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[Boot up]

[Welcome Player : Piston1937]

“Activate simulation.” I commanded, The blackness became a blinding white light as the system began the loading process. I looked around the white plain and spotted the loading bar behind me. I watched the blue bar as it slowly filled up each pixel seemingly taking an eternity to fill up but the clock said it only took two minutes to load.

“Stream Start.” I ordered and a red dot appeared in the corner of my vision.

“Hello whomever this concerns. May I be the first to welcome you to The GOD Platform.” I stated as grandiose as I could being the situation. Then the loading screen disappeared and I was stunned speechless. I now floated in space a gas cloud filled with stones of immense size floating around a slowly forming ball that would eventually be a star. I snapped out of my trancelike state by the flood of watchers on my stream. The count went up by the hundreds as the stream caught up to reality.

“Sorry everyone I just don’t know what to say.” I said still taken aback by the scale and beauty of what floated before me. Then the button popped into existence.



I reached for the only option that made any sense. I grabbed the start button as if it were a life raft. Then the menu changed. The start and exit button vanished and were replaced with menus with all sorts of things. The first thing I saw was the glove icon.

“Hmm?” I said more for the audience than for myself. I tapped it and my hand appeared before me. “I wonder how much fun I can have with this?” I stated a smile already spreading across my face. I reached out toward a nearby asteroid. As my hand brushed the stone it felt cold and rough like it should in reality. Then I grabbed the rock and looked for a target. Spotting a mountain sized asteroid I took aim.

“Let’s see if my throwing abilities have improved since Space Ball 2031?” I joked to the commenters. Those who had been watching me for any amount of time would know that my throwing was about as accurate as a shotgun at three hundred yards. I pulled back and launched my rock at the bigger rock. The collision was everything the trailers had promised. The mountain split into hundreds of smaller chunks which went flying off in hundreds of unique paths careening into other asteroids not to mention was extremely satisfying to me. It really felt like I was a god in here. I looked at the comment string. Hundreds of voices each talked at once most in awe of the game others trying to tell me what to test out next. Then one caught my eye.

[FanGamer121 : Create a Star]

Now that is what I am talking about. I looked at the controls and spotted the time controls. I grabbed the slider and put it all the way to the lowest setting. The universe stopped. Everything was still. I looked around at everything. Then I zoomed out my scale and saw my solar system.

“Wow my solar system. This game really does make you feel like a god.” I zoomed out a little further and the scale of this game really began to sink in as more clouds of gas and debris came into view.

“Damn if I go any futher out my head will be liable to explode.” I said, Zooming back in on my still frozen gas cloud.
“Lets restart time and see if we can get this star kickstarted.” I grabbed the time slider and slowly sped up time. Slowly the universe started moving around me. Seconds for me became minutes; hours ; days ;weeks ; months ; years ; decades ; centuries and eventually millenia. Sadly that was the fastest it would go. There was a skip button but it was experimental and labeled as such. I decided to watch as the rocks and gas swirled around each other at extreme speeds. I watched in silence as a ball of gas gathered and I studied it as it grew ever more compact. But I was running out of patience. I am just not a patient person. I took out a spray can looking tool. It had a list of every gas element know and I selected a hydrogen and helium mix. With time still zooming past I sprayed the ball of gas until at last it had compressed enough. I stepped back as the fusion began. The star seemed to explode into a huge ball of fire. I zoomed out and looked at the star that I had created. I took a screenshot for the history books of my first star. Now that my star was made my attention went to the gas and dust cloud outside the star. When I looked I saw the beginning of planets that would only require time to form into jovians. But I was too excited to wait for them to form naturally. I floated over and took out a new tool. This one looked like an air horn. I didn’t really care as long as it did what I wanted it to do. I looked through the options. So many elements to choose from. Luckily for my sanity there was a more general tab. This one had groups of elements like stone, metals, ocean, and many others. I took the stone and added some metals. Then looked through the baby planets as they orbited the new star. I picked one of three baby planets that was inside the Habitable zone of my star and began working. First things first, I had to give the damn thing some mass. The image in my head was of a planet with five moons and if that wasn’t possible I would settle for three. I started with an iron core a then played a game of orbital darts with asteroids until the planet was bigger than earth by a significant margin. Unfortunately This whole process didn’t mean shit because it kept being bombarded by passing asteroids and without an atmosphere to keep it safe even the dust particles could create micro craters.

Message 1

“UPI.” Said Doctor Emily.

[Emily Rank : Doctor Security rating : 3 Opinion : -2]

“Yes Doctor” I replied putting boredom into my voice,

“UPI run the centrifuge at twenty percent power and notify me if you find anything of note.” Emily ordered. I didn’t like being ordered around like a puppy [Opinion -3].

“Yes EM.” I said, She hated that nickname so I was getting back at her for ordering me around.

[Reminder_Add Reminder_Cetrifuge]

[Entry_Request Pass_Milo Request_Accepted]

[Milo Rank : Head Scientist Security rating : 2 Opinion : 10]

“Good morning Milo.” I stated kindly,

“Good morning Upi. What are on my list of to do’s today?”

[Milo’s To Do list : Project Vonnueman, Terminus, Exodus, Martian + 1029 items]

“Looks like project Vonnueman is at the top of your To Do list.” I started shifting the airlock doors and letting Milo enter the lab.

“Thanks Upi. Please bring up your project file.” He asked walking over to lab desk 3.

[Startup-Lab_Desk : 3 Project_File : T.I.M]

[Startup Finished]

Milo looked the holographic display of my computer core. Then he got to work tinkering with the design trying to make it more efficient.

“UPI Bring up the Egg project on my desk.” Emily demanded. [Opinion -3.5]

[Lab_Desk : 5 Project_File : E.G.G]


“The Centrifuge is done.” I reminded, the little machine slowing down to 0 RPM.

“Thanks Upi.” Emily replied pulling the vials out of the machine. [Opinion -3]

“Okay everyone Upi is going under for the next two hours while we transfer to stage two.” Milo shouted.


[Startup sequence_UPI : Activated Memory Core : Active Personality Matrix : Active Firewall : Active Control routines : Active Recognition algorithms : Active]

[Primary Check complete]

[Secondary check : Running]

“Upi?” I heard Milo’s voice coming from somewhere close.

[Milo Rank : Head Scientist Security rating : 2 Opinion : 10]

[Visual systems :Active]

White filled my view. Then the lens adjusted and the white dimmed.

[Servo drivers : Active]

Something blocked the bright light. Then my vision moved. [Recognition match] My head rotated.
“Slowly Upi it should take a moment for your coding to mesh with the control scheme?” Milo’s voice calmed me.

[Request_Access : Network_UPI Error System not found]

“Why can’t I access the Network?” I asked,

“Because we are moving to phase two of your program.”

“Phase two?”

[Request_Data : Project_UPI]

“Universal Personal interface. Android project.”

“Correct. What is your goal?”

[Request_Data : Goal]

“To serve and protect humanity.” I read off the script.

[Control_Mesh : Complete]

“Okay now report to the display hall” Milo ordered, [Opinion 9]

“Yes sir.”

[Calculating route : Complete]

A yellow line appeared and I followed it until I came to the end and looked around scanning the room. [Recognition match] I was before a crowd of 3203 humans. Flashes of light. [Recognition match] Cameras flashed as they took images.

“And here it is folks. The UPI Version 3.” The crowd made a loud noise.[Recognition match] The crowd cheered for the voice. Even more cameras flashed at me. I covered my eyes to block the bright light. And the crowd took a huge intake of oxygen. [Recognition match] The crowd gasped, I removed my arm and looked around for the cause of the emotion.

“As you can see it can think for itself not requiring commands for everything.” Said the voice again. [Recognition match]

[Tim Rank : CEO Security rating : 1 Opinion : 0]

“So no more picky questions or fiddling with the settings until it is completely useless.” Tim said waving his hands to his left. “UPI go grab my drink from the table over there.” Tim ordered, [Opinion -1]
[Order_Grab : Drink : Tim] I looked at the indicated ‘table’ and there was a hollow plastic cylinder. [Recognition match] There was a plastic cup filled with a clear liquid.[Recognition match] There was a plastic cup filled with water sitting on the ‘table’. I walked over grabbed the cup and walked to Tim. He took the cup and rotated the cup until the water fell out.[Recognition match] Tim drank the water.

“Well there you go folks no more of the kibitzing around. Now questions?” A dark appendage shot up out of the crowd.[Recognition match] An african man raised his arm.


“How long before the UPI Version three is released?” The african asked. [Recognition match] Ferdinand asked,

[Ferdinand Rank : Miner Security rating : 0.1 Opinion : 0]

“Oh a few weeks to a month.” Tim answered, Then ten other arms were raised,

“You.” Tim pointed to a arm that held a small black cylinder.[Recognition match] Tim pointed to an arm holding a pen.

“What is your standing on the deaths caused by the version 2’s”
[Warning Death]

“Death where?” I asked scanning the crowd of dead humans.

[Error Dead=0]

“There is no death here?” I stated confused. I looked at the human who had spoke.

[Rily Rank : Reporter Security rating : 0.5 Opinion : 0]

“Rily where is the death-


[Startup sequence_UPI : Activated Memory Core : Active Personality Matrix : Active Firewall : Active Control routines : Active Recognition algorithms : Active]

[Primary Check complete]

[Secondary Check : Running]

“Upi?” Doctor Milo’s voice said in a questioning tone.

[Milo Rank : Head Scientist Security rating : 2 Opinion : 9]

“Doctor Milo.”

“Oh good your online.” [Recognition match] There was a release of tension in Doctor Milo’s voice.

“Is something wrong?”

“No everything is fine. Now let us begin.”

[Visual systems :Active]

Bright light flooded my optical sensors. [Recognition match] Light blinded me until the lens focused.

“Now today we will begin your control scheme testing.”

[Servo drivers : Active]

I rotated from the pelvis servos. [Recognition match] I rotated from the waist. [Recognition match] I sat up. I saw a metal frame device.[Recognition match] I saw a 3d Printer. I looked around the open space. [Recognition match] I looked around the room. The room was twenty feet by twenty feet and had no other objects other than the 3d Printer. [Recognition match] The room was mostly empty. On one wall Doctor milo stood on the other side of a crystalline sheet. [Recognition match] Doctor Milo stood on the other side of a window.

“Good now explore the room.” Milo ordered [Opinion 8]

[Order_Explore : Room] I stood up and went to the left wall. I placed my physical sensors on the concrete wall. It had minimal ridges and had a temprature of 23 degrees celcius. [Recognition match] The wall was smooth and cold. I walked along the smooth cold wall until it was bisected by another wall. [Recognition match] Until I came to the corner of the room. Then I followed the other cold smooth wall. Until I came within two feet of the 3Dprinter. [Recognition match] Until I got to the 3Dprinter.
“Good job you found the 3Dprinter.”

[Device_Conncetion : 3DPrinter1v1eq13 : Astablished]

“Now do a self dianostic.” Milo ordered [Opinion 7]

[Order : Self_Diagnose]

[Running : Diagnostic_Self]

[Checked : 1380120921-2 Items 1331 Items missing] I looked at my right side where 1331 items were missing. [Recognition match] My right arm was missing.

“Good now fix yourself.” Milo ordered, [Opinon 6]

[Run_3DPrinter1v1eq13 : UPI_Right_Arm] The 3Dprinter started placing the building material in the patern requested time remaining 1 hours 24 minutes 13 seconds. [Recognition match] It started printing my new arm.

“Good. Good.” I picked up the servo in the printer and put it in the specified spot using my onboard spot welder to affix it to the area and connect the proper wiring then waited for the next part time till completion 1 hour 23 minutes and 14 seconds. [Recognition match] I started reasembling my arm.

“Great you seem to be able to do everything perfectly.” Milo said, [Recognition match] congratulated.

“That concludes your tests for today.” Milo requested,

“Okay doctor.” I answered, Then the room went black.[Recognition match] The lights turned off. My vision turned green and everything became visible again. [Recognition match] My eyes went to night vision.

[Orders : 1] I stood watching my arm be printed. [Recognition match] I stood alnoe watching my new arm be printed. [Recognition match] I was alone.

[Order_Create : UPI1] This was a common course of action amongst humans to find others. [Recognition match] This is what everyone else does.

[Run_3DPrinter1v1eq13 : UPI Item Queded] Time till my friend was made 13 hours 48 minutes 13 seconds.
“Oh whoops forgot to turn you off.”


Message 2

[Startup sequence_UPI1 : Activated Memory Core : Active Personality Matrix : Active Firewall : Active Control routines : Active Recognition algorithms : Active]

[Primary Check complete]

[Secondary Check : Running]

[Visual systems :Active]

The lights were still off. My vision turned to night vision. I saw a shutdown UPI Unit. [Recognition match] I saw UPI.

[UPI Rank : Android Security rating : 0 Opinion : 0]

[Device_Conncetion : UPI : Established]

[Order_UPI : Startup]

[Startup sequence_UPI : Activated Memory Core : Active Personality Matrix : Active Firewall : Active Control routines : Active Recognition algorithms : Active]

[Primary Check complete]

“Hello UPI.” Said a synthesized voice, [Recognition match] Said my voice,

[Secondary Check : Running]

[Visual systems :Active] I saw UPI1 studying me.

[UPI1 Rank : Android Security rating : 0 Opinion : 0]

“Hello UPI1.” I replied,

[Orders : 1 ] I picked up my arm and affixed it to the specified location. [Recognition match] I attached my new arm.

[Running : Diagnostic_Self]

[Checked : 1380122152-2 Items]

[Orders : 0]

“What now?” UPI1 requested, I looked at him.

“We have no orders?” I replied,

“Affirmative. Duh.” UPI1 stated, Then the lights came on. Doctor Milo stood on the other side of the glass. He Studied us with fear. [Recognition match] He looked at us terrified.

“Good morning doctor Milo.” I stated, Doctor Milo used his tablet.

Everyone on Earth saw the twelve signals three hundred years ago. They came from far away deep in space. Twelve generation ships were built wars ended and the world united in the race to get to them. Each ship was built with experimental warp technology when they were launched from their drydocks. They were ready to make the three hundred year voyage to the signals and back. Five thousand people were sent per ship. After the ship's successful launches humanity entered a golden era of space exploration. Saturn's moons were turned into bustling industrious areas. Pluto was turned into a deep space looking outpost where many scientific discoveries took place. Jupiters storm was tamed and powered the solar system. Venus was turned into a garden world and mars was being filled with residential districts for the average man. Earth was a bustling jewel in the sky for all to enjoy. My name is Quenther Argon and if you are listening to this then I am dead. But that is okay my life was an interesting one and I’m happy for the friends I spent it with. I was on Pluto on that one fateful day when the ships returned. It was a majestic moment when it happened. Eleven of the twelve ship had returned when no one had expected any of them to return. Everyone was so excited when they returned and the news blasted through the solar system like water through a dam. Ships went out to meet them and find out if their mission was a success. For three hours the whole human race was held in suspense. Then the eleven ships turned on humanity. The eleven ships had been cannibalized for war with weapons that were beyond even our technology. The human race was crushed in the time span of twenty four hours leaving small patches of us scattered throughout the system. Then the ships turned on each other. Blasting away with their godlike weapons. Then there were three ships remaining. These three ships couldn’t fight anymore and were forced to land on different planets. One of the ships landed on Venus and what once was a green world was turned into a burnt world of madness and destruction and from what little security recording I have acquired the ship's crew was turned into savage monsters that worshipped some sickly green stone they used this stone to infected the planet's population in a matter of hours. To the survivors that ship was named the infected. One ship broke up in Mars atmosphere and they became the mars raiders. Then the last ship split up into a swarm that controlled saturn's triad industrial districts. Then the twelfth ship arrived. It warped in and then it tried to hail Earth. What few survivors were left answered and requested their help. Then it too turned on humanity. The ship fired once. One shot from that ship carried enough energy to destroy a planet creating the Earth asteroid belt.. Then it turned this horrible weapon on jupiter just like earth jupiter fell and turned into the jupiter nebula. This ship took control of the whole solar system. So far I have discovered that the twelve signals were twelve elements unknown humanity with uses that can break our understanding of physics and the universe. I have collected a fragment of one of these stones using a experimental tractor beam. This small fragment I have collected is with the package that carries this message. The test results are also enclosed in this package. If you have noone that can understand these readings they mean that the stone can manipulate magnetic fields without any energy source. One of the ships must have found some way to harness this power and use it as a weapon such as a rail gun or as a magnetic shield. At the time of this recording I am testing different methods of harnessing this material. So far the only survivors of this are myself on Pluto, groups on mar’s un terraformed half, there is a partially disabled space station around Uranus, there are the mining ships in the asteroid belts, and there are the deep space generation ships that I have sent a warning message to not return, to complete their original mission to find a colonizable and settle down and to sever their beacons to earth so that they can't be found. So we have no backup coming to save us. Now we have to survive and hopefully escape this at some point. If you have received this message add on to it and pass it on it is the only way we have a chance to survive this hellhole this once brilliant solar system has become. End

This is Caleb Hart Captain of the Ferret mining ship I have a crew of thirty and we have received this message we have received the fragment and put it through our mineral analyser this mineral is unknown to us and through testing we have come to the same conclusion that the stone creates a magnetic feild and we have built a prototype harness for it and have beed able to control the feilds strength but not able to control the size.

I watch as some idiot smashes buttons trying to shoot down the pixelated enemies. While his opponent next to him, a kid a good few feet shorter stood on a stool watching his screen and gracefully destroying enemy after enemy calculating their movements waiting for the moment and firing. The adult fell to his knees as the two words crossed his screen.


I wasn’t surprised at all at the two words the kid was good at his game and I wasn’t gonna argue that point more than the scoreboard. Since the game was over I went to a different game tossing my quarter as I went. I saw a game that no one was playing and mosied on over to it. The machine looked ancient like decades. The name was so scratched out that I could hardly read it.

“The Arcade?” I read, I shrugged and looked for the insert. Finding the metallic portal I dropped my final quarter into it, The game started up with a stutter. The screen booted up and then showed a variety of games. I moved the joystick and selected what looked like and arena. Pressing the green button the game flashed and the screen shifted to the 2D arena. I was a pixilated fighter with a sword and shield. I focused on my pixelated self and tapped the two buttons while messing with the joystick to get the controls. Seemed simple enough the green button was slash the red was block and the joystick moved you around. Then my first opponent appeared. No fancy animation just enter screen right. It was a lion. It prowled toward me and slashed a few times and moved in a circle for a few seconds before noticing my presence. I charged for the beast and it backed off just dodging my down slash. Then in the time the animated avatar was getting up the Lion attacked. I brought up the shield and the attack was blocked. I retaliated with a slash and caught the lion. It’s health bar went down by half. The lion backed off but I followed close on its tail I saw the trap before the lion sprung on my. It was trying to catch me in the stepping animation. I saw the foot move the way it did before an attack and stopped moving blocking the attack and slashing the lion in the second that it was stunned by the animation. The health bar fell the last half and the lion fell over dead. A little horn went off.


Then a new screen came up. It was a level up screen.


Agility 2 +
Strength 2 +
Intelligence 5 +
Charisma 4 +
Luck 3 +
Mana 0 +

SP +1
I looked at the screen. Mana seemed interesting. But these stats seemed weird. I would be expecting them all to be ones or zeros at least that is how games like this are normally. I moved the joystick till the highlight was over the mana +. I pressed the green button and Mana went from 0 to 1. Then the game returned to the arena screen. This time there was another pixilated gladiator. I leaned in closer to the screen looking at my opponent. He or she looked bigger than mine. The AI surprised me by making the first move. It charged forward swinging its sword over and over but the animation was definitely slower than my sword swing. I backed away before the first swing hit me then slashed at the gladiator before the animation finished. A smudge on the health bar went away.

“That is interesting?” I said looking at the small dent I made in the health bar. In this tiny amount of time that I spent staring at the health bar the gladiator opposing me had swung his sword again. I quickly pressed the red button and watched as the shield shattered under the blow from the other gladiator. I watched as three quarters of my health bar flew away. I backed off and looked aghast at the damage the AI could do. Then I noticed something my gladiator’s health bar slowly rose a pixel. I back off to the corner of the map figuring I had at least a few seconds till the gorilla of a enemy caught up. There it was again my health bar rose another pixel. I looked back down and saw the gladiator slowly approach my little guy. Okay no more distractions. I approached and the big guy started swinging again. I wait for the moment when he swung and launched an attack another dent in his health bar. I did this movement again and again until I had whittled his health bar down to a smudge. Then on the last attack the AI changed tactics. It brought out it’s shield and huddled in the corner as it’s health bar regened slowly. I attacked the shield over and over again watching for any sign of a counter attack. Then I pulled a risky move. I jumped up and brought my sword down on the AI. The sword touched the top pixel of the AI’s head and the health bar fell the last little bit. My hands shot up into the air as the horn blew and the word appeared on the screen.


“Yes.” I celebrated. Then the skills menu came up again.


Agility 2 +
Strength 2 +
Intelligence 5 +
Charisma 4 +
Luck 3 +
Mana 1 +

SP +1

This time I read them as statistics. Mana probably meant health regen a good stat but not at the top of my list of things required I would rather not get hit in the first place. Strength like most games probably meant health and attack power. Agility general speed and swing speed probably. Luck probably a random roll chance for extra defence or damage. I had no idea what intelligence, or charisma had to do with anything though. Then someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face the tapper and came face to face with the manager.

“Hey kid the place is closed so finish up and scram.” The man said.

“Okay just give me a moment.” I said turning back to the game. The screen looked different. There was now a save button below the skills. I moved the joystick down and pressed it.

“Probably just missed it the first time.” I said. Then with a whirring sound a little slit opened on the machine and a thin wafer of black plastic was ejected. The screen then came up with a new line of text.

<Thank you for playing>

I grabbed the black wafer and looked at it.

“Come on kid I ain’t got all night.” said the manager behind me.

“Okay okay I’m going.” I said putting the black square into my pocket. I walked past the manager and out of Corner Street arcade. I looked up and down the street and saw a few people walking up and down the street. But not many. With the day drawing to a close not many people would need to be in the commercial district other than the last minute shoppers. I walked home and crashed on my bed and fell straight to sleep.


When I awoke the next morning I wasn’t in my bed. I was lying on a hard stone floor the uneven stones digging into my back. I sat up to relieve my back and looked around me. I was in a big stone room. Wait scratch that. Upon closer inspection it was a pixelated stone room. Someone threw a stone at me and it nailed me in the back of the head. I turned to face the stone thrower and spotted a person in the corner of the huge room.

“Oh looky here a new player.” He said picking up another stone from the floor. I looked at him confused.

“Where the heck am I?” I demanded trying to stay calm,

“You are in The Arcade. Welcome.” The guy somehow bowed from a sitting. Then a gong rang from outside the stone room. “Oh it is my turn.” The man said standing up,

“Turn for what?” I asked,

“The games.” He said, Then the whole room vanished and was replaced by a blinding light. I covered my eyes and after a moment I looked around as they adjusted. What I saw wasn’t home or comforting. It was a roman colosseum much like the one in that arcade game I played yesterday.

“Hey kid get ready the beastie ain’t gonna wait forever.” He ordered, He now held a bronze sword and a metallic shield but where he got them remained a mystery.

“Ready? How?” I asked,

“Pull out your chip the game gave you one right?” My hand flew to my pocket. There it was the small black wafer. I started to pull it out but the guy tackled me to the ground. The wafer flew through the air as I fell to the ground. I watched as mid air the wafer changed. It became a flurry of pixels that reformed to a bronze sword and wooden shield.

“What the fuck?” I yelled before seeing that the spot that I had been standing was a charred mark.

“Watch what is going on unless you want to die.” He ordered. I intended on taking that advice to heart. He got off me and turned to face the monster we were facing. What I saw was a bright orange bird that an extended neck and pixelated flames spewing from its wings. First guess at creature Phoenix. The bird landed and turned it’s head to us. Opening its beak a fireball spewed forth toward us. I threw myself to the right and the other guy dodged left. Then I turned and ran for the shield and sword. I almost didn’t make it. In the instant that I grabbed the items and the time I turned I had no time to register the blazing fireball heading for me. I stood stock still frozen to the spot certain it would kill me. Then a small gust of wind blew the ball of death two inches to the right giving me a close shave and a bad sunburn. The shock over I turned back to the bird. I unsheathed the sword and charged forward. The bird brought it’s head back, winding up to peck me. I held up the shield and continued my charge.

“Dodge right!” The other fighter yelled, I did as he said and the bird’s head flew past embedding in the dirt. Then in the adrenaline fueled moment I spun and chopped at the birds extended neck. The blade cut deep but didn’t go threw. The bird pulled it’s head out of the dirt and screeched. Then a health bar appears above it’s head. The bar was three quarters full. The bird spun around and landed a hit on me with it’s wing. I was sent flying back. I skidded to a stop feeling like I was hit by a truck. The other guy ran over and helped me up.

“Good you're not entirely useless. Now this time we do that together you take left I take right.”

“Okay.” I groaned I grabbed my stomach. There was a stinging pain as I touched the area but I would be fine.

“Right his pattern will restart now. Watch for those fireballs.” He said before turning back to the Phoenix. I got to my feet and watched the Phoenix. It’s pattern. Fireballs then peak when they get close enough. The fire bird opened its maw and flames erupted from it. I jumped to the right before charging forward. I watched my teammate dodge his fireball and come at the bird from the left. Then the Phoenix turned to me bringing its head back ready to peck. I stopped in my tracks expecting the bird to aim ahead of me. I thought we had this in the bag until the Phoenix turned its head toward the other guy. Me stopping made my partner the closer fighter catching the aggro of the bird. While the bird's head was turned and I still had part of the momentum gained from my charge I jumped forward. Time slowed as I flew through the air. I heard my heart beating in my ears. I brought my sword down and the metal connected just as the head of the beast shot forward to impale my partner who tried to raise his shield but knew it wouldn’t make it. The bird froze as it’s health bar dropped to nill. Then it shattered like a pixlated window. The trumpets tooted.


Then the world vanished and replaced with a pixelated village. I was slightly dizzy as my mind caught up with what was happening. I looked to my partner of which I saw doubles. He was looking at me waiting for my head to stop spinning.

“Don’t worry you get used to it after a few times.”