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I like these characters, and I'm probably going to be writing silly shorts of them from time to time. Nothing serious, just wanted to write something I wanted to write for a while now

John "Something Fierce" Doe (http://wrhg.mastertopforum.net/wrhgs-john-doe-and-august-pine-vt36.html): Gladiator and member of Freeborn. Woke up with no idea who he was and never found out, although he did discover a double who was committed the destroying the RHG (and him). Freeborn became John's family, and as it's numbers dwindled he saw it as his fault, and was later duped into battling his sister, Kyra, the guilt of which ate him alive and made it impossible to look her, or the remaining members of Freeborn, in the eye, causing him to find a new place to live and only visit sporadically to check in.

The Defiler August Pine (http://wrhg.mastertopforum.net/wrhgs-john-doe-and-august-pine-vt36.html): Grew up in the woods alone in a far off island, wandered into a (government) house to cook a deer and was arrested and branded as a criminal for trespassing, and just outright wrecking shit. It was then discovered that literally no one knew who he was, so for paperwork's sake, he was named the first that came to mind: the month and trees in the area. With his lack of an identity and unbreakable will and hope, rather than keep a vandal (defiler) rotting, the local Guardian (city leader) decided to use him to gain notoriety and register him as a gladiator to fight on his behalf. After being given a bomb on his foot and made to understand what it did, August was armed, trained, and entered to fight. Having to keep appearances, the Guardian arranged a nice home for him to live in, but enjoying the wilderness, August seldom stayed there.

He had a chance encounter with John (http://forums.stickpage.com/showthread.php?51034-The-Meeting-of-the-Nameless-(John-and-August-Story)) when they were both injured, and August gave him a place to crash, during which time, John slowly began making plans for August to replace him in Freeborn, while also trying to teach the man some of what he knew, as August helped him shamble through his deepest depression. John became August's only friend, and August was the only person holding him together that looking at didn't kill him inside. While he was still getting the pieces in for the switch in place however, he vanished, with neither Freeborn or August knowing of his plans to unite them.

Since then, five years have passed.

“I thought I’d find you here.”

Tan ears pricked at the sound of the familiar voice, sound nearly lost to the river before the man. Not being the type to doubt himself however, he set his skipping stones in the mud next to him as he craned his neck to-

“JOHN!” Pure, unbridled joy ignited in his dark green eyes as his legs shot him upright like a cannon, but unable to brace himself so readily, his bare feet slid in the mud, leaving him to charge his friend on all fours, like a dog seeing a soldier return home from deployment. He closed the distance between them in the blink of an eye before leaping forward and wrapping his arms around his friend who’d been missing for so many years. Creating more momentum than John was able to brace for, the men crashed to the ground in a splash of mud as the one on top giggled in glee with a smile so wide it hurt his cheeks. “John no die!”

Down below, however, the severely malnourished former gladiator was gasping to regain the air that had been knocked out of his lungs. His hazel eyes were horribly bagged and he barely broke a hundred pounds, but in the moment, John didn’t care. He’d spent the entirety of yesterday beside graves, he needed this, ideally without the pain, but… August was the first ray of light he’d seen in over five years, and God was he bright. His eyes felt damp, and slowly, he returned what was at the very least, a bear hug.

“I missed you, buddy,” With the lack of air, his words were wheezed out more than anything else, “I really did.”

“No miss August. John find!”

“Well I’ll miss you if I pass out then.” He forced a meek smile, but it still took a moment for the situation to click with August. “I can’t breathe.”

His emerald eyes popped with the revelation, and in an instant he was off, seizing John’s hand and dragging him to his feet as well.

“Thanks Aug.” Looking eye to eye, it suddenly became clear to John just how little August had changed. He was strong and flexible when they first met, inspired and living in the moment, despite having to survive whatever had burned his face so long ago. The scar had begun to fade, but the arc over his brow was still prevalent, jutting with a gap only for his eyes before passing his mouth, each side ending in a half arrow pointing away from his face. His hair was still nearly non-existent and he was staying clean shaven. If he didn’t talk, you’d never known he grew up isolated in the woods. ...Provided you also didn’t watch him for longer than three minutes.

In stark contrast, August’s neck craned at how different John had become, his hair was still organized chaos and he was sprouting a full beard in place of his soul patch, but he looked on the cusp of death. While his eyes seemed to beg for explanation, John had evidently escaped from whatever was killing him, so he was just happy his friend was back, pulling him close once more. “No go.”

“I won’t, not again.” After being isolated for so long, there was something undeniably good about being held, but after a minute, John broke it off. “I mean, I hate to ask you for something so soon but…” He scratched the back of his mangy hair as his eyes wandered for a moment, “Do you still live in the same place?”

August nodded enthusiastically. “John come home!”

“If you’d have me,” A chuckle escaped the near skeleton, “Is there anything new I should know though?”


“Anything major happen in the past five years? Still have the bomb on your foot?”

“No boom.”

“As in no more bomb, or it just didn’t explode?”

August indicated during second part of the sentence, but after a brief pause, his face lit up. “Puppy!”

“Not digging the transition there,” John nervously chuckled, “You got a dog? Good for y-”

“No dog. Puppy!”

“I know Aug, but puppies grow into dogs.”

August craned his neck.

“You were in the woods for what, twenty years? You never saw like, a little wolf?”

“No wolf. Puppy.”

John squinted.

August craned his neck.

“You for sure know how aging works. It’s a small dog.”

August made a cradling motion.

John sighed.

“Person puppy.”

“...What?” The recently returned blinked. “Did you find a baby werewolf somewhere?”


“You don’t know what baby m-- You have a baby!?” His eyes couldn’t have been wider and being tazed below the belt would have stunned him less. “How? When?.”

“Cold this many times.” August held up his thumb and both the fingers John’s left hand was missing.

“Okay, it’s been a weird week, so that’s what, five or so days?”

“Loooong cold.”

“You have a fucking two year old?!” John shook his head rapidly. “Boy or girl?”

August shrugged.

“You don’t-” He pinched the bridge of his nose. “Does it look like you?”

“Puppy small. August big. John want see?”

“I mean yeah but-” John sighed, waving August ahead of him, “At least what’s its name?”

“No know.”

“You didn’t name your two year old!?”

“August name?”

John buried his face into his hands. “Yes!”

“What name?”

“I don’t know! A name you like, I guess?”

Beginning to lead the way back to town, August nodded, glancing to the treetops as he thought. Truth be told, the only names he knew belonged people he’d met, and most them either fought him in the RHG, or kept a bomb on his foot. The few that didn’t avoided him after they found out about what his ankle brace really was… except the one. John was the only one who looked past it, who stuck around, threw rocked with him in the river and laughed with him. Even when John vanished without a trace, August knew he’d be back, even if he needed help getting back. He spent every day asking the RHG about him and searching himself, digging fresh holes in the dirt and exploring new caves. Everyone said that John was dead… but August knew better. The earth sloshed with each step they took, and as the minutes passed, the former feral found himself gazing at his first friend, pawing at his palm until he took it, returning the look.


“August like John.”

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I loved it, great work as always Crank.

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Thanks! I'm glad to hear it!