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Highly recommend you start off with my earlier stories, if this is your first time reading a tale of mine.

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Thank you to Ignus, who kindly collaborated with me on this story.

The night was cold, the moon, bright and pale against the dark sky, and not a single cloud drifted across the horizon. The sun had set several hours ago, a pale light to the west the only sign of this. A light breeze blew through the quiet streets, stirring up some dust here and there. Two figures stood on one side of the road, looking across the way at one of the several houses on the isolated street. One was tall, well over six foot, wearing a long beige coat, beaten up jeans, a long sleeve grey shirt, and black sneakers.

His companion was shorter, just under six foot, with lengthy, curly blonde hair tucked up into a beanie cap. His camouflage pants hung loose around his legs, held up by a black leather belt. A pair of hiking boots a few sizes too big covered his feet, and a light blue t-shirt garbed his torso, his hands were kept warm by a pair of fingerless striped gloves.

The blonde, Levi, turned to his partner, street lights glinting off his thick framed glasses,
“It look alright?”

Riley, the bigger of the two, shrugged, “A bit more worn from when I left it a while ago, but overall it looks okay.” He replied, letting a quiet sigh escape his lungs. “Honestly Levi, I don’t know why we’re here, our faces are wanted all across the US, just being outside is risky.”

The blonde rolled his eyes, “C’mon, these guys helped us both out, we disappeared on them, they deserve to know we’re okay right?” He asked, getting a disgruntled growl in response, “Besides, we’ve been moving around for quite a while after Abbas couldn’t keep us anymore.”

The big guy smirked, “I gotta say, even though I don’t like the guy, he certainly has connections, he even hooked us up with that big swordsman to act as a bodyguard while we moved around.”

Levi smiled back, “Yeah… Never seen someone get punted like a football…” He stated, “And go just as far…”

Riley nodded, “Well, let’s get inside, see if Kiro’s home.” He stated, stepping out into the road. His strides were long, casual, with a subtle undertone of urgency. Levi followed behind, hands shaking nervously in their gloves.

They approached the door, solidly shut in front of them. Riley kicked a few rocks away near the door, but, not finding the key usually hidden there, shrugged and put his right palm to the door. Pushing gently, the wood gave way, cracking under his mechanical limb’s strength and swung open swiftly, smashing into the wall inside.

They stepped inside, taking in what was once the living room, now strewn with parts of the roof, having caved in from multiple places all over. The couch lay in tatters, torn apart with what they guessed had been a knife, and the TV was gone, probably stolen or sold. Levi walked past the couch, running a hand over the backrest, and into the kitchen. The cupboards were all thrown wide open, with plates, bowls and glasses broken and shattered on the floor.

Riley scanned the place with his right eye, both eyebrows scrunched towards one another as he scowled at the sight, “What happened?” He said aloud.

Levi was frowning as well, more depressed than concerned at the sight, “I don’t know. Looks like they got robbed.”

“But this is Kiro and Catena we’re talking about, they couldn’t have gotten robbed so easily.” Riley proposed, but Levi shook his head.

“You never know.”

Suddenly, Riley raised a hand to his companion, then a finger to his lips. Levi did as told, falling silent, and unhooked a knife from his belt. The former CIA brought out one of his Berretta, and placed it in both hands, stepping lightly past the kitchen and into the hall, making his way toward the back. Levi followed, peeking over Riley’s shoulder, anxious to see.

The Operative’s right eye remained active, scanning every dark corner of each room they passed, until they made it to the last door in the hall. Riley and Levi stood quietly, listening. With speed like a snake striking, Riley shot his right arm forward, smashing it through the door, grabbed something, and pulled as hard as he could. A man, tight in Riley’s grip, flew out from the room and crashed into the wall opposite then to the floor. He cried out in pain as he hit the wall, and grunted when Riley put a foot to his throat and leveled a gun to his temple.

“Who are you?” He questioned furiously. Levi looked him over, but didn’t recognize him. Greasy black hair, a rat like face, with some messed up teeth, and a pointed nose. His clothes were grungy and unclean.

He gasped for air, “Get off ‘o me!” He countered. Riley spat off to his left before lifting his shoe, reaching down and picking the man up off the floor with his right hand, and shoved him into the wall, cracking the drywall.

“Where’s the owner of this house?!” He demanded. The hobo ripped at Riley’s arm, but couldn’t pry his hand away, “Gone! Usually! He comes back here well after dark!” He retched. Riley nodded to Levi, and the blonde stepped out of the way before his partner hurled the man down the hall, “Get out. And don’t come back!” He yelled.

The man scurried away, terrified, and Levi and Riley slumped against opposite walls. Levi frowned, “Well… What now? Should we wait for him?” He asked.

The Operative nodded, “What else can we do?” He replied.

And so, they went back out into the living room, closed the front door, and settled down wherever was most comfortable in that mess of a space, and began their wait.


The outside streets of the city are some of the most dangerous places to be. This one was no exception, with garish, brightly colored tags dotting the bullet-shredded brick walls, shattered glass laying every 5 steps of the way, and a real good chance that one would be jumped, knocked unconscious, and searched within a clean minute. Most would never dare to wander this place, but Kiro was broken enough to do so.

The city perfectly captured his mind, every nook and cranny of it. Hobbling from place to place, he soullessly stared at each art piece, his face remaining the same; dazed, confused, hopeless.

“Look at that,” he exclaimed to himself, staring at one in particular. “That one’s a winner. Too good to be in this rubbish pile.”

“At least it has a place. It has company.”

Sighing, Kiro looked at his watch. 12:00, Midnight.

“I don’t belong here, but I don’t belong back there. I don’t belong in a grave, or in a family.
This limbo is choking me out, but at this point, I just don’t care.”

“Am I just here to suffer?”

In a sudden fit of anger, Kiro threw his watch to a ground, the hard metal making a sharp, ringing sound as it collided with the rocky pavement. The rush went away as fast as it came. With the posture of one too old, he turned around, starting back to his house.

With two bags of groceries in tow, Kiro stood in the driveway of his house, staggering a bit from the weight. It had been a while since he’d purchased anything more than milk, and he probably-no, definitely- “pigged” out a little bit.

The house from the outside looked the same as ever, even after 2 years. Kiro smiled, remembering the first moment he obtained the house.

“WOW! It is sooo spacious! Much better than that cramped ol’ apartment I used to live in.”

He had ran around, overjoyed, almost slipping on the carpet floor. It just felt so GOOD to earn something, after weeks and weeks.

Those times were gone now, but the house remained a loyal friend to him.

Stepping up to the molded doormat, Kiro instantly knew something was off. He was rusty, but his hunter’s instinct was still there.

“Wait.. the door’s open. And not just open…”

Grabbing a soda can, he held it tightly in his fist.

“Thrown open..

Stepping into the house with a bored expression, he quickly chugged the soda pop before tossing it between his feet, the cheap metal making a muffled “thump” onto the carpet.

“Well, c’mon, not like I have all day. You wanna take a shot? You best not miss.”

While announcing this to the world, he silently took another can out of his bag, shaking vigorously. A grin slowly spread across his face.

“Finally, some excitement…”

Riley and Levi sat quietly in the house, until Riley’s right eye flashed red, signalling them both. “Someone’s coming.” he said in a fierce whisper.

They sat, crouched in the dark, ready to pounce if it was another wandering hobo. The door opened, and a figure stepped inside. Slightly smaller than Levi, with an aluminum can in his hand. He chugged it before letting it fall to the floor, “Well, c’mon, not like I have all day. You wanna take a shot? You best not miss.”

It was Kiro.

Levi began to stand up, but dropped to the floor at the sound of a gunshot, Riley stood behind him, erect, with his M9’s barrel still smoking. The bullet had impacted a mere inches from Kiro’s head to his left. Slowly, Riley’s serious grimace broke into a calm smile, “You know better than to test me kid.” He said quietly.

Levi stepped up out of the shadows, raising both hands in a calming gesture, “Sheesh Riley, you trying to scare him off?” He looked at Kiro in the dark, “It’s us Kiro, Levi and Riley…”

Kiro didn’t flinch as the bullet flew past by, remaining in his “slacked” position. When he heard Levi’s voice, however, he put down the “loaded” soda can, his frown turning into a full-on smile.

“You sons of guns.”

Beaming, Kiro rushed over to Levi and Riley, staring at them in wonder before giving them each a quick hug.

“EYY! My gosh, you two are finally back. Haven’t gotten yourself killed or anything! Welcome! I’ve been waiting for you.”

Patting them on the back, he gestured toward the mostly-intact kitchen table.

“Please, sit down. You want any water or somethin?”

Kiro himself did not look the greatest. He seemed thinner than before, with shades under his eyes and multiple scars on his arms and legs. This didn’t seem to hinder him, however, as he cracked open another soda.
Levi patted his friend’s back and returned the hug. Riley was a bit stiffer, but gave a hug back as well, smiling still. They followed Kiro into the kitchen and sat down. Riley sat down heavily, his tremendous weight straining the chair, and began tuning his weapon, watching Levi and Kiro.

“Good to see you pal. Sorry for worrying you.” The blonde muttered. Scratching his head, he looked over his accomplice, taking note of his smaller physique and fatigued appearance. Levi sighed, “Seems you’ve been going through just as much hell as us, huh Riley?” He stated, looking at the Operative.

Riley nodded, blowing some hot air out his mouth, “Yeah.” He glanced around at the mess of a house, “Guessing it’s just you living here now? Catena probably left after we went under.”

They didn’t look like themselves either, having been in hiding for several months, nearly a year. Levi now sported a dark blonde beard ringing his mouth, and his hair was even longer than before, now reaching partway down his neck, poking out all sides of his cap, remaining just as curly. His clothes, a blue t-shirt and camo cargo shorts, were torn and ripped in various places, with visibles patches of soot. Besides the scar across his left cheek, no fresh wounds were visible, due to his healing ability. A large crack ran across the right lens of his glasses.

Riley looked perhaps the most different. He was just as large as before, if not bigger, with his sandy colored hair having more flecks of gray than in the past. His right arm had no skin disguising it, instead showing a fully prosthetic hand with nearly the same dimensions as a real one. It seemed just a bit too bulky, too large for a regular human. A big, scruffy beard cloaked his face, and his previously mentioned hair now hung to his ears. His clothes were practically in the same condition as Levi’s, full of holes in some places and rather ragged.

Kiro sighed, sliding away his 3rd soda of the day. “Yeah, she left. She told me one day that she had to go somewhere, and...well, it’s been months.” His face suddenly clouded, obviously pained at thinking about the past. “She left right after you guys did, as well. I got a few leads on ya a long time ago, was worried about you guys. Gave up shortly after.”

He grinned a bit. “Don’t blame her for leaving me, though. I was in a rough state, still am. You see those knife marks on the wall?”

Indeed, the once pure-white wall was riddled with deep cuts, and a couple bullet holes on the side. “Everyone tries to rob me nowadays. A couple hitmen. Some of those are mine as well, when I.. well..”

“Well anyway,” Kiro said, trying to change topic. “I thought I’d never see you guys again. But now you are here. And if you guys are here, then Catena can’t be far behind.”

Riley shrugged, cracking his neck, while Levi leaned up against the counter, arms crossed, “Don’t know man. We were hiding out in this area and I remembered you had the HQ here. Thought we should stop by and check on you.”

The former Operative grunted, “We’re lucky we haven’t heard any sirens yet. The group we’re tracking has ordered us shot on sight from within the CIA.”

Levi shook his head in disgust, “Yeah. Seems dangerous to be hanging out for so long. Don’t know how long we can stay, Kiro.”

“Ahh,” Kiro sighed. “You probably shouldn’t have come here then, yeah. Especially after-”

Kiro suddenly heard another few pairs of footsteps, too soft and concealed to be anyone innocent. He instantly sensed danger.

“We have to move. Now.” Pulling out a silenced USP from his pocket, he quickly hid under the table.
The footsteps became less muffled, as the intruders came barging in.

Riley moved the quickest, loading his M9 with lightning speed and ducking behind the counter. Levi ducked down beside him, smoke curling off his fingers, ready to fire. The Operative listened until the footsteps were distinctly within the house, crunching on the untidy carpet, and attacked.

Grabbing one of the chairs at the table with his right hand, Riley stood and hurled it up and over the kitchen counter, into the face of the nearest invader, splintering into bits and knocking him out cold. As he raised his gun and began to fire, his right eye scanned over their attackers.

They all wore S.W.A.T-like gear, heavy padding and the like, with accompanying weapons, full auto rifles, and sidearms tucked into holsters at their sides. Except for the unconscious on the floor, whose helmet had come off during the hit from the chair, all of them wore full face masks and military style helmets.

Riley fired quickly, taking down two more before dropping back behind the counter next to Levi. He glanced at the blonde expectantly, eyebrows raised, and tilted his head back, gesturing behind the counter at the soldiers. Levi gave him a glare, before dissipating into smoke and flying over the island, reappearing above two men. He put a hand to their heads and smashed them together. They crumpled, and the blonde tumbled to the floor, drawing both knives from his belt and rolling along the ground, slashing at ankles and sinking his blades into men’s legs.

A crash sounded from the back of the house as even more goons poured in from the house’s back entrance, half a dozen now surged towards the kitchen from the rear hall.

Dodging bullets with the luck of the Irish, Kiro dashed toward the living-room table, grabbing the soda can on top of it, before fading back into the shadows. A lone attacker reached for the lights, unaware of the young man hiding right next to them.

Gracefully, Kiro grabbed him from behind, instantly killing him with a point-blank shot to the temple. He followed this up by opening the can onto another guard who was caught by surprise. The highly-pressurized bottle exploded in the guard’s face, and though he wore a face mask, it was enough of a distraction for Kiro to slam a jaw-breaking uppercut to the intruder’s chin. One could notice that Kiro seemed to fight more elegantly than before, his new-found experience kicking in. He dispatched one more guard before stepping into the shadows to plan his next move.

“Dang it, I need more firepower. Who cares about elegance,” Kiro thought, as he reloaded his pistol. “I need Cecile. She’ll do the job just fine.”

Unfortunately, his shotgun and his headphones were tucked away upstairs, and the guards had no intention of letting him get there alive.

Riley, meanwhile, had reloaded his weapon and pulled out the other half of the pair, standing and pointing one over the counter and firing into the wave of enemies. Looking towards Kiro, who was now holding off another surge of men from the rear, he pointed his pistol back and unloaded the entire clip into the crowd, dropping the men like flies.

Both guns clicked empty, and Riley holstered them before flying back to help Kiro, throwing a guard back into his companions, knocking them down in the hallway. To his left, one raised a gun to fire. Riley ducked, avoiding the bullets, and swept a leg under the man’s tripping him up. As he fell, the Operative lashed out with his right arm, sending the soldier into a wall. Kiro instantly followed up with another short-range shot, and the man fell, his head smearing blood on the dirty-white wall.

Kiro’s luck eventually had to run out, as one of the gunmen managed to connect a solid kick to his back. As he started to fall against the ground, winded, he transferred the momentum into yet another roll, before turning around and roundhousing the advancing intruder. The man made a loud grunt before crashing to the ground, his well-maintained gun clacking uselessly against the floor.

Riley pulled Kiro behind him, raising his metal arm and blocking a barrage of incoming bullets. One grazed his shoulder, and he grunted in pain, advancing towards the group. With one swing of his right fist, he followed through with the punch and dealt a heavy blow to each of the men, sending them flying back down the hall. The Operative ran after them, ramming his shoulder into another guard as he proceeded through a door in the back. He disappeared into the deeper portions of the house, leaving Kiro and Levi to deal with the rest of the intruders.

The blonde remained in the decrepit living room, leaping over men and knocking them unconscious with sucker punches and roundhouse kicks. They kept coming, he’d disabled nearly a dozen by now, and was beginning to tire, but continued to fight, starting to use his typhokinesis to choke men into submission and render them helpless.

Kicking a man in the chest hard enough to send him off his feet into two of his squadmates, Levi leapt over the kitchen counter and slid in next to Kiro, firing smoke off his fingertips into the faces of his enemies.

“I’m pretty sure they sent a small army after us!” He told him, “I’m not seeing any end to these guys! We’d best clear out. You got anything here you need?” He asked, not taking his attention off the invaders.

“Levi, I can’t leave without three things. First, my headphones. Second, Cecille. Third, well..
Take that picture next to you!”

He fired his gun at the incoming horde, but a empty-sounding “clunk” was his only response.
“Outta ammo. We gotta scram, darn it.” Taking out a small knife from his other pocket, he stabbed another person coming at him. “I can’t let Cecille stay here though! I need to go upstairs.” Grabbing the dead man’s gun, a combat-worn M4A4, he began to burst-fire into the crowd, shaking a bit due to the uncomfortable recoil.

Levi moved quick, grabbing the picture out of its shattered frame before falling on the floor, avoiding several shots from his attackers,and spinning in a windmill to trip them up. They fell hard, and Levi flicked his hand through the air, causing bands of smoke to hold them down. He covered Kiro as they made their way upstairs, downing soldiers like they were cardboard cutouts.

“You can’t stay here Kiro! They’ve seen your face, the Precursors will be after you too now!” The blonde yelled to him.

Levi kicked a man away from him and ducked, allowing Kiro to pump him full of lead, before guiding them both into Kiro’s room, slamming the door behind them. Bullets punctured the wood, showering the inside. The blonde leapt away, pushing his partner out of the way as well, reinforcing the door with some of his smoke. The bullets stopped infiltrating the room, but beads of sweat had already began to form on Levi’s brow.

“Find Cecile, now!” He yelled, “I can’t keep this up forever!”

Panting, Kiro quickly grabbed Cecille and his headphones on the tear-stained round wooden table, nodding his head lovingly. “Glad to have you two back.” His caring expression quickly turned, however, as the smoke started to dissipate. “Quick! There’s a window over there!” Kiro fired Cecile once, shattering the protective glass.

“You got any communication with Riley? We should probably just jump, but…actually, nevermind, let’s scram. Hope you are okay with water!”
And with that, Kiro leapt out of the window toward the backyard pool. It hadn’t been kept clean for weeks, and green scum was appearing on the top. Kiro, however, didn’t mind one bit, executing a perfect dive into the water, his forgotten years kicking in.
“C'mon!”, he yelled. “Time to blow this joint!”

Levi let go of his hold on the door, letting the smoke disappear, before dissipating into smoke and flying out the window after Kiro, reappearing by the pool and pulling his comrade out of the scummy water.

A crash sounded behind the two as a wall collapsed outward into the backyard. Riley’s distinctive large form emerged from the rubble, along with several of the soldiers, now unconscious. He saw them, instantly understood they were leaving, and pulled a small orb off of his belt. He pulled the pin and tossed it back into the fresh hole he had created. “Knew making some tear gas would come in handy.” He muttered.

A large cloud of the noxious stuff began to seep out of the house, and Riley ran to his allies, picking up Kiro off the concrete with one hand and raising Levi from the ground. “We’re leaving. Now!”

With that, he sprinted out of the yard, his two companions hot on his heels, and ran for several blocks until turning into a secluded alley, where his Camaro waited for them. The former CIA Agent wrenched open the driver’s side door and hopped in, immediately starting the engine. Once the other two were inside, he stamped his foot to the gas pedal and roared out of the alley onto the otherwise quiet night streets.
As they fled the scene of the attack, Levi kept glancing back behind them, trying to see if they were being pursued but, seeing no military-esque vehicles, finally sighed in relief and sunk back into his leather seat. “Phew… Looks like we lost ‘em.”

Riley scowled, keeping his eyes on the road. “We need to bail out of this town quick. They’re probably hot on our trail.”

Levi nodded, frowning, “Yeah. Let’s skip town.”

They drove on into the night, leaving the city behind them, as they drove out into more rural areas.

“Well.. forgot these headphones weren’t waterproof.”

Kiro’s colorful curses filled the midnight air, trailing behind as the three made their hurried getaway.

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