“Bastet!” At some point, Sharon had extracted herself from beneath her statue of a boyfriend. “Seriously, I keep telling you to not just break into my house! We may be friends but that is seriously pushing things.” Hands on her hips, she pouts. The masked woman, Bastet, calmly pulls a phone from between her breasts. Tapping at it quickly, a mechanical voice speaks out.

”Sorry, Sharon. I just wanted this to be a surprise. After all, he would’ve felt me if I were outside.” Though Leo couldn’t see her eyes, he could feel her gaze on his skin. It was almost painful. His muscles burned from tension.

“Well, I brought him over. Why were you so keen on meeting my boyfriend, anyways? If you think you’re stealing him just because you’ve got that cat thing going on too, then I’m kicking you out.” Sharon’s arms left her hips and folded themselves over her breasts. “I may have known you longer, but I like him more.”

”Don’t worry. I just wanted to see him with my own eyes. Bastet moved closer, closer, closer still. With every step, Leo felt his body grow more and more tense. What was this? Why was he feeling this way? It was as though her mere presence was a threat to him. She was right before him now, so close, too close. She could easily reach out and touch him. He didn’t know how he’d react if she tried. He was like a caged animal, back against the wall and death before it. He finally forced his throat to open and release words.

“Wh-wh-who are y-you?” He could feel Bastet’s smile, hear the muscles beneath her skin move.

”It’s nice to see you’re healthy, little brother.”


Arcryl looked down at his watch, kicking his feet as he sat on the fountain’s edge. It was getting later and later; what was taking Leoncio? They had set up a time and place later after he realized he’d hung up too quickly, but now the cat leader of his ally clan was nowhere to be found. It was rather rude; was he forfeiting? “Man, this blows! I thought he told Steam he was gonna help us out? Definitely isn’t gonna show us how to be on time it seems.”

Arcryl quickly closed his mouth. Something seemed weird. There was a strange feeling of bloodlust in the air. He turned around looking to the other side of the fountain; there was nobody there. Strange, he could’ve sworn that was where it was coming from. He turned back around, only to spot a feral monster.

“Gyaaaaa!” Falling back into the water, he drops his paintbrush on the ground. A clawed hand bursts into the clear depths, grabbing his collar and pulling him forth. Coughing, Arcryl wipes clear his eyes. “Wha-wha-what the hell?” As he looked at the beast, it looked less terrifying, and more like a guy.

“Uh, Arcryl, right? I’m Leoncio. Call me Leo.” Leo looked over the kid, wondering what had him so startled. Didn’t Steam tell him about how he looked?

Arcryl sun his hand through his wet bangs, brushing them away from his face. “Whoa, dude, what the hell? You totally startled me. Felt like you were gonna rip my throat out or something. Scary, very scary.” Looking about, he grabs his paintbrush. “Anyways, it’s time to get to the fighting, ya know? Let’s just keep it light and fun. Best two out of three, no killing, maiming, or otherwise serious injury.”

“Sounds like a deal,” Leo says. Placing his palms together, he calmly chants. “Aum shanti invati.”

Arcryl smiled, flipping his paintbrush in his hand. With a quick flick of his wrist, a simple sword appeared in the air, made from a strange rubbery substance. He grabbed it, pointing it towards the rival leader. “Let’s see what got my clanmate all interested in you, huh?”

He barely saw it as Leo’s stance changed, and the distance between them vanished. Leo’s claws approached his neck, lightly pressing into it. His body tensed, and he took a gulp.

“Um… you win the first round?”

Leo chuckled, stepping back and letting his claws fade. At the same time, Arcryl’s sword faded. “Sorry, sorry. I guess I’m a bit too tense. My head’s kinda in a tizzy, you know? I’m just kinda feeling like an old me…”

“Um… I dunno what that means, but maybe this time we can make the fight last a little longer?” Stretching, he looked around. Winning wasn’t going to be that easy. He didn’t exactly like his chances in normal close-combat.

“Alright,” Leo says. “This time, I’m gonna take you on without using any powers. Just pure martial arts.”

“Um, isn’t that kind of a huge handicap?”

Leo snickers. “Against you? Not really.” Slowly, he moves his foot before him, his hands shifting to claw-like positions. “I’m pretty good, ya know? Just try and take me down.”

Arcryl couldn’t help but grin at the challenge. After all, he knew karate. Leaping forward, he brought down his leg for an axe kick, only to strike the ground. Leo, calm as a river, had brushed aside the attack as though it were nothing. Not deterred, Arcryl threw up his paintbrush, loosing several open palm strikes, he focused Leo’s guard high before moving for a leg sweep. Leo dodged easily, leaping into the air; it was just what Arcryl wanted. Unable to dodge in the air, he struck Leo in the center of his chest with a straight punch, sending him back.

Leo grinned. “Sorry, not hard enough. Your punches aren’t heavy enough.” Arcryl clenched his fist, grabbing his paintbrush as it fell.

“I’m gonna make you eat those words ya know!” He moved forward, ready to feint towards Leo’s legs again so he could strike his chin. However, sa he got close, Leo did something strange… he lowered his hands entirely. Confused, Arcryl slowed his approach, only to have Leo dash before him and spin in place. Letting his momentum swing his arms, Leo grabbed onto Arcryl’s, still spinning and forcing him to the ground in a pin. Taking no moment, he spun himself around Arcryl’s back, twisting his arm upwards and to the side.

“Admit defeat or I’m dislocating your arm and snapping it at the elbow. You gonna yield, dude?”

Arcryl grit his teeth, before he began to laugh aloud. “Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Man, you are good. Ok, ok, yeah, it’s my total loss here. But hey! It was fun. We’ll have to do this again sometime, you know?”

“Totally. Sorry again that I started a bit weird. Just some stuff came up. Anyways, if you see Steam, tell him he better be behaving himself, or I’m gonna kick his ass again.” The two boys laughed and laughed, the bonds between the two clans growing stronger in the merriment. However, in his heart, Leo was was troubled. He kept thinking to the previous night, to his confrontation with Bastet. With his sister.

And the truth between them that she had revealed.


When Leo got back to base, his mind wasn’t really all that there. So it came as a surprise to him when he realized there were two people standing in front of the small shack that lead to the underground area.

“Kizu? Uh, why are you holding a your spear to my friend’s neck?”

Kizu looked down at the scruffy looking girl. “This really is your friend? I thought she was simply a liar.”

Nikki glared daggers at Kizu. “Fuck off, you freak. You’re lucky you’re not alive, or I’d kill you.”
“Calm down, Nikki. She’s a friend of mine as well, and a pretty good doctor. So, you really did decide to come, huh? If you wanna stay, you’re gonna have to get along with everyone.”

Nikki folded her arms. “Hmph. Fine.”

“Awesome. Looks like our little family is getting bigger and bigger, huh?”

01-16-2017, 10:57 AM
Well it sounds like Ficlles wrote it.

Thumbs up. Also for your info Steam has not been keeping his hands to himself and will be returning for his ass kicking eventually.

01-18-2017, 05:46 PM
I really liked your battle Azure. The only thing I have to say it seemed a tad one-sided though I think forfeit battles usually are. Anyways, my main question is what did the introduction have to do with the battle? it just seemed a bit excessive to me for something unrelated.

Anyways, keep up the good work.

01-22-2017, 08:51 PM
The intro is the main reason for the battle being so one-sided, and after my battles with Devour and jirocho, I've several stories to write which will be connecting a considerable amount of my "lore" together.