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08-17-2017, 09:55 PM
Heh, Piston started something that cannot be stopped.

Oh well, might as well make one myself because I have several characters that I'd like to show you guys and get some feedback.

Except for my original OC Ignus (Where do you think I got my username? :P), all of these characters are possible future wRHG fighters of mine. I do my best to make sure they're well balanced, but of course no such thing as "perfect balance" can be achieved, so please tell me if you find anything to OP and how you suggest I fix it.

James is a karate teacher operating out of Helena, Montana. He doesn't play a super big role in my convoluted overarching story-line about the Precursors, but he does have some associations with Abbas (my current wRHG) due to him running low on funds for his dojo and partnering with the Immortal to keep himself running.
Personal Info/Appearance:
- 28 years old, born 1989
- Tall, 6'4"
- Light Skin Tone (Scottish)
- Curly Red Hair, Short Cut, Falls to Mid Forehead
- Slightly Slanted Eyes (Japanese), Suffers From Heterochromia (Right Eye Blue and Left Eye is Green)
- White T-Shirt
- Light Winter Jacket, Usually Unzipped
- Baggy Gray Sweats
- Sneakers

Personality: James is an introvert/extrovert, sometimes preferring to keep to himself, and at different times absolutely loving to bask in the presence of others. He's not overly talkative, but this is due to the fact that he doesn't like to speak unless spoken to. When he does speak, he's quiet, and seems quite subdued, though he's primarily doing this to try and prevent himself from losing his temper, which he has in spades. He has extraordinary patience for someone so hot-headed, but if you manage to distress him enough, it's like a small nuke going off.

Yeah Generic I kinda stole your format, deal with it. (Jk plz don't hurt me...)
Latent Energy Release (LER): A unique skill James discovered he possessed during a period of three years training, this allows James to take in dormant energy from his surroundings and release it into any object, effectively causing an extremely fast and intense chemical reaction, all depending on the amount of energy he manages to take in before releasing it. He can essentially store up enough energy, touch a steel girder, and cause it to turn to rust and fall apart. Same goes for any other material, one touch from James with the proper amount of energy built up can be an instant game over. This is limited to the material however, as certain element resist chemical reaction, like gold, silver, or the noble gases.

Martial Arts Mastery: Besides his super-esque abilities, James is a highly accomplished black-belt, having learned for nine years before dedicating his entire life to the sport. Now, at the age of 28, with exactly 20 years of experience under his belt (pun intended), James is no slouch and a very competent competitor in any tournament or fight he partakes in.
Long story short, James was born to an above average sized Scottish man, also named James, and a Japanese woman, in an undisclosed location in Hokkaido, Japan. Soon after his birth, his family moved to Helena, Montana, where his father continued to teach karate, and his mother became a cook for a local restaurant. James took up both cooking and karate as hobbies, eventually wishing to become a cook and take after his mother. However, when his father was diagnosed with cancer, deemed terminal only months into his treatment, James had a change of heart and, after his dad's death in early 2003, at the age of seventeen, dedicated his life to the art of karate and eventually bought his father's dojo back to train future generations. During this time, he awakened something within himself, and found out he could harness unused energy in the air to fight with.

A Blind, Iranian fighter in the RHG competition, Dominic has (in my universe at least) risen to stardom within the RHG's fighting ranks by winning matches, with his previously mentioned impediment, that is, being blind, not holding him back. Despite, in several interviews, revealing that he's 100% a normal human, Dom is not viewed as such, played off as a super or mutant. He's a legendary figure within the RHG, and holds a considerable amount of weight in decisions that go into the organization.
Personal Info/Appearance:
- 27 years old, 1990
- Tall, 6'6"
- Dark Skin Tone (Persian)
- Windswept Black Hair, Shaved Short on Sides
- Scar Covers Eyes, Wears Rounded Darkened Glasses
- Long Sleeve Light Blue and Red Plaid Shirt, Brown Vest Worn Over
- Torn Blue Jeans
- Hiking Boots
- Large Build, Wide Shoulders

Personality: Dominic, preferring his fans to call him simply Dom, is mostly silent, but when he does talk, he's very soft spoken, and seemingly laid back. His usually quiet and otherwise joking demeanor are peeled away however, whenever he takes his glasses off, revealing the large, ugly red scar that stretches over his face from ear to ear, covering both eyes and travelling across the bridge of his nose. He hardly ever does this, only showing such emotion when the time calls for it.
Boxing Expertise: While working in the Pacific Northwest, primarily as a lumberjack, Dominic took up learning boxing techniques,
primarily by listening to audio books on the subject, as well as practicing his technique by punching varying trees, Rock Lee style, until he was confident in his skills as a fist fighter.

Highly Developed Senses: Being blind since birth, Dominic had to learn to effectively "see" using his other four senses. He has extremely sensitive ears, giving him very good hearing, allowing him to essentially use echolocation. His smell is trained to near superhuman levels, allowing him to memorize certain scents and distinguish from near identical scents as well. So, when you break him down, he's not handicapped, he's handicapable!

Kinetic Gloves: Dominic's signature weapons in a fight, these studded, finger-less leather gloves allow Dom to store up kinetic energy and release it in enhanced punches, allowing for greater strength, damage output, and versatility. Besides this, Dominic is already quite strong, standing an imposing 6'6"
and being able to bench press an impressive 320 lbs.
Not much is known about Dominic's past, given the few encounters with the public and reporters he allows. However, he has revealed the origins as to how he obtained his scar. His mother and father conceived him out of wedlock, and his mother, not wishing to receive scorn for her actions, his mother tied a belt around her stomach everyday, to keep her pregnancy hidden, while successful, it scarred Dominic while he was in the womb,
right across his eyes, blinding him from birth. No other knowledge about his past has been revealed, except for the fact that he's Iranian.

Ignus (where I get my namesake) is more or less the Saitama of my universe, he plays a good guy role, but one nearly identical to the One Punch Man persona. He's just, way too strong for his own good. He has to hold back over 90% of his strength just to have a solid fight. He plays the ultimatum in my canon, the very strongest character there is. Other than that, there's no reason why he exists in my RHG universe. If I come up with a better reason, I'll make it clear I did.
Personal Info/Appearance:- 27 years old, 1990
- Tall, 6'7"
- Pale Skin Tone (Unknown Background)
- Mid-Length bright orange hair, Ichigo Kurosaki in Appearance, Covered by Blue Beanie
- Three Long, White Scars Run From His Hairline, Over His Right Eye Down to his Jawline
- Long Sleeve Gray Shirt
- Ash Covered Jeans
- Converse Shoes
- Huge Build, Like a Rock

Personality: Ignus is serious in nature, all the time, everywhere, but knows how to take a joke. He's stoic, not showing much emotion except for either fury or boredom. While among friends, he's slightly less of a buzzkill, trying to crack a joke here and there, but usually failing. His counterpart,
Drayneus, is the exact opposite. He can't take a joke, constantly messes with people, and never seems to take anything seriously. One could even say he's mentally insane.
Strength: Ignus and Drayneus are both extremely strong, no matter who is in control. Ignus could be argued to be the stronger of the two, but Drayneus would never agree. He's stated before that he's lifted mountains, leveled forests with a single cut of an ax, and toted boats up onto docks single-handedly. No one would argue that Ignus or Drayneus are weaklings in any way. He's also extremely durable, being able to tank blows from some of the physically strongest beings in the world and continue fighting.

Pyrokinesis: Ignus is an adept fire user, spitting out flames he boasts are hotter than the sun and easily being able to melt rock. He can hurl fireballs, breath fire, shoot concentrated beams, you name it! Along with this, Ignus' natural body temperature is much higher than a normal humans,
around 200 degrees Fahrenheit on average.

Drayneus: The demon Drayneus who resides in Ignus as a permanent vessel grants him all sorts of useful powers, as long as the demon is in control. Such abilities include: Enhanced pyrokinesis, weapon generation, superior speed, illusion generation, and opening of portals to hell itself.

Chains: Ignus possesses two chain bracelets, appropriately named after dragons from his home world (He doesn't say what they are), that can extend off his arms to become up to seven foot long whips, composed of a bronze like substance Ignus describes as being unbreakable. These weapons,
Ignus' obvious favorites, are enchanted, allowing him to spawn any type of object at the end of either, such as an ax head or hook, to provide all sorts of versatility. They can also be heated to an absurd degree, allowing their wielder to slash through most anything in a single swipe.
When he was born, Ignus was nearly abandoned as a child, because he bore the mark of Drayneus, three pale, white scars that would appear on a random spot on the body. In Ignus' case, running over his right eye. Drayneus himself reincarnated every 1000 years, possessing a mortal of extraordinary power. While fearful of the demon at first, Ignus' parents, specifically his father, came to acknowledge the great strength their son must possess to be chosen as a vessel of Drayneus. As he grew up, Ignus' father trained in the arts of combat, teaching him hand to hand, weapon-wielding skills, horseback, and archery, all the while improving his son's impressive might. After his 21st birthday, Drayneus had Ignus leave his parents, and led the young man, who had come to be known as an unstoppable force, through a portal to Earth, where he introduced him to the RHG, where he now competes to find a worthy opponent.