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10-15-2017, 10:14 AM
Ok, so I recently saw that "trapped in a lift" thread and I thought "Gee golly, I should make another one of those." So, let's pretend that your character is on one of SP City's many subway lines (I don't know if this is actually true. I just didn't want the setting to be in New York or whatever) and they had to make an emergency stop at a station that your character can not get off at. What does your character do? You can write a little story for it if you'd like to.


The only thing Dermot could do when the subway slowed down to a halt was sigh loudly. He watched as the other people in the car were looking around, seeing if anyone knew what the hell was going on. But, of course, no one had the answer. The man that talked through the speakers in the ceiling just said that there was some kind of obstruction on the track ahead. 'What did that mean?' Dermot asked himself, 'It's not like a tree fell down on it or something. Maybe some kind of creature made it's way onto the track.' Dermot squished the side of his face against the window behind him, trying to see if the view would clear anything up for him. But, all it did do was leave a quite noticeable smudge on the glass. Dermot used his black over shirt in an attempt to erase the smudge from existence, though all that managed to do was make it bigger.

"Fucking hell...." Dermot kept trying and trying up until a baby that had, up until this point, been sleeping in its mother's arms. Now, it was balling its eyes out as if it had reached the same conclusion that Dermot had just moments before. Dermot hated the sound of babies crying. Well, he hated the sound of many other things as well, but crying had to be one of the top 3 worst sounds of all time. He felt anger begin to well up in his chest, creating a knot there like someone had clenched their fist within his lungs. The mother gave the baby a bottle, soothing it for the time being, but that didn't stop Dermot from frantically trying to clean this god damn smudge off the window. His body began to contort with each wiping motion that he made, as his appendages began to grow. His bones cracked violently and his clothes were torn as they slowly became to slow to fit his rapidly growing body. Dermot began to punch on the glass soon after the transformation had started, each punch creating a larger web of cracks within it. By the time Dermot was strong enough to break the glass, every passenger had started to panic. They were watching a monster being released with their own eyes and none of them wanted to be its next victim. The monster that had replaced the skinny boy walked away from the window, past all of the cowering humans around it, right up to the subway car's door. With one mighty punch he sent the door flying into the concrete wall of the lobby that sat beside it. He then walked down into the tunnel, followed the tracks down to the where the obstruction was located. There was a gaping hole in the ground above where the subway ran, most likely due to some kind of gladiator battle, and the thing that had fallen through it would have angered Dermot even more if he was even able to notice what was happening at that moment.

A fucking tree was laying on the tracks.

10-15-2017, 02:38 PM
See, these kinds of scenarios I generally don't like tons, because they ascribe cookie-cutter responses. Altaer, for example, never freaks out. On the flip side, under certain circumstances he is just as likely to take a nap, smash shit to get out, or bash people to smithereenies. Or, he may just fucking take the emergency stop and find a different way to get home.

Although he just doesn't take subways generally because they are troublesome.

10-16-2017, 10:25 PM
I can't really vote on these because I've had so many characters as it is, though to put it bluntly...

Abbas has lived 5000 years, waiting an extra ten minutes is nothing for him.

Riley is a patient guy as it is, though with his luck, some chump would probably use that opportunity to try and rob everyone on the train.

Levi is chill asf, so he'd probably just get off the train and go get some coffee.

The train's wheel's screeched underneath its bulk, causing the massive piece of machinery to come to a halt. A voice rang over the intercoms, announcing that the vehicle was making an emergency stop, just one station away from Levi's destination.

The Hunter sighed, then stood, approaching the now opening doors, stepping out with a pep to his step, making his way towards the nearest staircase out of the station.

"I'll grab some coffee for the guys. They're probably having just as long a day as me..."

Abbas' tall form lurched slightly to the right as his train came to a sudden stop. Perking up his ears, the engineer announced they were making an emergency stop, and the Arab sat back into his chair, breathing in deeply.

"If they must." He said quietly.
(Elsewhere on the Train)

Riley frowned as the vehicle came to an abrupt halt, followed by the emergency stop announcement. He looked towards the nearest exit, then back to his grocery bag, and sighed, "Might as well just wait."

Closing his eyes, the former CIA felt something sharp and cold poke into the side of his left hand. He slowly opened both his eyes again, and found a man, scrawny and pale, dressed in a hoodie and jeans, giving him a threatening look, if it could be called that.

"You! You're the one in the papers aren't you!? The one wanted by the CIA?" He questioned. Riley shrugged, "I don't know, do I look like a cold-hearted killer described in the papers?"

The thug pushed the knife up under his nose, growling, "Don't play dumb! You're coming with me and I'm gonna get a reward!" He announced, laughing slightly.

Riley moved quicker than a blink, grabbing the man by his arm, pulling the knife away from his nose, standing, and hurling the crook out the now open train doors. Several onlookers had begun to stand up to help, but swiftly sat back down when they saw it was handled. Riley quietly chuckled to himself, then sits back down, closing his eyes once again.

10-16-2017, 11:26 PM
Heh, the more I try to write for this, the more I realize just how hard it'd be to get Serif on a subway in the first place! He already hates being in a car, so I could see a lot of internal stress with clear signals from his posture. Not a panic attack, but definite 'I loath being here' vibes

10-17-2017, 07:49 PM
It's 6:32 pm. The subway vibrates and lights flash through the tinted windows. Sacred looks up from his watch, another day another dollar!


The subway comes to a sudden halt. The passengers grip onto the nearest object. A girl falls over and papers spill out of a briefcase. What in Zed's name was going on? Sacred was still on his feet, holding for dear life onto a suspended bar above him. The tails of his freshly tailored suit fell from pressing on his behind, causing a creepy Firefly to now look away, as the train was now at a complete halt.

Just then, the intercom popped on: "Sorry about the sudden stop, folks. We seem to have uhhh.... 'lectrical circuit malfunctioning on the tracks up ahead."

Everyone looked at each other with discomfort.

"We apologize for the inconvience, but uhhhh... we should be back up and running in uhhhhh... about 35 minutes."

A collective groan filled the train car. This was absurd! Sacred could feel the rage begin to grow within him. This is unacceptable, and he felt that only one thing could ultimately solve this problem. It was time to go all out...

He proceeded to take the service exit up to the surface, and called for a cab home. $8.50 later, Sacred arrived home 25 minutes later than he would've. What a shite day.


10-19-2017, 07:52 PM
Knowing Percy, he would probably fall under and do, "Nothing/Wait", but it really just depends on circumstance.


wRHG Story 03: A Waste of Money.

Stick Page Record: wRHG Story.

A Waste of Money.


Sunday, February 26, 2017 at 6:39 p.m. Vague City Subway.

I want food. It’s all Percy could think about as he sat patiently on the subway train. Apparently, the train had to make an emergency stop due to some unexpected damage done to the railroad tracks due to some gladiator fight, and passengers could either get off or wait 45 minutes until construction workers finished fixing it. Farukon had overheard that some boulders had fallen on the tracks, and that so far, the workers hadn't been so successful at finding a way to get them out of there. Percius sighed at the thought of having to wait here for so long.

What luck. Of all the days my train had to stop for an emergency, the Falconer thought. He took a glance at his watch and stared as the minutes went by like hours. Percy considered himself to be a patient man, but the mouth-watering food he planned on ordering at his destination took over. He had made a reservation to one of the best steakhouses in Vague City, and Percy had taken the subway only because it was supposed to arrive sooner than he could if he was flying.

Done with waiting, Farukon rose from his seat, his luxurious all-you-can-eat waiting on him. He left the train, stomach growling. He was so upset that he ended up wasting his money, he was sure that he’d never ride another subway again.
His trip towards the restaurant went quite well, except for one lone thug trying to steal Percy’s money. The punk ended up fleeing after seeing him pull out a kunai from thin air. The whole ordeal didn’t hinder Farukon that much, which he was extremely grateful about.

Farewell subway stations, Percy thought. The minutes eventually began to pass by, and he had already arrived at the restaurant, excited to eat the delicious meals that were yet to come.