View Full Version : The Sound of Empty Pockets, a Story About a Half-Elf.

12-12-2017, 11:06 AM
So, I recently joined a roleplay created by ErrorBlender (It's located in the general section of this website). In it I play a half-elf bard named Osxium and I liked the character so much that I've decided to write about his adventures before he appeared in the RP. I will link the RP if you want to read it. (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?104028-The-Void-Beyond-the-Arches-RP)

So, without further ado, here is the beginning of a, hopefully, long running series. The first installment is a bit short so don't be too surprised.

Prologue (Humble Beginnings)

You ever met someone who just had an aura of mischief surrounding them most of the time? Like, someone who just oozes with intent to trick so much that you instinctively pay more attention to your valuables once they entered the room? Well, people like those are rather common in the east edge of Fedimia, where all of the poorer folks live. But, there is one family that outshines all others with their true mastery of the art that is trickery and they are known, simply, as the Vanvalors. The Vanvalors have been conning people out of their hard earned belongings for as long as most people can remember and not a single one of them have been caught… Well, except for one. Delilah Vanvalor, daughter of Liavaris Vanvalor, was the first ever Vanvalor in history to be caught by law officials. It happened a few weeks after she turned twenty two. She had recently given birth and she was using the baby to get more money from people who were unfortunate enough to cross her path. The black haired baby, who wasn’t even given a name, was able to wriggle its way into people’s emotions with a simple look. The Vanvalor family believed that a child like this was only born once every ten generations. So, Delilah had to take advantage of the opportunity before it was old enough to make its own decisions. For three or four weeks, she was reigning in gold like a seasoned miner. There wasn’t a single day that went by where Delilah didn’t make it home with some sort of profit. But, like all good things, her “fun” had to come to an end. Unlike most good things, however, this situation didn’t end for any good reason. Delilah didn’t come to her senses and decide to turn a new leaf, nor did she realize the stuff she had was already enough, no. Everything stopped because the father of the child, Tahmas MacSual, made the decision for her.

“I’m sick and tired of you stealing from those poor people! Not only does that mess up their life, it could also mess up our child’s!” The father exclaimed in the living room of their modest cabin.

“It’s been almost a month, Tahmas. If something bad was going to happen, it would have happened already.” Delilah replied, adding an eye-roll at the end to emphasize how much she didn’t care about this conversation. “I knew I shouldn’t have married a spineless human like you!”

“Spinless, eh? Well, that just made my decision a lot easier..” He said sadly before walking to the front door of their house. The baby was sitting in a basket made of straw, sucking on a bundle of sugar cane. He nodded at the baby and smiled, mouthing the words “It’ll be ok” before knocking on the door a few times. Seconds later, the door was opened by a man covered head to toe in glittery silver armor. Behind him stood about five more people, all dressed in the exact same armor with differing animals on the front.

“You… You brought the guard?” Delilah took a step back and shoved her arm into another room, as if she was about to flee. “Why would resort to this? You know what happens to people like me in jail!”

“It’s ok. I’ve negotiated with them and made sure you would be treated with the upmost respect. Think of this as a way to get rid of your…. roguish tendencies..” Tahmas took a step forward with his hand held out to Delilah. He took slow and steady steps, making sure he didn’t make any sudden movements. “I just want you to get some help…”

Delilah hesitated at first, staring down at his hand for a few moments before making a decision. Once he got close enough, she grabbed his hand and pulled him in, swinging her hand out from the other room and stabbing him in the back with a kitchen knife. Tahmas’s eyes widened with surprise, as he felt warm blood trickle down his back and stain his clothing. The knights didn’t take long to react and Delilah was prepared. She pushed her dying husband into them, slowing them long enough for her to make her escape through a door in the back of the house. By the time the guard made their way out, Delilah had escaped into the night. Three of the knights went out to search for her while the remaining knights went back inside, both to retrieve Tahmas and to check on the baby that was left behind. The female knight that approached the basket took her helmet off, letting long blonde hair tumble down her shoulders. The baby just looked up at her, seemingly unaffected by the intense scene that took place in front of it.

“What are we going to do with the baby, chief?” The lady said, looking back at the bear themed knight standing over the body of Tahmas as the other knight attempted to use healing magic on the wound in his back.

“The father gave me explicit instructions to give the child to his grandmother… Apparently, she was the only person in his wife’s family that he trusted.” The knight replied.

That night the baby was taken to a smaller house in the south edge of Fedimia, where his grandmother Liavaris lived. The baby was placed on the patio in front of the door by the female knight. Then, she took a few steps back and leaned forward to knock on the door. After a few taps, the door was opened by a short, gray haired elf with glasses that were way too big for her face. She looked down at the baby and then looked up at the knight before taking a deep breath.

“So, my wuss of a son-in-law finally kicked the bucket, yeah? I’m somewhat glad, since I don’t have to kiss up to him anymore.” She said, accompanying it with a grin. The knight tilted her head slightly, rather confused as to why a woman like this would be given a child. “Well, I guess I have to take care of the kid now. Don’t worry.. He won’t be getting into trouble.” The child was snatched out of the basket and brought into the house before the door was slammed in the knight’s face. “At least.. He won’t get caught.” She said while within the safety of her own home. The child, as if he was listening, started laughing right at that moment. “Oh, I see. You’ve got a sense of humor, don’t you? Well, then I’ve got the perfect name for you, boy.”

From that point on, the boy would live under his elven grandmother’s roof with the name Osxium, and elvish name meaning “Smile”.