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Last check, I'm 95% sure Chrome said he was forfeiting. Being wrong would be delightful

Judging by the headache pulverizing his skull, there was a chance Chance had gone out drinking last night. It took three hours for the pain to dull enough to even get out of bed, but even as he sat up, what remained caused him to grimace. Murmuring to himself, he pulled his sheets away from his naked body, examining the dozens of scars his silk hid. It only took the initial glance to realize there were too many, dating over far too many years, to determine if anything had happened last night. Nothing was necessarily fresh, but as a gladiator, he had access to the type of medical care that could make yesterday’s gash look ancient. Frowning, he gazed back to his sword on the bed behind him, lying like a sleeping wife, partially tucked in with its navy blue hilt on a pillow.

‘God, how much did I have?’ Rubbing his eyes, he finally arose, but in a single step, his foot fell on something far too expensive to be on the floor. Furrowing his brow, he went to pick up his crimson suit, but froze when his right hand came into view. Palm hovering just above his jacket, the sparkles of a fresh, entirely sapphire ring danced for his eye, placed just below the one from his late fiancee. With his bed empty, his arm began shaking from the implication before snatching the cashmere, but a lack of stains clashed against the assumption. A quivering breath left his body. ‘Maybe I just got drunk. Thank God for-’

His eyes bugged in a heartbeat, and as his palm slapped against his elbow, his pulse accelerated to an alarming degree. ‘Where the hell is the IV!’ Panicked breaths started shaking his body. He slept with that sword all night, so if he wasn’t feeling the need to kill now, then he already had…

And if his jacket wasn’t even stained…

...They never saw it coming.

Trying to shake away the growing dread, he quickly began tearing his room apart, starting by ripping the sheets off entirely and checking every cabinet and drawer, slamming the one he found The Bible in, nailing him to a cross of unknown guilt. Anxiety flowed through his blood when he finally began digging through his pockets in the hunt for any sort of receipt, but when he found his phone, his body went cold.

The background was new… a selfie this time, taken with his left arm outstretched and pointing back down at himself and the girl leaning her back against his chest, while holding his hand over her heart. Aside from both looking plastered and hugging the slender side of things, they were opposite in most ways. His crimson hair dangled just above his blood red eyes, matching his suit, tie and dress pants to a near exact degree, whereas his black undershirt brought out the colors like a highlighter, only thing going against it was the blue ring, barely in the shot as her palms had his surrounded.

What the ring did match, however, was her. Everything about her. Her sky-blue hair pressed against his jacket and drew out the winged, cobalt eyeshadow she wore with a glistening mix of silver fading in from the center of her face, while her light brown irises matched her softly tan skin. The hood of her navy blue jacket was down, but unzipped, it revealed a bleach white shirt, which came up to her neck. All in all, it looked like they were a Comic-Con couple. Looking over his shoulder, he shuttered at the empty bed. ‘Were.’

Clenching his eyes for a moment, they returned to the device, only to be immediately flooded with missed calls and texts when it unlocked, almost entirely from Ester. Seeing that they peppered times through the night and into the morning, it meant that she was safe at least, but unable to remove the blue ring from his finger or even begin to comprehend how he got it there, reading any of them felt filthy. Instead, he went to his map app, tapping the blank bar up top and feeling his face contort with perplextion as he gazed at the only new search.

At first, the result didn’t click, but a sudden, dark thought practically made him fumble his phone, thrusting him closer to cardiac arrest. His red eyes snapped on the door and he was dressed in a heartbeat, blade slung at his side as he sprinted out of his room like it was set ablaze, terrified mind clutching at straws as his realism drowned him. If’d he’d gone to a motel in the dead of night, something forced him to abandon it to come here, and he could only pray it wasn’t a body.


It wasn’t until sunlight kissed her cheek that sepita eyes opened, squinting as it burned them. Murmuring to herself, she rolled to her side, but as she sunk into the soft mattress, its stark contrast from her firm futon jolted her like a forgotten alarm. She was upright in an instant, and as her sheets fell from her, her brain felt like it had rammed into her skull, echoing with anguish each time her heart beat. Now cursing, she brushed her blue hair out of her vision in an effort to figure out which friend she was crashing with. Who met her however, was a stranger, sitting in a chair adjacent to her bed, concern rooted deep in her bagged, emerald eyes. Long red hair was pulled over her shoulders and fell on to her dress, it’s textured blue flowers trailing all the way down to her feet, which lifted her as she continued to stare. Cautiously, she moved to the counter, picking up the small white pill and glass of water and offering it to her.

“Is that for the headache?” Uneasily, the blue haired girl smiled up at the woman, but when the redhead turned away, fear crawled up her body. “...Then… what is it?”

“Just take it.” Hesitantly, the stranger pushed them closer to her, but the late-teen seemed to lean further away.

“...I’d like to know what I’m putting in my body.”

“It’s…” Green eyes dipped lower before returning to the girl, her brown eyes glued on her, “You’re in a motel, my motel. I don’t know where you came from, so I don’t know what, if anything happened, but If something did… it’ll… stop it, to an extent.”

“Stop what?”

The manager swallowed hard. “It’s Plan B.”

It took a second for the click, but the moment it did, the girl’s eyes shot open, edges of her corneas still pink from the night before. “You think-”

“That it’s possible-” The manager cut in, “Not necessarily that it happened.” A sigh left her, pity enveloping her when the girl cautiously accepted the cup, “You could barely walk when you got here and whatever you’d been given took all the white out of your eyes. I can’t say I’ve been to enough clubs to know, but you looked like how I pictured ecstasy,” She shrugged as her client swallowed the pill, “Your pupils were dilated like you were giving birth and you were just attached to the guy you came with, clinging to his shoulder and leaning against him so hard it looked like both of you were going to fall over.” The last word cut off with a hard stop.

“...What is it?”

“That ring?”

Slowly, the bedridden girl’s eyes traced down her arm to her hand, landing on the small, crystallized crimson wrapping around her digit. Her mouth fell open, trying to make something out of it.

“You said you got married.”

“What!” The girl’s voice cracked as she jolted to her feet, what remained of the water splashing against her jacket, “Did you get his name?”

The manager looked away, tapping her fingers on her seat. “Chance Downtown.”

The younger of the women paled at the stranger’s name. “...And how… how was he when we… arrived?”


It wasn’t ten minutes since he left that Chance was in Fate’s nearly empty parking lot, speed limit having been more of a soft recommendation, thoroughly ignored as he had more than doubled it. Hell, there were even skidmarks where he’d stopped his car, trailing from the entrance and ending directly between the blue lines. It wasn’t until then, however, that he finally took a moment to calm down.

The thought of crossing over and taking an innocent life caused a phobic fear within him, but if he showed up looking like a giant red flag, there could be a silent alarm which could trigger a hellish domino effect. As good as the RHG lawyers were, his sword always demanded blood, and without him wielding it, God knows how it’d find it.

The visual wasn’t exactly calming, but it was powerful enough motivation to fake it. Staring at his clenched hand, still gripping the steering wheel, he waited until it at finally stopped moving before making a move himself. Popping his door open, he made his way to the motel entrance, quietly making his way inside. Unconsciously keeping his head down, he missed anything that made the place unique, but considering the sleazy reputation it had built up, artwork of any kind would’ve been a shock. Eyes trailing along the tiled floor, his sight was eventually met with a wooden desk, relatively empty with nothing but a bell and computer on top of it. Frowning uneasily upon seeing the chair behind it vacant as well, he hesitated a brief moment before before tapping the silver, high pitched ding echoing throughout the empty halls.


Giggling filled the air like music as the duo practically broke down the motel door, Chance’s footing faltering momentarily, only to fail entirely when the woman leaning against his side stepped on his heel, sending both tumbling. His carefully groomed red hair was a disaster as he rolled on his back, but with his friend on top of him, blue fell over him like a curtain, the girl falling into a hysteria before giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Smiling brightly down at him, her cheeks blushed. She looked away for a brief moment, but after a heartbeat, her creamy-coffee eyes bounced between the sapphire ring he wore and the crystallized crimson wrapped around her finger. Interlocking them, the girl arose to her knees before trying to jerk him up, only for her grip to tank and send her flying back, skull smashing against the tiled floor under her. Seemingly unphased, her laughter only loudened like it was a punchline to a joke.

Cracking up himself, Chance rose up alone, staggering to the front desk while the blue haired woman dusted herself off behind him. Seeing quadruple, it took a few tries to locate the silver bell, but feeling the real, he slammed his hand on it like a buzzer. Glancing over his shoulder, his tender red eyes fell upon his company, leaning heavily to her left, drifting like an unmanned car before colliding into the chair beside Chance, barely catching herself from falling again.

Awkwardly trying to play it off, she shuffled around to the front side, pawing at his face before her palm found his shoulder. Sliding it down his arm, the girl found his hand again, giggling as he placed his other over hers. It wasn’t until footsteps approached that they tore their eyes from each other.


“I mean, he looks just as… fucked up, I guess, as I do…” Slowly, sepia eyes left the television in her small room, meeting emeralds, whose brow instantly furrowed.

“You can’t see the sword?”

“No I mean-” Sky blue hair shook as the slightly younger woman collected herself, “If- if someone gave me something, it looks like he got it too.”

“Or maybe he had some of what he slipped you,” Her arms crossed. “He looked like he was enjoying himself.”

“So did I, for that matter.”

“And you woke up horrified.”

“Then what if he did too?”

Hearing a dull ‘ding’ sneak through the walls, the manager stole a glance at her phone, cycling between a few menus before before swearing to herself.

“He looks terrified,” The tenant added, having taken one as well, “Which makes sense if he’s a victim.”

“Do I need to bring up the blade again?” Pocketing the device, the redhead stared in disbelief at the cobalt cranium. “You just had a close call, you really want to test fate?”

“I’ve never woken up in a motel before, what I want, is to know how it happened.”

“I’m sorry, but a guy dressed in blood red with a sword at his hip doesn’t freak you out at all?”

“I mean yeah but…” The late adolescent trailed off, gaze wandering to her shut door as a second ‘ding’ cut into the air, “He’s either panicking because he has no idea what’s going on, which puts us in the same boat, or he knows and can shed some light. I’d rather give him a chance than call the police... if that’s alright.”


Within the soul-haunting silence, the quiet creak of an opening door was more akin to a gunshot to Chance, jolting upright from his seat and eyes darting the sound in an instant. Sweat was building up on his palms as he made his way from the desk towards the hall, but when his reds met bright-brown eyes, relief almost caused him to collapse, knees buckling and sending him staggering into the wall, leaning heavily against it.

“Oh thank God…” Nervous chuckles shook his body as the two young women held their place about ten feet away from him. He couldn’t help but smile seeing there wasn’t a scratch on the blue haired girl, and as she looked him up and down, there was faith in her eyes, unlike the suspicion enveloping the other entirely, who leaned against the opposite wall, arms crossed.

“So…” Sapphire’s voice was meek, passing seconds making eye contact difficult, “Any idea how I got here?”

“No I-” His eyes clamped shut in an effort to recollect himself, “I just know I stopped here last night.”

“That’s it?” The other tightened her pose as her voice cut in like a katana, “Because you’re acting like you expected something.”

“I honestly don’t know what I expected,” Wearily, his eyes met the younger’s coffee & cream irises. At least the lie had enough truth to sound honest, “All I know is that I came here before checking into a hotel.”

“Yeah. I kicked you out.”

“...Can you tell me why?”

“Because I don’t play games when it looks like a girl’s been drugged.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Well,” The blue haired girl quietly cut in, “He looked drugged too, to be honest.”

“What?” His red eyes danced between the ladies, green remaining steadfast while bronze began showing pity, “I barely remember smoking pot in college.” Blinking as he struggled to comprehend how drugs could even get into his system, he locked onto Blue. “Do you have any idea where this could’ve started then?”

Hesitating a moment, the woman paused. “Yeah, I may know where we came from.” Four eyes were upon her as she cleared her throat. “I-I like to keep to myself, but last night was my roommate’s birthday. She…” Her eyes shut, pondering the discussion, “She’d been trying to get me to Queen of Hearts for a while now… It’s a nightclub a little ways from here.”

“Alright, thank you,” Letting out a long sigh, Chance nodded, “If you’re going to be here a while… would you like me to keep you posted?”

“I’d rather know when you do, if that’s alright.”

“You’ll be my first call.”

“That’s… not quite what I mean.”


At twenty-six years of age, Chance had never once been in a more awkward drive than the one to the nightclub. In over a half hour, neither had learned anything more than sparknotes of the other. It was true that there were a good half-dozen times where they tried sparking up a conversation, but learning Faith’s name was the most that was accomplished from it. If she knew where his ring came from, she wasn’t telling, and she kinda shut down the subject after finding out that hers was likely made of blood. Having the same issue as him however, it was on pretty tight and would take a good deal of soap to pull off. Eventually however, the building came into sight. Just off the highway and completely by itself, it was about the size of a large restaurant, but had a parking lot like a small grocery store. Maybe in a past life, it was?

Either way, it’s rectangular shape was black as night with it’s neon name spanning all the faces, posters hanging down from the open windows, advertizing coming events. Parking towards the back so they could still find the car, it took a bit of walking before any came into view. No doubt karaoke had brought the crowds, but it was a ghost town when red and blue returned. Patrons were scattered throughout the building, with only a total of twenty, tops, throughout. A handful of couples were eating at the tables and booths of the dining half of the establishment, while a few other clusters were spread out at the bar that stretched along the short wall, spanning to the vacant dance floor. The DJ at the far end looked half asleep, but the other workers seemed to awake enough, bartender polishing his counter while the waitresses checked their tables.

After dropping off a few drinks, the brunette one took notice of the duo, recognition instantly lightening her blue eyes. Her ruby red lips spread to broaden her smile as she approached, picking up a menu on the way back.

“Well if it isn’t Yin and Yang! Welcome back!”

“Yin and Yang?” The question instantly felt stupid the moment it left Chance, considering their respective get ups, “Er well, uh, thanks.”

“Well that’s just what we called you,” The waitress chuckled, “Ruth actually owes me twenty bucks, she thought for sure you were gonna get rejected at the bar!”

“I was at the bar?” Blinking, Faith furrowed her brow, “I’m sorry, was I drinking?”

“Nothing strong at least,” The waitress chuckled, shaking her head, “And not even all of it! You don’t remember the line he gave you?” Smiling, she gazed into Chance’s bright red eyes before plummeting her voice as low as it’d go, “‘Oh, you’ll never get drunk on that’. I would’ve slapped you if you drank my drink!”

As subtly as he could, Chance snuck Faith a glance, but butchering the stealth herself, she turned her entire head as she looked at him, a deep rooted concern in her almonds.

“...What is it?”

“I just ended up being allergic,” The gladiator cut in when the gal hesitated, “We were actually hoping to see the bottle, if that’s alright.”

“I”m sorry, but I don’t actually know what it was. We get pretty busy on karaoke nights, and I almost got written up last time I watched a shipment all night.”


“Oh, nothing.” Her toothy smile insinuated that it was significantly more than that, but Chance’s gut told him it didn’t matter. “I can show you the menu though, if that’d help.”

“I don’t think it would,” Chance shrugged, “Last night’s bartender wouldn’t happen to be working, would he?”

“Chuck? I think he’s just grabbing a cigarette outside, but a lot of people went to the bar,” Reaching out her laminated slab of paper, she smiled, “Are you sure you don’t want to thumb through?”

“Positive,” Faith replied, finally able to force a smile of her own, “Did anything odd happen to happen here? I came with friends, and they won’t tell me.”

“Honestly? I mean, nothing actually happened.”

“Actually happened?” Chance rose an eyebrow.

“I mean, it was just a rumor.”

“Can you tell us?” The waitress hesitated, but Faith folded her hands, “Please?”

“Eeeeeh,” The woman’s head rolled from side to side as she stalled, “I mean, I guess as long as you don’t tell my boss, someone ran out of the ladies room screaming someone was… uh… killingthemself-- but they weren’t! It scared the hell out of my manager though! Heath booted down the door to see a couple exchanging rings. He’d never been a deeper shade of red!” Chuckling at the memory, her eyes drifted before noticing sparkling coming from the pair’s hands, heart instantly melting. “D’aaaw! That’s adorable! Did you too just carry those around in the off chance you’d meet someone?”

“Something like that,” Chance scratched the back of his neck, his rubies floating towards Faith, but quickly tracing her jacket, extending all the way to her wrists. Fighting the coming frown, he changed topics, “You don’t think she was on something, do you?”

“I doubt it,” The brunette shrugged, “We’re careful here. The bartender gives everyone at the ...bar… their drinks personally, and if someone orders two or more, one of us will take it to the table.” After thinking a moment, she added, “I mean, she could’ve taken something herself, I guess. She was freaking out for a while.”

“And you said Chuck’s still on his smoke break?”

“My manager’ll chew him out if he stays there much longer, but yeah,” She motioned to the back door, “Just out there.”

“Thank you.”

Faith’s smile felt a hint more genuine as she nodded to the girl, but as she and Chance parted from her, she it faded when his eyes fell on her. When she glanced at him, his lips parted, keeping his voice at a near whisper. “Can I see your arms?”

“They’re fine.”

“Can I just see them, please?”

Uneasily, her mouth tugged to the side, but with a sigh, she complied, bringing her sleeves down to her elbows and revealing her unscathed skin. “Feel better?” Watching his heart sink however, made goosebumps visible. “That’s… not the reaction I expected… Do you know something I don’t?”

Grimacing, Chance shook his head, “Guess not.”

Uneasily, the blue haired woman nodded, passing through the door as Chance held it open for her, thick scent of smoke catching her immediately. Catching it as well, the swordsman turned to the left the same time she did, the scrawny man a few feet away from them having yet to take notice of them. Inhaling a long drag, the embers of his cigarette were nearly burning his fingers, but he let it out with a long sigh, eyes shut as his short, dirt brown hair waved gently in the breeze. There was the beginning of a beard keeping his face warm while a thick gray jacket hearted the rest of him. It wasn’t until Chance cleared his throat that his dark green eyes cracked open.

“We heard that you worked last night?”

Like there was a sudden cold snap, a stillness froze the trio, the faint billowing of smoke being the only thing spared until the fire faded. Sepia and scarlet eyes met as moments dragged to seconds, but before another could tick by, in the span of a heartbeat with the power of a grenade, movement exploded. The smoker’s shoes slammed on the cement as he took off like Usain Bolt, and as soon as the other two knew what was happening, they charged after him, Chance’s reaction speed being a hair faster.

The wind beat against their features as they veered the corner, sprinting into the front of the parking lot, but when their target took another turn, it became clear which cluster of cars he was running towards. Pushing himself like he was trying to go supersonic, the redhead felt his thighs begin to burn in revolt, like he was trying to start a fire with two sticks. Grimacing as it seemed to ignite, the man blocked the pain out of his mind, instead trying to shut out every part of the world, save for the blonde, slowing coming into arm's reach when the front silver sedan became only a few strides away. He could hear the desperate jiggling for keys in front of him, but his red eye twitched when the smoker ripped it out of his pocket, leaping and sliding off the Chevy before slamming into his own, steel finding slit like a sword to the heart.

As fast as Chance was, the door was open and shut as he dove to follow suit, his shoulder ramming the metal, yelping as the impact dislocated the limb. The engine roared to life as he slapped his palm on the glass, but it was Faith’s slam that caught his attention, her fists railing on the trunk in unison. “Wait!” Her pleading voice cracked as she looked through the glass, desperation and anxiety swirling throughout her body, “Please! We just want to talk!”

The girl’s body was shaking, but with a truck blocking his way out from the front, she knew she had him boxed. Releasing a quivering breath, her eyes darted to Chance, who following a momentary hesitation, took a half step away from the vehicle as he caught his breath. When he nodded to her, Faith lifted her hands off the car, taking a stride back herself as it continued to rumble. “Were the drugs meant for m-?”

“Move!” Chance started the word the moment the first click caught his ear, but by the time the end came out, the bartender had already slammed on the gas, barely giving Faith a chance to even brace herself. Only one foot had lifted to flee, and leaning back on the planted one, the back bumper rammed against her chest, pummeling all the air out of her body as she dented the car in a hellish bang. Chance was paralyzed as he watched the impact pound her into the ground, skull colliding against the cement with the force that it shocked him to not see a spatter of gray matter beneath it, only to have to turn away when she became a breathing speed bump, getting caught between the tires as she rolled. The sedan practically bounced as it ran her over, an unknown wrath gripped Chance’s very soul.

Keeping Incruentus sheathed was suddenly an impossible task. In the moments when the man was between reverse and drive, Chance heaved his long blade at the car with a guttural roar, shattering the windshield like a fallen vase and flying like shrapnel. Even as he ducked, copper was in the air as glass sliced through the blonde’s skin, face swiftly soaked before he could even let out a shriek, but pounding on the pedal, he refused to give Chance a second. It took less than one for him to go from zero to sixty, but as terror consumed his psyche, his eyes were glued on the swordsman sprinting in the rearview mirror, not looking forward until the red set pursuing him popped open.

He never heard the crash.

But it deafened Chance. Flinching as metal shotgunned into the main road, his legs buckled as the sight of the sedan slamming headfirst into a lightpost, thick cement barrier surrounding it practically shattering from the impact as what looked like the aftermath of a red water balloon dribbled down from a few feet higher. Unfiltered rage flashed to nausea as Chance cautiously stepped to the side of the scene, and something shot up this throat when he caught a better angle of the accident. Without the windshield or seatbelt to hold him back, the bartender had shot out of the car like a cannon, only to slam headfirst into the post, completely obliterating his skull and caving it in beyond recognition. Quarts of blood bubbled to his blade’s calling, flowing slowly towards it while what pumped out of fractured half-head that remained seemed to float. It took a hard swallow for Chance to keep down his last meal, but even as he fought the urge to vomit, what sounded like a moan offered him a distraction.

Turning so fast his neck cracked, his red eyes fell on Faith, shaking as she struggled to rise to her knees. Quivering breaths were leaving her body as her left hand cupped her the back of her skull, crimson oozing between her fingers, but before she could look up he sprinted to block her view.

“Hey, hey hey!”

Shaking her throbbing head, the girl’s eyes shut as she tried to endure the pain, only to feel agony erupt from her entire upper body as she sat upright. Her nerves felt like they’d ignited in an hellfire, but when her bronze cracked open to gage what had occurred, her vision was met Chance, his face blocking her entire view, expression shuffling between appalled and relieved. Unable to keep his rubies on her, Faith tried to look around, but the man leaned to stay in the way.

“Please Faith, just look at me.” He tried to make her a small smile, but the concern infecting him betrayed it. Taking a deep breath, he begged her. “Look anywhere but there.”

“W-why? What happened? I-I heard a-”

“Chuck’s dead.”

The silence the statement created sliced deep into the woman, eyes widening with horror. Uneasily, Chance guided her gaze to face the other side of the parking lot, but when she tried stealing another look, he cut back in.

“Please don’t do that to yourself, there was nothing we could’ve done.”

Hesitantly, Faith nodded, slowly moving her hand from her skull to her waist, leaving a scarlet blotch in her hair. With nothing trickling down her neck however, Chance took a momentary pause as they awaited the sirens sure to approach. “...You can heal yourself, can’t you?”

Reluctantly, the woman nodded.

“...Then… I think you may have saved me last night,” Red came close to salvaging something of a smile, catching her eye for a brief moment, “I need blood to survive… and it sounded like you gave me some of yours.” His fingers tapped on the cement for a moment. “So… Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Twiddling with her thumbs, she cleared her throat, “...And… if whatever we had was meant for me… then you saved me from that… I guess that makes us even?” Chance’s ghost of a grin let her match the expression, turning away for a moment, but soon gazing back up to him. “...Thanks. But...what happens next?”

“We get through the day.” Softly, sirens could be heard in the distance, “You did nothing wrong, Faith. People will have questions for us, but you don’t have to be scared.” His voice was gentle, but the concept of giving statements made her shrink. “You trusted me last night, you trusted me this afternoon, you can trust me now.” Softly, he placed a hand on her shoulder, relaxing her a bit. “I promise.”

Her head bobbed slightly, and after another mute moment, he tapped his knuckle on the ground, ring clanging quietly before showing Faith the sapphire.

“You aren’t really going to make me get soap for this, are you?”

Realistically, this should've been broken up into a series, but I got too deep to start something new, and put it off too much to flesh it out more. There was so much more I wanted to do with this, but I had to axe a lot to make it something of a standalone. Not exactly super proud of this one.

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While I'm still holding out hope for completing my end of the story, possibly even as something of a collaborative thing down the line if Crank's open to it- at this point I have missed both the original deadline, yesterday's postponed deadline, and in the event of a third deadline I make no promises. My problem was I never really brought the story to a place where the two meeting would feel right, whereas Crank had the meeting go pretty well despite not having much in the way of sequential leadup or crazy plot twists. There's still so much more I'd love to do with this chance mix & matchup of characters, though in reference to the tournament, I happily concede.

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I'd be glad to do something with ya, just let me know!