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12-03-2017, 11:46 PM
The Long Road

A long time now it's been my ambition to push my writing above and beyond. This shouldn't be new to those that know me. Those that know me know also that effort is a great struggle for me. Something I've always said is that getting good at anything is much like travelling down a long road. Sometimes you'll be scaling a steep cliff, sometimes you'll have a nice walk downhill. Sometimes you'll stay where you are, perhaps because the local beauty captivates you or because you dread what lies ahead. Yet you will have to trudge on. If you want to improve, there is no standing still. However the path may wind, the only way is forward.

I've stood still for too long now. It is time I leave the safety of the little home I've made for myself on the side of the road. It's time I start this journey, step by step. For my dream is not just to become better, but to become the best. I want to walk this long road to the end, and further even, until the path I walk is entirely my own. Of course, such a long travel can get lonesome, and there's nothing saying I can't share the experiences of my journey with others. That's what this will be, a place where I share my writing as I go.

In light of my retirement from the wRHG, tomorrow I shall be doing a proper in depth analysis of what went wrong with Serra's arch and how I went about solving it.