View Full Version : Character test page incoming! (Oh no...now I'm doing it too!)

01-15-2018, 11:55 PM
Just wanted to see if you guys thought that any of these would be a good idea.

Drake Pyres: a twenty-three year old who got mixed up with the wrong groups of people. A trained criminal and self-taught swordsman who cast away his old identity after unspeakably murdering those who were close to him. Drake now insists on fighting only to keep himself strong enough to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Every once in a while though, he will go off and hunt those down who he considers a threat to others. He has no apparent powers, but he is so well versed in combat that he can hold his own without them. He fights using a straightblade sword.

Sol & Luna: A pair of primordial deity twins representative of the moon and sun. Reincarnated in every age in two modern hosts, they protect each other and the world from harm. Sol is a pyropath who can summon six floating blades at will and is built like a brick wall. Luna is fast, agile and can harness the powers of time in small amounts using her scythe.

Cobra: A Precursor experiment sent on several missions to assassinate their enemies. His bodily fluids are poisonous and his skin hides a layer of nematocysts that can inject deadly toxins on contact. He can also read heat signatures and has reflexes beyond that of any normal human. He longs to be something other than the Precursor's tool and is devastated by his deadly conditions that keep him from human interaction.

01-17-2018, 11:25 PM
I mean, there's not a whole lot here to judge, honestly. Sure, the powers are neat, but that's all I have to go on, and even then it's not detailed. Might want to flesh them out some more, especially Drake, seeing as he seems like a character who 180ed.