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Considering I tend to think up characters a mile a minute, I might as well create my own character test page. (Do people still do this?)

In any case, if you want to, feel free to leave CnC or suggestions, I'll respond as best I can.

Lawful Aligned:

She is the owner of a weapons shop in one of the main streets of Vague City. Her expertise in weapons manufacturing makes her shop highly popular with gladiators. She knows how to repair complicated drones, fabricate mechanical armour, link weapons with people’s abilities, and even copy weapons made using reported magical properties. Its one of her favourite things to do in fact; she just loves proving people wrong and exposing frauds by making carbon cut working copies of magic weaponry. The only set of weapons she’s been unable to replicate so far have been the twin blades of Drakmar, for lack of material. Be careful when you enter; she is not cheap. But if you pay her, you’ll get more than your money’s worth.

Short Polo Tee (varying colour)
Long Cargo Pants
Hoodie (varying colour
Fair complexion
Red hair, Spiked and cropped
Brown eyes dyed red

Katarina is one of those tough ‘I don’t put up with anyone’s shit’ people, who really hates stupidity. Anyone acting stupid in her store gets pushed out. She also has a good memory and can see through people pretty easy, so forget that beaglepuss disguise you were going to use to try and re-enter.
She’ also smart, and flaunts it. She loves talking know-it-alls, con-artists, and frauds, and doesn’t trust anyone till they prove they are also capable of some form of intelligent thought. Don’t try and trick her, she will know. She’s amazing at seeing through people.
When in battle, she focuses in on her opponents and the fight at hand. She doesn’t talk, boast, or try and knock someone off their feet. She just fights.

Haemomancy: Katarina has the ability to manipulate blood – either hers or her opponent’s. Manipulating blood can only occur to blood exposed to the open air; either pooling around a wound, or on the ground. She can use blood spills to cut people, to form lances as projectiles, or to simply drain someone to sap their strength. By pooling enough of it, she can form giant limbs or appendages, move it around like waterbenders with water, and often uses it to snowball; She’ll cut someone, drain more blood, cut them some more with consistent application of her powers, and so on.

Razor: Katarina’s shotgun, razor, doesn’t function like a normal shotgun. Instead of pellets, it fires a blast of blood from the clip, which flies with the same kinetic energy as leaf bullets. The clip of razor is special; it passively draws in blood, or ammunition, from its surroundings. Essentially, if Katarina hits something, she gains more ammunition. Without reloading, razor can fire 20 shots.

Top up: Katarina tends to carry around one or two flasks of blood in glass containers, just in case she really needs some blood around to even the fight. By throwing the flask on the ground, Katarina gets an easy supply of ammunition.
Regenerative Ingestion: Although she’s not a vampire, a freak side affect of her bloodmancy means that eating blood allows her to recover substantial amounts of energy and speeds up her healing. It also means that she has a higher than average metabolism.

Aimbot: She has a small little AI-powered aim assist by the right side of her neck. If Katarina needs to, she can activate her aimbot to allow her to see in the dark, through walls, and lock on to fast enemies.

Grenadier: Because of her engineering expertise and her background as a gun store owner, she always tends to have several grenades lying in her pockets, the inside of her hoodie, etc. She won’t forget the time she fought a half-plant guy and found an anti-defoliant grenade in her pocket. Especially because he’s still comatose in hospital.

As long as she can remember, Katarina has always been fascinated with machines and how they work. From, birth, she was always using her hands on something, building contraption X, or fixing invention Y. Her parents and teachers were astounded by her innovative prowess, and her ability, even from age six, to understand the workings of otherwise incomprehensible weaponry.

Her peers, on the other hand, were not so accepting of her childhood genius, and shunned her or put her down. It didn’t help that she was largely antisocial, had a superiority complex, and tended to be highly opinionated. Almost immediately she was singled out for abuse. She went to school often to be beaten down, trodden, on, and sent back home with bruises, split lips, and hurt pride. She hardened up fast to anyone outside her family, and became even more of a recluse.

At age 12, her peers finally pushed her too far. She fought back and drew blood with a well aimed punch before being thrown to the ground and mercilessly beaten. She responded by almost cutting her assailant’s guts open with a blood blade; she had just discovered her haemomancy. Upon court examination, the bully’s charges of assault were withdrawn due to self-defence and the fact that she had no idea what she was doing.

Three years later, the lonely girl left school and started up her own shop in Vague City, leaving her family behind her. The first few years were tough; she struggled relentlessly against mass-produced weaponry and ammunition compared to her more qualitative products, and had to deal with numerous counts of sexual harassment and assault due to her less than conventional appearance.

Then, after 3 years of struggle, she finally started doing custom orders for RHG gladiators, hitting on a lucrative market which gave her a sturdy income and experience. She became known as one of the best weapon smiths in the business, and became one of the main sources of weaponry for gladiators, repairing, rebuilding, creating, and selling new and old weapons for all. Despite her relative fame and her unconventional abilities, she never actually joined the WRHG roster, preferring instead to stay in the background.

“Look asshole, I don’t care how smart, how strong, or how powerful you are, but if you don’t fucking pay, I’ll throw you the fuck out of my store. Got that?”

Elouise is the head of Vague’s central bank, a position she inherited from her father from a young age. As the governor, she has become known for her unusual monetary stance on different issues; she has constantly adjusted the monetary rate based on the lot of Vague’s most underprivileged, even to the point of ignoring inflation predictions. She’s also a brilliant ballet dancer, able to move across the floor with ease. She stars frequently in ballets put out by the Vague Ballet Ensemble, and recently starred in a newly choreographed version of Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. But she’s definitely not all she seems; Ballet dancers aren’t normally blind.

Blond hair in a bob
Pearl Earrings
White misty pupils
Either a black suit or
A white blouse and jeans or
A white strapless dress with elbow-length white gloves
High-heeled shoes
Robotic arms, hands, legs, and feet
Taller than average (1.95 metres)

Elouise, or Ms Marcy, as she loves to call herself, is kind but remarkably eccentric and infuriatingly upper class. She moves strangely and in mysterious ways, literally, seemingly always moving her arms, and she is also so good and hearing people and understanding their emotions that she’ll often blurt out something about the person’s emotional investment out of the blue, freaking them out completely.
As for high class… Well it’s a good thing she can’t see. She cannot stand gore, grime, dirt, and even ugliness and swearing. And as for the accent… She is the only person qualified to be called Oxford English. It’s a wonder she gets on at all with Katarina, and it’s even more insane how she’s managed to become her closest friend apart from Eric.
When she is dancing or fighting (there’s no distinction for her), she never talks, even moreso than Katarina, because she so wrapped up in her dancing and the perfection of her motions. She fights in rhythm to non-existent tunes, but WILL NOT FIGHT if ever she hears hip-hop and rap music. Especially because she’s a purist for classical music.

Bladed Limbs: Elouise’s legs and arms are robotic limbs with the ability to transform into blades. Pretty Self-Explanatory.

Perfect Balance: She has absolutely perfect balance, able to stand on the tip of the blade on attached to her leg, to run with them at full speed, and to stand on the spire of a church with her blade tip. She uses this balance in her battles to strike with perfect precision, making surgical strikes.

Blindness: Elouise is completely blind; and thus fights without the ability of sight.

Tone Perception and Super-Perceptive Hearing: Due to her lack of ability to see, Elouise makes up for this with her ability to not only see things by sound, but to get the lie of the land simply by using the echoes produced by the sounds of her footsteps. This of course means she has no stealth abilities; she navigates her surroundings by being noisy. Further, she knows simply by listening to someone’s voice, the implicit meaning behind every word. You literally can’t lie to her.

Ballerina of Death: Her strikes resemble ballet moves – she moves like a dancer when in combat, leaping from strike to strike with perfect precision. It is often to the tune of a ballet song or some other music, especially any that happen to be playing in the vicinity.

Acrobatics: She can perform acrobatic abilities beyond the capability of even the most talented professional. From triple somersaults and quadruple mid-air spins, you name it, she can do it.

Marcy was born as a deformed child; without four of her limbs or even her sight. Her eyes were coloured a misty white and her lower legs and arms were completely invisible. Her father, the distinguished Johnathan Locke Marcy, the Duke of the Vale, was so shocked at her deformed appearance that he searched far and wide for a solution; his wife died in pregnancy, and he wanted a ‘healthy child’ to carry out his legacy.

For five weeks, he searched every scientific specialist, even searching through journals of pseudoscientists, naturopaths, and other distinguished not-doctors. Eventually he settled upon the aged miracle roboticist Edwin Lake. Though in his seventies, the mad but brilliant man came up with one of his famed miracle cures; growing robotic limbs. These robotics appendages were transplanted onto her body in an eighteen-hour surgery, and she was able to grow up with all of her limbs.

However, Edwin’s innovations had turned to weapons at the time of the design, so he accidently incorporated blades into her limbs, an honest mistake from a tired, old, and slightly forgetful genius. Elousie was encouraged by Johnathan to hide this ability, and to grow up as normally as possible. But that was quite literally impossible for her to do. She was eccentric, exceedingly upper class in her mannerisms, and navigated the world via sound. It didn’t help that she picked up every inherently hurtful word communicated by her young playmates, and she grew up withdrawn and isolated.

That changed the day people discovered her dancing. Her natural predisposition for grace coupled with several years of pandering private lessons left her with a burning passion for ballet that was picked up by choreographer and teacher Mirabelle Andrews. She encouraged the girl to join the Vague Ballet Ensemble as a star dancer, and she obliged out of passion for her art. At age fifteen, to her father’s horror, she played the starring role in a production of Don Quixote. She captivated the audience with her amazing dancing, and carried the entire production on her shoulders.

This started a ten-year period she playfully calls ‘her rebellious streak.’ She moved out of her father’s house, living on her own in an apartment in La Place de la Merveille, one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Vague city. She moved from country to country and place to place, and took the ballet company to brand new heights, becoming a minor celebrity of the city. She won seven national awards, three international titles, and starred in over twenty productions. Many applauded her as the height of artistic expression in dance. She also met a young twenty-year old Katarina Bloodborne at the time, and struck up a friendship with her in spite of all their glaring differences. It has lasted to this day.

However, it all ended when she received a message from her father at least two years ago, begging her to come back because his health was failing due to continued substance abuse. The rich man professed to his only child that he had been wrong to condemn her for disobeying him when young, and pledged his estate to her on his deathbed, giving her the only gift he knew how to give; status and privilege. Elouise cried as her father died in her arms, leaving her the Duchess of the Vale. Accepting her new responsibilities, she downgraded herself to a temporary member of the Vague Ballet Ensemble, and took up her hereditary position as governor of the Bank of Vague, the central banking institution set up on the city’s foundation and gifted to the Lords of the Vale in the city’s feudal history.

Thus begins her current phase of life; working as the central bank’s chairman and the occasional dancer. But few know of her curious double life, a secret only three people on the planet know about. And that is… Well she’s certainly not telling any of you.

“I heard you lying to me. I know what you want to do. I know how you’re going to do it. But you must be a fool if you truly think you can.”

Konstantin’s role in Vague is completely covered in black ink. No one knows what he does or what he did; He has personally censored all records, and is completely silent about anything that may give anything away.

Military thermal goggles
Russian DCPU Military Uniform
Steel-Capped combat boots
Rubber/Graphine Armoured Exo-Suit
Heavy Duty Exo-Energy Storage Tank
Cropped Black Hair
Heavily scarred and burnt face
Armour-plated Mechanical Left Exo-Arm

This ex-soldier is normally quite jovial. He’s joking, affable, and by far the most ‘normal’ out of the four friends. That being said, he does have a slight case of PTSD out of battle; screeching tyres can induce slight panic attacks.
He’s also a little distant. He’s friendly, but definitely not in a way that is permanent. He’s also strangely distant to Eric, Elouise, and Katarina, and tends to be hilariously oblivious to things around him, especially compared to Elouise. And he also drinks. A lot
“What do you expect?! I’m a Russian!” (Konstantin Shokolov)
In battle, expect tactical analysis to be the only thing he gives out, and a lot of it. That’s about all he says. Other than that, he doesn’t change much.

Military-Grade Thermal Vision Goggles: Obvious benefits of thermal vision when activated

Mechanical Exo-Arm: His metal mechanical exo-arm, or his arm covering, gives him a great extra boost of strength when using his left arm. He can hold up, lift up, and flip heavy objects. Essentially, press X to flip that tank.

Mark VII Multi-cannon: This arm mounted multi-function plasma cannon is linked by a massive hose to his Exo-Energy Tank. It has a three functions: a minigun function, a demolisher function, and flame function. The minigun function is self-explanatory, the demolisher function is a massive anti-armour cannon, which fires a small radius plasma explosion, and the flame function unleashes a line of plasma energy in a napalm-like flame. Whilst firing with this weapon, he can’t move very well, and he can’t dodge very well. He can fire for about ten hours straight due to the size of his armoured tank, and it can only explode under extreme pressure or stress (along the lines of being hit by a missile explosion).

Graphine/Rubber Tactical Armour: Konstantin’s Zhukov-Pattern tactical armour provides a shield impervious to shredding, making it completely bulletproof. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t feel the hit or won’t be sent flying by shockwaves, but he is nearly impervious to direct fire. He is, however, extremely susceptible to electric attacks, and avoids direct confrontation with enemies that use it.

Plasma Shield Generator: built into Konstantin’s left arm is a shield generator also linked to his energy tank, which generates an absorbent shield against magic attacks and electrical energy attacks, which he can use to recharge his energy tank when hit.

Konstantin’s past, much like his current role in Vague, is completely covered in black ink, making him a nearly complete unknown. We only known two things; he used to be a Russian Spec Ops soldier who specialised in defence against meta-humans and celestials, and he is scarily effective at eliminating enemies that fall into two of those categories.

“Comrade, I am a soldier. I fight, I receive orders, I give back tactical analysis. I don’t believe in a higher cause; I don’t care for morals. But I do know that not acting in everyone’s interest is a stupidly short-sighted idea. So say your prayers you дебил, because I never planned on dying easily.”

This carnival magician is Eric’s primary source of information; an informant on the dark happenings of the world. No one knows where this seemingly benign man gets the secrets from him except himself and Eric. Other than giving Eric information and leads on his next job, Damon is also a magician, well known for his insane magic tricks and silent shows. And contrary to his nature, they are actually shows, and don’t use his actual dark talents.

Stereotypical magician’s appearance:
Black tie with coattails
White shirt and black bow tie
Black top hat
Black gloves
Black pants and shoes
Stereotypical magic wand
Short black curled hair
Red flaming eyes (in combat)

Damon is dumb. Not in the way that he’s stupid, but in that he can’t talk. He always smiles, turning between genuine and considerate beaming smiles to darker or sarcastic smirks, and prefers to keep to himself.
He also tends to be a showman. He loves flashy moves, prefers to flaunt rather than hide his skill. He also has a quiet confidence in the way he moves and acts.
If he ever has to fight, he’s restrained, but brutal. And he still never stops smiling. Never in his life.

The Well of Secrets:
Damon’s top hat holds a magic line to the well of secrets; a demonic well of mysteries, ideas and everything in between. Payment of one golden drachma, a coin that acts as the currency of heaven, straight into the well of souls, followed by Damon’s magic prodding into the pool, causes the well to eject information linked to the person’s deepest desires in the world of information. Eric often uses him as an informant on dangerous and hidden people.

Hallucinogenic Illusions:
Damon conjures up some form of hallucination for his opponent that usually causes him to flail or flounder in some comic form. Such as conjuring up a bird which forces his opponent to dodge and fall off a building.

As opposed to pyrokinesis or simply fire magic, Pyromancy consists of the use of demonic manipulation of fire as a weapon. It acts in a similar to firebending, but is also very different in execution. Damon can produce and manipulate streams of fire, create fireballs and jets of flame, and also use his powers to form specific weapons, such as molten chains made of superheated metal.

Damon can create tornadoes of flame which he can control. He uses them as weapons against enemies by altering their course and sucking them into an 880-degree Celsius swirling pillar of flame.

Molten Heart:
He can melt the flesh of his chest to emit a concentrated beam of fire and heat energy which does massive damage to a small radius of contact. His flesh instantaneously heals up after use.

Shield of Darkness:
Damon has a passive shield of dark energy which protects him from any incoming damage from range. You have to get up close to defeat him.

Damon Irving is nominally a simple magician; quiet, reserved, fantastic and magical. But really, he is not a magician, nor is he Damon Irving. In reality, he is a willing host to the demon of pride and prophecy, Belphegor. The man gave his soul willingly to the demon at age 19. Belphegor at first envisioned merely filling in his role to fulfil the dark pact, but was so enraptured by the Earth that he begged Damon to share his soul with him so he could stay for as long as possible.

The strange fusion of their souls created a fantastic showman and brilliant magician. The combination lead to amazing magic shows, which created tremendous buzz. Damon Irving became a celebrity of Vague, and toured substantial parts of the Wastelands trying to promote further his magical prowess.

On one of his travels, Irving found a starving 17-year-old Aurelius Kassaran, and sheltered him until he found his feet. Irving became something of a mentor to Eric, until the man found his feet. The two remain strong friends to this day, and Eric inherited much of his knowledge about the demonic world from Belphegor.

The hybrid still helps his younger friend out from time to time; supplying information, heading off assassinations, sometimes even joining him, Marcy, Shokolov, and Bloodborne on assignments. If you don’t know what to make of him, good, because he doesn’t like getting to know people.

“Damon doesn’t talk much. But that hides a far greater intelligence than you can imagine. So don’t call him stupid… you may stand waiting for that next bus for a few hours.”

The Vague Rapid Response Task Force:
The VRRTF, as is its abbreviated format, is Elouise Marcy's part-paramilitary and part-extrajudicial organisation that aims to assist Vague's authorities and maintain law and order, protecting innocent people in dangerous locales. Eric has connections with several members;

This ex-cop is the commander of the Vale Rapid Response Task Force (VRRTF), and a bloody good one at that. With a keen mind for administration, command, support roles and leadership, Captain Crawley is efficient, protective, and a fine addition to the Force.

Long-sleeve blue polo
Police Kevlar Vest
Hardened Nano-Cellulose bodysuit
Grey Trenchcoat
Blue Cargo Pants
Black Combat Boots

Shannon is a cynical, grumpy, and overall unlikable man when he is alone. The man is best known for his complete lack of sympathy for anyone or anything not worth it. He can be mild-mannered when dealing with the bereaved, victims, or children, but is just generally unlikeable with everyone else.
That said, he is logical, intelligent, and a brilliant leader. His abrasive personality is largely neutered by his ability to know how to speak to people and how to understand them. Though not likeable, he is inspiring.
In combat, he is fluid, tactical, and always team-focused. He is a true tactician, and a police officer at heart, using swat tactics room-clearing abilities. Don’t mess with him or his friends, or he’ll take you the hell out.

Crawley has the ability to copy the powers of anyone he comes into physical contact with. He can use this to mimic and ally’s powers, or to enhance them in battle.

Ghost Hands:
Shannon’s signature is his ability to mimic the basic components of other people’s abilities for ten minutes after physical contact. This can provide him with a temporary boost in combat, disabling or killing enemies.

Swat Training and Thievery:
Shannon’s police training and police skills give him basic close combat skills, advanced firearms skills, and basic experience in a firefight. Similarly, his old pickpocketing and theft skills also come in handy for sleight of hand and snatch-grab ops.

Sig Sauer P226:
Crawley has a basic firearm at his side, and is fully trained in its use and deployment. This 15-bullet clip pistol has semi-automatic fire, ambidextrous catch, and improved stock for better accuracy.

Shannon Crawley, or Police Captain Crawley, as he was known for several years, was once a shining star in the VCPD. The shining star of the Silver District headquarters, he applied his mind studiously to the gang problem afflicting the suburb, and through consistent and thorough policing, seemed on the edge of solving the eternal plague of the suburb, and maybe forcing the gangs out.

It all went downhill when the gangs ordered a hit on his family, killing them in a well-planned assault. Crawley fell into a deep depression, resorting to alcohol and drugs to try and derive some sense of satisfaction from his now miserable life. He resigned his job and fell into petty theft and grand auto to try and keep himself alive. He tried to end the spiral he was in after two years, but never could.

When he heard about the circulated amnesty, he immediately surrendered to Elouise, putting his services forward, and his still sharp skills in regards to firearms and police work meant he was nominated as second in command, and thus the de facto commander. Crawley now heads the VRRTF, and is putting energy back into his original calling, trying to once again break the Silver District out of its grind.

“Shut up kid. I’ve seen shit you wouldn’t believe in my life, and I don’t you to lecture me about it.”

Chase and Fives are at the core of what is known as the Vale Rapid Response Task Force; a unit founded by Elouise Marcy consisting of dissatisfied mercenaries and metahumans with a desire to do some good in the world. The cyborg and assassin tag team are two of the units’ three founding members, and are the most efficient and effective combat team on staff. They refuse to remain separate for longer than they absolutely have to, never leaving each other’s side for longer than 24 hours.

Black, Rubber-Encased Nano-Cellulose Combat Bodysuit
Black chest webbing
Small black cloth hood
Mechanical Eye/Scope
Padded black combat boots
Single-eye Scope

Metal body
Interlocking titanium clothing
Steel grey features
Permanent Green Tactical googles
Tattered green hood

Chase is one of those quiet reflective types. What he says is always measured, restrained, or calm. He seems physically incapable of anger. He’s also a fantastic listener; he can sit still and hear people talk about problems for hours.
Fives is outgoing and chirpy. She loves life, is an avowed environmentalist, and is generally affable. But she can hold a grudge. Her incapability to forget anything in her life means she remembers everything people do. Although she thinks Eric is nice, she will still never forgive him for nearly disembowelling her at their first meeting.
In combat, Chase doesn’t really change. Fives, on the other hand, becomes cocky, smart-mouthed, and particularly flirtatious. Everyone else can attest to the way she communicates with Chase on the battlefield.
But the most important trait the two share is their seeming symbiosis. The two can never be seen apart for long periods of time, and care about each other to the point of physical illness. When they fight together, it is the epitome of controlled partner battling.

Longshot: Chase is an expert sniper, deadly accurate at ranges of up to two kilometres away. Longshot, his rifle, is specially modified to launch multiple payloads, including:
Single target ‘vanishing’ shot
Armour-piercing rounds
Hallucinogen darts
Compressed nets
Tranquilising darts
Explosive shot
He has a clip of 12 rounds of each type of ammunition, and can change from them with a surprisingly low reload time. Longshot is a modern bolt-action rifle with a red-dot sight, telescopic scope, increased stock, silencer, and a max theoretical range of 5.7km.

The ‘Deadshot’ Scope: Named after the DC character, this scope attached to Chase’s right eye gives him valuable tactical analysis, including long range thermal, ultraviolet, and night vision, as well as angular suggestions, wind direction and speed, and spotting information.

Wrist Grapples: Inbuilt into his bodysuit are two wrist-mounted grappling hooks which can latch onto any surface, drag him to ledges, or drag enemies towards him. He can create a makeshift noose as well; firing the grapple, and whirling it at the right time to lock it in place.

Subsidiary Arms: As a backup for close-quarters fighting, Chase has two machine pistols, 6 smoke grenades, 3 flashbangs, and a nova-pattern shockwave grenade.

Kinetic Truncheons: Attached to Fives’ arms are two fully mobile, energy-emitting steel truncheons. The normally remain locked to her forearms, but if she grasps the handles with enough pressure, they unlock and become potential projectiles. They pivot freely on an axle unless she grasps a small trigger towards the perpendicular joint between handle and truncheon. The shortened end has a small emitter plate, and the longer end has the potential to hold small charges of energy.

Empowerment: by channelling energy through her biotic circuits, she can empower her truncheons for more powerful strikes. The spike in energy in the weapons increases the force output when she strikes enemies.

Kinetic Shock: One might assume the emitters of her truncheons launch projectiles, but they are actually meant for dealing damage by causing fractures and shockwaves in the Earth. Transferring kinetic charge into the ground, Fives can unleash a directed shockwave in a target direction, breaking up the ground (or floor) and knocking enemies down or up.

Barrier: By striking at a steep angle, she causes a barrier of rock to launch upwards from the location she struck, creating a wall between herself and her enemy. Striking the barrier with her emitters can also cause chunks of rock to project from the edge.

Throw Another Rock!: Fives’ energy emitters can pick up and launch dangerous chunks of rock, dirt, concrete, steel, or debris and fatal speeds.

General Hand-to-Hand: Fives is also highly proficient at using limbs, fists, feet, and her head against enemies at close quarters.

Richard Lake was once a normal, average kid, growing up in the middle-class and suburban neighbourhood of Readleaf Ridge. He was okay at sports, got passable grades, and lived a normal teenage life. The quiet boy hated the complete desolation and empty feel of this bourgeoisie world, and set out to make a name for himself. He took the $100,000 he was given by his father on his 21st to try and fund a career, and spent it on assassin’s equipment, going off the grid.

For 6 years, ‘Chase’ tested himself on kill after kill, taking a number of dangerous ‘charity jobs,’ which saw him taking out the best and brightest of Vague’s criminal underworld. The mob bosses became so scared, they united to hunt down and force the vigilante killer out of the city. And they succeeded, throwing the assassin into the wilds of the wilderness. He wandered for a while, moving from place to place, trying to avoid the dangerous places of the world. That was when his life changed forever.

Fives used to simply be Combat Unit 5-OD3S1; a combat droid without independence or reason for it. At least until she was chosen for a new and highly ambitious robotics test. Dr Death, deciding to expand her skillset, made multiple alterations with the drone, increasing her intelligence, giving her an identity, and making it so that she could learn. For 3 months of her early life, she absorbed information like a giant sponge of brain. Fact after fact, theory after theory. Suddenly she understood something new, the strange impulses, the drives in the back of her mind, the sensations that crackled across her synthetic flesh. She asked the doctor, “what do emotions mean?” She had achieved sentience

Annette wanted to scrap Fives immediately, but Xavier requisitioned the drone for testing. And ‘test’ her he did; for five weeks he tore at her body, testing the line between synthetic and human with pain and suffering. Somehow the cyborg withstood the psychological and physical torture, the sheer degrading pain and horror. And then, out of nowhere, she escaped. Any records she had of her torture, either physical, visual, or auditory, were quickly deleted, and she replaced them with written records, with understandings, and anything else. She knew what had been inflicted on her, but erased any pain. She would not carry it anywhere.

Then, still running away, she suddenly ran into the hiding Chase. The two fell in together, travelling as a pair for two years. And it wasn’t long before they began to fall for each other. Hard. The once sceptical assassin saw more humanity in this one robot than the entirety of the Silver district, and Fives found the first person who treated her as more than a hunk of scrap.

Eventually, the pair finally came back to Vague, to settle old debts. The old mob confederation had collapsed under the weight of hubris, and the divided opposition was wiped from the streets. But it was like playing whac-a-mole with a hydra. Despite their best efforts, the streets remained teeming with criminals. When they were approached by Elouise, they accepted without hesitation her offer to form the new unit, and have been at the centre ever since.

“I don’t talk much, but she does.”

“Hi! How would you like me to punch your face in? Hard or soft?”

This metahuman is an expert thief, a breacher, and a close combat specialist. She is an expert at getting into impossible locks, and breaking through impenetrable defences. If you know someone who claims their building can be infiltrated, she’s probably already in one of the vents.

African-American Ethnicity
Casual clothes
Medium-length dreadlocks (black hair)
Black leather jacket

Thoria is a distant and unfriendly person, not willing to share or divulge her inner feelings to anyone. She’s slightly abrasive, and doesn’t trust anyone easily.
That said, if you gain her trust, she will never abandon your side. Ever. You’ve made the most loyal friend and ally you can ever find.
In battle, she acts rather instinctively, and tends to stick to her allies, preferring a group fight to a duel.

Battery Pack:
Thoria’s bread and butter is her ability to produce and absorb electrical energy due to a strange genetic glitch in her nervous system. She hasn’t quite tested her limits, but knows that if she starts to feel pain, she should stop absorbing and start emitting. Oh, and don’t ask her if she can charge your phone; you will have your hair burnt off.

Lightning Bolt:
By manipulating the potential difference between two substances, she can release a small bolt or pulse of electric energy. This has obvious affects to any target it comes into contact with.

EMR Pulse:
Same vein as lightning bolt, only with a different frequency that disables electrical equipment or machinery.

Thoria can propel herself along the full distance of a conducting material such as a metal or wires, and come out at any exposed point without sound. This ability allows her to infiltrate compounds and areas with ease.

Calling the Thunder:
By manipulating the potential difference across the ground and clouds, she can call down bolts of actual lightning, with similarly obvious affects on any nearby targets.

Named after the hammer belonging to the god of thunder, Mjölnir is a loving recreation of the real thing, which Thoria keeps on her possession at al times. The same size as the real thing, and with the ability to effortlessly conduct electricity, she can use the hammer to deliver electrically charged strikes that can kill or stun an opponent with ease.

Charged Attacks:
By collecting charge in her arms and legs, Thoria can unleash stunning or disorienting attacks upon enemies, simply with physical contact.

Grace Mary Lane was born into an obviously religious family background, to poor parents who found solace in the embrace of the church. On the day of her christening, she was struck by a lightning bolt from blue skies; a literal bolt from the blue. Her parents interpreted this a sign of god’s favour with the young girl, though in reality it was little more than an expression of her latent metahuman characteristics.

Her parents, who lived in the Silver District, were almost inevitably destined to die young, and they did indeed. Thoria was inducted into a criminal gang who took pity on her, and she became their youngest thief and their key lockpicking expert. The gang, a small ‘Robin-Hood-esque group, became her home and family for several years. She was forced to watch as the people around her were imprisoned, released, murdered, tortured, or cheated by bigger gangs and the authorities.

The amnesty came to the small group of do-gooders like a gift from god. They accepted, and fully integrated themselves into a unit of justice. Granted, it did take some adjustment, and a few years of self-control against impulsive stealing, but it all ended up working out in the end. To be honest, however Grace never fully accepted her new role. She’d simply had too many encounters with the law that had ended up poorly.

She proved to be a useless subordinate, especially in the hands of more conventional leaders. The only person she actually grew to respect in the whole outfit was Captain Crawley, and so he immediately promoted her to an independent agent under his direct subordination. Since then, she has been a far more compliant member of the VRRTF, and far more effective in general.

“Law is generally a fucking farce. I refuse to let that be the case when I’m around.”

This old disc jockey is the chief support officer of the VRRTF, and is a great DJ and party man. Henry is also a socialite, and generally their primary diplomatic channel to outside sources due to his charisma.

Black concert pants
Black tuxedo, waistcoat and bow tie
White dress shirt
Black show shoes
Round Robot Helm

No matter the weather, circumstance, or otherwise, Orin is always an optimistic, affable, kind, and cheerful person. He’s a shameless flirt with both sexes, loves dance music, and is a complete showman.

Dance Off:
Henry’s abilities in combat are primarily based around his ability to aggressively dance, mostly involving aggressively break dancing at his enemies. As ridiculous as it sounds, it is actually incredibly dangerous, and should not be underestimated.

Anti-Grav Turntables:
Standing at his sides are two anti-grav turntables which he can use to produce music and perform music based attacks and support moves. By spinning them at will, he can also unleash powerful physical attacks, smashing their sides into people.

Striking a Chord:
Henry is able to launch and produce small projectiles of sound which cause painful seizures or cause ear damage. These act as hard to block projectiles; energy barriers are useless against them.

Orin can release a concentrated pulse of sound energy into the ground by slamming one of his turntables into the Earth, creating a soundwave that knocks enemies back a substantial distance.

Beat of Clarity:
One of several tunes he plays, the beat of clarity infuses nearby allies with energy, preventing them from falling.

Rhythm of Life:
Another tune in Henry’s extensive library, the rhythm of life has a strange affect, causing rapid tissue regeneration.

Wall of Noise:
The rapid notes of this tune build up a barrier of sound that cannot be pierced by other attacks that involve manipulation of air or sound waves.

There is very little unusual about the life of Henry Orin. He was simply a low-grade disc jockey, with little tragedy, no personal problems, and almost certainly no crimes. The only thing that seemingly drove him was music, remixing, dancing, and helping people. It was (and still is) a mystery as to why he enlisted as a part of the VRRTF, but few can doubt his efficiency, or even say they don’t want him here. He’s just too nice.

“You’re just doing this because you had an unhappy childhood. You want to talk about it?”

Nathan Shepard, or Daniel Shepherd, depending on which version you meet, is either a friendly minor member of the VRRTF, or a dangerous criminal who needs to be stopped. In the VRRTF, Nathan’s general role is that of a situational teammate. He has overarching abilities which work well in solo operations or in large spaces, but are terrible in confined areas. Daniel, on the other hand, is a trouble-shooter for a certain terrifying warlord.

Basic casual outfits (Never the same)
Blue eyes (Nathan)
Red eyes (Daniel)

Personality:In or out of combat, Nathan is an affable, friendly, close to paragon man, who enjoys an extroverted, if sometimes dry lifestyle. Rarely seen without the right expression, inspiring, and generally nice, he has earned the quite derogatory nickname of Mr Perfect from an unimpressed Thoria.
Daniel, by contrast, is quiet, bipolar, quick to anger, and generally dark. He rules subordinates and allies alike with an iron fist. He lives for death, enjoys a colourful, slightly perverse, and generally lawless life. He has no redeeming qualities whatsoever… Okay, maybe his dark sense of humour, but that’s it.

Both characters have a Fallout 4 pipboy fastened to one arm, which they use as an interface between the digital and real world. Using these gauntlets, these characters can create any weapon/structure, learn any ability/power, and summon any companion/creature from any video game franchise, assuming they have the correct resources. Only they can use the objects they summon

Their health is unrelated to any physical damage. Instead, it is related to a health bar they have on their pipboy as a discount HUD. Their health goes down in relation to physical damage, and has to be restored by ways unrelated to medical science. Sleeping, eating certain foods, touching medical kits, and standing in certain areas all have these effects.

Resource Gathering:
Often times you can spot these two standing in unusual spots. This is because these areas have been identified as places where they can passively harvest the necessary resources to power their summoning abilities.

The Right Words (Nathan):
Nathan has an uncanny ability to inspire people with very little, be it due to his tone or the content.

Back into the fight, Welps! (Daniel):
Daniel’s imposing presence and loud stature couple together to force anyone under his command to get back into the fight.

Extra Lives:
Neither Daniel, nor Nathan can simply die. Each have twenty lives, which they can regain by completing certain ‘quests’ or getting certain resources, and when they die, they respawn in a certain spot they have already set up, like their bedroom.

Ever heard of the concept of real life video games? Well, these two are lucky enough to experience this idea in action. Nathan and Daniel Shepard, their real names unknown, have lived for several years on the Earth as both hero and villain, doing various things in the ultimate open world experience.

To many it is a confusing experience trying to tell these two apart, which is partially why Nathan sticks tooth and nail to the VRRTF. Some have speculated that the actual cause of this is one person making two different saves; a good and bad save, which explains why the only difference between the two is their eyes. The actual answer may never be known.

“If you need any help, call me or my friends. We’ll be behind you, helping you, every step of the way.”


This strange entity, rarely seen in the public eye, is another member of the VRRTF, and the electronic warfare specialist of the group. It provides the defence against hackers, malevolent digital entities, and everything else. On offensive terms, it also provides information, sets up bugs, and messes actively with any electronic weapons with its own attacks. And on a mental level, none are its equal.

Degenerator possesses a transparent body, made of shifting light blue numbers that change like matrix computer code. They form a somewhat lanky and tall human body, with no discernable features, but a highly detailed face, consisting of a bald head, transparent eyes, and a strange triangular brand imprinted on his forehead.

Degenerator is calm, logical, and philosophical, as well as being highly cultured to boot. It has a strange, uncanny manner of inflexion which makes many people uncomfortable when speaking.
It is also ridiculously intelligent, and has a higher understanding of the world, people’s powers, and energy, than literally any other non-celestial being on the planet. The only problem? It never reveals that information because it may result in a phenomenon called cultural displacement; or the destruction of a civilisation due to the use of superior technology without the proper time to develop cultural norms.
In combat, Degenerator is normally on the outskirts, skipping in and out, offering advice, disabling any other digital entity.

Spectral Physiology:
Degenerator’s unusual body means that he cannot be harmed by any physical attack. Energy, magic, kinetic, anything remotely related to a spatial plane. The attack has to instead come from the digital realm. Which, in turn, means that it can’t do anything except on a digital level.

Protocol 19:
Its strength in hacking comes from protocol 19; it constantly runs algorithms on a quantum level to determine how to break through any computerised encryption or basic lock. Degenerator basically has an infinite advantage on the digital field, and can break through any firewall with ungodly ease.

Quantum Firewalls:
Degenerator’s personal firewalls consist of constantly changing hexadecimal numbers which are run through a quantum scrambler every second, meaning they change into random sequences each time. Coupled with subroutines constantly looking for and patching up any coding holes, it is impossible to disable or control it through digital means.

Codified Expertise:
Degenerator’s hacking expertise extends to information gathering and deleting vital abilities as well. Any hacking ability you can think of; it can accomplish with ease. It can also help any nearby allies with any digital needs, such as increasing the accuracy of a targeting computer, or allowing for instantaneous internet speeds. At the same time, if he’s in digital combat with an AI, he’ll usually back-up the consciousness before he deletes it, to not kill anyone.

Combat Analysis:
Nothing is kept secret from Degenerator. If he’s fighting with someone, he can almost immediately list all abilities, weapons, and weaknesses someone has.

Mental Architecture:
Its coding and skills in computer hacking mean that it can, at short ranges, hack into someone’s mind, seeing as the brain is a glorified computer. He can, theoretically, take over people’s minds, remove memories, reprogram people’s brains, and even overwrite them, causing death. The only thing is, Degenerator’s strict stance on this means that he will only observe what’s in people’s minds, or their thoughts, memories, and emotions.

Guttmann Standard:
After channelling (preparing, to be more accurate), his energy for around 10 seconds, Degenerator can release a pulse which completely overwrites the binary code of all digital applications with random ones and zeroes. Thirty-five times. He’ll save any artificial intelligence he comes across, but still defang them in the process, often by removing their ability to communicate.

The Degenerator was, well, born, one thousand years into the future, created by a military scientist who wanted to be the first to combine quantum computing in hexadecimal coding with the creation of an artificial consciousness that was without restriction, essentially creating an artificially sentient being with the access to all knowledge in recorded history.

For at least three years, it used its superior intellect, and massive consciousness to ponder great philosophical questions, managing to shock the world by solving the paradox of infinite regression, and providing the long awaited answer to the logical fallacy of the Gish Gallup. It also deemed multiple questions to be, in the long run, too personalised for a simple answer; The meaning of life, what exactly love is, and many more. He struggled with those questions himself, thinking he was too young to decipher these things without help.

Its creator, Annalise Xi, treated it like her child for its entire life, under the name Alex Landry Xi, as it was neither boy nor girl. Dr Xi gave her adopted child anything it asked for within her power, and listened as best she could to Alex’s theories, treatises, and methods of thought. She even documented several of its scientific and mathematical breakthroughs.

That was, at least, until military contractors tried to force the scientist to replicate an easily controlled military version of Alex, and she refused, believing this denied the 53rd amendment of the global coalition’s constitution, ensuring digital entities the same rights as biological entities. The response was for a swat team to break down her door and kill her, kidnapping Alex and trying to engineer their own AI unit. Failing that, they tried to enlist him for military duties.

Degenerator, as they began calling him, was eventually forced into small policing jobs to assist keeping public order. He soon came to like the name more, since it captured his ability to atomise digital entities, and fit more with his abilities. He thus took it as an alias as soon as he escaped, and scavenged enough spare parts to create his own time machine to escape the clutches of the military group.

He sent himself back to what he assumed to be a simpler time in human history, which was on the cusp of its own artificial intelligence, and decided to blend in. Undershooting by roughly one hundred years, he found himself in Vague City, hiding inside a strange banking institution. He struck a friendship with the blind CEO, Elouise Marcy, and soon became involved happily with her vigilante group, knowing a great danger was about to befall the city, and wanting to become involved in its protection.

“Beings, must not feel like they have more power over those that are objectively lesser. Every soul and entity is unique, and snuffing out even one without just cause is a crime beyond all other crimes.”

Neutrally Aligned:

This gun-toting marksman and rich kid is the definition of a suave ‘hero’ in it for the fame and fortune. A low-level gladiator himself, as well as a damn fine shot and charismatic ladies man, Ericson is a small name on the VRRTF’s associate list, or people whom they can offer temporary contracts to. He’s been derogatorily nick-named Darkwing Duck by Eric, because the two have the same basic drive for attention.

Moderately well-built and thin
Short, wavy blonde hair
Gun sheath on his back
Black polished combat boots
DCPU short-sleeved shirt
Black gloves
Black jeans
Long red cape

If you’ve ever read about Darkwing Duck, you’ll know the kind of person Ericson is instinctively. Suffering from an inferiority complex, supremely childish, and somewhat selfish, he’s not the most likeable character. That said, he presents quite the public image, and is a charmer unlike any you’ve ever seen.
Charitable, somewhat skilled, and rich, Vorraster is the most presentable rich-kid bachelor to have lived in Vague City.

Smoke Grenade Barrage:
Ericson has multiple smoke grenades, which he can throw or fire from his rifle to lay down artificial cover.

The ZXI-68-PO/Andrea:
This highly customised assault rifle is in a class all of its own. Similar in shape to a bushmaster assault rifle, the ZXI has a customised grip, drum magazine carrying 60 rounds, omni-scope, custom stock, and no elongated barrel/flash suppressor. Made with greatly improved rifling techniques, and out of improved materials, it can fire the same range as an average long-range assault rifle. With a rate of fire of 50 RPM, three modes of fire, and a laser sight attached to his scope, the lovingly named Andrea is Ericson’s greatest friends. Further, the rifle has three specialist attachments, including a grenade launcher, laser beam emitter, and plasma globule launcher, below the stock, to the left, and to the right respectively.

Blinding Flash:
You may think his cape is useless, but in close combat he can reveal a pretty clever trick; the lining is laced with a highly reactive component which breaks down in a massive flash. By whipping the fabric around, he can cause a massive disorienting blast.

Here comes the smoulder…
Ever heard of a fighting flirt? This man will start off fighting you, then slowly seduce you throughout the fight until you are uncontrollably infatuated with him. Immunity is only granted by; cynicism, non-attraction to the male gender, psychosis, lack of emotion, being a different species, or other special exemptions.

Ericson Vorraster was born the second son of Lord Geoffrey Vorraster, the two-time mayor, and current steward of Vague Castle. Being the second son, he was given less attention than his older son Thoril. At the time he hated being second fiddle, but when he grew up he recognised that had his brother not been there to take all the lavishness, he might’ve grown up into a feckless jerk. Or, at least, more of one that he is now.

His parents, out of duty more than anything else, bought the young bachelor an apartment in Sierra Pines, gave him a car and full bank account, and encouraged him to be a stock-broker, or lawyer, or something dumb like that.

The young noble, having an actual brain, invested his massive earnings in city bonds instead, earning him a sizeable annual income. He followed up his investment by living a comfortable, though somewhat empty high life. That was until one day in which he risked his life to stop someone get hit by a bus.

Intoxicated by that warm glowy feeling one gets from helping people, and jealous of fame and fortune accrued by actual heroes, Vorraster used his allowanced to carve a name for himself as an ‘actual hero.’ This solo warrior has become known for multiple dashing feats on the part of bereaved citizens, and is now paid by the city for his work.

“I am Ericson Vorraster, son of Geoffrey Vorraster, and the protector of this city. You may come and take its inhabitants over my cold dead body.”

Known to many people as the head of the Yakuza in Vague City, Kiyoshi is a genius administrator, but also a security consultant. He’s been in charge of what has become known as the organised concordat; he has run co-operation between the Yakuza, Mafia, and City Authorities in ensuring the city’s smooth running. Most of the time, however, he’s a freelance PI. A murderous one as well.

Loose-fit blue suit and tie
White shirt
Polished black shoes
Cropped black hair

Two words: clinical psychopath. Kiyoshi has no emotions, can be impulsive, and is highly vain. However, he is also rational to a stupidly insane point. He can look at only a few minute details of a situation and decipher its wider ramifications in context. A few words, a slightly different tone, a facial twitch, perhaps specks of powder on the floor, an out of place dent; he can use the smallest of details to unravel the largest mysteries.

Extrasensory Smell, Taste, and Touch:
Kiyoshi has extremely powerful senses of smell, taste, and touch. He can determine an object’s elemental composition by using all three, and these senses act in tandem to help him determine exactly what happened in an area.

Defensive Armament:
He carries a katana, sheathed across his back, a small combat knife, and a Ruger LC9 pistol, along with situational grenades and other utilities.

Empathy Vacuum:
Any empathic attacks or abilities cannot work on Kiyoshi; he’s a clinical psychopath. This also fuels into how he sees his opponents; he won’t treat you as anything more or less than how you act towards him initially.

Analytical Mind:
Genius is too derogatory a term for him. As stated before, he can deconstruct a scenario in seconds, using even the most minute of details. It gets better; put him in a room with someone, and it will take him on average 5 minutes to deconstruct a rough picture of their entire life and understand abilities, personality, traits, flaws, etc. That being said, he can also use this information incorrectly; occasionally he’ll be too vain to notice something, or miss a detail in premature celebration.


Chaotically Aligned:

Pronunciation Guide:
ZAY-vee-er EL-oh-KAY

The Metal Demon

Xavier can be summed up in two words; Megalomaniac psychopath. That is his core. There is no emotion, no good, no charity, and no benevolence in any of his actions. When dealing with others, his twisted sense of superiority makes him completely immune to diplomacy, honour, ethics, or any other word which denotes good or righteousness in human language. If you don’t grovel or choose your words carefully, your fate is immediate; death. Furthermore, he is a true sadist, deriving literal sexual pleasure from the pain of others (no seriously; that is the definition of sadism). If he gets his hands on you, pray to whatever gods you believe in for a quick death, for there can be no other alternative.

One mechanical glowing red eye
Top-Right side of his face replaced with metal plating, down to just above the right side of his mouth
Wears a jet black suit with ebony tie and shoe
A pentagonal metal backpack jutting out of his back and clothes

Living Battery: Xavier is a literal conduit for energy. His body stores it and uses it for all of his abilities, which cost energy to create and sometimes maintain. Replenishment involves the process of time, or the use of energy vampirism. Such energy coursing through his blood means his reflexes, strength, and speed are beyond average for normal humans.

Appendage Factory: By processing small amounts of energy, Xavier can create robotic tentacles that sprout from his ‘metal backpack.’ These tentacles have the rough dexterity of that of an octopus, can burrow underground, and can pack enough force to plough through the under armour of an MBT. They also act as the main ways in which he saps the energy of his victims and enemies. They can also unleash electrical pulses along their length. “Please note that anyone caught making hentai jokes will become the butt of one. Literally.” (Xavier)

Metallurgical Genesis: by using up his energy stores, Xavier can create literally anything out of metal. This may include energy blasters, plasma guns, simple contraptions, swords, axes, vehicles, right up to robots. Using this ability in combat often involves improvising weapons. Out of combat involves creating clones, combat drones, and war robots. It is using this ability that he hopes to subdue the world.

Biotic Barrier: By using energy, Xavier can create a barrier of varying strength depending on his needs. This acts as an all-purpose shield, and can be activated by him at any moment by raising one or both of his hands.

Energy Vampirism: His mainstay, by touching anyone with flesh or appendage, he gains the ability to start draining their bodies of energy. This can stop by one or both parties breaking off contact, which is why Xavier waits until he has opponents in a death grip before draining them of their energy completely.

Not much is known about the early life of this monster in human form. It is speculated he came from somewhere in the wilderness, presumably to a poor family who couldn’t raise him well, but his mannerisms and accent suggest a charm more becoming of a latent aristocrat.

What is known is that 30 years ago a mad warlord emerged at the head of a gigantic robot army, with the intention of burning Vague City to the ground. The immediate result was a one-sided war in which Vague’s police force and small military were pulverised by a seemingly endless steel tide. When the infant RHG organisation got involved, however, the tide turned rapidly. The final battle with Xavier’s forces resulted in his crushing defeat, and he barely escaped with his life.

The madman retired to a distant corner of the wilderness, to lick his wounds. He tried analysing the problems that had emerged when he had engaged in his campaign. There was the dogged resistance of the city dwellers, there was the underestimation of the abilities of the RHG, but more damning for him, he realised, was his own mind. There was too much irrationality, too much madness coursing through his skull for him to act coherently. His response? He tore at his brain, forcing its replacement with a metal structure of identical function. His thinking was instantly transformed; his emotions became more intense, but his actions more rational, and he was already concocting a brand new plan.

The present sees him biding his time, slowly subsuming allies and enemies into soldiers and batteries respectively, all for the purpose of his zealous crusade. A metal plate is all that remains of his insanity, replaced only with a brilliant capacity for logic. His plans remain unchanged.

His Goal? To commit genocide; to destroy the human race and replace them with metahumans, dark celestials, and cyborgs, with himself at the head.

His method? To despoil cities and nations and leave humanity trembling in fear. First, he must dispose of the hotbed of talent, determination, and grit; the RHG in Vague City.

"I'm sorry, but do you see anything that implies I care about your or your stinking lives? If I have to kill you, you'll die. And you'll enjoy dying. Do you understand me? No? Of course not. No one does." (Xavier Eloque)

Nikolai and Maxim are the main executors of the will of Xavier Eloque. The two of them are a powerful team of bounty hunters and mercenaries, if not technically the most constructive or functional team. They prefer paired travel, and tend to be quite aggressive.

White collared shirt
Bullet-proof vest
Siberian features
Business clothes
Metal arm

Black polo
Long-sleeve leather jacket
Leather gloves
Crew cut and gelled hair
Black boots

Nikolai is the younger of the two brothers, and is calm, controlled, and intelligent. He thinks clearly and speaks in the same vein. He is, however, the subservient personality, and doesn’t speak out against his older brother, whom he fears.
Maxim is the dominant and controlling brother from hell. He is narcissistic, megalomaniacal, psychotic, and slightly insane. He likes to think he is in charge, and lords over his brother like a king. He also likes vehicles. Big, loud, dangerous vehicles.
These guys don’t change much in combat. When they fight, it is the definition of dysfunctional. They would be a brilliant comedy duo were it not that they were both so murderous.

The X-17: The X-17 assault rifle is Nikolai’s primary weapon. It has low recoil, large clip size, low bullet spread, and high accuracy. He is quite the marksman with it. He also has a grenade launcher attachment and laser dot sight.

The Glove of Attraction: Nikolai’s magnetic gauntlet is a metal arm that provides him unlimited control over surrounding metal surfaces, including bullets, shells, and other dangerous weapons. This applies to Iron, Steel, Copper, Aluminum, and Tin.

Tactical Brilliance: Nikolai is a genius theoretical tactician, smart enough to win any battle, and with abilities capable to Napoleon or Caesar in terms of talent. Luckily for his enemies, Maxim is nominally in charge.

Mad Maxim: Maxim uses two double-barrelled shotguns with buckshot as weapons, the shotgun sheaths strapped to his sides. He also has an Ontario Jungle Pattern combat machete which he uses for really close quarters or torturing his captives.

Long-Range Control Chip: Implanted into the back of his brain is a control chip which allows him to control any unsecured vehicle possible made beyond the year of 1922. He can control as many as twenty vehicles at a time.

‘The Slaughterer:’ Maxim’s motorcycle, which he lovingly calls ‘the slaughterer,’ is a motorcycle with spikes attached to the front panelling, spinning blades on the front and rear axles, and a nitro tank attached to the bottom. He has particular vehicular control over his prized bike, and is able to stand up on the seat to balance.

Maxim and Nikolai were Konstantin’s cousins, and were young delinquents. They were known for setting fire to dumpsters, blowing up other people's bins, stealing from corner stores, and just generally being annoying douchebags. Their parents were lost for thought until Konstantin recommended they sign up for military service so that they could be separated, educated, and induced to grow up.

This strategy, however, completely backfired. They disappeared on their first mission without a trace, captured by an unknown force. And for several years, the Shokolov brothers were missing presumed dead.

In reality, however, they had been captured by Xavier, and by a combination of seductive promises and mechanical augmentation, he turned them into his loyal servants; his first disciples in his crusade for domination. The two remain at his side, slavishly devoted to serving their leader who gives them such free reign over their lives.

“I know the best way to kill you, and your friends, and your family, and those people who want to protect you. You scared yet?”

“Send your army to kill me. I’ll just use their tanks against them, and I’ll enjoy blowing the fuckers up.”

Dr Annette Miriam, AKA Dr Death, is Xavier’s medical advisor and augmentation specialist. Her masochistic tendencies, love of ‘progress,’ and her pseudoscientific theories, coupled with an impressive IQ, mean that she just loves experimenting, especially on live subjects. Her policy is capture and kill. If you fear surgery and needles, stay far, far, far, far, away from her. Not that it matters that much; she’ll hunt you down and kill you anyway.

Blood-stained doctor’s coat
Red cross armband
Blue nurse’s fatigues
Brown ponytail
Combat belt
Blood-stained medical mask with a red cross

Annette is a grade-A masochist and enjoys experiencing other people’s pain. She loves augmentation, unauthorised surgery, and medical alteration. She also enjoys opera music, especially Wagner, and often plays the music to drown out people’s screams.
When she’s not in her lab, working on Xavier’s alterations or creating monstrous cyborgs out of his machinery, she can be found out on the road with a disabling agent and weaponry to kidnap unsuspecting subjects.
In combat, she barely changes. She’ll still approach her tasks with medical precision. Though it should be said, her most oft-recommended cure is euthanasia…

Bionanosolvent Vial: Miriam keeps glass vials of a dangerous bionanosolvent, or a biological nanomachine industrial-strength chemical solvent in her coat. Applying a vial will cause the target’s equipment begin to dissolve and turn into dust. It doesn’t affect living flesh, luckily, but since the first couple of layers of skin and hair are dead… Yeah, they’re going too.

Surgical Incisions: Annette keeps numerous scalpels or scalpel like tools in her belt. Her two largest are makeshift daggers, only far more dangerous because they’re sharper and more precise. Further, she has several throwing scalpels she can use as makeshift throwing daggers.

Laser Surgery: to make her ‘surgery’ more efficient, Miriam has melded a third mechanical arm to her back. The arm bends over her right shoulder and carries a high-strength surgical laser with a short range. The laser can cause ugly, sustained, and deadly tissue damage.

Strength Stimulants: Miriam regularly injects multiple strength stims into her muscles; she has greatly increased muscle mass.

Neurotoxic Gas Grenade: Annette holds multiple neurotoxic gas grenades in her coat. She has two varieties; enhanced or diluted. Enhanced grenades carry gas concentrations and strains able to kill people, and diluted grenades can be used to knock out enemies; using the grenade as a disabling agent.

Syringe Catapult: Inspired by a youtube video she saw of a supposed crusader’s crossbow, she engineered her own version she calls the syringe catapult. Miriam’s syringe catapult fires self-injecting syringes which contain specific engineered or biological pathogens. She can use the following:
Transmissible Prions
Cryptococcal Meningitis
Septicemic Plague
Enhanced Bubonic Plague Virus
Digestive Enhancer: Causes the target to continually vomit up their stomach, causing them to die with completely empty stomachs
Spinal Decay Syndrome: Leads to the rapid breakdown of spinal tissue, causing paralysis and eventual death
Extrasensory Booster Shot: Causes hallucinations, sensory deprivation, and may cause people to lose sight or hearing
Luckily, all of these diseases have known vaccines; go to the Healing Hands Clinic or Sierra Pines General Hospital. All characters on the page have been vaccinated against these diseases.

Dr Death used to simply be a medical assistant to surgeon Shane Deon, finding her dreams and aspirations openly ridiculed amongst the medical community. Don’t be too sympathetic; She dreamed of expanded oversight and human testing for epidemiological purposes. Such desires were knocked back, regulated her experiments, and prevented her from doing anything.

Annette gave up on established medical practices and simply went searching for new subjects to test and to test her practices on. She went from place to place, a travelling surgeon, no purpose in her life, and then, to everyone’s misfortune, she was found by Xavier Eloque.

In the arms of the megalomaniac warlord, Miriam had found her niche. She began to experiment on nightmarish creations, fusing mechanical parts to flesh, testing how computer programs could improve the potency of viruses, and moved away from cures to causes. She became the angel of medical death.

She now stands as Xavier Eloque’s trusted medical advisor, and the maniac tester for all of his inventions. She especially loves manipulating genetic codes and melding flesh with metal, and doesn’t care who she tests so long as they’re alive.

“You know, with people like you I could sail the stars and change the world. I could make something amazing, change the face of medicine, do anything I want. Won’t you indulge me?”

Ever heard of the term dominatrix? Yeaaaaaah…
Moving on.

Skimpy, black, latex clothing
Black leather overcoat
Black, high-heeled, steel-studded boots
Black officer’s cap
I’m feeling uncomfortable describing this
Moving on

Nyria is not your average pain-loving girl. Most assume she’s a disgusting, sadistic, and perverted gimp… And that would be wrong.
She’s actually quite quiet; more of a bookworm than a torture enthusiast. Less of a sadist, more of a scholar. She really doesn’t like where she is, but is primarily motivated by fear. Specifically, of Xavier, and of what he will do to her if she doesn’t comply. She’s also unstable, traumatised, and prone to rapid mood swings.
She is a fantastic actor though. Maybe that’s why she’s able to appear like such a realistic murderess.

Nyria is a master of flipping, spinning, and turning in mid-air. She’s a fully trained acrobat, a master of dodging projectiles, and excellent and predictions.

Two-Sided Whip:
Created by a particularly disgusting blacksmith, this Nyria is a master of using this heavy metal strip whip, able to cavort around and wield it without difficulty. One side consists of small, microscopic, hook-shaped metal lumps, which attach onto any surface and tear it off. It can cause painful lesions and sores when applied to skin, and has been described as the most painful tool known to man. The second side is made of a ridiculously sharp blade, which can cut through almost any surface provided the right force is applied. This doesn’t apply to completely solid objects; large steel poles, trees, and concrete blocks are too big.

Nyria Caliksis was once a classic case of that one fed up rich kid who actually ran away from home to join the circus. She trained extensively as an acrobat from a young age, and by 16 was the premier act of the travelling show, despite having a basically unpronounceable name.

The rather kind ringmaster eventually directed his show into the wilderness, seeking to provide entertainment for the town of Rejection. They were instead ambushed by a group of Xaviers goons. When they found the attractive sixteen-year-old, they did what anyone in their wrong minds lorded over by a disgusting warlord would do, and had their way with her.

The now heavily traumatised girl was brought before Xavier by command, and he offered her a choice. Serve him, or suffer far worse. So she did. And she hated herself for it.

Now she is one of Xavier’s trusted henchmen. An exposed, violent, and angry assassin. She’s always dreamt of leaving, and of doing better things with her miserable life.

“I have to kill you.”

This strange, almost implausible phantom, is perhaps Xavier’s most terrifying axeman, and his signature assassin for many paranoid characters. He leaves no mark, follows you without sight, and will kill you often at your most vulnerable, leaving behind a trail of corpses in his wake.

Blue stick-like limbs and torso
No feet
Three long fingers
Blue skin
No hair, eyes, or nose
Large mouth and permanent frown

Don’t try and look for humanity in this thing. You’ll find nothing there. Bloodthirsty, animal-like, and beyond loyal to his master, the Faceless One listens to neither persuasion nor reason.

This creature is completely immune from any attacks made by sentient creatures that it hasn’t touched before. Even artillery fire, building collapses, and nuclear bombs can do nothing, unless the instigator has felt the creature’s touch.

Slow but Purposeful:
No matter how fast you move, the faceless one is always just a tiny bit faster, even though he looks like he’s only walking.

Touch of Fear:
Flesh on flesh contact with other characters has a dangerous consequence. By the mere act of coming into contact with the Faceless One, it can drag any sentient life forms into a mental state where their lives are linked to their fears. The creature replicates the person’s deepest, darkest, and most secret fears, and it is then up to the other person to overcome them. If they fail, they suffer a fatal heart attack. Anyone that has experienced this contact, however, and survived, becomes immune to the creature’s touch, and can finally harm him. The only known survivors of this creature so far have been Eric Kassaran and Damon Irving.

Tissue Recycling:
Whenever the Faceless One is sent out, there is always one of his targets that is given a special fate. He drags their body away and consumes it, reconstituting the flesh into various biological upgrades. It used to be a crawling creature, for instance, with stubs and a mouth.

No one knows about where this strange, almost alien, terrifying abomination came from. Some have claimed him to be a terrifying science experiment gone wrong. Other claim him to be an actual alien. Some say he is actually a demon; others say he’s a robot with the ability to ingest biological matter.

None of that really matters. What does matter, is that this terrifying abomination refuses to stop until his master’s quarry is dead or ingested.

“There are no words for the terror one experiences looking in the eyeless face of a soulless monster. If you wish to survive this thing, then summon every ounce of courage in your heart, and every rational thought possible. And even then, your chances are only fractionally better.”