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This is jirocho's first battle, and my (insert number) battle! Let's do this thing!

Bulwark (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?101464-Bulwark-The-unbreakable)

Bulwark cracked his knuckles as he wandered out of his small one bedroom apartment, and onto the busy city streets. Today he was just gonna walk the town and see where he winds up. After an hour or two of wandering the streets he begins to feel a little snackish. He then see a convenience store and chuckled saying.

“My my how convenient”

As Bulwark opens the door he hears the sound of a bell ringing, alerting the clerk to his presence. The man with a thick foreign accent speaks and says

“Welcome, how can i help you”.

Bulwark looked towards him and said.

“I'm just browsing, wanting some snackage”.

Bulwark walks over to the far wall and begins to browse the assortments of snacks.

“Aha there you are”

He exclaims as he reaches out for the last bag of beef jerky on the peg. As bulwarks was about to grab the bag, Another man swiped it right from under him chuckling. Then the man who swiped the bag right before him, and said.

“Oh i'm sorry did you want that”

Bulwark sighs looking at the man slightly annoyed, noticing the ears and tails of an animal.

“I wanted it until you put your filthy paws on it.”

The man looked Bulwark after hearing his comment, quite irritated at it and replied

“You're just mad cause i was faster than you”

Before saying anything else he took a piece of jerk right from the bag, and began to gnash and chew on it right in front of Bulwark.

“Gotta admit this is really good”

Bulwark looks at the man with glaring eyes, as he clenches his fist.

“I should have figured an animal like you would have no manners, maybe you need to be trained better””

That's when bulwark drew back and just swung at the man expecting to hit him, but the man swiftly dodge Bulwarks attack. As the man dodge the attack he took this as a chance to counter attack giving Bulwark a swift kick in the back knocking him to the floor. Bulwark fell down to the ground and knocked over a few racks in the process. The clerk jumped as he heard the falling of his items and came running. Telling the two men who were about to fight

“Leave leave now, you're destroying my shop”

Bulwark stood ignoring the clerk and dusting himself off grinning as he looked to man who kicked him to the floor. He cracked his knuckles loudly as he getting hyped up for the fight about to break out.

“Your fast a lot faster than i expected, but it doesn't change the fact you're still a animal. It's time to put you on your leash boy.”

Bulwark stood his ground as the man pounced at him swinging his fist right for Bulwark. As the fist made contact Bulwark threw up his arm conjuring his buckler blocking the attack from making contact and, using his shields aura to project a surge of energy which knocked the man back into a rack of soda. As the man slammed against the rack, the bottles began to erupt like a volcano spewing the fizzy soft drink all over. Covering the man in the sticky beverage. Then Bulwark smiled exclaiming

“Well well, seems like you're in a bit of a sticky situation.”

The man stood up shaking his head and the parts of him with fur off trying to get what little of the sticky soda off of him as possible. He looked to Bulwark, who seemed to be happy and proud of his stupid little pun, and pounced fiercely showing his claws. Bulwark braced for impact noticing the man now had claws projecting from his finger tips. Bulwark held his buckler up taking most of the impact from the claws. The mans kept swiping at the shield, pushing Bulwark farther and farther back into a corner. Bulwark began to feel his shield become weaker. A few more swipes later Bulwark's shield had disappeared. Bulwark felt the claw slashes rip into his shirt and flesh.

Bulwark took this as a opportunity with his other fist he slammed it into the man's chest conjuring another buckler and using it to add more impact into the blow. Knocking the man off of him and knocking the wind out of him. Bulwark took his chance while the man was catching his breath to attack. Bulwark leaped into the air taking his buckler and slamming it into the man's back, sending a pulse wave threw the shield and shoving the man farther into the ground.

Bulwark quickly jumps back as the man stands up anger in his eyes. Bulwark smirked as he ripped his damage and torn shirt off his back. Revealing his toned body, riddled with claw marks. He looked himself down all throughout his torso were small gashes. He looks to the man and begins to cringe as he holds his body sarcastically


As Bulwark was goofing around the man ran at him prepared to strike. Bulwark saw this and held his shield up ready to block the incoming blow. However, before his fist made contact, the man swiftly slid under the shield and behind bulwark. He allowed the moment to carry him through as his took his heels and braced himself against the ground. Then launched himself up into the air above bulwark. He then kicked off the wall and aimed right for him. Bulwark did not expect this as the man came flying toward him. He used his speed and momentum to grab Bulwark by the shoulders and flip him into the air. Positioning bulwark beneath him as he kicked downwards slamming bulwark into the ground. The man stepped off of Bulwark as he lies on the ground, and said.

“Couldn't shield that now could you, you cocky pri…..”

Before the man could finish speaking Bulwark stood up catching him by surprise. Grabbing the man by the tail smirking as he pulls the man towards him. WIth all of Bulwarks strength, He began to lift the man above him spinning him around by the tail. Bulwark let's go of his tail, sending him flying through the shop's window, and into the city streets . Bulwark runs out after him. Leaving the poor clerk petrified. As he got outside he looked to the man who was laying on the ground and said.

“Seems like your bark's bigger than your bite”.

The man stood as his wiped away blood from his mouth growling angrily. Clenching his fists.A large blade like protrusion appeared where the man's claws were. He looked towards the Bulwark, with a fiery anger in his eyes.

“Well that does it play time's over”

He smirked as he charge’s at Bulwark, the man lashing out furiously. Bulwark had no other choice he threw up the buckler blocking the initial blow. As the blade made contact with the shield,The man smirked as the blade began to vibrate at high speeds digging into the shield beginning to damage it. Bulwark was shocked as the shield shattered, the man’s blade digging into his arm. Bulwark grimaced at the pain. Bulwark using his other arm conjuring a shield between them using his shove to push the man away.

Bulwark held his now bleeding arm and looked to the man who just broke his buckler.

“That was unexpected, seem’s like old dogs can learn new tricks. However i have a few tricks of my own”

Bulwark grinned at the man and conjured two more bucklers, getting himself back into his fighting stance. He eyed the man and held his hand beckoning the beast man to attack. The man stood there looking down Bulwark debating on to attack or not. He began to think to himself about his options at this moment.

“What does he mean about tricks up his sleeve, should i attack or wait it out”

Leoncio decide he would be the one making the first move again knowing his claw could break the buckler. He dashed at the man taking his blade claw and slashing at bulwark. But Bulwark was ready, he slammed his arms together a large tower shield appearing in front of him. Blocking the slash from the beast man. Using his push to knock him back as a stinging pain runs through Bulwarks arm. He endured the pain as he followed through as he slams the tower shield directly into the man's gut. The man feel to his knees catching his breath as Bulwark looked down on him.

“I told you i had a few tricks to didn't i”

The man began to regain his breath and lashed out to Bulwark landing a slash across Bulwarks chest. Bulwark cried out in pain as the man leapt back anger burning in his eyes. Bulwark eyed him holding his now bleeding chest, and began to speak.

“I'm getting fed up with this i think it's about time we end this”

Bulwark slammed his arms together conjuring another tower shield and charging at the man. The man saw this and grinned as he began to focus his chi into a small orb appearing into his hand. He dashed at bulwark slamming the orb against the shield sending slashes all through the auro disrupting it and hitting bulwark head on. Sending the man flying across the road. Bulwark lay there claw and slash marks riddle his body.

The man walked over looking down at the body of what he believed to be a finished opponent. He checked to make sure the man was still alive, thank goodness he was he kneeled down looking at him and said.

“I agree i have had enough of this”

All the while the man was distracted talking to Bulwark he slowly conjured a bubble shield around them both. He grinned as the boy finished his sentence with what little strength bulwark could muster. He grabbed the man by the shoulder pulling him as somersaulted smashing the man against the ground, as he picked him up he slammed him against the shield that was appearing around them. He began to release punch after punch onto the man knocking him unconscious. Bulwark's shield then begins to disperse as he falls to the ground passing out as well.

Leoncio (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?48890-Leoncio-Beast-Reborn)

Hence that general is skilful in attack whose opponent does not know what to defend; and he is skilful in defense whose opponent does not know what to attack.
-Sun Tzu

The problem in defense is how far you can go without destroying from within what you are trying to defend from without.
Dwight D. Eisenhower


Life is filled with decisions. Choices which influence one down different paths, through trials and tribulations. The journey one takes is not always their own to decide, forces unseen pushing them towards predetermined routes. But this does not mean all is set in stone. To carve forth one’s own path… that is what it means to truly live.

Leoncio tilted his head left, black hair covering his face in messy fashion. Tilting his head to the right, it did the same thing. With a flick back, he found that clumped strands still found their way to the forefront, blocking off some of his vision. It was a choice he didn't want to make, and avoided as often as he could. However, it seemed that if he wished to remain in peak form, he’d have to come to a decision.

“I need a haircut.”

Abra glanced over to him and snickered. “What’s this now? The feral child actually giving interest to his appearance? And here I thought you’d simply mature like an animal and wait for someone to decide to take you out for grooming.” He turned the page in his book, returning his focus. “If you’d like, I could call you over a barber. I do have my contacts, and looking this sharp isn't entirely natural.”

“Were you looking for an excuse to hear yourself speak?” Leo asked with a sly grin, before shaking his head. “I don't really need a barber or anything. I don't care to look prim and proper. I just need to make sure my hair doesn't get in my eyes at a bad time. I've got battles coming up after all.”

Abra scoffs. “The gladiator system. It’s growing rather defunct, don't you think? Even if the public enjoys the violence, the organization isn't able to keep itself in proper check anymore. All these other organizations causing trouble, gladiators doing as they feel-”

“Like you?”

“I'm in their little system as a courtesy, and a side business to earn some extra spending money. Don't lump me in with the rest of those unbeautiful lumps of stone.” Abra turns the page once more.

“Well, I enjoy fighting, and I've come to learn a lot about myself. Maybe I'm a lump of stone, but I'm a happy lump.”

“Indeed. Dare I say it, you've been chipped away by your battles into quite a nice form. One of these days, I may just have to finish molding you myself.” As he turns yet another page, a metallic card appears, flicking up between his fingers. He casts another, hungrier glance towards Leo. “Wouldn't you be quite the lovely piece of art?”

“Don’t care,” Leo says, leaping to his feet. “I’m gonna go see if I can’t find just ask Sharon to cut it or something.” Heading out, he passed by a somewhat dazed looking Kizu. He paid her no heed, but noted it. He’d have to check on her later. She seemed a bit out of it lately, and she was spending more and more time confined in the Medbay.

Once outside, he breathed in the fresh air, his mind clear and his body aching to move and enjoy the sunshine. Maybe before he went to Sharon’s he’d take a nice little walk? Surely there’d be no harm; he wasn’t scheduled for any battles today, and he could always get his hair cut later.

Deciding that a walk through the woods would be a bit dull, he instead made his way towards the more open countryside. Though the city was rather close by, there was still some old farmland nearby. It would a nice change of pace. Sticking near to the road, he wandered about on his way, not really having much of a care in the world at the moment. He was feeling free and open and ready to take on the world. All the troubles and worries he’d been facing lately melted away. Smiling to himself with his eyes closed, he was caught rather by surprise at the scent of men’s cologne. It was a more expensive brand, but not something a rich man would wear (or one as gaudy as Abra), but it wasn’t particularly overpowering. Curious as to who would be wearing such a scent out here, Leo began stalking towards it.

As he approached a hill, he noticed something strange. There was the faintest smell of blood in the air; though it wasn’t fresh enough to have been just spilt, it was still a strong enough scent that it had to have occurred within an hour or so of his arrival. Even more peculiarly, it wasn’t human blood he was smelling. Picking up the pace, he arrived at the top of the hill, and looked down the other side, where he saw a man standing over a hard-to-detail figure.

“Oi!” Leo called out. “What’s going on here?”

The man turned back to him, the front of his white suit dyed the same red as his hands, still dripping with blood. His blue eyes belied nothing as he watched Leo, his body tense. From his moving, Leo was able to get a better look at the scene; there was a girl there, with horns sprouting from her head and tufts of fur jutting from different points on her body, and a gaping hole in her chest. Something inside of Leo seemed to twitch at the scene.

Looking from the body to Leo and back, the man remained silent, instead bringing up his arms as though preparing for the worst. Golden lights seemed twinkle from beneath his sleeves. Leo could feel his blood warm within his body.

“Looking to fight, huh? Guess I’m game for that; and when we’re done, I’ve got some questions to ask, ya know?” Wary of the hole in the girl’s chest, Leo maintained his high ground position, launching his claws towards the unknown man in white. In a flash of gold, the attack was sent away. The movement was too quick and strange for him to properly read, but something the man had did kept him perfectly safe. The man began to steadily trudge forward, slowly closing the distance. “Ooo, a strange power, huh? Seems you’re the close range type though.”

Throwing more claws, Leo watched the man’s movements. Deflecting them again and again, he finally grasped it; the light from his arms had formed into shields, and he was bouncing the attacks away, almost effortlessly. Ignoring their sharpness, the strength at which Leo threw them could easily break through bones; clearly, this man had quite the power hidden in his body, and his charge continued. He still had yet to speak, and the distance between them was growing shorter and shorter. Leo gave a sigh.

“Well, ya know, the thing with you trying to get all close to me is…” He lets his claws remain on his hand, his blood growing hotter still. “...I’m really the close-range type myself.” Crouching low, he kicks himself forward into a roll, throwing the man off guard with the strange action. Before he was too close, Leo kicked off, launching himself in the air. Goofy smile on his face, he looks down at the man, who looks up at him, their eyes locking onto one another. Without hesitation, Leo lets his claws rip from close range.

Slamming his arms together, his opponent forms a glimmering golden tower shield, the attack totally nullified. Leo lands hard on his side behind the man, halting his rolling and racing back up the hill towards his back. Showing his defense to be more than simply shields, however, the man creates a bubble around himself, Leo smashing comically into it. He grabs his nose, feeling blood run down from it.

“Ouch! Ok, you got me with that one; let’s see how strong that bubble of yours is though.” Raising both hands, Leo let spheres of energy form, scratch-like protrusions appearing now and again. The man turned to face him, keeping his bubble up, though it appeared he was planning something else. Golden energy swirled around his arms, building up. It seemed they’d had the same idea; if they wanted to win this little skirmish, they’d need to launch a stronger offensive. Leo had the initiative, though. “Try this on, Golden Boy!”

Slamming the orbs forward, he unleashed a double Feral Ripper. The condensed claws tore across the surface of the bubble like a bladed tornado, eating away at it from all sides, all angles. It began to flicker, and as it did, so to did the energy collecting around the man’s arms begin to sputter. It seemed that maintaining the bubble after such a heavy attack was draining his stamina, as sweat appeared on his brow. Leo simply smiled, leaping back.

“Ooo, it’s still up, huh? I guess splitting the power between two was no good, but it would’ve taken too long with just one. Oh well.” Focusing, he held the fingers of his right hand together. His claws elongated and fused, flattening and sharpening until a dully glowing blade appeared from his hand. “Well, it seems like you’re getting rather tired; let's see if this won’t convince you to let me in.” Once more rushing forward, Leoncio thrust towards the shield…

...only to have it fade away before he connected.

“Wait, wha-?” Before he could finish his confused statement, he felt a hand grab his chest. The next thing he felt was himself being blasted skyward with concussive force, the air leaving his chest. Stunned, he hung in the air for a moment, before rushing back down towards the ground. In that moment where his mind went blank, his instincts took control. Releasing his sword, he curled himself into a small ball, collecting energy. His opponent was directly beneath him… no, his enemy was beneath him. This would be over in the next strike.

Beneath him, golden armor wrapped itself about the man, covering him head to toe in an impregnable form. Crouching, he held his arm low, preparing to deliver a final blow to Leo. Golden energy swirled; this punch would bear all the force that launched Leo up.

As he fell closer and closer, Leo let his claws form, putting all his energy into them. Together, the two swung for each other; Leo had anticipated this. Angling himself, he weakened the strength of his own slash, using his arm as a lever to force the man’s punch to spin his body. With a high-speed spin from the torque of the blow, he swung in the opposite direction, slashing through the man’s armor and deep into his chest. Crashing into the ground, Leo felt his arm crack from the angle. It was definitely broken.

His opponent’s condition wasn’t much better, however. Blood streamed from the wounds, pooling onto the ground. On his knees, his breaths came out ragged as he looked towards the sky. Leo finds his feet, and standing, heads over to him. Looking down on the man, his own breaths ragged, Leo can’t help but smile. It felt like a pretty good fight. Tearing at his pants, he began to treat the man’s wounds, though he’s stopped before he can finish. The man points down to the deer-girl.

“Treat… her… first.”

Leo just snickers. “Ya know, if you didn’t look so intimidating and covered in blood, or just spoke up, this all could’ve been avoided.”

“You looked… like you wanted a fight. You needed… little excuse. I just wanted… to keep her out of it.” Leo shakes his head, picking the larger man up and heading down the hill.

“I can’t tell if that’s the truth or not, honestly. I’m still figuring myself out. Any idea how she ended up like this, Mr. Good Samaritan?”

“None… but I couldn’t leave her here to die. There’s a house of a friend not too far… if we get there, we can call for help.”

“Sure thing. Consider it my apology and whatnot, though, it’s reeeaaaally gonna suck carrying two of you with a broken arm.”