View Full Version : One vs Many More Collab (For beginners)

03-09-2017, 11:58 AM
*Rules and random things you can do*
1. Only beginner or intermediate people can join.

2. Must have 4 or over characters on screen.

3.(OPTIONAL) All characters must have superpowers or weapons.

4. You must put your channel name in the top right corner.

5. (OPTIONAL) You can sync it if you want.

6. You can have your own background.

7.(OPTIONAL) You can even have two characters on a team fighting at once.

The deadline is July 7th happy animating!

03-09-2017, 12:17 PM
Fun fact, hyun tried to do this collab but at the end it was a kinda bad idea

03-09-2017, 12:41 PM
Guess we won't do the collaboration then.