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03-19-2018, 11:48 AM
You will never forget us...and so...we will never forget you...

“Many other things took place as Vamprina stayed in VC. She fought battles, dealt with evil beings of all forms and species, and protected her friends with a determination feared by all. Eventually, she did find the one single individual who was responsible for her continued hardships on the planet. Over the course of time, this being had managed to find a way to overpower and the entire Alphegerai species…a species she found out she was a part of. Angered, Vamprina engaged him in space, so as to prevent the celestial warfare from annihilating SP…and…with the help of her true father, an Alphegerai by the name of Seraphoenix, and his Alphegerai brother, Shadowyvern, Vamprina defeated the powerful enemy.”

“The victory came at a heavy cost. Shadowyvern used all his power to grant the enemy an impossible wish, which killed them both. Torn with grief, Seraphoenix begged Vamprina (who was actually his daughter, Vampress) to return to her old life and forget the ways of the wRHG. Vamprina agreed and returned to her world…becoming queen over her people once again.”

“But the peace would not last. Centuries after the death of Shadowyvern, the enemy returned, with neither explanation nor warning. Seraphoenix, having had a long, dark, and bloody history with the individual, managed to secretly banish it to SP, hoping that there it would stay far away from his species (as well as all his creations). The Alphegerai Elders heard of this and said that it would be best to keep the enemy distracted for now; they needed time to prepare for another of his attacks.”

“And so, the story of Samael began…”