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Azarel CS.777
03-06-2017, 09:10 PM
VS. Piasu

A giant screen on the stadium showed many random fighters, Azarel watched many RHG. fights, Jomm VS. Tentionmaru, Umbrella VS. FL., Jade VS. Gildedguy, MR. Pix VS. Oreo, Benjamin VS. Ichimaruu And many more battles until, the giant screen showed 2 pictures of gladiators, and a text:

Piasu VS. Azarel
The Wielder Of The SeverSword VS. The Legendary Demon Hunter

“It’s time…” Azarel said to his friend, Zeon.
“Watch out, Azarel, Piasu is a strong fighter.”
“I can handle him.”
“Good luck.”

Azarel walked into the stadium/arena, with Piasu waiting there.
“Ready?” Piasu said.
“Of course.”
“You won’t stand a chance!”

Fight! – The screen showed.

Azarel pulled out his laser sword and immediately clashed swords with Piasu, then Azarel attacked Piasu, constantly, but Piasu blocked his attacks with his LongSword and countered the attacks with a slash to the chest, kicked Azarel’s head and slashed his feet, then Azarel quickly ran back, quite far from Piasu, and shot a laser beam from his sword, Piasu dodged the attack.

“If he can attack me from a distance, I’m sure to lose!” Piasu whispered to himself.
Azarel ran as quickly as he can, and tried to attack Piasu, but Piasu dodged and punched him in the head, Azarel fell down, Piasu was going to stab him, but Azarel rolled over and stood up. Then, Azarel ran all over Piasu, quickly.
Confused, Piasu stayed on guard, *Slash!* Azarel attacked suddenly attacked from various sides. *Slash – slash – slash!* , Azarel then attacked Piasu by slashing him constantly, and punched Piasu’s stomach rapidly. Piasu fell down.

“Your not the kind of guy I can take down easily, your quite strong.”
“But… you’ve haven’t seen my inner demon!”

Piasu stood up, and pulled out his SeverSword, and attacked Azarel , then Piasu jumped up and slashed Azarel’s head with his LongSword, but Azarel dodged, tried to slash Piasu from the back, but Piasu dodged, and Azarel tried to slash Piasu again, but failed, then, Piasu did a spinning SeverSword attack, *Slash – slash – slash!!!*
Azarel was slashed many times and fell down.
“Heh… looks like your not too good at defense, kid.”

And at that very moment, the screen on the stadium showed:
Terrain change: Jungle.

And the dusty floor of the battlefield quickly turned into a jungle terrain.
“Hmm… perfect.” Azarel said to himself. Azarel then ran away from Piasu. He had a plan.

Piasu on the other hand, was climbing up a tree, hoping to spot Azarel from a high place, but what he didn’t notice is, Azarel is on top of the tree, waiting for an ambush! Piasu had made it to the top of the tree, just to get punched on the face and get his head kicked by Azarel!
Piasu fell down, kissing the green grass, and feeling quite angry, he pulled out his SeverSword and started chopping the tree down, meanwhile, Azarel, on top of the tree, didn’t know what was going on until, he started to realize that the tree began shaking!

Azarel, along with the tree, fell down! *Crash!* Azarel was hurt, but immediately stood up when he saw Piasu, walking towards him. He pulled out his plasma sword and started running. Azarel is raining constant attacks, but Piasu blocked most of them.
*CLANG – CLANG, SLASH, CLANG, SLASH – SLASH – SLASH, CLANG!* - Their swords clanged while dueling like devils fighting each other. -
Then, Azarel started launching plasma beams, *Boom – boom – boom!* The plasma beams exploded, Piasu fainted *Crash!* Some trees began to fall down because of the explosion, and then Azarel stepped closer to Piasu, and Piasu woke up, and stood up.

“Okay there?”
“Want to keep on fighting?”
“Time to die, kid.”

Then, Azarel slashed Piasu’s feet, Piasu blocked the attack with his LongSword and stabbed Azarel, then, Azarel kicked Piasu, and slashed Piasu’s forehead before running deep into the trees.
Then, Azarel hid behind a giant tree that cast a very big shadow, a perfect place to ambush him (Piasu.), Azarel thought, but… the terrain changed… again.

Terrain change: The Pole.

The giant screen showed.

The jungle changed into a North – Pole like terrain, and the tree where Azarel hid behind, became an igloo...
“Great… (Negative.)” Azarel thought. Then, he went searching for Piasu, then, he found Piasu searching for him too! Azarel quickly hid behind a big pile of snow, wanting to ambush Piasu, but Piasu saw Azarel’s sword, sticking out from the big pile of snow. Then, Piasu quickly threw his LongSword to the pile of snow.

Azarel was stabbed in the stomach, then Piasu walked over to the pile of snow and slashed Azarel on the head with his SeverSword.
Then, Piasu grabbed his LongSword from Azarel’s stomach, and tried to stab Azarel’s head. But Azarel dodged the stab, then, Azarel ran back, quite far from where Piasu is standing and forged his 2 swords together to transform into: A double sided sword, one of the sword’s blade is a plasma blade, while the other is a laser blade.

And, he threw his Plasma – Laser Sword to Piasu, it stabbed Piasu’s stomach, slashed Piasu several times and slashed Piasu’s forehead. Piasu fell down, and the sword came back to Azarel’s hands. And, Azarel launched a barricade of laser and plasma beams!
*BOOM – BOOM – BOOM!!!* the plasma and laser beams exploded , Piasu was very much hurt, and couldn’t see because of the thick cloud of smoke filling the air, and a noise made Piasu disturbed.

*Crack, - crack*

The ice began to crack! Piasu was going to fall to the cold - cold water until, Azarel came running to Piasu and pushed him to safer ice.
Then, Piasu got up and said: “Now, where were we?”
“Oh yeah, let’s do this!” Azarel replied.

Azarel slashed Piasu with his Laser - Plasma Sword and punched Piasu, Piasu countered the attack with a slash to Azarel’s right hand with his SeverSword, slashed Azarel’s eye with his LongSword, Azarel then quickly slashed Piasu rapidly, launched a laser and a plasma beam, smoke filled the air, and did very powerful uppercut, Piasu fell down, and got up and quickly, he held his SeverSword on his right hand and his LongSword on his left hand, and slashed Azarel’s chest with his SeverSword, slashed Azarel’s stomach with his LongSword, stabbed Azarel with his LongSword, kicked Azarel’s head, slashed Azarel’s left arm with his SeverSword, and did a spinning Sever – LongSword attack! Snow was “flying” into every direction.
Azarel was slashed rapidly, and fell down.

“… You need more training, kid, and now, time for you to die.” Piasu said to Azarel, bragging/boasting, while throwing a snowball toward Azarel.

And then, Azarel stood up.
Azarel was getting quite tired, but eager to win his first battle, performed his special finisher!
“DON’T UNDERESTIMATE ME!!!” He shouted out.

Azarel ran quickly all over Piasu with immense speed and attacked Piasu from unexpected sides, *Slash – slash – slash!!!*, slashed Piasu rapidly without running, ran around Piasu once more, and suddenly punched Piasu with immense speed, accuracy and power to Piasu’s head!

“Whoa, what’s got him so pumped up?!” Azarel’s friend, Zeon said.

Piasu was flung back because of the punch, *BOOM!!!* Piasu hit the stadium’s boundaries, a big massive wall, and fell down, the wall was greatly damaged.
And finally, Azarel threw his Laser - Plasma Sword from a distance and…

The sword almost stabbed Piasu’s head, it hit the wall BESIDE Piasu’s head, and Azarel’s sword came back to Azarel’s hand, and he walked toward Piasu, stabbed his sword to the ground, and smiled.

“Why didn’t you kill me, Azarel?”
“I don’t have the right to kill you.”
And, as they walked away from each other, Azarel heard Piasu said something:
“Life is a battlefield, kid, you have to fight your way through it.”
“Then bring it on…” Azarel replied.


Piasu's part (http://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZYvU71mEsFcw5af0rtYBalWNbWp2DgyvU8SFIqmTqhU/edit)

My first WRHG. battle, against PiasuSan.

03-06-2017, 09:19 PM
My part (http://docs.google.com/document/d/1h0nkkzGwn5N3-LmjBeosKwj0C34tB9EKhppRm51RGzY/edit)

Piasu's part (http://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZYvU71mEsFcw5af0rtYBalWNbWp2DgyvU8SFIqmTqhU/edit)

My first WRHG. battle, against PiasuSan.

Your part requires permission Azarel. Perhaps you should use Google Docs or copy/paste your version into a spoiler.

Azarel CS.777
03-08-2017, 08:42 PM
Your part requires permission Azarel. Perhaps you should use Google Docs or copy/paste your version into a spoiler.