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At last, I've made my test room. Special thanks to Piston for inspiring me to do so! If anyone has any questions, comments, or critiques for my characters, feel free to share your thoughts!

This room is NPCs-Only, so current gladiators do not count (sorry Vamprina).

Being NPCs, these characters lack demos.

Dr. Amos Wilde Crowe

Dr. Crowe is tall and slender, and usually wears a simple black robe. He also owns a hooded cape made of shiny black feathers that dangles down to his heels. The cape’s silver clasp is designed to look like a crow’s head. Rumor is that he’s Caucasian, but not much else is known about his facial features. This is because he never takes off that dratted leather plague doctor mask of his. If an observer stood close enough, they would see (through the mask’s eyeholes) that Crowe’s eyes are an intense ash grey. Sticking out of the sides of his hood is his coal-black hair, which reaches just a little past his shoulders.

Somehow, his mask has become part of his face. The beak will tear around the area a normal bird’s beak would open up, enabling Dr. Crowe to eat while wearing the mask. Though the mask is leather, it functions just as a normal beak does. Crowe often eats by pecking at his food. Alternatively, he would hold the food in his hands or with one of his feet while eating it.

Crowe’s hands are often covered with snow-white, fingerless gloves. If he removes them, his hands are quite human and have a healthy flesh color. His robe is so long that its hem drags on the ground, effectively hiding his crow-talon feet.

Due to past experimentation, Crowe has completely lost his ability to speak. The only sounds he can make are the harsh croaks and caws of his favored bird.

Dr. Crowe is usually very shy of people, mostly because he fears he’d scare them off with his voice or outlook. That said, he has absolutely zero fear of animals, and is especially interested in animal-human hybrid beasts.

If a combat situation arises, Crowe will try his hardest to flee the fight scene. However, if cornered, he will turn on the offender and fight with fierce determination. In this state, he won’t give up until his opponent retreats or is rendered unable to fight back.

Blood Cure: Dr. Crowe has the power to alter his blood to combat virtually any disease in the universe. However, he mainly uses painkilling serums, mysterious regeneration-inducing liquids, and chemicals that make blood crust very quickly. The efficiency of the blood treatment depends on the color the blood is in the Doctor’s syringes. There are five colors: red (high risk of death), orange (moderate risk of death), yellow (slight risk of death), green (no negative effect), and black (unknown). With that in mind, all three aforementioned blood types are green. It’s the complex viral cures that get closer to the yellow-orange-red zone. No one’s ever seen what Dr. Crowe uses the black cure for, so at this time, its purpose remains a mystery.

Blood Toxin: Dr. Crowe has the power to alter his blood to the properties of virtually any toxin in the universe. However, he usually just settles to venoms that cause dizziness, brief (but extreme) pain, brief blindness, or temporary paralysis.

Bird Form: Dr. Crowe can turn himself into a crow.

Physical Attributes: Dr. Crowe can turn his arms into wings and fly. He also has extremely keen senses and night vision.

Darecrow: Dr. Crowe can transform into an andromorph with crow-like features. The form turns his head into that of a crow, covers his entire body with feathers, and gives him a crow tail. This form does not replace his arms with wings, but puts the wings on his back instead. Additionally, his grey eyes will turn emerald green and appear reptilian in nature.

Unlike his usual form, the Darecrow grants Dr. Crowe the ability to speak like a normal human being. His personality is slightly altered though; he may seem a little on the crazy side.

The Darecrow can grant dares…but be very careful. No dare comes without a cost. Also, the Darecrow is not a necromancer. He can’t bring things back from the dead.

Blood Cure – three doses maximum, otherwise Crowe would (inexplicably) faint. Receivers of the doses will experience brief, but excruciating pain for a few seconds after treatment. No other ill effects have been recorded.

Blood Toxin – same as Blood Cure, except four doses are the max instead of three. Receivers of the doses will experience the default consequences of the chemicals (e.g. paralysis causes paralysis, dizziness causes dizziness etc.)

Bird Form – he’s just a normal crow. It takes very little to kill it and its attacks are very weak.

Physical Attributes – injure his wings and he can’t fly. Any injuries dealt to his arms in combat will carry over to his wings, so if you break his left arm, his left wing would be broken as well.

Other – Generally, he’s human under all those feathers. Standard human weaknesses will apply (broken bones, burns, bruises, bleeding out etc.).

Doctor Amos Wilde Crowe was once a well-reputed doctor at the Doctor’s Central hospital. His origins were a mystery, as he was rumored to have been orphaned on the streets. Crowe’s most distinguishing feature was his costume, which consisted of a black trench coat, a pair of resilient military-grade combat boots, and a hooded cloak made entirely of crow’s feathers. On an even stranger note, over the years, the Doctor’s costume has somehow grown along with him.

The Doctor’s Central hospital was created and funded entirely by Dr. Crowe himself, but when Stickpage City accepted a new clinic (known to many as the ‘Healing Hands Clinic’), the Doctor’s small business soon ceased to exist.

Running low on income and completely out of a job, Crowe took to the streets in hopes that he’d make it as a street medic. However, after running into a free-spirited gang of psychos, his whole life changed forever. After treating the wounds of one of their members, the psychos were very grateful and started to treat him like family. Eventually, Crowe bent to their cause and swiftly forgot his selfless goal of helping people. Within a few short years, he and his newfound comrades became the scourge of the entire City.

The leader of the psychos was a heavily scarred street fighter named Brutus. Brutus instantly took a liking to Crowe’s quirky nature, and eventually grew to respect the man’s newfound trickery. In time, Crowe became known as the Darecrow, and was famed for his skill in evading law enforcement…as well as taking ridiculous risks (which would always pay off).

Of course, all “good” things must come to an end. One day, the psychos decided to give up their usual robbery and start on murder. Disgusted with the new development, the Darecrow secretly communicated with shadow agents from the World Regulation Force (WRF). A mere five days later, the agents discovered Brutus’s hideout, and the authorities arrested almost the entire gang. They were missing three members, Brutus, Jailbreak (Brutus’s second-in-command), and the Darecrow himself.

It didn’t take long for Brutus to find out about Crowe’s treachery. Infuriated, he handed the Doctor over to an accomplice of his. The accomplice only had instructions to torture Crowe, but he got majorly carried away and took to heavy experimentation instead.

Within a few short weeks, the Doctor was nigh unrecognizable. His arms had been replaced by the frayed wings of a crow, and his feet were no longer human, but talon-like and cruel-looking. Every one of his fingertips could reveal or retract a syringe-like tube, each filled with his own blood. His eyes had faded from their original blue into a hard dark grey, and his blonde hair had shifted to a coal-black shade. Even his voice had changed. He could no longer speak, and was capable of making only the harsh caws and croaks of the animal his last name favored.

When Brutus found out what happened, he couldn’t care less. He and Jailbreak beat the mutated Crowe and left him half-dead in the streets.

Alone, the Doctor tried to find a new beginning in other jobs, but everyone took fright and shut their doors in his face. Distraught, Crowe returned to the streets and lived in poverty for the next several years. At length, the Doctor lay dying in a roadside ditch, surrounded by crows. Ever since his experimentation, the birds held an unusual interest in him, and would accompany him wherever he went.

Their presence helped Crowe pull his fading memories back together, bringing him back to when he used to work at his hospital. He’d brought so much joy to people…who said he was to give up now? His ugly history began to unravel, and Crowe was disgusted with what he saw. No…it wasn’t going to end like this.

With almost superhuman effort, Crowe drew himself up and began the painful journey back to his old workplace. Once there, he got his claws into all the chemicals he could find, including some he’d been experimenting with. Days later, the Doctor was teetering on the brink of his sanity, but he’d finally somewhat reversed the effects of his crow mutation. Now, his arms only converted to wings when he wanted them to. However, his feet, eyes, and hair refused to respond to his chemical tinkering.

Finished with his self-experimentation, Crowe realized he’d reawakened his past desires as the Darecrow. Seized by a powerful urge, he ran all sorts of chemical tests on his blood, figuring out quite quickly that he had (somehow) altered its composition in such a way that he could now cure every disease imaginable. Unfortunately, he could also create virtually any type of toxin he desired. As soon as he’d come to this conclusion, he proceeded to test his knowledge by using the deadliest viruses in his collection…on himself. Despite Crowe’s recklessness, every test was successful. It was almost as if the Doctor could sense the viral compositions, as well as figure out their chemical counters…instinctively. Not only that, but he could alter his blood’s composition to whatever chemical he required, without suffering any ill effects. However, when injecting the cure, no matter what, it was always extremely painful. This effect didn’t last long, but it was so unimaginably strong that Crowe himself had to rest for a couple of hours between doses.

Unsure of what to make of his discoveries, he decided to clean up the clinic, focused on making it a habitable residence for himself. So far, he has succeeded, and has lived there ever since.



“Call me Hale. Just Hale; my first name’s a secret.”

Nickname(s): “Mr. Stickylegs”, “Mr. Happyman”

Hale is a tall, thin man, with long black hair. His build suggests he’s in his early 20s, and he wears a bright red suit with a fine swirling gold pattern stitched all over it. His pants are purple and he often wears a black top hat with a red ribbon. The ribbon has a feather pinned to it. Finishing off the look is a pair of shiny, custom-made dress shoes, which are every bit as expensive as they seem. He has a pure white, round pin on his shirt. The pin has a red X on it.

He also wears a gold watch with a diamond face on his right wrist. His hands are usually covered by white gloves.

Given his appearance, one can almost believe Hale is human, if it wasn’t for his “mask”. He wears a piece of paper taped to his head. On the paper is a large, simplistic smiley face; yellow, with two black eyes and a black curving mouth. The tape stretches from one side of the paper all the way around his head, before meeting the other edge of the paper. Its top and bottom are not taped. The tape is thick and seems haphazardly placed, as if applied in a great hurry. The mask has no eyeholes, and completely obscures Hale’s face. He can still somehow see through it though.

No one so far has been able to find out exactly what the man’s face looks like.

Hale is a friendly, fun-loving individual, who loves nothing more than to entertain people. He will not harm innocent lives.

Sure Shot: Hale is really good at aiming and shooting moving targets.

Can’t Touch This: When using a melee weapon, Hale can deflect virtually any projectile that comes his way. He can also use this for evasive purposes; his dodging skill is legendary.

Terrain Master: Hale can walk on nearly any surface with ease and has an incredible sense of balance.


UZI: Submachine gun. 50 rounds. Range of 200 meters.

Remington 870: Shotgun. Seven (buckshot) rounds. Range of 23 meters.

Smith and Wesson Model 10: Revolver. Six rounds. Range of 992 meters.

Colt M1911 (Main): Pistol. Seven rounds. 50 meters.

AK-47: Rifle. Thirty rounds. Range of 400 meters.

MP5: Submachine gun. 50 rounds. Range of 200 meters.

RPG-7: Rocket launcher. 2 rounds (usually). Range of 200 meters.

M24: Sniper rifle. Six rounds, bolt-action. Range of 800 meters (1500 if the conditions allow).

Unlimited Ammo

All Hale's weapons have unlimited ammo.


Battle Scissors

Hale owns a massive pair of 5-foot ‘scissor blades’. They can link together to make a single large scissor, or both blades can be used as separate weapons. He either carries the full scissor in a sheath on his back, or has both separate blades hanging on his belt. The scissors are very light and extremely sharp, cutting through nearly any material like a hot knife through butter.

The blades are made of a queer material known as V-matter, a purplish-black substance with dynamic pinpoints of “starlight” embedded in it. The scissors almost seem to be made of liquid cosmos. If faced with a fight in a confined space, the scissors will shorten and extend as they are swung about, preventing contact with any obstacle (aside from those associated with enemies or the enemy itself). The scissors absorb most of the shock of any collision, causing Hale little to no staggering in combat. The scissors are self-aware.

Additionally, no one has discovered what the ‘V’ in “V-matter” stands for. The secret is likely to remain unknown indefinitely.

Sure Shot – believe it or not, standing absolutely still will mess up Hale’s aim. He literally can’t hit a stationary target because he keeps anticipating which way it’s going to move. His mind makes pictures of all the target’s possible motion paths, causing him to get dizzy if he stares at the target for too long. If the target refuses to move, he’ll have to resort to melee.

Can Touch That – Hale will only be able to deflect a projectile/dodge an attack if it’s coming at him from the front (and if he can see it). He can only deflect one thing every few seconds; and that will be the closest projectile each time. If someone shoots a barrage of rockets at him, he’s toast. Only projectiles can be deflected, NOT laser beams, dragon breath, poison clouds etc.

Terrain Master – no traction on frigid surfaces; walking on extremely hot surfaces is an extremely bad idea as his shoes would melt. Also, his shoes are what allow all the sticking. If they are somehow removed, he’ll have nothing but his own human feet to get him out of trouble.

Ranged Weapons – The Colt will only fire as far as its listed range allows. Any more and the bullets would just disintegrate. He only uses the weapon in emergencies, and when he does, he shoots to maim, not kill.

Unlimited Ammo – Hale will only be able to reload his weapon once during combat. Then he has to wait an hour or two before being able to do it again.

Melee – Ranged weapons are a problem.

Battle Scissors – they can only shorten, not lengthen. They absorb most of the shock of a collision, not all, and this only works for the first object they are hit with. Then, the blades need time to recover. If they receive another blow within a few seconds, Hale will receive the full brunt of that force.Also, if the scissors take enough punishment, they will fracture. Once that happens, they will soak into Hale’s skin and be unavailable until an hour later.

Hale was born into a loving family in SP city. The birth was a difficult one; he was his mother’s first child. As soon as he came into the world, his parents and the doctors noticed something quite unusual about him.

He had unnaturally long legs.

Thinking he was some sort of mutant, the doctors offered to dispatch him humanely, but his parents both argued fiercely against the idea. They got to take him home, but the challenges had only just begun.

Hale had a hard childhood, and was often bullied for his appearance. Being a head taller than nearly all the boys in his class would do that to a person. Names like ‘Daddy Longlegs’ and ‘Pippi Longstocking’ were thrown about, but all Hale would do was laugh. He would come home from school and tell his parents about these things, but he never seemed bothered about them. In fact, he seemed to enjoy that others were laughing because of him. Yes, they were laughing at him and not with him, but the idea of them finding his legs a subject of ridicule was fascinating.

As he got older, he began to look for mirth-based careers, such as comedy. During one of his performances, an audience member yelled that he belonged in the circus, and Hale took the idea to heart.

He began saving money and researching circuses, and then, just a couple of weeks later, a travelling circus arrived in his town. Excited, he met the ringmaster and asked to be a part of it. The ringmaster let him join for free, and then Hale began to try out different roles.

He tried out as a clown, but then the makeup was too much of a hassle and his strange proportions scared the kids. He was no good at juggling, and didn’t really feel brave enough to shove his head in the mouths of lions. Later on, he tried tightrope acts, and he fell in love with it immediately. He would practice for hours and hours before a show, and perform death-defying stunts on the high wire while crowds screamed below him. His balance and skill in this practice hooked him the stage name ‘Mr. Stickylegs’, as he was so good he almost seemed to stick to the wire. The friendly ringmaster soon died, and a new one took his place.

This ringmaster was cruel and only cared about money. He mistreated the circus animals and saw Hale as one of them, due to his long legs. Things got so bad that many performers left, but Hale did not; he loved his work and kept the whip marks hidden beneath his costume. As long as the crowds reacted well to his performances, it was all worth the pain.

Eventually, the ringmaster saw his constant joy as defiance, and began locking him in an animal cage after every show. The cage became his new home, but Hale didn’t complain. Instead, he made jokes and talked to the nearby animals to pass the time.

One day, the ringmaster brought in an alien, and brought it out only on secret shows for certain adult audiences. His cruel treatment morphed the poor creature into a frightening monster…but the monster never caused harm to anyone. Since the beast’s cage was so close to Hale’s, man and monster often talked to each other, keeping themselves sane through conversation. The alien never mentioned what its real name was, but Hale didn’t mind the secrecy. His first name confidential as well. Eventually, the cages moved around and Hale lost sight of his friend, but he would periodically hear of the circus guards talking about the monster at night.

Many nights later, after a particularly long show, Hale woke to an uproar at the far end of the circus tent. Peering out of his cage, he saw a young girl unlocking all the animal cages. Beside her was the alien; no longer a monster, but back to normal. She let him out too, and he helped the two escape the wretched place. The ringmaster died that night, killed by a lion that he’d treated especially cruelly on a previous show.

After that, Hale made money performing extreme balancing acts for any audience that had the time. This lifestyle persisted only for a couple years; the ringmaster’s son swore vengeance on Hale and distributed the only picture he had of him all over the internet. The image was of poor quality and showed only Hale’s face, but it was enough for many to take notice. The hefty price the son put on Hale’s head inspired many less-than-pleasant people to come after him, and Hale began to realize that public appearances were going to be impossible.

Retreating to a friendly stranger’s house, he secretly made his paper-smiley disguise and left before his host could see him. He then took up magic as a hobby, and did small tricks with his mask on in front of all computer webcams he could find. Eventually, he acquired a different costume for himself, custom made by him (thanks for all the lessons mom).

The internet soon came to know him as ‘Mr. Happyman’, and his growing fanbase began to copy his “smiley-mask” idea. Soon, his pursuers gave up the search for Hale, believing him to be lost. In a way, he was, and Mr. Happyman soon grew in popularity.

Eventually, there was no more Mr. Stickylegs, or Hale. There was just Mr. Happyman.

These abilities are what Hale uses outside of combat.

V-Man: After being exposed to V-matter for so long, Hale somehow gained the ability to generate new bodies for himself. After this discovery, he converted his downstairs basement into a “nest”. Here, he put some V-material on the wall and punched himself in the face to get some blood. After mixing the blood with the V-matter, the substance grew and coated the walls with a mass of pulsating “star flesh”. Eventually, cocoon-like sacs formed; each of them holding an exact replica of Hale’s real body. Whenever Hale died, one of the bodies would activate, and Hale would be back and in use of it.

The drawback? When mind returns to body…whatever part of Hale was affected by the fatal blow would hurt immensely for a few days (if beheaded, his neck hurts, if blown up, his entire body hurts etc.).

Hale has no idea how he even knew the skill would work. He’d gotten in a car accident and lost an arm, and didn’t want to live the rest of his life with a prosthetic. When asked about the discovery, he said, “It just felt like the right thing to do.”

Eye Behold Thee: Hale has the ability to see through the eyes of a different being. He simply calls the beings his ‘Eyes’. He transfers his unique shared-sight power to the subject through physical contact. For example, if he wants to see through a bird’s eyes, he would touch the bird. The bird’s eyes will glaze over briefly, and then he can see through its eyes whenever he wants. Drawback? If he’s looking through the bird’s eyes, he’s blind. Also, the subject’s eyes will have a semi-transparent grey film over them, indicating that he’s observing through it. He can mentally control the Eye if it is an animal, but if it is human, the Eye’s mind remains its own. He can give it mental commands though.

His control of Eyes works best the closer he is to his V-nest, and is most effective if he’s actually in it. If his Eyes ever die, their bodies will return to the V-nest immediately. The bodies will be intact and unblemished when they appear there, regardless of how they died. Hale has no idea how to stop this from happening; it seems automatic.

Once an Eye, the individual can always be communicated with or controlled by Hale. The longer the Eye stays with Hale, the more dedicated it becomes. An Eye still has the same behaviour and diet it has been born with…however, after initiation, Eyes will always be able to nourish themselves by touching the V-matter in Hale’s nest.

Androcles Jamieson

“Times, people, places…everything’s the same in the Alterrealm.”

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male (according to appearance)
Species: Unknown

Androcles resembles a 60-year-old human male, with brown eyes, fair skin, and a touch of silver in his otherwise red hair. He wears a black, worn out robe that goes all the way down to his toes, and has a pair of leather sandals that look just about as old as he is. Although his skin is far from smooth, it also seems to be only a little aged; Androcles clearly doesn’t have as many wrinkles as he’s supposed to.

Androcles speaks very little, and is not very communicative even with his closest friends. When he does speak, he often spouts nonsensical jibberish about the mysterious “Alterrealm”, a plane of existence supposedly home to beings that could exist in both the digital and physical world.

Summon: Androcles can summon anyone from anywhere in the universe, regardless of distance, time, or dimensional constraints. He can bring the individual into existence at his current position, or anywhere else he wants, really.

Send: Androcles can send anyone anywhere in the universe, regardless of distance, time, or dimensional constraints.

No one has tried to find one yet. Maybe the fact that he can’t socialize, stay focused, have a normal conversation, or age properly could count for something.

Otherwise, his summoning and/or sending works without a hitch (aside from his will to do so; he won’t say yes to everything he’s asked).

Little to nothing is known about Androcles, and the information he’s provided is questionable at best. All he’s said is that parts of him are from the Alterrealm, but he’s never mentioned how he actually came into existence.

He lives in VC’s ‘Jorga’s Odds and Ends’, a little shop near the outskirts of the city. Although Jorga brings him food and water periodically, Androcles only seems to eat to be nice, and seemingly receives his own form of nourishment from some other source. According to Jorga, Androcles simply walked out of his ‘Everything-You-Could-Want’ portal, and then has been “guarding” it ever since.

As he often does nothing but literally stand in one position, muttering under his breath and staring off into space…this creepiness usually keeps the nosiest of strangers a safe distance away. No one knows would happen if he got angry; Jorga insists that, from his experience, Androcles is “a nice old man”.

Though it is possible to talk to Androcles, he only seems to respond to single words. If someone says a specific name, he’d probably mention one thing about the individual, or, if someone mentions a place, object or animal, he’d give a definition, if one exists. Still, his usual responses are usually incoherent and seemingly devoid of meaning. Beware, Androcles has been known to mention extremely specific, and often personal points about the individual he “communicates” with. These points could range from anything in the person’s past, current life, or…in rare cases…the future. Androcles only mentions one point though…he can’t be pressured for additional information. Sometimes, he even starts seemingly important sentences without finishing them!

If one is patient enough, Androcles could be convinced to name individuals from the Alterrealm. He only gives names and nothing more. The most popular ones are the following seven: Admin, Protocol, Sentinel, Virion, Anomaly, Scourge, and Spyder. The last is supposedly tied to the VCRF.

Formerly known as the WRF (World Regulation Force), this organization used to operate as a type of police force for SP’s gladiatorial system. However, as time went on, the WRF soon began to train their soldiers for more civilian-based situations, and the VCRF (Vague City Regulation Force) was born. Individuals with this job could do everything from stopping robberies to capturing supernatural creatures.

However, the name change did little to ease public concerns about the organization’s ties to technology. According to Androcles, the VCRF have more connections into the digital networks of Vague City than any other organization on the planet. They could get anywhere, see anything, do whatever the wanted, whenever it was necessary. Still, Androcles never said they were the bad guys, but some like to remain optimistic.

John Doe


John is 6’ tall and Caucasian, with flaming red hair and wild, dark, mahogany-colored eyes. His only article of clothing is a bright orange cargo pants, since he’s often shirtless. This is because he says he feels freer with no shirt (sorry ladies; his build is leaning more to the scrawny side). He likes wearing sunglasses with thick yellow frames, and has a heavy-looking gold chain necklace with the letters ‘JD’ hanging on it. These initials are diamond-encrusted. His feet are bare, and their soles are crusted with this tough texture similar to dragon scales.

His most defining features are the scars on his body: a large X shape on his face, a cluster at his heart area, and a single row of smaller X scars that go down the sides of his arms and legs.

He lost all his teeth in an “accident” of sorts, and they’ve all been replaced by new, sharply-pointed gold ones.

John is highly unpredictable. He can be somber one moment and a complete psycho the next. However, he does tend to be a little less mad around ladies, almost to the point of being a gentleman. With men, though…the unexpected is inevitable.

He’s quick to make threats and cause trouble, and his favorite thing to do is scream nonsense at the top of his lungs. That being said, he’s never been known to take innocent lives before…

RUNNING: very high speed.

LIFTING: comfortable lifting 30-100 lbs.

WHAM BAM POW: punches/kicks can shatter solid concrete.

I SEE YOU HAHAHA: John has literal eyes on the back of his head.

FLYING: John can…fly. Just by flapping his arms. If he falls off a tall building, he’d float slowly to the ground, and he can glide too.

NEVER LIVING IN THE DIE PLACE: he uh…kind of accidentally killed his personal Reaper. When he dies, he appears in the house of Dr. Amos Wilde Crowe, and eventually reanimates. Dr. Crowe then does all necessary patch-ups and then John is good to go once more.

Physical Attributes: unbelievably high pain tolerance, fast recovery time (heavy injuries heal in minutes, not hours), regeneration (if he loses an arm, he eventually gets it back), and quick reflexes. His fingernails can extend into claws, and his bite force is extreme. He also has crazy damage resistance (think the human version of a crash-test dummy).


A gift of alien origins, these weapons turn John’s arms into literal chainblades.

The weapons are made out of a strange alien substance called V-matter. The substance is a purplish-black color sprinkled with dynamic pinpoints of bright white light. Many have begun to call this material ‘liquid cosmos’, but no one has ever been able to figure out what the “V” in “V-matter” stands for. Perhaps it will never be known.

SLEEPY – too much running around tends to become exhausting

URGH – his weight-lifting limit is 4,075 lbs. No exceptions.

OW – repeated blows lead to broken bones.

WHERE DID THAT COME FROM – just because he sees it coming, doesn’t mean he can avoid it. Also, these back eyes don’t work unless he closes the front ones first.

FLYING IS HARD – when he flaps his arms, he gets very little lift and has to flap hard to get off the ground. Sustained flight is impossible because it’s extremely tiring. If his arms have sustained injury, any type of gliding/slow falling won’t work.

LIVING HURT – when John returns to life, he’d be subject to unbearable pain and about 15 minutes of complete paralysis. Normal functionality returns after this limit expires.

BREAK THE GALAXIES – the blades will fracture if subject to enough punishment. When that happens, they will soak into John’s arms and be unavailable for the rest of the fight.

REVERSE HAHAHAHAAAA – John does the opposite of everything he’s told.

DIE SPLASHY WET STUFF – John really has some sort of beef with water. He’s prone to extreme fits of violence whenever he sees it and often attacks it without warning. He’ll also save people from it…even if they aren’t in danger (Do NOT use swimming pools when he’s around!).

John’s exact origin is unknown. He lived most of his life as a criminal; following gangs and participating in raids. His favorite place to hang out was in the junkyard, where he’d often create crude weapons out of scrap…just to pass the time. Whenever he’d get the sense his gang was about to get busted, he’d defect and find a new one. He was right almost every time.

One night though, his current gang planned to steal from another gang. The raid almost worked out, but passerby called the cops before the fighting got serious. John put up a huge fight and managed to break away. While escaping though, he was shot in the leg and arrested soon after. Although his gang mates had been caught and questioned thoroughly by the police, they all said that John’s mind had been broken when they found him.

John had so many serious charges laid against him, that the death penalty seemed to be the only way out. However, as the police were preparing to move him to a more secure location, the convoy was ambushed and a huge firefight broke out.

John managed to escape, but was later befriended by “Night Owl,” an individual nearly as crazy as he was. Night Owl led him to a secret hideout, and there he met a man named Abel Crimson. Abel promised John immortality, and said he was looking for someone to undergo what he called “The Trial of the Worthy”. John fell for the whole thing, and was tortured and heavily experimented on for many years.

Later, he somehow surfaced in a prison for the criminally insane. He stayed here for a year or two, and then a complex prison break operation granted him with freedom once more. John tracked down Abel, bent on taking revenge for his harsh treatment. The man knew he was coming. When they met face-to-face, Abel had a mysterious blood-red sword in his hands. Though John wanted to fight right away, Abel tried to convince him to take his own life. The one he was living was a nightmare anyways.

John refused and charged Abel, armed with nothing but a crowbar. Astonishingly, the psycho managed to extend the fight for quite a long time. In the end, it was Abel who was no match for John’s skill. However, John didn’t kill him; just gave him a warning never to be a bad person again.

As he turned to leave, Abel sprang to his feet, stabbing the startled psycho in the back. This made the red blade angry, and it ripped itself out of Abel’s hands and plunged itself into the man's chest. This action completely healed John, and the blade told him that it had been carried in the hands of too many bad people lately. It wanted to return to its master, and gave John directions to where its master was staying.

Once there, John returned the blade. Its master was so happy that it gave him the Cosmos Rippers (see WEAPON, under Abilities section), and John’s treasured them ever since.

Soda Dude

Possible Real Name: Daefezai’ik (day-fae-zye-ik)
Age: 20 (a guess based on build)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 20 pounds

Soda Dude looks like a human dressed in a full-body suit of snow-white fabric. Features such as a nose point, subtle ear shapes, and a chin are noticeable. On his chest is an orange triangle shape with the initials “SD” in the center. The initials are black. The shape almost mimics a roadside warning sign, the effect further enforced by the heavy black border around the triangle. On his back is a similar logo, except the logo’s fill color is yellow, and the logo has a bold exclamation point centered in it.

Contrary to popular belief, Soda Dude is not wearing a suit. That fabric is his skin, and beneath it is nothing but soda. He’s pretty much a human water balloon. Though he seems to lack the necessary organs that all humans have by default, he seems to function as though he had them (e.g. no mouth movement while talking, but you can still hear him, he can see without eyes etc.).

Somehow, despite being a literal liquid-filled sac…Soda Dude still retains his humanoid shape.

He thinks he’s a superhero and can’t be convinced otherwise. If innocent lives really are at risk, he will not hesitate to spring into action. Also, he’s really good at sensing human emotion and excels at being a lie detector. Soda Dude is very friendly and loves to play with kids and animals. He also really likes telling stories and reading comic books, especially ones about superheroes.

In combat, his motions tend to look theatrical, and he often shouts dramatic things like “Back to the Underworld, evildoer!” or “When I’m around, justice is coming!”. Opponents beware. He means every word, and he takes his fighting very seriously (even if it does look like he’s having fun the whole time).

Soda Dude has a strange “sixth-sense” power that allows him to sense an individual’s intentions; ultimately figuring out whether they are good, bad, or neutral. He keeps such feelings to himself.

Oh…and did I mention that Soda Dude likes singing/humming random tunes while fighting? Yeah, it gets annoying real fast. This is because…since he’s not technically a “real” superhero yet, he doesn’t have a personal theme song. On the plus side though, he’s a really good singer.

FIZ: The clear carbonated liquid in Soda Dude’s body grants him the mysterious power of FIZ. FIZ enables him to understand, speak, read and write any language in the universe, use any weapon type in the universe, and communicate with any animal in the universe. It also grants immunity to diseases and poisons.

Liquid: Being made of liquid enables Soda Dude to withstand tremendous impacts without injury.

Superhero Qualities: Soda Dude is strong (punches, kicks, headbutts etc. shatter solid concrete), tough (skin like body armor), superfast and super agile. It is believed that FIZ is the source of his powers.

IAS (I Am Superhero): Soda Dude glows bright white and sprouts three massive soda-vapor wings. His speed is so high in this mode that he’s pretty much invisible.

Physical Attributes: Night vision (somehow) and unbelievably quick reflexes. He sometimes moves as if he’s sliding around on an ice rink, making him really good at dodging. Soda Dude can’t feel pain, but does register when he’s taken damage. Having no skeleton or organs means he’s immune to any drawbacks associated with them (e.g. getting tired, broken bones, internal injuries). Oh, and he can also jump incredibly high (30 ft in one leap).


Forever: When Soda Dude’s skin rips, the FIZ bursts out in a powerful stream, making deflation swift. As soon as the FIZ hits the outside environment, it turns to vapor. Once Soda Dude has deflated, he’ll exist as a mist version of himself. If this form is somehow destroyed…Death hates FIZ. FIZ is eternal. Soda Dude can die, but he won’t stay that way for long.

Liquid – FIZ can freeze.

Superhero Qualities – He won’t use his full strength in a fight unless it’s absolutely necessary. He won’t unnecessarily harm the opponent. He won’t fly around if this puts his opponent at a disadvantage. If the opponent can fly, he will. If it can’t, he won’t. He’s tough, not indestructible. One good rip is enough to cause a leak (Soda Dude’s entire body will go all floppy and flat). He is unable to fight in this condition, so it counts as defeat.

Fire Bad – Soda Dude’s “skin” burns really easily.

IAS – It’s a last-ditch-effort, when-all-else-fails kind of move. Because FIZ fuels the ability, it sprays out of his skin constantly. He can maintain the skill for about 5 seconds before he’s completely deflated.

Other – Soda Dude is pretty much programmed to be a good guy. If he sees that his opponent can’t continue, he will try to get it to stop fighting. If he can’t, he’ll leave the battlefield. Soda Dude will not harm innocent life or kill an animal (unless the animal threatens innocent life and he has no other options).

There once was a guy named Dudloo Diddlywits who wanted all his life to make a really awesome carbonated drink. Unfortunately, two other people beat him to the punch; Tyler Colacocalo and Lucas Pepserious, who made sodas that tasted almost identical but were both individually awesome. Tyler and Lucas named their products after each other and their fans constantly argued over which drink tasted better. Dudloo couldn’t even decide, so he took a can of each and went back to his house.

Once there, he began to wonder if the drinks would taste better if they were combined. He opened both the Pepserious and Colacocalo cans and got a glass to combine them in. Dudloo only wanted to put in a little of each, but he was so excited that he just emptied both cans into the glass at once.
At that moment, something impossible happened. As soon as the carbonated liquids met, they created a very powerful particle. In a blaze of amazing, the particle then transformed into a humanoid being. Because of the fizzing sound the particle made before its transformation, the astonished Dudloo called it FIZ.

In truth, Dudloo had no idea how he’d actually made the particle. He tried to replicate the process several times without success. And it’s not only him; many generations of scientists since have tried to make a FIZ particle, but all have failed miserably. Perhaps, the conditions in Dudloo’s kitchen had to have been exact in order for it to work.

Soda Dude seems aware that he came from a FIZ particle, and thinks that it is the only explanation for his powers.

Other Facts

• relaxed when on camera
• impossible to intimidate
• can mimic voices and animal sounds with perfect accuracy
• photographic memory
• an amazing singer


Soda Dude has a set of personal rules that he always strives to stick to. They are:

1. Be a hero
2. Be honest
3. Protect the innocent
4. Fight bad guys

Given Soda Dude’s general behaviour, it is quite possible that he’s been following these rules all his life.


“Whya lookin’ at me like that? Aintcha ever seen a cat before?”

Appearance: an 8-ft tall stuffed purple cat with a stitched X left eye, and a leather eye patch over his right. Under the eye patch is a piercing glass eye, with a green sclera and a black slit pupil. His body is laced with light purple tiger stripes, and he has a large mouth filled with yellow teeth. His hands and feet are disturbingly human, and can sprout claws if he wants them to. However, he usually has them hidden by his fluffy black socks and mittens. His socks and mittens have light purple paw pads on them. His tail’s normal length is 9 ft.

He can take on a more realistic form too, in which he looks like a normal cat (except its eyes are jade green, and its fur is purple and striped with lilac).

Personality: he’s a nice guy if you get to know him, and is really good with kids. However, if you’re a teen or an adult, watch out! Charley’s favorite thing to do is hide and wait for someone to come near his spot. Once that’s happened, he leaps out and scares whoever’s unfortunate enough to be there.

Skills: claws, teeth, night vision, superhuman speed, strength, and agility. He can freeze an individual in its tracks if he makes eye contact with it. His tail is super strong, and can extend to 27 ft.

Weaknesses: water (it will vaporize him), candy (he can’t resist it), and TVs (if you turn it on, he will look in it’s direction and freeze; he can’t move until it’s turned off). His eye can immobilize an individual for only a couple minutes, nothing more.


• he used to be the ImaginI* of a 10-year-old kid named Adam Williamson, who lost his life in a vehicular accident
• he will protect innocent kids if the situation presents itself, but doesn’t give a hoot about adults (teenagers are tricky; he’ll only step in if they don’t know any better)
• Charley is like a giant stuffed animal; he can’t feel pain, just register damage. Sure, you can tear his fabric skin and pull out his stuffing, but he won’t be that bothered (he can regenerate/heal the “wounds” in an hour or so).

*More info on the ImaginI species (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CMAPiFHe7rFaGB9moq-OuaggJfto-jHQ8WWqO5N_ma8)


“I love spiders!”

Appearance: Allie is a young, 12-year-old human girl with black hair and olive green eyes. She loves to wear dresses and overalls, and would much rather wear sneakers than high heels. She owns a black backpack with silver, spider-shaped zippers, and carries it wherever she goes.

Personality: joyful, bubbly, fun. She loves spiders and can talk about them for hours. However, she’s no real expert on the crawly things and mostly mentions how much she likes how they look.

Abilities: backpack turns into a spider, backpack can sprout long spider legs and shoot sticky webbing, Allie can spit venom

Weaknesses: backpack is the source of Allie’s power. If removed, Allie can’t spit venom and the backpack returns to normal.


• she keeps saying how she’d love to have a pet spider, but doesn’t really want one because she doesn’t want to see it die
• she only knows how to draw spiders well; everything else looks like it was made by a four-year-old



Samael Profile Image (https://imgur.com/B2mYGOg)

Samael resembles a Caucasian male in his early twenties; with slender limbs and pale skin. His teeth are snow white, and all of them have subtle, sharp points. Sometimes, when he smiles, a couple of slithery, semi-transparent bug things crawl over his teeth. His hair is black and spiky, and dangles just past his shoulders. Samael’s eyes are an intense yellow-gold color, with four amber bands radiating outwards from each of his pupils. The bands form an ‘X’ shape in each iris. There is a subtle red-and-black vein pattern “blooming” from around each eye, but it’s barely visible unless an observer is really close. Also, there is a strip of darkness that shades his forehead, eyes, and the bridge of his nose. This “shadow visor” exists regardless of surrounding light sources.

He wears a plain grey shirt with one left breast pocket, a pair of dark blue skinny jeans, and white sneakers with Velcro straps. Samael also wears an ornate collar made of a silvery-metallic cyan substance. The collar completely nullifies his Story Powers and puts a “faucet” on the ridiculously high power within him. It also effectively keeps him from being too OP. As far as current knowledge can state, the collar seems to be made of a material too ancient and powerful to be taken apart, save by the ones that created it.

Samael’s defining features are these strange red, V-shaped marks; one on the back of each hand, and a small V on his forehead. The hand marks resemble blood-crusted wounds; if the scabs are scratched off, they come back again. The mark on his forehead has a slight glow to it.


It Is Taking Over (https://imgur.com/NOfOxgX)

Human-Alphegerai Hybrid – Samael is human, but his powers exist as a separate entity…his Alphegerai side. This “bad side” is powerful and craves all things evil, but is trapped and kept under control by Samael’s human side. The two have frequent, intense mental arguments with each other, the human side usually wanting to exercise caution, while the Alphegerai side just wants the freedom to power surge and destroy everything in its path. Only Samael can hear the Alphegerai in his head, which can be quite distracting; his major skill makes its voice louder (see Surge).

The Alphegerai seems to be the cause of Samael’s unnaturally long life, and allows him to survive the most extreme damage imaginable.


Samael is often cold and distant, and prefers being alone. He’s taken great care to suppress most emotions with the exclusion of fear or anger, but sometimes sorrow takes him by surprise, causing him great pain (for reasons he can’t explain).

Given his past evils, he’s never had friends, and fears having any…believing their ‘love’ and ‘concern’ act as veils for their true (backstabbing) intentions. He says, “villains make traitors, not friends.” The same goes for family; he’s terrified of having one, mostly because Samael thinks their fear of him will drive them away, or that some enemy of his would use them against him.

In combat, Samael may seem cool and composed, but when his Alphegerai takes over…he seems to fight like a maniac. Still, that “maniac” is very smart, cunning and extremely tricky; one would be wise to mistrust it and foolish to underestimate it.


Ancient Blood: Night vision, superhuman reflexes, speed, and strength. He’s immune to psychic powers, magic, disease, and poison. Samael’s Alphegerai also seals his wounds the minute he gets them, and can defend him from incoming attacks. It does this by sprouting shadow tentacles, which can spring out of any part of Samael’s body. If a tentacle remains in the open, Samael can control it.

Surge: Samael dips into his immense power as an Alphegerai. The following things can warn of the skill: the ‘V’ mark on his forehead will glow a brighter red, the veins around his eyes will intensify in shade, his ‘shadow visor’ darkens, and the blackness of both his sclera will completely envelop his irises. Also, every now and then, small fingers of red lightning will spark across his body.

The ability allows impossible regeneration/recovery speed, enhances his Ancient Blood, and grants telekinesis so powerful, he can manipulate any object he wants, however he wants, regardless of weight. He can also absorb certain attacks (e.g. fireballs, bolts of energy, lightning blasts, etc.) and teleport.

Your Fear Makes Me Strong (Passive): The more fear that emanates from Samael (or the opponent), the stronger he gets. This power affects any other nearby beings too; anyone who is not directly engaged in combat with Samael will see him as his Alphegerai (see picture below) massive snaky cloud of darkness with four large tentacles almost midway down its body. The tentacles hover around with a strange alertness, like snakes waiting to strike. Periodically, red lightning will crackle across the Alphegerai’s smoky skin.

Alphegerai (https://imgur.com/7hpTO0B)

This Alphegerai will keep its eyes trained on whatever holds Samael’s attention; it is not a separate consciousness (e.g. it’s not his guardian angel).


Ancient Blood – he’s still somewhat human and will die if he takes enough damage (e.g. broken bones, dismemberment). The Alphegerai’s wound-sealing works only for external injuries; any organ-related damage requires Samael to be out of combat for the repairs to start. It can hold broken bones together, but only in one spot (e.g. if he has bones broken in two places, it can only deal with one). Plus, sealing wounds or holding bones together does not nullify pain.

The length of the shadow tentacles vary depending on their owner. Samael can only handle one tentacle, and it can be any length not exceeding 6 ft. The Alphegerai on the other hand, can control all of them at once, in which case they will be 12 ft.

The shadow tentacles can lift up to 4000+ lbs if Samael pushes himself. However, he’s much more comfortable lifting things around 100 to 200 lbs.

The Alphegerai can defend Samael from ambush attacks because it can respond much faster than he can. However, its reaction will render him completely blind for 60 seconds afterwards.

When interacting with a physical object, the tentacles will “solidify” when in contact with it. This leaves them vulnerable to damage. Samael tries to counter this by only using the tendrils for a brief moment. His Alphegerai on the other hand, shows no such caution. This can be problematic, as once a tentacle is damaged, it cannot reappear until all other tentacles are destroyed. The tentacles are about as tough as bridge cables when hit with physical attacks…but magic will melt them like snow. Every time they are destroyed, Samael gets a major hit to his stamina, and the effects will stack and persist until the battle is over. So far, he can’t handle all four of them being destroyed in one battle; he’d be too drained to continue.

Power Overload – using the ‘Surge’ skill for extended periods of time has a very high chance of killing Samael. Though the signs are obvious (steady bleeding from mouth, increased heart rate, V-forehead-mark sending out red sparks, wounds sending out bolts of red lightning, veins from eyes spreading to cover almost his entire face), he may not notice them in the intensity of combat. Also, his Alphegerai is usually so caught up in the thrill of the Surge, it forgets to tell him of the danger. Knowing this, Samael tries to stick to being human for as long as he can; using the power only in emergencies and even then, only a brief Surge is usually necessary. If he’s not careful, using the skill too long could cause his Alphegerai side to overwhelm him (see next weakness).

Impossible Regen – it will instantly repair any wounds Samael has (that includes internal injuries)…but only if he receives a mortal strike. The mortal strike will also be repaired after a couple minutes of delay…as long as it isn’t inhibited (e.g. sword or other large obstruction is in the mortal injury area). If Samael receives more than one mortal injury, then the biggest one will heal first. Mortal strikes will not be instantly repaired if another mortal strike happens while they are healing.

If Samael receives more than two mortal strikes, he will become incapacitated. The same goes for a fatal strike. Incapacitation counts as defeat.

Not A Mastermind - Samael’s telekinesis only works if he maintains eye contact with the objects. Also, he’s more comfortable manipulating only one thing, and usually uses the skill to pick up and throw objects (i.e. he can’t duel with a mind-manipulated sword, every clash will cause him to flinch and lose control of it). Although it is quite possible that he may have enough power to manipulate a whole host of objects at once, his human brain does not have that capacity…yet.

Also, he can’t telekinesis anything that belongs to his opponent (e.g. their signature weapon).

Risk Sponge - Any energy-based attack Samael absorbs has a high chance of supercharging the Alphegerai inside him. If that happens, Samael could suffer massive internal injury. That, or he’d die instantly in a powerful, spectacular explosion. Given those risks, Samael often seeks to avoid absorbing things (or he’d ask his Alphegerai if it’s survivable, but even if it is, he’s not likely to try). The absorption does not work if Samael is dealing with physical projectiles (e.g. sand, bullets, shrapnel etc.).

This is a difficult weakness to categorize since magical abilities fall under “energy”. Although Samael may not seem to receive any damage when hit by magic, the arcane energy expended by the attack could still be absorbed, and can supercharge his Alphegerai.

Tele-Pain - Samael does not teleport often; the ability disassembles his human form and reassembles it somewhere else. After reassembly, Samael has intense pain everywhere for five excruciating minutes. The pain increases with distance traveled. Also, Samael cannot teleport just anywhere; he needs to actually picture a place he’s been to if he wants to go there.

Overall, the Surge skill is so dangerous that Samael can’t even consider it to be an “if-all-else-fails” move.

I’m Supposed To Be Controlling Me – While the Surge is active, Samael’s Alphegerai side is much stronger, and usually tries to take over Samael’s human side, often through argument. The Alphegerai would love that Samael put it charge, and use his Surge more often, but that would be bad for both of them.

If the Alphegerai does take over during a Surge, it will do everything it can to either kill or drive the threat away (usually the former). Samael can still fight and regain control of himself by force, but this is very difficult.

Interference – Samael’s Alphegerai has a mind of its own…so if ignored, it protests. While it cannot seize control of Samael’s motor functions directly, it usually goes for a psychological thorn (e.g. hallucinations, false report about enemy positioning, etc.).

Fear Range Limit – 60 ft. Also, the Alphegerai is nothing but an extremely powerful illusion; it cannot affect/interact with the physical world.

Collar –Samael’s Surge can expend way too much power (the most common indicator is the appearance of a sudden thunderstorm, but the breaking of all electrical lights within a hundred feet of Samael, or all living things within 60 ft of him having the same intense nightmare at once, have also been reported). If this happens, the collar will glow a soft blue and force Samael to faint. When Samael is unconscious, his Alphegerai side will still be awake, and can heal him. However, it cannot attack or defend. The collar will also knock Samael out if he begins to suffer the effects of an overload.

Given the inconvenience of a blackout in mid-combat, both Samael and his Alphegerai try to keep their power under wraps as much as possible. This is quite the challenge; the Alphegerai hates being underpowered, and Samael sometimes lets it have its way because that means it won’t be so bothersome.

Fear and Pain, The Double-Edged Sword – Although Samael is stronger the more fearful he is, any extreme pain will weaken his human mind significantly. Though his Alphegerai side will attempt to keep him going despite heavy injury, his human side will keep registering the pain of those injuries. This makes his Alphegerai stronger, as Samael’s human side tends to release more fear the harder he struggles to survive. Though Samael can force himself to tolerate the bite of broken bones, any mortal wounding would be nearly impossible to ignore.

Basically; fear and pain make the Alphegerai very strong, but a human body (even an enhanced one) can only take so much.


Samael knows little to nothing about his past. The name ‘Jordan’ is familiar to him, but he doesn’t know if it was his own title or that of a relative. His own creator, Shadowyvern, is supposedly the source of Samael’s powers. Unfortunately, this being has been missing for a long time. It is unknown whether or not Samael had a part in this.

Samael has asked his Alphegerai side about his past, but it has refused to tell him anything. Maybe it really doesn’t know, or maybe it’s just not keen on sharing.

Story Powers

These are the skills Samael uses in unofficial combat…or, he would have, if he didn’t have that collar on.

Manipulate: Samael can take control of any type of organic material or organism. If handling an organism, Samael can manipulate every part of it however he likes. After he’s controlled something, it usually dies in complete agony.

His usual use of the skill has him turning beings inside out. Don’t worry, they usually return to normal after fifteen minutes or so…if Samael decides not to kill them.

Suspension: Samael can keep a living creature on the brink of death.

Feeders: Samael is famed for his creation/manipulation of a supposedly unlimited amount of wormlike creatures. They have a slight resemblance to earthworms, except their outer skin is black, shiny, and tough. A disorderly spray of red round bead eyes decorates one end of the worm, and along their body are these fang-filled slits. Each slit is home to three barbed tongues; the tips as sharp as hypodermic needles. The worms can freely change their length; from their natural 2 inches long, they can become a foot in an instant.

Feeder (https://imgur.com/1hegIKa)

It is unknown what type of species they actually are; Samael just calls them Feeders. They are extremely strong, able to crush concrete with ease, and are tough enough to withstand the strongest armor-piercing bullets. Samael is the only one who can control them, and they are immune to all forms of magic.

Blood-Red Liquid: The V marks on Samael’s hands continuously drip a red substance that looks and smells like blood (it vaporizes as soon as it hits the ground). This constant “bleeding” seems to just be a creepy effect, as he’s never fainted in the centuries he’s lived. The red substance will slowly and painfully kill whatever organic thing it comes in contact with.

Manipulate – he can only control one organism at a time

Suspension – he can only suspend one organism at a time

Feeders – they are tough, not invincible; taking immense punishment will kill them eventually. An inch is the shortest they can get; a foot is the longest.

Blood-Red Liquid – the red fluid does not work on inorganic things; it will dissipate as soon as it hits something it can’t destroy.

James Blackwood

Appearance: A slender, six-foot humanoid. He has amber eyes, and a black scarf which hides his nose, lower face, and neck. The scarf is tucked neatly into the hood of his outfit; a sleek deerskin “bodysuit”. The hood is adorned with two short twisting deer antlers, which have been hollowed out to make them lighter.

Personality: Usually quiet and calm.

Abilities: Excellent night vision, speed, and agility. Near-complete silence in movement. He is a legend with his two blades, which are similar in design to the Egyptian khopesh. He forged them himself, and keeps them so well-hidden; it is impossible to tell whether or not he is carrying them.

Weaknesses: Humanness, ranged enemies, Vamprina

Story: He could be one of those mountain-loving savages, a miner, or a retired bandit lord. The first option is widely accepted back where he’s from. Known for sure are his blade skills, his silent motions, his love of forests, and that he gives off really creepy vibes if seen at night (especially if he’s in a dark forest). Otherwise, not much else is known about him, and he’s not the communicative type.

05-16-2017, 01:42 PM
John Doe? Heh, there's some nostalgia! Might have to finally write that mini series that's been on my mind forever!

08-09-2017, 03:22 PM
Wow, so uhm, I also have a medic that wears a plague doctors costume that I plan to use in my stories, and I just wanted to say that I did not copy off of you when I created that character. It was all coincidental I swear.

08-09-2017, 03:37 PM
That's alright!

In the older times, plague doctors actually did intend to heal people; the masks they wore were just to protect them from airborne germs. Then Halloween came along and ruined everything, putting the plague doctor costume in a bad light. You could make almost anything creepy these days.

Your plague doctor can be a healer too; that's what they were originally. As long as you don't give him the exact same powers or something (e.g. turning into a crow, needle fingers etc.) you should be fine. :)

08-09-2017, 03:39 PM
One of my characters literally has the same name as a character from a game I play. Of course when I created him I didn't know about said character.

Actually, his hero name is in my username! Maybe I should make a character test room as well. I'm not sure though.

08-09-2017, 03:49 PM
@IgnusBurns: yeah it's terrible when you make up this amazing character and then see something almost exactly like them somewhere else (e.g. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Scarecrow (https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/7a/59/36/7a59365947411f9d5cd150bd0f33cf7d.jpg)). It can be infuriating, and it's hard to have to change your idea (THEY COPIED MEEEEEE!!!!!).

08-09-2017, 03:53 PM
@Cass: Well, when I look at him, the only real thing the two have in common is the fact that they both control fire and their name. Honestly it's not that bad. It was an easy work around.