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The monster of The Night Creatures' versus The Knight of Nehushtan! Alien versus Dragon! Sci Fi versus Fantasy!

It was a fun fight! Let's see who wins.

Veir's Part:
-Google Docs-
Alien versus Dragon (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BFyt27DsJy8z8A3o2uBoFv4-GAyyG9Vi1_aTGhwDQ5c/edit?usp=sharing)

The cacophony of clawing, clicking digits assaulted Zalgo’s senses. No matter where he went or who he talked to the clicking persisted. It haunted him. He feared being alone, thinking the creature, the Handyman, would find him. He was not prepared.

As soon as the healing process ended, Zalgo began researching. He would find all of his enemies and eliminate them. None could be left for when the Handyman came. Zalgo would be too weakened from his battle with the monster to defend himself from any who wished to harm him. His only option would be to find them all and slaughter them one by one.

He began with the clan he did battle with, Nehushtan. Their “knight”, Dracustos, would be his first victim. He used the database in the new training room to look up the information he needed regarding Dracustos. When he came to their back story, a wicked grin, or the equivalent of one, spread across Zalgo’s face.

Zalgo stood, releasing oil around him to prepare for the long travel. The residents of Rejection would have a guest tonight.


Dracustos casually flew through the air, stretching his wings high in the sky. Suddenly, his mind was assaulted by horrendous images. His hometown, Rejection, was burning. The citizens screaming. The alien monster from the clan war, Zalgo, held Iroh by his throat. The old man was bleeding from multiple gashes as the black slime that was Zalgo’s weapon of choice crept around the man’s face, covering his pleading eyes.

Dracustos suddenly regained his senses, he was careening towards the Earth, his body having gone limp during the vision. He brought his wings down hard, fighting the momentum of his fall. His wings strained, struggling to regain his airborne composure. Seconds passed, each one bringing him closer to the dirt. Finally, he succeeded, pulling himself back skyborn.

The alien seemed to be after him, for what reason, Dracustos didn’t know. However, he had a feeling he knew where Zalgo was. He just hoped he could make it before it was too late.


When Dracustos arrived in Rejection, the first thing he noticed was how strangely normal everything was. No one seemed to react to his presence, instead staring forward with a dead glare, as if their minds were blank. Gathering his courage, Dracustos went to the center of town. A large central park stretched before him, trees jutted out of the Earth, obscuring his vision as he searched for his opponent. Finally, he found him. The alien creature stood atop what was once the pond in the center of the park. The water now muddled with the dark oil the monster summoned.

A voice whispered in Dracustos’ mind, speaking to him as the alien turned to face him.

“Hello Dracustos.”

Dracustos recognized this as telepathy, and responded with his own psychic abilities.

“What have you done to the people here?” the dragon demanded.

“I have overcome their senses with my affliction. Something I believe you remember from our war previously?” the alien informed him.

He indeed remembered the power of the alien’s affliction, he himself avoiding the mental assault that had overcome several of his allies. He also remembered Zalgo’s power. He teleported his swords to himself, holding them tightly as he brought them up into a fighting stance.

“I see you wish to waste no time. This is good. Time is something I am very short on.” Zalgo stated.

“What could you possibly be hurried by?” Dracustos queried, his body tensing in preparation.

“I’m not quite sure myself. It clicks and chatters in the dark. Some horrible beast tha-” Zalgo never finished his statement as Dracustos channeled energy through the gem on his head and teleported behind the alien, plunging his swords through the top left of Zalgo’s chest.

Dracustos had to flap his wings to prevent himself from falling into the waters beneath him, the oily black goop that was Zalgo’s oil swirling around in the liquid.

“Curious..” the alien spoke. “I did not think your swords would be able to cut me.”

Oil erupted from the pond beneath them, rushing towards the dragon. Dracustos flew upwards, launching himself towards the sky as a writhing pillar of oil chased him. He flew higher, swerving through the air as the oil attempted to catch him. He noted that he was slightly faster than the liquid. He would have to use his speed if he were to win. Suddenly, Zalgo’s voice echoed in his mind.

“There will be no retreat. If you run, I will destroy this town. You must fight.”

Only now did Dracustos realize how far away he was getting. He channeled his energy and teleported back towards the ground, facing towards Zalgo. He was only a few feet away from the earth, but he flew towards the alien. His wings moving him quicker than his legs could hope.

Zalgo raised a wall of oil in front of him, blocking the oncoming draconian. Dracustos’ mouth lit up brightly as he billowed out a ray of white flame. The fire collided with Zalgo’s oil, quickly melting through the wall and evaporating the oil.

“So you can fight. Good.” Zalgo’s features twisted into a strange grin.

The grin quickly disappeared from Zalgo’s face as the fire swerved unnaturally towards him. A pillar of oil rose beneath his feet, pushing him out of harm’s way. The pillar met with the fire, melting swiftly. Zalgo summoned more oil from the pond beneath him, reinforcing his podium as Dracustos turned upwards, flying after him.

Zalgo coated his arms heavily in oil, making a thick reinforcement around his limbs. The oil spiked outwards around his hands in a mace-like fashion. Intrigued by the ferocity of the dragon, Zalgo leapt from his pillar and hurled himself towards Dracustos.

Blue fire exploded from Dracustos’ mouth as he launched himself higher and higher towards the descending alien. The self-proclaimed god brought his armored arms up to block himself from the flames. Which harmlessly washed over the metallic, black substance.

Dracustos made a mental note that the oil seemed resistant to all but the white flame. Zalgo flew further down as Dracustos went further up. At the last possible second before collision, Dracustos teleported behind Zalgo. Suddenly, his sixth sense exploded with warning.

“Predictable.” echoed in Dracustos’ mind, spoken by the alien monster now beneath him.

Oil erupted from the side of the pillar, smashing into Dracustos’ side. His breath escaped him and stars covered his quickly darkening vision. He felt wind gusting around him. He shook his head to clear his mind. He was falling, the blackened water of the pond rushing up to meet him. He heard what sounded like an ocean wave roaring behind him. He flapped his wings hard, fighting against the force of the fall. He broke free of gravity’s hold on him right before hitting the surface. He turned quickly to face the alien only to see that the pillar from before had now erupted into a tide of oil.

Dracustos channeled the gem in his skull once more, teleporting behind the tide of oil as it crashed down on his previous position. His sixth sense blared once more and he ducked just as Zalgo’s reinforced fist lashed out above him.

“I don’t normally indulge in physical combat, but for you, I’ll make an exception.” the alien mocked.

Another punch hurled itself towards Dracustos, but he easily dodged.

“You’re strong Zalgo. Strong but slow.” the draconian retorted.

Another strike lashed out from the alien, followed by a swift dodge from Dracustos and a swipe from his sword. Zalgo’s alien skin tore at the touch of his blade, bleeding black oil from the wound. Another slash to Zalgo’s thigh followed by a dodge to his backside where Zalgo’s ankles were then cut. Danger signals blared from every direction from Dracustos’ sixth sense. Only now did he realize that they had been battling on a platform of oil on top of the waters. He teleported onto mainland as the entire platform erupted upwards in a spinning spiral of oily tendrils.

“Draco?” a familiar voice called out from behind the draconian.

Dracustos turned quickly and saw Iroh standing hunched over, looking towards him. Oil rushed from the pond towards the old man, the alien somewhere still inside the writhing pillar of tendrils in the center.

Dracustos launched himself toward his friend, desperate to save the older man from the alien’s wrath. The oil raced towards him, but Dracustos was faster. He intended to grab him and carry him from danger, but when he collided with him it felt like running into a brick wall. Iroh didn’t budge at all from the collision. Oil dripped from his mouth, eyes and ears.

“Draco.” The oil puppet whispered.

It was then that Dracustos understood. This was indeed the body of his old friend, but he was full of the dark liquid that Zalgo commanded. Iroh gurgled up oil before suddenly exploding in a shower of the oil, launching hardened oil spikes in every direction. Dracustos’ felt several of the spikes impale themselves in his gut as he launched himself backwards. The oil that had been going towards Iroh suddenly slammed itself into Dracustos’ back. As he was launched forward he felt a sharp pain erupt from his back followed by a sickening snap as his left wing broke.

Dracustos’ vision swam again, his mind drifting to all of the memories he had with Iroh.

How many of his friends and loved ones were nothing more than oil puppets? How many had Zalgo killed?

His rage burned as he pulled himself to his feet. He grabbed the oil spikes protruding from his stomach and ripped them free. The small wounds healing relatively quickly. Two long horns grew further from his head as spikes protruded from his spine leading down his tail. His eyes turned to dark slits surrounded by green. The dark markings on his body glowed grimly as his feral side took over.

The spiraling pillar Zalgo was within melted back into the water, returning to the goopy liquid state that his oil was usually in. The alien stood atop a platform of the substance, oil reinforcing portions of his body like a dark armor.

“Show me what your rage is capable of. Show me what a knight of Nehushtan can do.” Zalgo taunted.

Dracostus entered a primal stance, his claws on the ground nearly on all fours. His mouth glowed bright white as he channeled his hottest flames. He launched forward just as he teleported, appearing inches from Zalgo, white fire bursting from his jaws. Zalgo dodged right, the fire catching his left arm at the elbow, melting through the armor and the limb.

Zalgo launched his right fist forward, catching Dracustos’ in the ribs. The dragon felt bones crack from the blow, but persisted through the pain. He turned towards the alien, his claws lashing out, slamming into Zalgo’s side, rending through the metallic armor. The alien stumbled from the power of the attack. Dracustos landed on his feet as spikes erupted from beneath him. He teleported forward, keeping up the aggression. Just as he appeared before the alien, his sixth sense blared once more. Zalgo’s massive armored fist collided with his forehead, the gem within cracking severely.

He reeled back in pain, his senses telling him danger was everywhere. A tendril of oil slammed itself into his back, pushing him back into the alien who followed up with an uppercut to his stomach. His breath escaped him, falling onto the ground. The now one-armed alien grabbed Dracustos by a horn and lifted his head up. Dracustos’ eyes flared defiantly as his mouth erupted with white fire. Zalgo quickly threw the dragon towards the ground, the fire billowing out and melting part of the platform the duo was on, before Zalgo stomped harshly on his head.

The fire ceased almost immediately. Dracustos’ limbs shook as he struggled to stand. The alien monster stood before him. He growled hatefully as he pulled himself up. Zalgo’s large gauntleted hand gripped his throat and lifted him off the ground.

A primal feeling grew within Zalgo, possibly brought on by the ferocity previously demonstrated by the dragon. Zalgo’s jaws spread fully as he let loose a primal roar, the primordial emotion of being a dominant species engulfing Zalgo’s mind. After his roar he threw Dracustos backwards. The draconian landing harshly on his broken wing. Oil surged around him, holding him downwards as more oil covered his mouth, forming a sort of muzzle. The alien stepped over him, looking down into his eyes.

“Your mind is now mine.” Zalgo spoke. His will invading Dracustos’ spirit. Zalgo’s affliction affecting him while he was beaten and broken, too defeated to deny it.

The dragon struggled against his restraints, but the damage and repeated teleportation had taken a toll on his stamina. It did not take long for Zalgo’s mind to overpower his. The oily restraints slithered away from the dragon who laid still on the ground, breathing heavily.

“You will return to Nehushtan. You will pretend that nothing is wrong. You will inform them that you have defeated me. When the time comes, you will join me in slaying them.” The alien whispered to the defeated draconian.

Dracustos did not respond, his body now a subject of Zalgo’s affliction. Instead, after a brief moment he stood and began limping towards the location of Nehushtan’s H.Q.

Zalgo watched the draconian leave the battlefield and stood still in the center of the pond. He turned to the sky, looking up at the gray clouds. He briefly wondered if it would storm before looking down at his severed arm.

This will take quite some time to regenerate in the healing vat. He grimly thought.

Memories of the chittering in the darkness haunted him when he thought about how much time he would spend alone inside the cocoon. He rose a wave of oil beneath himself and rode it back towards the direction of his home.

Home? He mused. He thought of Fraysa. He wondered how the planet looked now. He pushed the thought from his mind and continued the journey back to Night Creature’s headquarters.

Gen's Part:
-Google Docs-
Dragon versus Alien (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qhgxcb3sGmRZK5NOByxBhiakte9xXl1shBd7zUgIYB0/edit?usp=sharing)

“What you’re afraid of can either cripple you, or make you into the person you want to be. If you can use those fears to shape who you will be and push past them, you can do anything.” - Mark Edward Fischbach

A dramatic bolt of lightning flashed across the clouds, followed by the rumbling crackle of thunder. The halfbreed trekked through the foliage as the light drizzle of rain pattered the ground and trees, his nerves on edge from the alien’s presence. Though Zalgo was quite some distance away, such a dark being set his sixth sense off like an alarm. He paused and took a deep breath, trying to calm the fluttering in his stomach.

Why am I so unsettled? he asked himself, gazing at the ground. He knew the answer; small things from his past that still bothered him, his fears… both things Zalgo can use against him. And with the awakening of this spirit that calls itself Irascor… there’s no telling what illusions will be cast.

Dracustos shook his head. This was no time to sulk over things that were long done and over with.

There is a darkness coming… He paused. Irascor was becoming more active as the days passed.

Indeed there is.

You plan to kill this creature? You’re not even fully healed from your clash with Anubis.

I have to keep my town safe, and he’s a threat to Mankind. There was a mental scoff.

I still do not understand why you guard them.

And I don’t understand why we’re having this conversation. I’ve made my point clear to you before. Either get over it or shut up. Irascor fell silent, and Dracustos sighed. He began walking, though he could sense he wasn’t alone. Someone familiar stalked him.

“I know you’re there, Altaer. Stop following me.” The man moved out from his cover to walk next to the halfbreed. At first he was silent as he glanced over the bandages that still decorated the scaly form.

“Ya’ know, facing him alone is a bad idea, especially when you’re not at your full game” he said.

“I have to keep him away from Rejection.”

“Then let me do it.” He moved in front of the halfbreed’s path, making him stop. “I’ve bested him before; I can do it again. David would be pissed at me when he finds out you fought Zalgo without my help, and he’ll get pissed at you for getting hurt before you’re fully healed.”

“He’ll get over it. Zalgo has made it personal by coming towards my town. Not only that, but you've lost your powers and he's looking to get revenge.” Al was silent, and Dracustos crossed his arms. “I don’t plan on fighting him, Altaer. If I can, I’ll just drive him away.”

“There is no driving him away,” the assassin replied sternly. “If you face him, there will be a fight.”

“Then he will burn.”

His scales were practically rattling as Zalgo appeared. His bright yellow eyes seemed to glow in the dim daylight, standing out against his black skin. He paused for a moment, and as he looked around his mouth opened slightly, revealing its odd shape.

The alien laid eyes upon the Draconian and tilted his head.

“I remember you…” his telepathic voice sneered. “You were one of the fools who attacked us. You… were with Altear.” Dracustos laid his ears back and drew a sword, pointing it at the intruder.

“I’m giving you one chance. Go back to whatever hole you crawled from and never return here,” he said sternly. Zalgo laughed.

“I’ll leave… once you tell me where I can find the Lord of the Abyss.”

“I don’t know where he is, and even if I did I wouldn’t tell you. Now leave.” The alien seemed to give him a judgmental squint.

“Very well.” Zalgo sighed with a shrug. He held out his hands, letting the Oil run from their mouths. “I’ll just have to force it out of you...”

Dracustos took a step back and drew his other sword, keeping a keen eye on the black fluid as it pooled onto the ground and began to slither towards him. He prepared to swing as it gathered mere feet from him-

A large mass sprung forward from the puddle. The halfbreed tried to slice it, but couldn’t land the blow. The impact knocked the air from his lungs, and an old pain reared its head in his chest. He gasped for air as he hit the ground, pinned by the mass of Oil.

He squirmed to free himself, but the black fluid was firm and kept him down. Zalgo came into view.

“Talk, or you’ll be crushed like the insect you are,” he threatened. Dracustos simply gave a humored huff, then opened his mouth and spat fire. The alien staggered back to avoid it. A bout of white flames was then unleashed at the Oil, breaking it down and seeming to evaporate it. Managing to free himself, he quickly got to his feet and attempted to retrieve his weapons.

A tendril whipped around his left arm, then the other, and before he could breathe fire more Oil wrapped around his mouth. He then found himself in an illusion. A dark room, the only light coming from a small window. A cell, stained concrete floor and walls, shackles on his wrists. It took him a moment to recognize the scene.

“So, you’re going to torture me like they did?” Dracustos struggled against the shackles.

“I could… or you can give me what I want.”

“Like I said before, even if I knew I wouldn't talk. You’d just try to kill me anyways.” His brows furrowed a bit in concentration, and white flames hissed to life on the shackles and around his mouth. Soon he was free from the tendrils that held him, and he stood with an annoyed snort.

“Enough with the mind games, Zalgo.”

“Oh, but they are my favorite kind of game…” The halfbreed sensed something behind him, and turned to find Adder standing there with his shit-eating grin and bite marks on his throat. There was another snort.

“Really, that’s the best you can do? Yeah, I still feel bad for killing him but… I’m over it.” The hallucination suddenly changed, and Dracustos froze. He stood in his mother’s room by her bed, the woman’s head poking out from under her blanket. Her red-brown hair lay messily around her pale face as she lay in a silent sleep. A growl escaped Draco’s throat.

“Not quite ‘over it’ with this one, are you?” Zalgo sneered. The Draconian closed his eyes and turned away from the scene. He took a breath.

“You should really learn that some memories shouldn’t be re-lived,” he hissed, “because it could end very badly for you.” A ring of fire formed around him before it lashed outwards in an attempt to find the extraterrestrial. The illusion ended as Zalgo’s concentration went to avoiding the fire. Dracustos retrieved his swords from the ground and lunged at his enemy. Zalgo raised his arms, hoping that hardening the Oil in his muscles would deflect the blow. The golden blades cut through him, taking off a hand. He staggered back, the halfbreed coming at him again with a roar.

There was a sudden surge of the black liquid that impaled the Draconian’s midsection and pinned him to a tree. He was quick to cut it, and the remaining spike that held him melted, letting him fall back to the ground. He jumped to avoid another spike, and another, and another. Clearly Zalgo was done interrogating Dracustos for Altaer’s whereabouts.

Superheated flames jumped from the halfbreed’s throat, incinerating any incoming Oil tendrils. But one made its way around to strike at the half-dragon’s head. He stepped back in an attempt to dodge, but it clipped his forehead. A small glint of red fell to the ground as the Oil chipped his gem.

Aggravated, the blue beast swiped at the black form with his sword before continuing his belching of flame. Little was left when he stopped. Dracustos then aimed the fires at the alien. A black wall rose, but quickly broke down at the onslaught of heat. Eventually the halfbreed needed to take a moment to catch his breath.

What was left of Zalgo’s wall returned to liquid form and joined the new mass he had been generating, and it surged forward. Fire was spat a second to late. The Oil rammed Dracustos into a tree, again knocking the air from his lungs. The mass then rammed him through the tree, and he felt something snap in his chest. For a moment the scaled beast remained on the ground, coughing and gasping for air. When no other attack came, he was grateful, but at the same time wondered why. As he got to his feet, the reason became obvious.

He stood at the outskirts of Rejection, the dark sky alight with fire that consumed the buildings. Ash and embers floated down like snow to rest upon the bodies that decorated the street and sidewalks. Another illusion cast by Zalgo.

“What… what is this?” Dracustos caught a glimpse of his reflection in a broken window. He was in Feral State, blood painting his talons and muzzle.

“You try so hard to protect your little town… but who will protect them from you?” The halfbreed looked at his reddened hand, then clenched it into a fist and closed his eyes.

“No. This isn’t going to happen.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I won’t let it.”

“But you don’t even have control…” Scaled lips pulled themselves beck in a snarl. The alien was right. Though the halfbreed now knew why he had trouble with Feral State, the fact it came from a being all its own meant it was never his to control.

He raised his head, and stepped back as his reflection emerged from the glass.

“You should know better than anyone. Your worst enemy-”

“- is yourself,” the reflection finished. Dracustos growled at his false self, backing away as it took an aggressive stance. “You can try to protect them all you want, but in the end… it is you who will be their destruction!”

“That’s ENOUGH!” Dracustos bellowed, jumping forward with a thrust of his sword. But the figure changed appearance at the last second, and his eyes widened in horror when he realized he had stabbed Dr. Macbeth. “D- David…?”

The doctor fell, and the halfbreed stepped back. He bumped into something behind him.

“Didn’t I tell you before?” a familiar voice asked. Dracustos turned to face the late leader of The Tribe, only to have the man drive a knife into his chest. His breath faltered, and he collapsed. “You’re as much a monster as the ones you fight.”

Seems you need help again. … Nothing to say this time? …… You can’t just give up like this. Not to such an abomination.

What would you have me do? These wounds… I am too weak… I thought I could break these illusions...

Then let me face him.

He will only use your fears against you, as he did me.

My fears were realized a long time ago, and died along with me.

Zalgo cast one last glance at the unmoving, scaly body as it lay bleeding out. The beast was so intent on guarding his homeplace, yet he failed so easily.

How pathetic, the alien thought with a frown. He was somewhat disappointed he didn’t get any information on the Abyssal Lord’s whereabouts, but there was more than one way to skin a cat. Perhaps attacking Rejection would bring out the other Coils, and he can finally get his revenge...

The alien paused his stride and turned back to the Draconian. He could still sense his mind… but at the same time it wasn't him. His curiosity grew when the beast’s body began to turn black, and the strange patterns began to glow as if fire burned inside. The marks scorched their way through his bandages, setting them aflame. Horns and spikes grew, emitting their own hot light. As he got to his feet, the wet ground hissed and the rain sizzled at the contact of his heated scales. No, this wasn't Dracustos. This was something else.

“Who are you?” Zalgo asked. The beast locked his fiery eyes with the alien’s, and Zalgo felt something… an emotion he cast on others and hated to feel himself. At first the blackened figure did not answer, but when it did a different voice came.

“I… am wrath!” Irascor’s jaws snapped open and white flames leapt from his mouth. The alien had no time to react, and was consumed by the light. But the dragon wasn’t going to simply incinerate Zalgo.

The fires stopped. Smoke rose from burned skin, along with a foul stench. Zalgo raised his head in time to catch a glimpse of the charging Draconian, and was given such a harsh headbutt he nearly blacked out. He was thrown to the ground and pinned, Irascor’s touch scolding his already torched skin. He opened the mouth on his body, and the halfbreed caught a glimpse of something before it was covered with the Oil that bubbled up from the cavity.

He thrust his hand into the mouth as spikes shot up. Blood ran down the black fluid, and for a moment there was no movement from either creature. Zalgo noticed the halfblood’s eyes change slightly; a black reptilian pupil faded in. Dracustos was back, but at the same time the other was still lingering.

The halfbreed let out a heavy breath, blood running from the corner of his mouth. The extraterrestrial thought his foe was finished and expected the scaly body to go limp any second. But Dracustos suddenly furrowed his brow in determination, and with a snarl he wrapped his fingers around the beating organ.

And he tore it from Zalgo’s chest.

The alien began sputtering. The Oil that impaled the halfbreed began to lose its shape, oozing away like melting rubber. He began to raise his hand, as if to retrieve his heart… and it plopped back onto the ground as his breathing shuddered to a stop.

Dracustos stepped back and turned his eyes to the creature’s heart in his hand. For a second his talons dug into it, then he tossed it next to Zalgo’s corpse. A burst of white fire was spat at the body. He didn’t bother to see if the flames would consume the figure; he turned away to make an attempt at leaving. If he could at least get to Rejection, or if Altaer was still lingering somewhere near…

The Draconian’s scales faded back to their original color, horns and spikes retracting while the patterns’ glow dulled to black. As the new form vanished he staggered, the effect of his wounds catching up with him. Dracustos collapsed. His heart hurt.

The rain stopped. The fire started.

Altaer sighed, tapping his finger against the surface of the stone he sat on, partly in contemplation, and partly in waiting. He suddenly raised his head; he couldn’t sense Zalgo’s presence anymore. A grin found its way onto his lips.

“Huh, he actually did it…” he mumbled. He continued to wait, expecting the halfbreed to come by at any moment. But he never showed.

The man detected the smell of smoke. He turned his head to find black plumes rising from the trees. He hopped to his feet and sprinted through the foliage. Something was amiss; Dracustos wouldn’t let a forest fire start so close to Rejection, let alone leave it to burn.

Al could feel the heat steadily growing as he drew closer, until he set eyes upon flaming trees. He continued his run, ducking and weaving around the fires. After a moment he paused.

“Draco!” he called over the roar of the flames. It was met with silence. He ran a few more steps before something blue caught his eye. Altaer adjusted his course to go towards the unmoving body of the Knight of Nehushtan. He skidded to a halt and dropped to his knees, pausing to look over the beast’s wounds. He realized he was kneeling in a pool of blood.

“Draco? Draco, can you hear me?” There was no response. The Fixer gently rolled Draco over before checking for a pulse. It was either too weak to detect, or there was none.

There was a loud creak that drew Al’s attention to a tree, and a thunderous snapping sounded as it began to fall.

“Shit-” The man grabbed the halfbreed’s wrist and tried to drag him out of the way, but the beast was heavier than he thought. Something big collided with the falling tree, throwing it to the side. The beating of massive wings created such a strong gust of wind it blew out some of the fires.

Caesitus circled around, his underside turning an icey blue. A white spray came from his open jaws, leaving a cold mist that extinguished the forest fire. Soon after he landed.

“Oh Draco…” The dragon nudged his offspring, but there was still no reaction.

“We have to get him to the Clinic. I’ll let David know we’re coming,” Altaer urged, reaching into his pocket for his cell. Caesitus gently scooped Dracustos up into his paws, then snatched the man with his jaws to place him onto his back.

“Hold tight,” the beast instructed. He spread his wings and leapt into the sky, blowing ash and cinders into the air with the limbs’ mighty beating. He could feel his son's life draining away with his blood.

“... will be in dire need of a blood transfusion. Go find his father; he should be waiting in the lounge, look for hair colored like fire. Hopefully his blood is compatible.”

“Where’s that morphine I asked for?”

“Sekhmet would be a great help right about now…”

“Dammit, we’re losing him! Get the defibrillator charged and stand by!”

“Come on Dracustos, stay with us…”

The halfbreed’s eyes drifted open to view a clear sky. Birds chirped, a gentle breeze swayed the grass and rustled the leaves of trees. It was an open field. He realized he was being held and rocked, and a familiar tune was being hummed. A tune he hadn’t heard in years.

“Oh, you’re finally awake!” A woman leaned into view, her blue-green eyes seeming to shimmer with delight, a smile on her lips. Dracustos sat up, moving to sit in front of her.

“... Mom?” Her grin seemed to grow brighter, and she hugged him.

“It’s been so long, my dear. But… I wish you weren’t here so early.” Dracustos gently pushed her off, confusion bearing itself on his brow.

“Where is ‘here’? And-” Leia raised a finger, and he fell silent.

“I’ll tell you the same thing I told your friend there. This is, in a way, Heaven. It’s where spirits go when we pass, unless of course something binds us to the human world.”

“So… that means…” A sadness came over Draco’s mother, and she gave a slow nod. The halfbreed thought for a moment. There were flashes of memories, a voice he heard in the dark. Dr. Macbeth’s voice. Somehow he’d gotten to the Clinic... but had the doctor failed, or was this temporary? And she mentioned a friend...

“Wait, what friend are you referring to?” Dracustos questioned, hoping Altaer hadn’t somehow gotten killed along with him. Leia gestured next to him, where a large, dark, smoky figure sat in the grass. It was draconic in shape, a peculiar pattern glowing like fire. The same pattern that now decorated Dracustos.

“He came here with you. He wasn’t very friendly at first, but he warmed up after talking for a while. He said his name is Irascor.” Her son was silent as he stared at the figure. “It seems you two are connected somehow. According to him, he once lived a similar life to yours.”

“I can tell him my story myself, thank you,” the figure stated, seemingly annoyed.

“He’s also a bit sensitive.”

“Wha- am not!” Irascor snorted as the woman giggled. Dracustos remained silent, somewhat baffled. He had known the entity as hostile and angry towards humans, yet here he was being docile. Then again, his mother did have a way with people. Draco opened his mouth to question the spirit-

“Ngh!” A hand gripped his chest as a crippling pain ripped through him. Irascor reacted as well, a short roar coming from his throat as he fell onto his side and claws clutched at his breast. Blood flowed from both their bodies as wounds from the battle appeared.

Leia frowned.

“Your friend is trying to bring you back,” she said softly, rising from the grass. She offered a hand. “Come, there is something I must show you.” Dracustos looked at her for a moment before taking the hand, and she pulled him to his feet. He was led across the field to the treeline, where a strange spectacle resided.

Little balls of light danced around an arc formed by trees. It was the entrance to a dark tunnel, a light at the far end.

“You have a choice to make, my son.” They stopped in front of it. “This is the way back. Back to your friends, back to our town. Back to your life. Your injuries appearing is a sign. Your body is alive, but lacks the spirit. Should you choose to stay, your body will eventually expire, as it cannot live without you. Should you leave here, you will continue your life.”

Dracustos was silent in debate. Part of him wanted to go back, to continue living. He wanted to see his people, his friends, what was yet to come of his life. But another part wanted to stay. To avoid witnessing the eventual destruction of his town. The eventual end of the Coils. To keep her company. He didn’t want to leave her alone here, and he already lost her once...

His mother stood beside him. “I know what you’re thinking. You can’t stay here because of me. I’m not as alone as you think.”

“It was hard… I had trouble coping… Even with friends and Dad, I felt so alone… Sometimes I still do. “ She wrapped her arms around him.

“Oh, I know sweetie. But it’s not your time yet… and people need you.” The hug was returned, tears finding their way to the beast’s eyes. Leia wiped them away and gave him a smile. “It’s all right. You may not be able to see me, and I know this is cliche, but-” she put a hand over her son’s heart “-as long as you keep me in here, I’ll always be with you.”

The beep of a heart monitor began to echo down the tunnel.

“It’s time for you to leave, my little dragon.” The woman gently pushed him towards his path, and after a moment’s hesitation, he entered through the arc. After a few steps, he noticed the dragon spirit was following.

“You’re coming with me?”

“I must. We are bound by a fate we have yet to discover. And…” Irascor looked back at the human, “I may have made a promise.” Dracustos glanced between him and his mother.

“You made a promise with a human? I'm not sure you're the same Irascor I've been hearing in my head.”

“Do not misunderstand. I still hate most humans… but she reminds me why I once loved them.”

“Alright then, so long as you’re not being forced I guess,” Draco said with a shrug. They began to walk. “Say, Irascor… when we get back, could you tell me your story? I want to know exactly who I’m sharing my body with.” The smoky figure nodded.

They both paused before the light, looking it over. Dracustos sighed, then turned to set his eyes on his mother one last time. She gave him a wave. He waved back, then turned. Another sigh. He stepped forward.

“I’ll be watching you, my son…”

His ears were met with the tone of a heart monitor as the machine kept track of his unusual heartbeat. Familiar scents greeted his nose. He could sense his father nearby. He felt very weak and could barely breathe. A constant pain was settled in his chest.

Dracustos opened his eyes, taking in the familiar sight of Dr. Macbeth’s ICU. An oxygen mask - obviously specially made to fit his muzzle - was strapped to his face. He looked to the side to find Caesitus in his human disguise, sleeping in a chair next to his bed. The dragon shifted, disturbed by an unnatural presence.

Dr. Macbeth walked in, looking over something on a clipboard. He glanced up at Caesitus, and his eyes drifted to Dracustos. His brows raised ever so slightly, seemingly surprised.

“”So, you’re finally with us…”

“Hey Doc… What’s the damage report?” The man sighed and shook his head.

“You-” He paused, realizing he had raised his voice. A glance was cast at the sleeping dragon to make sure he didn’t wake him, and when David spoke it was with a leveled, solid harshness, almost anger. “You know damn well what the ‘damage report’ is. Are you so eager to get yourself killed?”

“You’re going to chew me out this time, aren’t you?”

“Damn right I am; I’ve already gone off on Al. What you did was stupid. I don’t care if it was ‘made personal’, you should have let him help. You started a forest fire, both of you nearly got crushed-” David set the clipboard down with a sigh. “I almost couldn’t save you this time, Dracustos. You flatlined… for a moment, I thought you were actually gone.” There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. “Zalgo’s body wasn’t found. We don’t know if it was incinerated by the fire, or if he’s still wandering around. I was hoping you could confirm which it is.”

“I don’t have that ‘homing ability’ on him… I didn’t exactly break his affliction. But I doubt he survived having his heart ripped out.”

“... I see. Perhaps we can talk about what Zalgo afflicted you with at a later time, to see if I can help you overcome it should he still be alive.” He retrieved the clipboard. “You’ve been unconscious for about six weeks, and will remain bedridden for a while, what with the multiple puncture wounds and broken ribs. Once you’re able to move about on your own, please, for the love of God, do not get into any fights. I’ll have someone watch over you if I must.”

“I only promise to try, Doc.”

Caesitus shifted again and woke with a start. He gave a yawn, then noticed his child was awake.

“Dracustos!” He launched himself from his seat to wrap his arm around the scaled being’s neck. Draco grimaced.

“Agh- Dad-”

“Oh- sorry, sorry,” his father apologized, backing away. He looked at him for a moment, then his expression suddenly changed to that of an angry but concerned parent. “You have a lot of explaining to do. Why do you have the Mark of Wrath? And I can sense there’s something different about you…”

“I’ll leave you two to speak, then.” Macbeth exited the room. There was a moment of silence as Caesitus returned to his chair.

“You really did a number on yourself this time… I thought I’d lost you…”

“To be honest, you almost did.” Dracustos closed his eyes, partially to help hold back tears. “But she told me I couldn’t stay.”


“Mom. I saw her. She said it wasn’t my time yet. And she’s right; I have a town to watch over.” His father was silent for a moment, a small grin finding its way to his face.

“Of course she’s the one keeping you from doing something else stupid,” the dragon said with a humored huff. “If only she could do that all the time.”

“Heh, that’s alright… I think I have someone else to do that now. Can’t promise I’ll always listen to him, though.”

01-20-2017, 03:39 PM
the GLORIOUS VEIR has posted

my "life" is complete

01-20-2017, 04:46 PM
I would like to note I forgot to put the italic command or whatever you call it in mine so most parts that are italicized in the Gdoc are not on here. RIP

01-21-2017, 01:54 AM
My thoughts:

Veir's part was pretty enjoyable. I was able to absorb the story, but it lacked a lot of basic descriptions that confused someone who hasn't read Zalgo's entire storyline. It feels like I'm reading the scene in the middle of a book, rather than a standalone story.
On that same note, I would love to have more time spent on the descriptions of stuff in general. Some epic things happen in the fight; giant oil pillars, giant dragons, sweet combat moves... Not much is said to give an image behind the things that are happening, outside of that they happened. Having said descriptions would make it more immersive and quite awesome. I did however love the cool ideas that were presented, the fight choreography, and how Zalgo is basically a badass.

Gen's part was decently better written, but my problem with Veir's part lacking backstory was magnified times a million here. I really had no idea who or what all the names and clans and side characters were, and by the end of the story many of them weren't really that important to the story at all, outside of just being there to make an appearance. The battle was only half of the story, and then the whole 2nd half was exposition that I was kinda lost trying to understand lol :p
The battle itself was pretty good. Despite the writing being a little better, I wasn't surprised with cool ideas like Veir's part did, and the choreography itself could have been better to make it feel like a real fight... I think the deciding factor for me here was this, and that the story didn't give me any knowledge of the characters, or any reason to be invested in them, despite being better written.

My advice for both of you folks would be to remember to write your battles as standalone parts, rather than continuations from the previous story or whichever. My vote went to Veir <3

01-21-2017, 06:42 AM
Alright. Soo....

I'm in the opposite position from Dvor, even though I completely agree with him.

Veir, your story was just awesome...the kind of epic fight I love Zalgo for. On the flip side, it did have little explanation of what was what. Your writing in and of itself was good, but not your best, I feel. I occasionally had a bit of trouble figuring out what oil was doing what where and how...there was a ton going on. But, overall, it was quite enjoyable.

Gen, you had less of a battle in yours. IMO I'm not 100% sure you did Zalgo full credit for his powers...especially now with his mutation or whatever. Yours was MUCH more about the story.

The thing is, unlike Dvor I know BOTH of the stories behind you guys quite well off the top of my head.

FOR THAT REASON I'm voting for Gen. Because I had no problem understanding everything she was talking about -- to play off Dvor's comment, yeah, it was the middle of the book...but I've been reading that book. All in all it was a touching part of Dracustos' story, and something I loved reading for pleasure.

Gen, IF I didn't know Draco's story, I would have given my vote to Veir like Dvor did. So...maybe next time a bit more explanation, and a little smaller cast of characters.

01-21-2017, 03:41 PM
So... sadly I'm not normally one to stop by for long enough to have any real huge say on the polls or battle stories- even ones that will more than likely affect me later in some way like this one and fucking... whatever Alph's been up to lately (something about planes?), but occasionally I'll hear catch wind of one and stop by to give my thoughts on it. Glad I did with this one, even if I wind up sounding a bit unenthusiastic about the whole thing. They were good stories, that with how I write, how you two seem to write, and I know Alph's usually looking to write- will more than likely wind up playing into my arc with Dante, which I say every time I do wind up voting on a battle- I do have to take into account, even if that can be construed as bias. If you are asking for my opinion on a story or set of stories, in a manner and timeframe in which I feel can adequately and correctly respond, I will do so. That opinion will of course spring from both my attempt at an objective analysis of both sides, as well as my feelings on the issue, which I will do my best to outline, explain, and keep as separate from my analysis as possible.

So, I guess I should start by saying that in both stories, but particularly in Veir's, I found the execution of Zalgo's arc to be strangely underwhelming. Whereas Devour, and I believe a few others above me, appraised Veir's story for being at least more of a 'standalone' type story, whereas Gen's story was described as reading like the middle of a book- ultimately both stories, as I understand, were intended to ideally wind up in the middle of a particular book (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1psfdYHagtPzLIcExMK8o56qn8FpUcVSwVdANKmeeK5o/edit). I was fortunate enough to have read the particular story in which Zalgo learns of the existence of the Handyman prior to reading Veir's piece, and found the reasoning for Zalgo's oncoming battle spree, and thus the setup for both battles, rather intriguing. Here you have a powerful alien, who is deathly afraid of an extremely powerful primal earthly force, choosing to wipe the earth of weaker beings that may pose a threat to Zalgo after he attempts to rid the earth of said powerful primal force- the one thing he supposedly truly fears. However, Zalgo's ingenious plan (in Veir's story) to wipe Dracustos off the map- which he could've executed without laying a finger on Draco, takes a back seat to Zalgo punching the shit out of Dracustos and losing an arm in the process- which Zalgo essentially shrugs off, when really- Zalgo should've had to have lost his arm to win, and the fact that something that wasn't Handy just tore off his fucking arm should have probably scared the shit out of him. The backstory and staging are intended to carry weight here, are they not? Yet much of that momentum was lost here, which would be fine if the reasons as to why were a bit more believable. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Zalgo got into a punching match with, and lost an arm to, Dracustos because he wanted to see what "Dracustos' ("your") rage was capable of," and what a "Knight of Nehushtan can do." But why would he?

With Gen's battle, I can't quite make the same complaint, and my temptation is to throw a vote her way- but I'm not really in the right headspace to dish out a full opinion or analysis or any of it currently so I guess we'll have to see as time goes on. Sorry if this isn't what you were hoping to hear from me, but this is about all I've got for you at the moment and we'll have to see from there i gyes lel

01-26-2017, 06:26 AM
Well Shit.

Would someone please place a tie-breaker vote here?

01-26-2017, 08:31 AM
Well Shit.

Would someone please place a tie-breaker vote here?

It appears as though Azure came to the rescue lol.

01-26-2017, 09:17 AM
Here's my two cents on this, and quite honestly it is two cents, never been a good cncer.

Anywho let's start with what I loved. I think Veir and Generatorrexdragon did great on their stories because I think they achieved what they were looking to achieve in an enjoyable way. I had fun reading both your stories and my list of pros for each of you is much longer than the cons.

The cons were two simple things. As before mentioned, backstory issues. I had enough information from bits and pieces I read to understand the stories given to me but if I didn't have such information I can see where confusion could manifest. The other were simple pebbles, both of you had small errors throughout the story. In my opinion, and I'm aware it's not a shared one, but Veir's constant use of he was jaunting for me. He did this. He did that. It was more halting than a period and drew me out a bit. Gen's problem came more from small grammar and spelling errors.

Now why did I vote for Dracustos? Well it was because I needed a reason to vote so the determining factor was, which battle would I be willing to read again, and it was Generatorrexdragon's. The issue with my logic was that due to Dracusto's having more story elements and such, it had an advantage in that situation. I understand that Veir's is as it is intentionally, it's also a story but it's more like a puzzle piece, a fragment of something bigger that needs to combine together to then become a more powerful story. But as it stands, I enjoyed Gen's as a story more, but that's mainly thanks to prior knowledge.

01-28-2017, 02:35 AM
I voted for Veir over Gen. Yep, I read them. Well... Mostly.

I read Veir's just fine. Sure, I have to admit, the quality of the writing itself was lesser than Gen's, but it was still good. Painted the picture, got 'er done. And yeah, Gen's story was written well- despite overuse of "..."- but what made me vote for Veir was how I couldn't just go on reading Gen's. Veir's story contained enough to keep me interested at the actual battle in hand. Gen's story felt like a mishmash of characters and storylines that I have no clue about and I just lost interest hard.

So yeah, this vote wasn't because of the Handy pandering. It's because, of the two stories, I managed to read Veir's start to finish and enjoy it. Gen had a solid good start, but eventually it became stuff I couldn't get. It lost its hook for me, didn't keep my attention. Writing quality is one thing, but story quality is another. And since people here are of different places and educations and what not, I'll be picking story quality over writing quality. And being able to read a story start to finish is pretty much the most important thing.

Also, it's all good fun to have your battles in a storyline! But remember, each story should be contained in themselves. You imagine a book series, they reintroduce the characters each book. Who the sod is this Irascor chap? I mean, if your character uses a power, it's perfectly fine not to introduce it. It tends to explain itself in action. But this Irascor sounded like a whole new character, one I don't recall hearing amidst the members of Nehughughdshtan. I feel like you two didn't even give proper introductions to your clanmates, either. Tales can be in a series, but they ought to be self-contained. That's my belief, anyhow.

Anyway, there's the brainramblings.

01-28-2017, 12:12 PM

Welp. Time for tiebreaking again.

01-28-2017, 05:11 PM
Ties are cool, though. I'd like a tie. That way I imagine both these stories can comfortably remain canon in their own story lines. If I lost a battle I wouldn't carry on as if I won it in my story line.

Edit: S'come to my attention that these canons are gonna intertwine anyway, oh boy. At least it won't end with the other dying.

01-30-2017, 06:09 AM

Yeah, I'm a bit eager for it to NOT be a tie because Zalgo is going to fight Leikani and later Altaer as well. Therefore Dracustos's canon becomes rather important. We will, in fact, only be able to have one story become canon no matter what because there will be at LEAST three intersections between Zalgo and The Coils clan members.

I mean, if it ends as a tie, I'll work with Gen and Veir to figure out which story should become canon. If anything, we/I could create a hybridized new story that could become canon for both, since at that point the individual battles themselves would become irrelevant.

01-30-2017, 06:16 AM
I heard collab.

01-30-2017, 06:18 AM
I heard collab.

LOL I'll swing onto skype in a moment, have patience.

01-30-2017, 07:01 AM
Just one story being canon is a bit shite for the other person since they're both workin' hard on their own storylines. And I am biased toward Veir. I like his storyline. I'm gonna keep it.

01-30-2017, 07:27 AM
Just one story being canon is a bit shite for the other person since they're both workin' hard on their own storylines. And I am biased toward Veir. I like his storyline. I'm gonna keep it.

True. If it is a tie, I am inclined to keep Veir's merely because it would better facilitate the future battles with the other clan members. I would consider, however, tweaking the whole "total destruction of Dracustos's home town and loved ones" thing. Bit drastic. But that is really up to Gen and Veir. Besides....four more days of votes. We'll see how this turns out.

01-31-2017, 04:58 AM
Clearly as a tie breaker, both parties should write short stories of their characters having a tea party with an adorable small child

02-01-2017, 06:55 AM
.................I'm beginning to think this is being done on purpose.

02-01-2017, 07:10 AM
Or maybe, you know, it's tied. Both stories have different qualities but come out equal.

02-01-2017, 02:24 PM
Your fight was simple and to the point, with a bit of backstory to your reasoning behind it that a guy like me, who has virtually no idea about the characters and their motives, could understand and follow. I generally dislike unnecessarily big fight stories, which is why I very much enjoyed yours because it didn't take me very long to get through. Your writing style is easy to follow and appreciate. One criticism I have, is your fight seemed very mechanical. There were some points where I was really into it, but others where it dropped off and I found myself waiting for the ending. Personally, I would have liked to see Zalgo outright dominate his opponent if this is the first of the gauntlet that is implied.

Firstly, love the quote at the beginning. While the story itself is much longer than Veir's, I can still appreciate your simplistic writing style that manages to be lush with metaphors. Like him, you wove in a lot of components to your story that made it much more interesting. The part after the fight gave me a lot of chills, and I think it was EXTREMELY well done. As opposed to Veir, however, I didn't quite understand the backstory and a vast majority of the characters, going in as a person who isn't familiar with the clans or the lore. There has to be a way to tie it all together for the casual reader to understand--otherwise it's simply names being thrown back and forth. Also, fighting wise, I think Veir had the edge.

While I enjoyed both writing styles immensely, the battles and stories were where there were major differences. Veir did better in terms of the pure fighting aspect, while Gen did better in terms of the storyline. While I couldn't quite understand some of the characters, it didn't effect how much the story--specifically the ending--effected me. Simply put, I enjoyed both stories nearly equally, however, Gen edges Veir our by just a hair.

02-01-2017, 02:51 PM
Well now...this is interesting.

We're attracting all kinds of attention here.

I wonder if Dvor has anything to do with this.

02-01-2017, 05:21 PM
I voted for Veir.

Gen's was good, but I feel a battle is a story where anyone, even someone who has never gone onto Stickpage before, should be able to hop in, see what both characters do, and understand everything.

To really get the best effect from Gen's story you would have to read the previous stories in the "Saga". Veir's functions better as a standalone story.

02-03-2017, 01:36 PM
So I'm a bit torn between this Veir had the better fight scene , However gens had the better overall story. Veirs fight was a fun read and good one off fight, However gens story left me wanting to know more about his character, and wrath and this so called destiny, the character development and the intractions were by far the higlight of gens. So in my eyes i think gen won this with having a good battle scene and tieing it in with a good story as well.

02-03-2017, 01:46 PM
So I'm a bit torn between this Veir had the better fight scene , However gens had the better overall story. Veirs fight was a fun read and good one off fight, However gens story left me wanting to know more about his character, and wrath and this so called destiny, the character development and the intractions were by far the higlight of gens. So in my eyes i think gen won this with having a good battle scene and tieing it in with a good story as well.


02-03-2017, 03:41 PM
So I'm a bit torn between this Veir had the better fight scene , However gens had the better overall story. Veirs fight was a fun read and good one off fight, However gens story left me wanting to know more about his character, and wrath and this so called destiny, the character development and the intractions were by far the higlight of gens. So in my eyes i think gen won this with having a good battle scene and tieing it in with a good story as well.


02-04-2017, 12:26 AM
Gah. And a tie would have been so nice, too.