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Azarel CS.777
06-16-2017, 09:18 PM
How would your WRHG. react if they are trapped in an elevator? Will they stay calm, panick or fuckin' detroy the lift to get out?

Azarel walked inside the elevator, and pressed the button "G", but after going down a few floors, the elevator suddenly broke down, it screeched, and then, it was dark "Fuck it." He mumbled to himself. It took him a couple of seconds for his eyes to adjust to the dark. "Great... looks like i'll have to find a way out." He said to himself. Azarel touched his surroundings, it was very dark. And then, he found something big and round, the emergency switch. The teenager pushed the button, nothing happened. "Dang it..." He said to himself. He looked around him. Nothing. "Looks like i'll be here for a long time." The boy pulled out a sketch book, a pen, and a flashlight from his black bag, and started drawing.


Azarel has been stuck for an hour now and he's still drawing. Suddenly, the lights turned on, he covered his eyes due to the light, waiting for his eyes to adjust. "About time." He said. He pushed the button "G", the lift started moving down and then opened, and then, the boy walked out as if nothing happened.

And thats what Azarel would do.

06-20-2017, 08:24 AM
Vamprina would stay calm. If she was stuck in it with someone annoying though, she may resort to the second option (except instead of banging the door...she'd bang whoever's on her nerves).

Vamprina hovered in the center of the elevator, wings wrapped around her, eyes closed. The music she was hearing right now was a touch repetitive, but, according to locals, this was normal. She'd decided to use one of these to reach the building's top floor, instead of flying up the stairwell. The trip had been uneventful so far, slow to progress, but peaceful in a way. The assassin opened her eyes and looked at the illuminated screen above the elevator door. The numbers were getting higher. She was almost to the top.

With a stretch and a sigh, the assassin unfolded her wings and settled to the floor, ready to exit. Suddenly, the elevator jolted to a halt, the screeches and groans of its gears reverberating throughout it. Vamprina's eyes narrowed. That was unusual. The elevator's floor screen was flickering, and some of the buttons for the floors were doing the same thing as well. Frowning, the assassin walked over to the buttons and pressed the one for the top floor. No response.

Perfect. Vamprina thought to herself. Why did I even think this was a good idea?

She spread her wings; their blades springing into existence. Jamming the weapons between the elevator doors, Vamprina shoved them apart just enough to see where she was. The elevator seemed to have stopped right before coming up onto the top floor. She could just barely see it at the top of the doors. Rolling her eyes, the assassin forced the door all the way open and squeezed out of the available gap.


Once business was dealt with, Vamprina stepped out of one of the top floor windows, plunging downwards at high speeds. It was done. As she neared the ground, she turned invisible and swept into the shadow of the building. Settling there for a moment, she reached out to the shadows of the target's room. Some passerby had noticed the body and were making frantic phone calls. In the dark, Vamprina smiled, and then flew away. The WRF agents got to the scene 5 minutes too late.

06-22-2017, 06:17 AM
Can't say any of the options QUITE fit Altaer.

First, he'd pull out Spectre and try to hack the systems to get them back online. If that didn't work, he'd just open the maintenance hatch that's always on the top of elevators anyway, cut the cords, and climb up to the floor he wanted.

So, I would say he would stay calm, but the fact is he would be cussing up a storm this whole time.

06-22-2017, 12:43 PM
Of the four gladiators I've had, half wouldn't go into an elevator unless someone else was with them/wanted them to.



Roy had been the first to speak, followed swiftly by August, then gazing quizzically at him in the flickering lights. Letting out a sigh, the former gladiator indicated to the flashing bulb, as it died with a spark. "Fuck," He explained.


"Just... don't say it." Shaking his head, Roy slowly made his way to one of the box's back corners, pulling the phone out of his pocket, "Might just be a power outage."

"Power outage?"

"It's when tech stops working," Sliding his index finger along the screen, Hollywood unlocked the device only to be greeted with no bars. "Dammit!"

"No work?"

"No work..." Groaning with a nod, Roy went to his flashlight app, igniting the elevator in a sudden beam as August scooted closer to him, "Anyone else got any ide-... Spaceman, you okay?"

Arms crossed tightly as he stood as deep as physically possible in the adjacent corner, Serif's cold, glaring eyes met Roy. "I dislike this."

"Noted." Looking to the door as August breached his personal space, the former gladiator began musing aloud. "Think anyone knows we're stuck in here?"



"FUCK! I'm three inches away from you!"

"It's still an idea, at least."

August smiled. Serif smirked slightly.

"This is your world, Hollywood," The later soon continued, "What typically happens?"

"We wait for the jaws of life."

"The what?"



"You think there's a fire?"

"NO! No," Quickly cutting back in when Serif's inquiry inspired panic in August's emeralds, Roy cleared his throat, "They're just gonna break through the door."

"...And how long will that take?"

"Few hours?"

"Long time?"


"Or not, it's a guess! Fuck if I know."

"Roy say 'fuck' a lot."

Heaving out a sigh, Serif looked up to murmur to the sky, only to become distracted when a hatch came into his view. "What's that?"

"Maintenance hatch?"

"Can we open it?"

Taking the lead, August left Hollywood's side and with a hop, slammed his palm into it's metal base, knocking it open. "Yep!"

"Won't open the other doors."

"How strong can a door be?" Leaving his corner, Serif joined August, offering his palms to boost the burned man, who in turn, pulled him up.

"Roy come?"

"It's not gonna work, so no."


"I'm glad you guys took the stairs, I heard there was an issue with the elevator," Smiling softly as two outsiders and an insider strode into her office, Evelyn rose to her feet, "Ready to go over the plan one last time?"

06-25-2017, 03:32 PM
Handy would do absolutely nothing. Perhaps terrify the other people in the lift, though.

06-25-2017, 06:58 PM
Must be a cargo elevator, how else would Handy fit? If Abra got stuck inside an elevator, he wouldn't do anything, but he would be extremely pissed. He wouldn't have the ability to escape so he would wait until he's saved, and whether they come immediately or take a while, he'd still kill them for making him wait.

Azarel CS.777
06-26-2017, 12:13 AM
Handy would do absolutely nothing. Perhaps terrify the other people in the lift, though.

LOL. You said it yourself

He's a big dum - dum.

06-26-2017, 05:56 PM
For me, I think that Farukon would remain calm in a situation like this, but would attempt to exit without using his powers or damage the elevator in any manner. He'd rather not risk having other civilians see him use his powers. So, he'd pretty much just wait for the power to go back on. Yep, he'd just wait. And wait some more. And wait... He'd pretty much just do frickin' nothin'. ♪


wRHG Story 02: Why Bird-folk Don’t Use Elevators

Stick Page Record: wRHG Story

Why Bird-folk Don't Use Elevators


Wednesday, December 28, 2016 at 1:59 p.m. Lightshield Headquarters in Vague Central.

“What floor sir?” a man asked as Farukon entered the elevator.

“Thirty-seven please,” Farukon replied to the man with the dark gray suit and tie. He also had a brown leather briefcase and an expensive-looking watch in his left hand. His right hand reached for the square “37” button, one of the last buttons there too. Ding! It turned orange, like the three other orange buttons.

Percius Farukon had come to this large building in the city to give a present to his good old chum Mathias, who just became a father to his newborn daughter. Percy had a congratulatory card with a bib and a Mozart CD, all in a nice white box wrapped in pink wrapping paper with a purple ribbon on top, ready to be given to his dear friend. Farukon observed that there were four men on the elevator, himself included. There was a man with a briefcase and crimson tie, a teenager in dark sweatpants and a red hoodie that covered some of his face, and an older, unshaven man in a white shirt, ripped jeans, a baseball cap, and a brown wristband. His clothes were old, ragged, and tattered. He even had a travel guitar slung on his back. The man had a brown rough-looking beard, which gave him the appearance of a wandering homeless man, a vagabond looking for money. Farukon was wondering why a man like him would visit a large building that supplied thousands of companies and homes with security equipment such as this one.

The elevator was quiet with the exception of the relaxing elevator music, the occasional ding of reaching a new floor, and the foot-tapping of the nomad. His eyes were focused on the numbers of the changing floor numbers at the too in red. He started humming to the song, since it was Farukon’s favorite song.

“So what business do you have here with that pink gift?” asked the man in the crimson red tie.
“Oh, well, I come to give my congratulations to a friend who just became a father. He’s worked here for roughly three years now, and he makes a good income off of his job here,” the Falconer replied.

“Oh, well congrats to him. I myself have come here for an interview. I have a major in electrical engineering and I graduated from Corn & Y University,” said the man. “I had a hard time finding a job, I even put my name in the pap—” he managed to say, but was cut off by the abrupt stop of the elevator. Creak! The elevator came to a stop. The lights started flickering. They flickered, and flickered. Even the lights of the buttons started flickering. Then, eventually, it stopped. It all stopped.

The fellow passengers were met with an eerie darkness. “No. Oh no no no… Oh not now! Oh heavens no, I have an interview in just a few minutes!” he exclaimed.

“Dude, just shut up!” the vagabond exclaimed. “Oh hey, would anyone want to hear a song by any chance?” he asked.

“Aww singing with a guitar? That’s so lame! Of all the days I leave my earbuds and phone at home,” a new voice said, though it was probably the teen. Though in the dark, Farukon could see the man trying to get his guitar out of his case without a light to guide him.

“Oh damn it!” cried the businessman. He started banging on the door. “Of all the days! Words just cannot describe how screwed I am! Of all the days to be alive,” the businessman muttered to himself as the homeless man started playing his tune. The whole elevator was chaotic at this point, with the man to his right singing and the man to his left screaming curses upon the elevator.

Despite all of the racket and the situation at hand, Farukon was very calm and collected. He pressed the “< >Open< >” button, but nothing happened. Same for the red “Emergency Button” on the wall.

Ugh, I gotta get out of here, despite how amusing this all is. But I just don't want to ruin the elevator with my powers and subsequently have these people find out I'm not a normal human. I guess I just gotta wait. I even scheduled an appointment at a really fancy all-you-can-eat place. What a shame indeed.

“Oh, why?” said the man on the left, banging his fists against the door, and the knees touching the bottom of the elevator.

“Dude just shut the f—BING—up! You are so annoying!” said the teenage boy. In the midst of his sentence however, something amazing happened in the eyes of the Falconer, the lights had turned back on. At an appropriate time too.

“Oh yeah! See? This is why I hate elevators!” said the man with the briefcase.

“I kinda like elevators,” Farukon said as the music started playing again. He never did, but he wanted to see his reaction. Besides, it wasn’t a total lie, he kinda did like them in a sense. He liked how it drew people away from the stairwell.

“Really? After what we've just been through? I beg to differ!” he exclaimed.
After a little while, the door opened again and the teen stepped out. Then, the top read, “Floor: 37” and Farukon could get off of his elevator of hell.

“This is exactly why bird-folk don’t use elevators,” Farukon muttered under his breath. “We fly to wherever we want to go to avoid events like that.” With his gift in hand, Farukon quickly found Mathias’ cubicle and then knocked to get his attention. As soon as the two made eye contact, smiles grew on both of their faces.

“Surprise mate! Congratulations to you on becoming a full-fledged father! So, to celebrate, I’ve got you a present!”

09-12-2017, 11:22 AM
I was inactive for a year and I don't know any of your characters guys(for now), but he character I am currently working on would definetly find a way out no matter how long it took.

09-14-2017, 12:59 PM
If I have to say. Steam would most likely either get a drink and then wait for the elevator to fall or be opened, Or he would just cut/blast an escape hole out.

09-14-2017, 01:52 PM
hmmmm i would say that Serena would panic and start banging on all of the doors. she does not like being closed into tiny spaces for a long time.

Serena sighed to herself as she backed herself into the small elevator having to duck down quite a bit to do so. Once she was in she pressed the button with the 1 on it. She had been to visit the head of a company that had planned on trying to cut down her forest to build a new apartment complex. Needless to say she was not happy about it and after destroying all of the logging equipment went to the company. After hours of debate the Chairman agreed to move his apartment complex elsewhere.

On her way down the elevator started groaning and then suddenly stopped. It was not long after that that the power went out in the elevator and Serena was left in the dark. Looking around wildly she stared pressing the button with the 1 on it over and over again until it broke off. She just stared at the broken button for about five seconds before she started screaming and banging on the doors wanting them to open. She kept beating on them harder and harder denting them until the top of the door started to bend outwards off of its frame, showing the barest sliver of light. Upon seeing this Serena starts pounding on that section of the door and makes the opening wider. eventually she summons her fire sword and starts cutting the door off but to her horror she finds out that there is only a small opening and that she cannot get out.

************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *******

Hours later she leaves the company deeply embarrassed by her outburst and promised not to ever comeback or if she did that she would use the stairs from now on.