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I know this kind of thing is over done but I did want a place where I could put up character concepts and get feedback and/or advice for them. She here's my character page. I'd love it if anyone reading could give their comments, suggestions, critique and etc. for the guys and gals I'll end up posting. Everyone here is a possible Rhgs.

Name: Siene Sison Seir (pronounced as: See-en, C-son, say-eer)
Titles: The Psyker, Princess of the Abyss,
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Human (Abyss-touched)
Alignment: True Neutral in front of most people, Neutral Good when with those she’s comfortable with.

Psionics- This can be described as the ability to unlock and use the higher faculties and prowess of the mind past its biological standard, capable of drawing and using psychic energy at will for varying uses. Siene has trained herself in the use of two disciplines, Psychic Energy Manipulation and Psionic Constructs.

Psychic Energy Manipulation- Does as it says on the tin. In its most basic form Siene can blast opponents with psionic energy; visually it looks like a bolt of purple lighting. She can shoot out simple projectiles, gather it into a ball to charge up the power or let out a continuous stream of energy at a target, think “Force Lightning” only change the color.

Psionic Constructs- Siene gathers Psionic energy and shapes them into tangible objects, they appear more similar to hard light constructs with a light near-transparent purple tinge. She can use this to form hardy barriers of any shape as well as simple objects such as melee weapons. When Constructs are broken she will be unable to create more for a short time.

She has some training in martial arts, both with and without weapons.
Her surroundings begin to saturate in Abyssal energy the more she uses her abilities. Slowly and temporarily leading to strange phenomena, prime of which is gravity steadily becomes meaningless and space starts to become wonky.

Out of Battle abilities:
Teleportation- an option for long range travel, Siene opens up a small and temporary portal to travel between locations via the Abyssal Plane, the concentration and preparation needed makes this very unviable in battle, also she needs some basic information on the location she’s traveling to for it to work.

Psychic Energy Manipulation - Her projectiles are on the flashy side making them easier to dodge. She needs to concentrate when she’s using her charged attack, breaking it will result in it sputtering out. Her energy stream has a rather short range.

Psionic Constructs - Her constructs are limited to rigid objects, meaning no moving parts. The more constructs she creates the more liable to damage and destruction they become, think of them sharing the same integrity meter, thus if one gets destroyed all the rest will as well, regardless if they were actually hit or not.

While she has training in close combat, she cannot hold her own for more than a few seconds against melee oriented fighters. Siene herself is not yet accustomed to the environmental changes when they happen, and those effects can be used against her as much as she can sue it to for favor.

Despite being born to normal parents, Siene showed great potential in the field of Psionics, and was something her parents eagerly cultivated. To the joy of her proud parents, by the age of eight she was already giving shows to her friends and family, standing out in her small community even among other supernaturally gifted children.

The event that would change her life would come near the end of that year. As the snow fell blanketing the ground with white, she noticed a bright flash in the distance, in the forest outside her house. She snuck out as she often did and made her way towards the light. Upon arriving, she saw a monstrous mass of flesh, a horrifying eldritch creature straight out of a sci-fi movie, but she immediately noticed that this thing was hurt. Several of its coiling tentacles has chunks missing from them, other just gone completely, the layers of its silvery chitin like armor gone and more flaking off every second that passed.

Seeing the creature fully Siene tried to run but was caught in the creatures glowing hypnotic gaze. The creature, calling itself Feltezar, in a desperate effort to save itself tried to meld as much of its mind with Siene’s and take control of her consciousness. But with Feltezar’s weakened state and Siene’s natural psychic prowess she overpowered the Abyss Fiend and remained in control of her mind and body.

This was an incident she never told anyone, yet its effects went far and deep. For despite her retaining control of herself, Siene’s mind was irreversibly altered having incorporated part of a psychic monster, granting her access to “The Abyss” a separate dimensional plane rife with psychic energy. Yet this power also came at a price, for the next twelve years she experienced visions and dreams of the otherworldly realm of the Abyss, and as she trained and her powers grew stronger so did her connection with the Abyss along with it the frequency and intensity of the visions.

A young woman of twenty years, she comes around 5’7’’. Her auburn hair has turned pure white ending in what looks like black highlights, these highlights glow a bright amethyst when she uses her powers. Her emerald eyes as well have turned a vibrant violet that glow ssoftly. Her skin is a light sun-kissed brown pretty much like a tan, but around her chest and abdomen has become discolored to a white as unused paper. A thin body type and modest chest, objectively she’s pretty but lately people sense something’s off when looking at her.

For clothing she sports a black long-sleeved hoodie, covered in wavy purple details, underneath she wears a plain white button up shirt. Dark blue shorts reaching past her knees. Interestingly her blood is pastel white to most people but to other strong psychics it takes on a bright pink.

Originally Siene was outgoing, friendly and well-adjusted to life. She had a small circle of close friends and was kind to everyone. Overall your typical girl next door type.

As the visions grew more vivid, she’s become much more silent, laconic and observant. She tries to keep a small profile and presence leading most people to believing she’s shy. She is actually quite self-conscious about the changes in her appearance. She keeps a neutral front when faced with people but that does not mean she has no emotions, she still cries when she’s sad, smiles when she’s happy it’s just that she tries to control herself a lot more when in front of others.

Her actions lean more to the amoral side of the morality compass, despite this she’s still a good person at heart and tries to help others with her capabilities, but does not actively seek to dos so. She’s a fighter not a killer, while she likes a good challenge she only defaults to killing when necessary. Finds other worldly or alien anatomies surprising but not scary in the least, well she’s desensitized to strange organic forms. Tends to dislike machines and robotics, self-aware robots and AI she will give a chance but her stand remains.

Name: ???
Titles: The Collector
Age: ??
Gender: Male
Race: Human (Presumed)
Alignment: True Neutral

Dimension Jumping- an Out of Combat Ability The Collector attained at some point in his history
Hammer Space- a small pocket dimension where the Collector stores his Items
The Phantasm Engine(?) Allows him to use certain fragments to Manifest Abilites teid to said Fragments.

Blue Rose Petal- Picked up from the floor of an art gallery. Allows the Collector to manipulate Blue fire, hotter than usual fire. (Pure Range)

A find that nearly evaded my eye, a burning feeling of duty and passion eminate from thois petal, a desire to protect a person close to them

Bloodied Bandage Strip- found among the ruin of a charred mansion. Allows the Collector to summon two hatchets, durable and never dull, they can fly back into the Collectors hands. (Range-Melee Hybrid)

Cursed Blade Scrap- Found abandoned deep in a forest. Combat Steroid, A cursed knife of backstabbing, slowly drains enemies of vitality with each strike.(Pure Melee, evil aligned)

Strange Mirror Shard- Found in the dark recess Territory Acquisition. Hedge Maze, Abandoned Mansion, Circus at Night, Empty Cathedral, (Removes any weapons on person forcing both parties to improvise) (Surrounding manipulator, Equalizer to an extent)

Glowing Jewel Fragment- found in an abandoned enclave in a damp forest. Let’s the Collector summon a enchanted blade, holy attribute, capable of striking incorporeal beings, but is dull to physical entites unless they have a weakness to holy.(Pure Melee, Good Aligned)

Dirty Talisman Scrap- found in the dusty halls of a school. The scrap allows the Collector to summon four small shades to fight, they are fast and have Sharp claws, but are easily dissipated. (Mook Creator, Evil Aligned)

Cracked Piano Key/Snapped Violin String- summons the appropriate instrument, playing it causes it to unleash a sonic attack, can change pithc, higher pitch more power yet dissipate easy, low pitch further range yet lower power.

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Wait, I just noticed that my test room is gone... where did it go LOL.

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Wait, I just noticed that my test room is gone... where did it go LOL.

... Azarel, I pmed you about that, remember? I informed you about this like way back in August. I won't quote it, but I did do it... Did you forget?

Also, interesting char Oster!

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... Azarel, I pmed you about that, remember? I informed you about this like way back in August. I won't quote it, but I did do it... Did you forget?

Also, interesting char Oster!

Oh yeah, I forgot LOL, I should really think before posting. I cleared my inbox and forgot. *Facedesks in my room.

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Did we really get bots on the actual threads now? I thought they were limited on only posting random links every now and then.

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