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I'm sorry I'm posting this late, I was trying to at least wait until I had 7, but at this point, I don't want to keep you guys waiting any longer. Anyone not done yet, please post your stories on the thread rather than PMing them. I'll edit them in the main thread when I can. (I know 2 should be coming tomorrow (today?), and I'm under the impression another is almost done. The other one I haven't heard back from)

That said:


The night was cold and dark. The only light came from a few dim lanterns at the sides of the small road Jason was walking in. It was near impossible to see, and even harder for semi-drunk Jason.

He was wise enough to leave the bar before he totally drunk. He went there almost after he returned from his journey to a mountain range, in search for another magic artifact which was said to help him grow stronger or control his powers better.

This is getting worse and worse. All those artifacts are a scam. Either not working as said or not even existing! I am risking my life for nothing... What else can I do though? My powers are simply too dangerous alone. Ahhh what do I do? Well, first things first. Let's return to my little house. Heh I am living more time out of it than inside it.

While emerged in his thoughts Jason kept dragging his feet along the empty road stumbling upon every minor abnormality on the sidewalk.

Holy... I really shouldn't drink that much. I am like a drunk fuck. Hey now that I think of it I can go to what's its name forest. The sources say that there is a magic orb that will regenerate my energy all the time. Although it will probably be another scam, I can't do anything else but try.

Around that time, a shadow moved inside the dark. This wasn't enough to catch the attention of Jason though. He kept walking slowly and looking almost painfully while the shadow kept following him.

When Jason was passing nearby a broken lamp, which created a entirely dark pocket of space on the road, a crack sound broke the silence. Jason's awareness suddenly rose and he took a battle stance. Immediately Jason's left hand lit and showed.... nothing.

Jason couldn't see anything despite the fire in his hand. His vision was blurry and he was sleepy and tired from the long trip.

Then he notice a small movement, nearly invisible, at the other side of the road. The whole road was at the edge of the town, and Jason was walking in the side with the buildings, while the other side had just a sidewalk, trees and a park behind it.

Behind the trees Jason could identify a big figure wearing dark red clothing. The figure noticed it got discovered and immediately backed away, disappearing in the vast darkness of the park.

Jason was initially shocked by this and tired to get away from the park. He was in no condition to fight right now. He tried to reach the corner of the block but then something destroyed all the nearby lamps, engulfing him in absolute darkness.

Of course. Of fucking course. With my luck, I wonder why something like this didn't happen earlier.

Jason's both hands flamed with a small light, just enough to let him see where he walking. He didn't want to waste any unnecessary energy.

As he was walking slowly, trying to hear any movement, Jason stumbled again and fell down. This caused the flames in his hands to go out and him falling on his side. As he was falling the large figure Jason had seen before emerged from the trees at the other side of the road and pounced on him.

It was apparently a man. Jason couldn't see his face but understood that he had long hair. Also every piece of clothing he had was black, except a red robe he was wearing on top of him.

He grabbed Jason by the wrists and locked him on the ground whilst he got on of him. Any attempt Jason tried to get away was futile. His grab was like a metal clamp.

Oh shit. Now I am gonna get raped.

The man raised the right hand of Jason and tried to slam it on the ground. This caused great pain to Jason. He then proceeded to drag it along the sidewalk, scratching his skin.

Only then Jason remember he could control all the elements of nature. Both his hands shot flames which made the large man to let Jason go and move away. Jason then hurriedly got up and touched his hand where it got scratched. It wasn't really big and it was bleeding slightly.

Jason looked up to confront his attacker, but was nowhere to be seen. Jason decided to fight him. He took the ground beneath a tree and moved it, with the tree, to the center of the rode. Then he burnt the tree, creating a large fire which, enable Jason to see somewhat clearly. It was also a source of backup energy.

Jason's view scouted for the man with the long hair, but was unlucky. He had vanished just like that. Jason then tried to see if there a water source nearby or below the ground. He found a water pipe somewhat deep which had large amounts of water.

This is probably one of the main pipelines the supply the town with water. I can't destroy it.

As Jason was thinking of a way to overcome his opponent he drew the dagger from his back and extended it to the length of an arming sword. He then lit it up and moved forward to get a wider view. He leaned both ways but couldn’t see any movement. As he was looking around, the fire behind was getting bigger and bigger, to the point that it was obscuring the vision behind it.

Jason then heard heavy footsteps but couldn’t identify where they were coming from. Then the man that was chasing appeared jumping through the flames of the tree holding a metal staff, which looked like it had some sort of blades at each end.

Jason rose his sword in front of him in order to block the incoming attack, but the impact sent him flying back. Before he could get up the man reached him and swinged his weapon at him. He didn’t try to stab him or thrust the blades though. He was trying to cut him.

Why does he have blades that can’t stab? Instead he has butcher blades.

As Jason was overthinking this he moved his hand upwards and a rock pillar rose from the ground. The attacker didn’t expect this and his weapon bounced at the pillar making him lose his balance. This gave Jason enough time to stand up and ready himself.

The man charged at him, after regained his balance, but was met with a large fire attack. HE tried blocking it with his staff, but was in vail. The mere power of the attack pushed him onto the flaming tree. He rose up again but his clothes were on fire. As he panicly tried to remove anything burning from him, Jason got the chance and run away. He was tired so he was moving slowly, trying to preserve energy.

He passed by a shop which featured some water bottles. Jason then reached his hand and the water from a six pack of one litre bottles flies through the bottles themselves and the wooden door. Then the water covered Jason’s arms and froze. This gave Jason two big ice clubs which acted as a reserve of water.

He got the chance to use them immediately because the man appeared from the other end of the street, walking slowly with his weapon drawn. Jason liquified the water again and took a battle stance. Then it was him that charged towards the man, which apparently shocked him. He got over it quickly though and started running himself.

When they were at a close distance, Jason swung his arms and all the water flew towards the large man. When it reached him, Jason froze it and immobilized him. It wasn’t enough water for all of him, but was enough. The water was mainly at his hands and torso, which included the staff.

The man immediately tried to escape, but Jason relaxed and took a deep breath. He then continued and moved some of the ice to the head of his attacker, trying to make him suffocate. This caused his opponent to struggler fiercely but still couldn’t break free. With his head trapped, the man tried to slam himself to the ground which broke some parts of the ice. Those parts included the hands, and with his weapon free he broke the rest of the ice.

Jason was surprised by this but didn’t move. He had still his trump card. When the man completely broke free, he was dizzy, partly because of the repeated banging of his head. He took some time to recover, in which time Jason stood up and drew his sword. He then moved forward and with an air attack he blew his opponent back.

Before he could touch the ground, Jason opened it revealing an empty sewer. He resolidified it when the man was halfway through it, trapping him with only his torso above the ground.

Jason was really tired by all this, and fell on his knees. As he tried to steady his breath, the man got the opportunity and picked up his weapon. He swung it towards Jason who didn’t react fast enough and suffered a large cut on his forehead. Then for some reason the man dropped his own weapon and moved his hand up.

While this happened, Jason felt his new wound increasingly hot and decided to end this. He was in an awkward position from trying to dodge the attack, with his body leaning backwards. He then moved his body forward with whatever strength he had still inside him, while swinging his hands. Sparks appeared out of nowhere around Jason’s hands, and a lightning arced towards his trapped attacker. Jason fell on his chest because inertia but the man in front of him had it worse.

His body was scorching and you could see large burns all over him. A faint grilling sound was out of him as well. Jason tried a few times and eventually stood up. He opponent’s lifeless body and turned around to pick his sword. He pathetically tried to pick it up but couldn’t. He changed back to a dagger before he was able to pick it. He looked one more time at his fallen enemy and made his way home.

He reached his crappy apartment and immediately fell on his bed. He didn’t bother to do anything else, apart from sleeping. He couldn’t though. His mind was travelling and analyzing the battle he just had.

I really hate it sometimes, when I overthink that much.

He got up and opened his last bottle of beer. As he was thinking about it, then it hit him.

I didn’t search him! His weapon must be lying still there!

He got up and run, well walked fast, back to the location of their encounter. He let out a deep sigh when he found that everything was intact. He closed in on the body and saw something protruding from his back pocket. He reached for it and found out it was a map. On the map were various X signs… made of blood. It took some time for Jason to realize that this was a map of his city. He then noticed that there were some incomplete signs with just and /. HE also noticed that the crosses were made from different blood each. Every / was from the same blood while every \ was made from different blood each time.

This creeped Jason out, until he saw an / at the general location he lived. He assumed that he was the next target and waited for his blood to make the \.

H tried to discard all his troubling thoughts and threw the map away. It landed on the opposite side, which revealed another different map. Jason hurriedly picked it up and saw the map of a forest with four circles at relatively same distance from each other. On the title of the map said: Forest of Light. Also at each corner was a box with apparently information about what was at each circle.

Jason saw that at the box on the right bottom said about an artifact very similar to the orb he had heard about. The orb that could give unlimited energy and control over his powers. It’s needless to say that Jason was excited about this and treasured this map. He lastly picked up the bo staff of his opponent in order to sell it and set off once again to his home.

Forest of Light here I come!

Pinpricks of white littered the vast black expanse. Vast numbers of bright dots scattered over, seemingly with no rhyme or reason until patterns begun to crop up in your mind. Clearly visible to anyone who gazed up at the cloudless sky, the shining collage of the cosmos that lit up the night; even more so with the waxing moon high in the sky showering moonbeams on the land below.

A modest smile graced Siene’s lips as she admired the sight yet her violet eyes were turned downwards not upwards. She took a few steps forward bringing her closer to the edge of what looked like a massive mirror that lay on the ground as if showing the sky a reflection of itself. She began skirting the mirror’s edge, which ran roughly parallel with the meager dirt road the psychic was treading on earlier. After a short while, she stopped and turned to fully face the vast reflective surface and with her foot touched it. Instead of tapping against glass her foot sank in a little sending a small ripple through the still water’s surface.

Siene followed the small ripples as they distorted the mirror image of the sky, her gaze ending at the autumnal forest on opposite bank. The mix of remaining green leaves with those wearing their fall shade of reds and yellows illuminated under the gentle starlight was thoroughly eye-catching. That stunning sight sandwiched between identical yet opposite swathes of starry night sky both above and below painted a breathtaking image. With a vibrant smile, the young woman sat down cross-legged and silently drank in the sight. It was moments like these that made her eternally grateful for her choice to travel the world, even if it was only a byproduct of her actual reason for wandering.

A glance at her cheap watch told her it was a few scant minutes before midnight. She turned her head to gaze further down the trodden dirt road; somewhere further off would be the town of Cheras. With a conflicted looked, she alternated between the scenic lake view and the direction of her next destination.

A sigh escaped her lips as she got up from her comfortable position. A quick pat down on her navy blue shorts to shake off the dust followed by quickly straightening out her black hoodie. Siene turned back to get one more look at the lake when she froze. Across the body of water new lights drew her attention; two golden orbs seemed to float several feet off the ground, bobbing around almost leisurely. They moved slowly getting bigger as they apparently approached the shoreline.

The Psyker brought her hoodie over her head largely obscuring the glow of her own violet eyes, hoping to go unnoticed by the glowing balls of light. She briefly wondered if they were spirits, some stories she had heard described the souls of the dead looking something like the strange phenomena in front of her but her deduction was proved wrong as the creature the golden spheres belonged to stepped into the light. It looked like a huge deer, at this distance she could not accurately tell how big it actually was but she knew it was at least bigger than five feet. The massive animal was hunched over the lake seeming to inspect it, under the moonlight Siene could identify a coat of light brown fur and what she had actually seen were the creature’s glowing eyes.

Siene found herself unable to look away from the scene, a new curiosity piqued in her. The doe, she had assumed since it bore not even a sign of antlers, looked…natural in the scene, not in the way that a deer was usually seen in the forest but in that it seemed so at home near the water. The feeling was hard to describe but the psychic felt that it just looked…right…for the creature to be near water. As she gazed on the doe, Siene’s internal struggle grew more and more intense, one side reasoned for her to turn away and silently leave, whatever this thing was doing was none of her business and nor was there any reason to make it her business, not to mention whatever it was could be dangerous if approached. On the other, it argued that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, nothing ventured, nothing gained as they said and besides if the doe was ‘dangerous’, despite how timid it held itself, the Psyker had at the very least enough power to drive it off.

In the end, curiosity won over precaution. Taking a breath, Siene approached and took a step unto the water. As her right foot came down a purple construct formed beneath it acting as a platform to step on. It was a near transparent rectangular box slightly larger than her foot. Another formed as she stepped with her left then as she lifted her foot of the first platform it disappeared followed by a new one appearing where she would step. Normally Siene would consider this roundabout process a waste of concentration, the simpler method was to create a large bridge from one side to the other but as not to spook the large doe too early this stealthier method was preferred.

She had made it halfway across when the worst happened; the massive deer looked up from its examination of the lake water. The two froze, still as statues, their gazes locked upon the others, glowing gold to vibrant violet. The moment seemed to stretch on forever as neither of the two moved an inch until finally the staring contest ended with the giant doe blinking. In the next few moments streams of water rose into the air forming a ring of current around the large animal. Siene reacted erecting a barrier that looked exactly like one of her platforms save the change to vertical orientation, in front of herself. Just in time for the doe to discharge the gathered liquid away from its body but instead of impacting the Psyker’s shield the water vaporized turning into an impossibly thick fog that quickly engulfed the lake surface and the surrounding shore. Even within the deep mist, the glow of the beast’s golden eyes was faintly visible and the girl followed it as they drew further and further away into the fog.

Siene let out a breath she had not realized she was holding. Rather than give chase Siene decided to sit still and wait for the mist to fade, and surely enough after a few minutes the cloud receded into nothingness leaving the pristine view of the scenery once more only now the large deer was nowhere in sight. She scanned her surroundings for a few minutes hoping that the doe might pop its head out from behind one of the trunks that made up the wooded tree line but finally returned to shore after a quarter hour of nothing but soft whispers of the breeze and quiet rustling of leaves.


“Ughhhh…damn sun…damn morning…let me sleep in peace.”

The Psyker grumbled as she shielded her eyes from the glaring ray of light that entered her room. She turned onto her side and closed her eyes desperately clinging onto the last remnants of sleep as she was pulled more and more back into the waking world. Despite her effort, she found herself losing the battle and accepting her fate lazily sat up and gazed around the room she rented.

“Oh…” Siene rubbed the sand from her eyes and pulled open the curtains greeted by the sight of the setting sun. Well, I did say I was going to sleep in after that strange event last night, she sheepishly thought. After some freshening up and some stretches, she pulled her hoodie over her button up white shirt, leaving the hoodie open but the actual hood still over her head, and her usual pair of shorts. After some early dinner, the psychic made her way down to the bar a little further down the street named, “Patty’s Pub.”

Siene took her seat as the middle-aged man manning the counter prepared her drink. It was a light one, after all she needed a clear head to process what had happened. The creature seemed very shy and recluse yet its ability to control water that it demonstrated yesterday was very powerful. Physically as well, the doe was about the biggest deer she ever laid eye on, as well as its glimmering eyes, not that that was anything new to her. She could feel a stange kind of kinship with the deer on their shared attribute of glowing eyes. That thought made up her mind, she would try again tonight to find that giant deer, maybe she could get closer.

But she would need some more information, she glanced at the bartender, “Hey, are there any strange things happening the forest lately?”

The man stopped for a second, then shifted his gaze on the Psyker, “…What do you mean by strange?”

“Oh, you know,” Siene returned his stare, “weird creatures stalking the woods at night, that kind of stuff.”

The bartender’s stare grew more pointed, “Lady, believe me when I say this, whatever rumors or stories of wealth you’ve heard they’re complete and utter bull. Nothing good has ever come from looking for the Lake Spirit, just stay away from it.”

“Oh, so it’s called the Lake Spirit?” The psychic interjected.

The man began to nod then quickly did a double take, “Wait, you didn’t know that, how?”

“I saw it last night while I was making my way here,” the psychic muttered, “So it’s well known enough to have a name huh.”

“That just means my warning has double the importance,” the bartender replied much more fervently, “look, you’re lucky as hell to have seen the Lake Spirit but just leave it be, everyone who’s gone out looking for it has never come back.”

“Really?” The Psyker raised a skeptical eyebrow, she simply could not believe that a creature that docile was apparently so malevolent.

“It’s true, so much so people use it as a way to scare people away from the forest during hunting season.”

“Hmmm…Well, I’m going to try anyway,” Siene flashed a wry smile, “I’m sure I can handle whatever it can throw at me.”

The bartender released a frustrated sigh, “Dammit, it’s your funeral lady, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


A few hours later, Siene found herself staring at the lake once again reflecting the sky. Only now she positioned herself on the opposite bank, where she saw the Lake Spirit appear. She sat down, pulling her knees to her chest and prepared herself for the hardest Part of her endeavor…waiting. Still, she had the gorgeous view of nature in all its nocturnal beauty to keep her occupied, she wished the clouds that had begun to gather overhead would disappear though.

The Psyker gazed upon the lake taking in the sight until she slowly shifted towards her own image reflected in the water’s surface. She had her hoodie down letting her back length hair fall naturally. She took a lock and began playing with it in her hands. Her hair had once been a chestnut brown but now was largely white like unused paper; the ends had turned jet black, almost like highlights. Then there was the most noticeable change in her appearance, her emerald like eyes turning into a luminous amethyst. They were by-products of her power…or more accurately of the growth of her psychic abilities and she accepted them for the most part but still she had yet to fully come to terms with it.

The psychic continued absentmindedly stare at her reflecting as she played with her hair, only snapping out of her trance due to a loud grunt. Blinking a few times, she felt a presence behind her. She was sure it was the Spirit, the golden orbs shown on the lake surface also helped. For a moment she pondered whether to turn and face the Lake Spirit but decided against it. The man at the bar said that those who looked for the Spirit never returned…so maybe if she showed no intentions of actively searching for it Siene would be just fine. At least that was what she hoped…and also that the Lake Spirit was not a mind reader.

The psychic took in a deep breath and moved her attention away from the Spirit’s reflection back to the view of the cloudy heavens. A tense feeling hung in the silent air, even the wind dared not blow. Shifting her view the tiniest bit, Siene kept the glowing deer eyes in her vision and to her relief the Spirit drew closer. The sound of the Spirit’s steps almost non-existent. Taking her chances, Siene looked to her right catching a full view of the Lake Spirit. It honestly looked more like a fawn than a full-grown deer, a soft brown fur coat covering it. The creature quickly moved its head to match the Psyker’s gaze.

The two began an impromptu stare down yet for Siene what should have only been seconds felt like hours. Leading her to be the first to flinch, turning away slightly she brought her hand up to rub her head only to pause as the large doe tensed. She began to lower her hand when an idea struck her, an honestly stupid one but she was getting annoyed of this game she and the Spirit were playing.

Instead of dropping her hand, she instead brought her other one up, placing them at either side of her head, in full view of the doe. She then followed by slowly rising up, the doe visibly wary now. The psychic took a step forward, which to Lake Spirit reciprocated with a step backward. “Hey, hey,” Siene spoke in the calmest voice she could, “It’s okay, I’m not here to hurt you, I promise I’m not.”

She earnestly hoped that what she was saying was getting through, if the Lake Spirit could understand human speech, even if she didn’t she tried to use shift her posture and movement to hopefully become as non-threatening as possible. She had gotten in a lot of practice in doing so trying not to attract attention to herself the past year or so thus she was rather confident in her ability.

Another step forward, responded to with one back, again she repeated speaking reassuring words. After moving what seemed to be several feet the Psyker finally managed to get closer, the doe had stopped responding to her advances as curiosity rather than fear took over its golden eyes. Moving closer Siene had gotten within arm’s length of the Spirit which towered over her immensely. The Lake Spirit for its part seemed to nervously hold its ground if the now erratic movement of the lake surface was any indication, likely preparing to lash out should it need to defend itself.

Carefully, the psychic reached out her hand. Inch by slow inch until her fingers-


Siene’s nearly jumped three feet in the air, psionic energy crackling throughout her arm on complete instinct. Across the lake she caught sight of an apple red pick-up truck making it way over the road towards Chernas. She leveled a dagger-sharp glare against the offending vehicle, she had half the mind to blow the damned automobile and its driver to kingdom come but decided otherwise as the truck left her field of view.

The purple electricity racing down her arm died down with the Psyker’s breaths. She turned around to find the Lake Spirit had disappeared. More accurately, the Spirit had retreated back into the forest in perfect silence, the only thing giving it away was its golden gaze. Siene stared into the forest’s shadow where the shining gilded orbs floated. In the all-encompassing silence, she could just pick up the slightest hint of running water, more than likely ready to blast her at the Spirit’s whim. In fact, the more she looked she noticed that the doe’s gaze was tense and low, directed at her arm that was flowing with psychic energy earlier.

Siene began raising her hands hoping to placate the Spirit when something cold flew past her cheek. Turning just enough, she saw a large icicle impaled in the shore behind her. She brought her gaze back only for the floating orbs to be gone, she searched around but found only more trees, bushes, and rocks, not a trace of the Lake Spirit behind.


“Hey there Miss. Afternoon to you.”

The psychic’s eyes followed the voice, settling on the form of the Bartender she talked to last night. only in more casual clothes of a plain white shirt and khakis, cigarette in his mouth. “Hello, good afternoon as well.”

“Nice to see you’re still alive, I’m guessing you didn’t see the Spirit then last night, huh?”

“That’s right, unfortunately,” she lied with an airy sigh, “and as luck would have it, I can’t stay much longer here.”

“Ah that is unfortunate, well I hope you liked your stay here miss, now if you’ll excuse I’d better get back almost time for my shift.”

The two exchanged goodbyes before going their separate ways. With the town getting further and further away, Siene caught a fleeting glimpse of the lake as it too faded into the distance. Her mind began moving back towards last night, reigniting her curiosity with the Lake Spirit just a bit, before she immediately doused those small coals. If there was one thing she picked up from the way the Spirit was acting it was that all it wanted was to be left alone. How could Siene tell, she had gone through a similar phase a while back during her teens, the growing strength of her powers meant eyes and expectations kept piling up, she barely had any time to herself then. It was a good thing she never lashed out at anyone. So she could understand to a small degree why the Spirit acted the way it did, rather extreme, but she would respect its wishes. Siene might try to approach it again at a later date but for now, she still had a lot of the world to explore.

It wasn’t often that Alabaster Finch found himself outside of the city. But this was definitely the furthest he had ever gone. He heard rumours of some monsters that were roaming around an old castle but they did not fit the typical description of the creatures he’d grown to hunt.

Thus he was stuck in a village waiting out a storm. Once the storm cleared he would be heading up to the castle to see what all the fuss was about. The maelstrom seemed supernatural as if it was caused by some mystical forces at work but Alabaster hadn’t met a witch capable of manipulating the weather. Yet.

As the horrendous weather beat the windows like an anvil, the tavern he was taking refuge in was rather quaint and a little old-school even by his standards. Everyone was drinking out of tankards and there was even a bard-looking-kinda fellow in the corner playing some eerily medieval tunes.

Thunder cracked outside and the lightning lit up the room but the patrons seemed unconcerned as they continued their night of revelry. Finch felt uncomfortable among so many people in such a social setting. His usual watering holes were filled with monsters that feared him and thus left him alone. Here, a couple of odd characters wanted to start a casual conversation but left after they realised Alabaster seemed only capable of grunts and snarls. He did feel a little angry after being told that it wasn’t allowed to smoke inside and he hadn’t had a cigar since the storm started.

One positive thing came out of the whole experience however; a woman was talking about a recent death that may have been caused by the castle-dwellers. Apparently a monster in black forced a man off a cliff. The conversation was mostly talking about how much of an asshole the victim was but now Alabaster knows the creatures had killed before and probably wasn’t friendly. That was all he needed to know.
As the storm didn’t seem to be ending any time soon, the Hunter asked the tavern owner whether he had a place for him to sleep. Sadly the only place available on such short notice was a matress on the floor of a storage room. Unsurprising he has had worse situations and one night wouldn’t be such a bother. After sneaking a cigar when he was alone, Finch went to sleep.

He regretted sleeping there in the morning however as his body ached from sleeping on the flimsy mattress and his age didn’t help things. Scratching his beard he got up and donned his comfortable trench coat. In the pockets on the inside he had many weapons that he might require against the monsters.

Once in the main hall of the tavern, one would see the rain had stopped but it sported a creepy overcast climate that hid the sun. After a quick coffee and a cigar outside Alabaster made his way towards the castle.

He had heard that the castle had once belonged to a rich king who ruled the lands but after his death a lot of strange things went wrong, some of which Finch didn’t believe was true, and thus is now run by a man named Snotsnout. However no one ever sees anybody coming or going from the castle and thus the name might just be a nickname the citizens of the village gave him.

The trip up to the castle was relatively uneventful but Alabaster kept his hand rested upon the hilt of his revolver in case of an ambush. There was none as he approached the gates of the castle. For some strange reason it looked as if the dark clouds were collecting above it but that could simply be his imagination.

The castle was almost cliche in its architecture. If one had to think of the most typical castle you could perceive then this would probably be what springs to mind. Four spires dwarf everything else as they reach to the looming storm. Crude windows are generously spread across the thick stone walls of the main buildings. The gate was wooden but seemed well preserved even though it had been in the harsh watery weather for quite some time now. Vines could be seen growing on the outer walls but the walls themselves seemed to have stood the test of time.

The gate was closed and there was no sign of life in the gatehouse. Finch was in no mood to get stuck in the rain again and thus shouted at the castle for its inhabitants to open. As if on cue the gates slowly creeped open revealing the old courtyard. For the briefest of moments Finch could’ve sworn he saw a dark figure blink out of existence. Shaking his head and lighting a cigar, he headed into the castle grounds. The gates promptly closed behind him and the old man got goosebumps upon his skin. Something felt very off about this. Luckily he had his weapons on him and wasn’t afraid to use it on the first sign of provocation.

As he made his way toward the main building he could’ve sworn there were eyes looking down on him but he tried to ignore it. There were far too many windows and too many points of attack. He was banking on the fact that only a couple of monsters lived in the castle. He pushed open the large doors and was greeted with a dusty old entry hall.

In the centre of the hall was one of the strangest creatures he had ever seen. A grey furred, tentacled creature with overly large sky blue feet. The monster was slightly shorter than Alabaster but not by much. The tentacles were there instead of its arms and thus just awkwardly fell by its sides.

Alabaster held the hilt of his revolver tightly while eyeing the thing curiously. That was when he heard someone speaking.

“Who are you?”

The old man swung around and immediately took a step back from shock dropping his cigar on the stone floor. Another humanoid had snuck up on him. This one was black furred with golden wings and a purple cape hanging from its shoulders. Its green eyes seemed menacing but what was worse was claws on its feet. A clear threat. One that had some evil intentions.

Drawing a revolver from the inside of his coat, Alabaster aimed it at the creature but in an instant the black furred being was gone.

“An old man waltzes into my home and points a gun at me.” A voice said from somewhere nearby. Finch scanned the area and couldn’t see anything save for the big guy in the centre of the room. “Call me old fashioned but I usually like being brought gifts before being shot by my guests.”

There was no sign of the thing but it did confirm that monsters are menacing the village. In pure cliche fashion they’ve taken refuge in the castle. The two of them do seem like some variant of the demonspawn back in the city.

“Not a big talker are you?” There was a bemused laugh without mirth behind it. “I am Prince Voidwraith and that blob down there is Mr Stinkfoot, and you are?”

Alabaster eyed every corner of the stone hallway and couldn’t spot the golden winged menace. Voidwraith seemed to be the leader of the two of them. His companion just stared at him warily. Could he be mute? It didn’t matter at the end of the day however.

The Hunter turned his weapon on the monster before him but this made the talkative one appear.

“How rude. You! Old man! I demand a name!”

Could he simply take them out? They haven’t posed a threat just yet. It was this way of thinking that stayed his hand, for now.

“Alabaster.” His voice was gravel. Definitely a lifetime of smoking and drinking behind it.

The Prince folded his arms across his chest. His golden wings seemed to do a similar motion behind him. His green eyes were almost challenging him to take the shot.

“Very well, Alabaster, why do you come in here with your weapons waving around?”

Finch didn’t waver his aim while answering, “I’ve been told of monster. I hunt monsters and monsters stand before me.”

Prince Voidwraith laughed as if it was the funniest thing he’s ever heard. The echo of the laugh rung out through the hallway and Mr Stinkfoot looked around frowning.

“I may seem a monster to you sir but I am not the one walking into someone else’s home waving my dick around.” With a flurry of his purple cape he continued. “This is simply how I was born and if being born like this constitutes being a monster, well…” he held out his arms, “cuff me and call it a day.”

Alabaster gave him a stoic look. “That’s not how it works.”

Voidwraith visibly sighed and turned to his companion. “Mr Stinkfoot, would you be so kind as to stink this place up for me.”

The tentacled creature stared at his partner with a confused look. “But sir, you’d be caught in it as well.”

The Prince placed a hand upon Stinkfoot’s shoulder. “I won’t be here you lummox.” And with that the black creature vanished into thin air. Alabaster figured it was either teleportation or invisibility.

He didn’t have time to ponder it long however for something foul was emanating from the large man before him. A stench so horrendous tears started forming in Alabaster’s eyes. Not being able to aim the revolver at his adversary anymore he started coughing and nearly decorated the floor with tavern broth from the night before. However, even though he struggled to maintain consciousness, it was inevitable and thus he promptly passed out.
After a while the old man awoke lying on a wooden table. After slowly opening his eyes he found himself tied up rather well, his trenchcoat and weapons were all confiscated. A slight panic gripped him as he looked about the room. It was musty and a faint dripping could be heard nearby. The four stone walls had a cold presence and none of the nearby tables had any of his gear. Trying to wiggle out of his bonds he realised he’s firmly tied down.

Lucky for him the table was crudely made and there was a exposed nail near his feet. Pushing the rope tying him down against the nail, he started rubbing against it undoing the exterior of the rope. After making considerable progress the door could be heard opening. Alabaster stopped and eyed his visitors. It was the two monsters of earlier.

“Hello Alabaster. A bit tied up at the minute. I could come back later?” Voidwraith said with a malicious smile on his face. “Oh, but I am sure you could spare a moment.” Stinkfoot smiled broadly.

The two creatures stood on either side of him and was looking down at him. The big one must’ve been the one causing the odor of earlier. His name was Stinkfoot after all.

“We mean you no harm as you can see.” The Prince pulled at the rope. “If we wanted you dead we could’ve done so already but that isn’t our style.” Finch remained still eyeing the two of them. “Still quiet are we? Well, I would let you go on your merry way and you leave us alone and we forget this whole day ever happened. How does that sound?”

Alabaster has had his fair share of monsters capturing him, it mostly lead to torture but he always managed to escape and exact his revenge. These two however weren’t pushing their advantage. Maybe they aren’t that evil. He could simply take him up on his offer and let them simply rule their dark castle.

“Very well creature…”

Prince Voidwraith coughed. “No no, not creature. I have a name sir.”

“Very well Prince. Let me take my stuff and I’ll get out of here.”

The black furred man stood over him and smiled brightly. “We have an accord then.”

With that Mr Stinkfoot cut the bonds on his feet while the other cut his arms free. Instinct tugged at Alabaster’s mind to jump into action but he repressed it. If these monsters were honorable then he shouldn’t cause more problems than he had already. Some of the creatures from the Underscape, the underbelly of the city where all things that go bump in the night resides, tend to be peaceful and simply want to be left alone. This could all be a misunderstanding.

The Hunter got to his feet and after being rather rudely gestured at by Voidwraith left the room and found his gear on a table in the hallway. Everything was still there, including ammunition for his revolvers. If they wanted to truly cripple him from the outset they would’ve gotten rid of most of it.

Alabaster slowly donned his trench coat under the eyes of the castle-dwellers. While he tucked his weapons into his coat he said: “What happened to the man that fell from the cliff?”

Prince Voidwraith gave another mirthless laugh. “That man was an idiot. I was merely out for a stroll on the cliff and saw the man stumbling about. I was prepared to aid him but the sight of me shocked him into jumping off.”

Alabaster Finch nodded as a few wooden stakes disappeared into the coat. “You go on these strolls often do you?”

“Not really, was a particularly beautiful evening that night. The man was simply an idiot.”

A combat knife was sheathed at his belt. “What of the rumours that you appear in children’s bedrooms and scare them at night?”

Stinkfoot awkwardly looked at his feet this time but it was Voidwraith who spoke. “Rumours. Merely rumours. We’ve had some fun teasing the kids of the village but we would never enter their homes.”

Alabaster grunted as his revolvers were placed into their respective holsters. They didn’t seem to pose any threat whatsoever to the village below. The villagers were naturally wary because of their appearance but if what they said could be believed they might be fine to be left alone. Unless…

“What are your plans for the village?” He asked as the final few weapons were under his trenchcoat.

Voidwraith looked to his companion and back. “Well to rule them of course. We rule this castle and with it, the surrounding lands.”

“And what does ruling entail?”

“Why all these questions? You’re trespassing on my property.” The Prince’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Alabaster. Mr Stinkfoot was also getting visibly agitated.

“I simply need to know whether you’d be a threat or not.” This statement really stoked the fire that was igniting within Voidwraith’s green eyes. His stance became mildly hostile suddenly. Instinctively Alabaster placed a hand inside his coat.

“Old man, I am no threat. How dare you accuse me that.” His voice raised and a faint echo could be heard of it from down the hallway. “I want you off my property immediately and I shall do with the village as I please.”

Alabaster sighed. He was acting like a child. A spoiled brat. Sadly there was no way to determine whether these monsters will be a threat or not. “I see. Well, just point out the front door and I will be out of here.”

Mr Stinkfoot, after a gesture from his partner, lead the Hunter down the hallway towards the front of the castle. Nothing else stirred as they made their way through the grounds.

“Don’t you have an opinion Mr Stinkfoot?” Finch asked the larger creature. It gave its head a contemplative tap with a tentacle before opting not to speak. Behind them Prince Voidwraith followed, dragging his feet like a teenager. “Guess not.”

Alabaster fished out a cigar once the front doors swung open. The clouds above pulsed with the threat of rain. After he lit the stick he turned toward the castle inhabitants.

“It’s a shame that you still wish to do with the village as you please. Would’ve worked out a lot better.”

Prince Voidwraith stared at him and arched an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”

With that Alabaster ripped out a revolver and with one smooth motion managed to headshot Mr Stinkfoot before he could react. The big tentacled monster fell to the floor with an unceremonious thud.

“What are you…? You bastard!” But before Voidwraith could spring into action two slugs were in his chest and he was lying next to his partner. “You dare call me a monster?” The Prince said through haggard breaths. “You come into my home and murder us on our doorstep.” Blood was leaking from his mouth now and his coughs became more gurgled. “You…” A big breath. “You are the monster.” And with that, lightless green eyes stared at him.

After a drag from his cigar Alabaster returned his weapon to its holster. The words from Voidwraith echoing in his mind. He had killed all creatures of the dark that stood before him. They weren’t human and thus didn’t deserve compassion. However, is it truly his fault? Is it really he who is the monster at the end of the day? Or was he simply conditioned?

The overhead storm seemed to be dissipating and while he walked out of the castle courtyard Alabaster Finch contemplated the true evil of the world.

Shadows Beget the Void (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WoUWla1gweLDbg2RTmbk2Mt7FSmWmnLPq2o_W5VVqgM/edit)

Bridget & Mumu (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gE7EQXP-bqv5nUeGXjKUgaV1wotIbRQZIJzxVkBAvwE/edit)

The day was cold, as per usual, with the sun casting warm but ineffective rays of heat down onto the small mountain village. Even with such intense exposure from the sun, snow still coated the cobble roads snaking their way through the village.

Abbas was out and about, strolling along these roads, taking in the cold but refreshing air. The sun felt nice on his dark skin, as he wasn’t used to such cold weather, but as he made his way through the village, he caught several glances from the inhabitants.

Something definitely felt off as he had entered the small gathering of buildings. As if something was watching him from behind each hut. No matter how hard he tried though, the Arab could never catch a glimpse of any such thing observing him.

Eventually he made it to the town’s inner center, a small ring of stones surrounding an even smaller fountain, which half-heartedly spewed water up a few feet into the air before coming back down into the surrounding pool.

Abbas stood admiring the villagers’ creation, however slight, when a hand caught his shoulder. He turned, and found a small boy with a worried look in his eyes. The Lion leaned down and asked, “What is the matter, little one?”

A small whisper replied, “Have you brought tribute?” He said.

Abbas tilted his head, confused, “Tribute for what?”

“For the God of this village...”

Abbas stood back up straight and looked around past the boy and behind himself, finding several sets of prying eyes peering at him from behind doors or windows. He glanced back down to the child, “Should I have?” He asked.

The boy nodded, “A guest without tribute becomes food for our God.” He muttered back.

Abbas frowned and put a hand on his blades. Something was definitely off about this place. He knew it as soon as he entered the courtyard. A splash behind signalled him to move away from the fountain, both scimitars now in hand, and found himself facing a massive blob like creature, colored a light blue, sitting in the fountain.

The two stood, trying to stare each other down, but neither backed away, and Abbas finally squinted at the creature, still unmoving, and sheathed his blades. He strolled up to the blob, raising an eyebrow, and poked it in the belly, causing a jiggle to ripple through the monster’s form.

It made a sort of humming sound, laughter perhaps, before sinking deeper into the pool, then leaping out, landing next to Abbas and seemingly looking him over.

The Arab peered back into the fountain and found that its water was now a brown and tainted color. Abbas poked the blob again, “You taint the water of these people huh?” He asked. Two shapes arose near the top of the creature, like shoulders shrugging, then fell back into the beast’s malleable body.

Abbas looked around again to find the eyes of the people being long gone, they had retreated back into their houses, fearful of this creature. The Lion sighed and reached into his robes, pulling out a small package of meat he had recently bought. He unwrapped it and held up the uncooked meal for the blob to see.

“They say I’m supposed to give tribute if I don’t want to get eaten. So here you go.” He tossed the clump of food up to the creature, who shot out what Abbas presumed was its head and swallowed the meat whole, already beginning to dissolve within the beast’s watery form.

The Arab turned and walked away, intending to leave the village, and pulled his scarf up over his face, “Truly, there are some strange beasts in this world…” He whispered.

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I am like a drunk fuck.

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Pitch leaves the scene.

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I really liked the way you put Bloby. I understand that I left it vague and unclear on how he interacts(as far as I remember) but you made it look really nice nd appealing. That only thing I didn't like is that there was no actual battle but I am almost sure that the event required the stroy of the meeting and not necessarily a fight.

11-04-2017, 01:39 PM
Oh hey, the whole event turned out quite well, in my opinion. I could've done better with my story; Most of it is more build-up than the actual fight, but I was strapped for ideas to an extent. I quite like how Moses was written, too. Really fits with his character and all,

11-04-2017, 01:45 PM
Oh hey, the whole event turned out quite well, in my opinion. I could've done better with my story; Most of it is more build-up than the actual fight, but I was strapped for ideas to an extent. I quite like how Moses was written, too. Really fits with his character and all,

I am planning to add this to my Jason's canon so I had to make it as good as I can. :D

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I am planning to add this to my Jason's canon so I had to make it as good as I can. :D

Oh cool. Hope you had fun with Moses and all, he felt fun to me at the least.

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At long last, I have my entry completed. My first attempt turned into a mini-novel (total editing time = 1325 min, 6974 words) and my second attempt just didn't work. And so...I came up with this (total editing time = 170 min, 1865 words):

The following is an excerpt from “Matthew’s Epic Journal of Amazing Awesomeness”. We’re calling it…

Matthew Nielson, Monster Hunter

Dear Journal,

I got a phone call today! Well, it wasn’t the usual government agent one, the ‘hey-alien-don’t-try-to-destroy-the-world-or-we’ll-find-you’ thing. They didn’t call until later, which was sort of weird…but I’m going off track here.

The phone call was from a different planet called ‘Wilds’ (or ‘the Wilds’…it’s interchangeable). Honestly, I don’t know whether that’s the actual name of the planet or the name of the entire land on it; it is pretty hostile, hot, and desert-like there. The caller said there was a huge barn-bus-monster thing eating a whole bunch of metal. He seemed pretty concerned about it, and somehow thought I could help him out. Embarrassingly, I recognized his voice but couldn’t remember his name, and the call was really quick and I forgot to ask who it was.

Anyways, I agreed to help, all while silently wondering if this had anything to do with the, um…secret…at Camp Lots-o-Fun. I never broadcasted that incident on the Cosmo-Net (cause’ I promised not to), so I and Sarge should be good.

Since the monster was on another planet, I had to build a spaceship to get there. No, I don’t have a spare one just lying around; I always have to disintegrate them to prevent people from copying my designs.

Actually, that’s not true. I don’t disintegrate them because of that; I do it because I usually have re-entry problems and the ship either crashes in a glorious fireball or burns up in the atmosphere. Come to think of it, I should be smart enough by now to fix this…or maybe I’ve finally found one of my (groan) limitations. This Clone and That Clone tell me I’m just to lazy while I’m designing spacecraft…but what do they know?


I made my ship out of an old Ford minivan, an Xbox 360, and a whole lot of gaming controllers. It’s pretty easy if you know how to do it. Although my clones could have come with me, Drone Day was taking place tomorrow, I decided this was a solo mission. I’d also rather selfishly designed my ship with a cockpit only big enough for me and no one else. Before I could leave though, Trent, a.k.a. Mr. Annoying govdude, called. I told him that destroying the universe didn’t compute, and hung up immediately. Fun fact, I did it all in a British male Iris* voice, which Marco (that’s my foster dad) actually found funny.

So I flew to the Wilds, finding out that the caller was my buddy Joll, the only Animech builder/mechanic on that planet. The Animechs are mainly for racing, but the local police force, the Regulators, use them to catch bad guys too. They are epic, and once I met Joll, I actually got to ride one to the place where the monster was. It was awesome!

We reached the monster’s place; a massive parts pile that Joll uses to fix Animechs. Of course, there were spots in the mess with rarer parts than the rest, so that was a major worry. We got closer, trying to sneak up on it, and then I told Joll I was going to figure out if it was hostile or not. This meant running up in front of it and saying hi. Joll told me I was crazy, and that he was going to be my backup. The Animechs were designed specifically for racing; I couldn’t use mine as a war machine even if I wanted to. However, just as I was circling to the beast’s front, a massive fleet of cube ships came out of nowhere!

The monster didn’t like that, so it ran like the wind, literally. For something so big, it sure was fast! Still, I was in Joll’s epic racing mech, so keeping up with it was a breeze (haha, get it?). Some of the big cube ships then spat out these smaller cube ships, and they surrounded the monster. Oh…did I tell you that I almost got crushed by a grain silo, back when the sky wasn’t pixelated? Yeah, it was uncool.

Anyways, the monster then popped these crazy-looking silk arms out of its barn body, putting them up in a ‘stop’ type of gesture. I realized the thing was intelligent, and then Joll came up beside me, saying that the cube ship pilots were aliens abducting things for some sort of universal zoo.

I didn’t like that, so I hitched a ride on the bus monster’s leg and we were beamed up into the biggest cube. I was so awesome, the smaller cubes never saw me.

Inside the ship, the bus monster was put in this cramped square room made of bland metal, with one wall replaced by an energy barrier. I saw the captors on the other side of it, but the field blurred up all their features. Once they walked away, I tried to dangle my Animech’s legs down to touch the floor, but then the monster let out this terrible metal-squealy scream. I let go of its leg and backed up, but I wasn’t fast enough. It kicked out with its rearmost pair of legs, hammering my vehicle into the wall. I wormed my way out of the disfigured wreckage (no idea how I survived that), and ran all the way to the front of the monster. It tried to belly-slam me as I passed underneath it, but my kungfarate training kept me out of harm’s way.

The bus monster was still trying to smash me, making that horrible shriek sound all the while. I raised my hands, but then realized that I couldn’t do sign language (two fingers is all I’ve got). The bus monster reared up, opening its mouth, and I covered my head and curled up…thinking it was the end. But it didn’t attack me. It just…stayed there, making creaky-groan noises like a metal bridge in the wind.

Uncurling, I waved at it a bit, and it waved back. Then we were friends…sort of. It let me go behind it again, and I tried to salvage things from the ruined Animech. I took out the water canister (it gets hot in the desert), but everything else was too unfamiliar for me to work with. I’d also left my ACST (a custom laser sword) at home, because I figured this mission was going to be peaceful.

I’m never going to forget it again.

Suddenly, the bus monster started freaking out and banging its legs on the floor. I got scared it was trying to smash me again, but then I saw a single blurred shape by the energy wall. Before I could react, the floor opened under me, and everything went black.

When I came to, I was bound with Cosmos-V handcuffs (a.k.a. the best handcuffs in the universe), and standing with three of my captors. Okay…my pencil might start doing some weird dances around now…because just thinking of how they looked like makes me laugh. To put it in a nutshell, they were humanoids with butt faces. They talked with…you know…the slit thing, every word sounded like a raspberry, and they had individually-unique fart noises at the ends of each sentence. I’d never laughed so hard in my life. I think, in all my adventures, this definitely takes the cake.

Anyways, their commandude didn’t like me that much (duh) and said I should be frozen. His two servant aliens then took me to this huge room. It was big enough for me to estimate it took up half the ship, and had lots of different beasts trapped in stasis chambers. Seriously? Cryo-pods are half a credit…look that up you guys! They then tried shoving me in right next to the frozen bus monster, but I cuffed them together (ankle-to-wrist) and took off.

You may ask how I got out of the highest-grade tamper-proof(not!) cuffs in the universe. My answer? Not telling. If any criminal gets their hands on my journal, they’ll figure out how to bypass all seventy-three of its bio-locks. No way will they get that from me. I broke the code cause’ the cuffs couldn’t stand my awesomeness. Figure that out, bad guys.

Once out of the stasis room, I ran through almost the whole ship to find the control room. There were guards, and I drew my…(dramatic pause)…water bottle. Guess what? They were terrified. I guess that makes sense, somehow. If they don’t like water; no cryo-pods because of the ice, right?

Their ship’s control panel was really weird. Most of the buttons I could understand, but the joysticks were very thin, and surrounded by padded circles. It took me only a bit to figure out how to work them. No…I did not sit directly on them; my uh, rear, is not designed like a human’s. I still sat on the controls though, and had to squeeze the lever between my legs. It was really uncomfortable.

A quick look out the (rather grand) windows of the ship, I quickly figured out which galaxy I was in, and then set a course for Earth. Putting the ship on autopilot, I fiddled with my watch and managed to contact Marco. I told him to get in touch with some special friends of mine, and warned him that I was flying a giant cube with no landing gear.

My clones then transformed the local football stadium into a gigantic pillow, and I landed the ship on that. It was around that time when my butt-faced friends decided to unleash chaos on Earth, since I’d ruined all their plans. It would have worked…if the Sentry Clone didn’t throw a BS340 into the ship. In a couple seconds, their alien zoo army was fast asleep. By the way, it was an invasion army after all; I could totally see that coming. The aliens were angry then, and came out with their weapons out (thankfully, they looked like normal guns). Scattered throughout the stadium though, was my personal backup army.

It was Sarge…and a whole load of his teenage recruits! Like I requested, they were all supplied with water balloons, water guns, and some special hydro-blasting inventions of mine. Even though the water did absolutely nothing to the butt aliens, they freaked out as if it was acid. They begged us to stop, and told us that they’d put all the beasts they’d captured back where they belonged. I didn’t believe it was that easy, so I left the aliens with my friends and took my clones aboard the ship. Working together, we figured out where all the creatures went and returned them to their rightful places (that includes the butt-face aliens; we picked them up second-to-last). However…there was one exception.

I couldn’t put the bus monster back in Joll’s spare parts pile, so I flew to a junk planet I knew and dropped it off there (right after picking up the creature’s silo, of course). I still remember how happy it seemed; clapping its silk hands and popping in and out of metal piles. It didn’t want me to leave, but I had to, so I promised to visit it as many times as I could.

I’ve been doing so ever since.

*Iris, a parody of Apple’s AI, Siri.

NOTE: I will delete my post once Crank puts it in with the other stories. Apologies for the wait. :P I should have done it this way the first time. XD