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"Bow, daesazikhaeso..."

“Insubordination will not be tolerated.”

Seraphoenix’s head jerked to the side; his body crackled with energy. It was too late. That gory image was stuck in his mind forever now. After a few deep breaths, he…reluctantly…reconnected with the eye. Samael was walking down the street, that eerie grin of satisfaction still plastered across his face. The fiend.

“I found that impressive.” a voice said.

Startled, the Light Alphegerai severed the connection and looked over his shoulder. It was Omniris. The Elder Seeker moved up alongside Seraphoenix; blue-green eyes whirling with admiration. In his true form, countless tendrils waved about his body; a dizzying display of tireless motion. Seraphoenix sighed, returning his gaze to the warrior planet. He didn’t reconnect this time.

“I don’t know.” he mumbled. “I guess nothing has changed.”

Omniris flicked his head dismissively; the action mirrored by all the tentacles along one side of his body.

“Stubborn creatures, humans.” he snorted. “He should be destroyed. Then we can stop worrying about having to hide or go to war.”

Part of Seraphoenix agreed with that, but, to his immense surprise, his response was quite the opposite:

“I think he needs time.”

Omniris turned his way, obvious disgust in his tone.

“Uh…what?” he managed.

“You heard me. I think we need to let him…find himself.”

Omniris hissed; blue-green lightning snapping across his form.

“Are you insane? He won’t stay at low power forever. Sooner or later, he’ll get that surge that he’s always wanted, and we’ll all go back to being slaves again.”

“We don’t know that.”

“You lie. If you didn’t sense that suppressed energy within him, you’ve got nothing but nebulitic gas in your brain.”

The Light Alphegerai shook his head, turning to face Omniris.

“Maybe I’ m wrong, but he hesitated when I threatened to destroy his family.”

His mind filled with past memories, and his eyes darkened at the recollection. After a couple of moments, he spoke again.

“I believe he can be turned.”

Omniris burst out laughing, sparks flying from the tips of his tentacles.

“Hah!” he spat. “You’re crazier than your brother was!”

Seraphoenix shot towards the Seeker; body coiled in a serpentine threat display. His eyes burned with a nightmarish flame.

“Don’t you dare talk about Shadowyvern that way!” he snarled.

Stunned, Omniris shrank back a bit; his tentacles assuming defensive positions. When Seraphoenix made no further advances, he settled down and flicked his tail.

“Fine. But I still think you’re crazy.”

The fire in Seraphoenix’s eyes vanished, and he drew back, dipping his head down.

“My apologies, Elder.” he said. “That won’t happen again.”

The Seeker chuckled softly. “There’s no need. I’m not offended.”

Surprised, Seraphoenix looked up again, and their eyes met. There was fondness in the Elder’s eyes. The expression was rare, and thoroughly creeped the Light Alphegerai out.

“I always knew you were one of us.” Omniris said.

Seraph kept his eye clouded, returning his gaze to the warrior planet; probing the surface for his eye servant. He found it, but before connecting, he looked over at Omniris.

“I, uh…you…should gather the other Elders.” he fumbled. “I could use their wisdom.”

Omniris mock-bowed, his tentacles waving like ocean seaweed.

“As you command.” he laughed.

With that, the Seeker turned away and vanished; leaving a troubled Seraph alone with his thoughts.


“I say we destroy him.”

Omegaeon’s gaze traveled among the faces of his fellow Elders, seeking approval for his proposal. Well, technically, it had been Omniris’s idea, but now that he had agreed with it, the suggestion carried much more weight. Still, the final decision had to be unanimous.

“Can we not just banish him to Etheravira?” Alphera asked.

Eternitempest shook his head; jagged spikes glowing from within the dark wreaths of his cloud-like form.

“That would achieve nothing.” the Stormbringer stated. “Even if we did remove all punished creatures from that galaxy, he’d eventually find a way to escape it. If we can get in, he can get out.”

Infininova nodded, sighing heavily before saying:

“It also would do no good if we tried to negotiate. Samael will not listen to us.”

He paused here, and then looked briefly at his son before continuing.

“Not after all that has transpired.”

Seraph listened to the conversation with growing apprehension. This wasn’t going his way. He shot a quick glance in his mother’s direction, hoping that she’d side with him. Unfortunately, she just gave him a sad look, and then returned her gaze to the rest of the Elders.

“I agree with my husband.” she said softly. “I’m afraid we have no other choice.”

“So it is settled then.” Omegaeon stated. “All in favor of eliminating the distasteful wretch known as Samael?”

The other Elders were silent for a moment, and then, each one, in turn, sent a pulse of light across their irises. Omegaeon’s was the last to signal his intentions, and energy crackled across his form. Turning to Seraph, his expression was undoubtedly that of a victor.

“Well, young one…” he began. “…it looks as though we have come to a…unanimous…decision.”

Fire blazed in Seraphoenix’s eyes. It was almost funny; just a few moments ago, he’d been wishing the worst deaths he could ever imagine on Samael. Now, what he wanted more than ever was that Samael could have a second chance. It seemed to him, in some strange, twisted way, the hybrid was the last piece of his brother that he had. He needed to protect it, but how?

“With respect, Elders…the hybrid must not be destroyed.”

Startled, the Light Alphegerai returned to reality and turned his attention to the speaker. It was Mutanterror, in his reduced form. One side of his body was as grey, cracked, and lifeless as stone; the other was smooth, white, and scaly. Before continuing, Mutanterror let his gaze pass around the circle, ensuring that he’d captured the attention of all who were present.

“As all of you know, I am the master of recognizing, identifying, and analyzing various mutations in any being; animal, plant, or otherwise.”

Omegaeon hissed, glaring at the lower-ranker with contempt.

“Cut to the point, underling.” he said, and Mutanterror nodded.

“Generally speaking…” the lesser Alphegerai continued. “Samael is not connected to his power yet.”

Seraphoenix cocked his head to the side. This was a concept he was unfamiliar with. Judging by the looks on the other Elders’ faces, he wasn’t the only one.

“To put it in the simplest terms…” Mutanterror continued. “…there is a whole lot of power in him now, but his human mind is unable to comprehend it. Since he cannot understand, neither can his body, so the power is stuck in a sort of ‘suspended animation’.”

“This doesn’t stop us from destroying him.” Infinesse pointed out. “A lack of understanding does not seem to be enough of a reason for us to change our minds.”

Mutanterror nodded. “That is correct. However, consider this: if you all attack him, he will fight back, and this will awaken the power in him. When it does, he will transform into the Alphegerai he’s always wanted to be.”

Here, the Alphegerai paused before continuing.

“Of course, that would be the doom of us all, unless…we give him time.”

“I knew it!” Omegaeon blurted. “You were on Seraphoenix’s side the whole time! You’re just telling us this because you don’t want to kill Samael either!”

The rest of the Elders all looked at Omegaeon, anger flickering in their eyes. He flicked his tail dismissively, turning his head away with a snort.

“He is taking sides.” the Elder muttered. The other Alphegerai ignored him, and Alphera nodded in Mutanterror’s direction.

“We’re sorry for the interruption, Mutanterror.” she said. “You may continue.”

The lesser Alphegerai bowed, and then looked right at Omegaeon.

“Consider this…” he began. “…I have found out that, over time, the power in Samael is slowly being accepted by his cellular structures. If we allow this to continue, this power may become so diluted, that he will no longer be a threat to any of us.”

Now the Elders were interested, and all of them (even Omegaeon) drew closer.

“Excellent.” Eternitempest said, an eager tone to his voice. “But how are we going to stop him from getting powered up early? He’s on a planet practically swarming with chances to get him there.”

After the words had been spoken, all eyes turned towards Seraphoenix. The Light Alphegerai’s eyes dimmed slightly, and he dipped his head low before speaking.

“What if…” he stuttered. “…what if I knew how to stop his awakening?”

“How?” Mutanterror asked. “Now that the hybrid has our ancient power in him, he will very likely live forever as we do. You cannot expect Manipuleech to hold control over him indefinitely.”

“Indeed. But what if I said that all of us could do something about it; not just one member?”

Omegaeon’s pupils thinned to slits, and he tilted his head down a bit.

“Go on.” he urged.

“We could make something.” Seraphoenix continued. “Something…that he could wear; an item that restricts his power. That way, even if he does go toe-to-toe with powerful beings, he won’t be able to awaken himself.”

“It could scramble his memories; erase his past…” Mutanterror added, excitement building in his voice. “If he never remembers his servitude to Shadowyvern, he’ll likely forget his powers ever existed.”

The rest of the Elders hummed their approval.

“It is settled then.” Infininova confirmed. “We’ll all make the item.”

His eyes glowed, and an azure ball of energy appeared in front of him. The rest of the Elders did the same, each energy color unique to them: aquamarine (Infinesse), silver (Alphera), gold (Omegaeon), blue-green (Omniris), turquoise (Eternitempest), and finally, teal (Celestialien). Seraphoenix moved up beside his mother, eyes locked on the ball; a thrilling feeling running through his body.

Nothing happened.

Confused, Seraphoenix looked around at the Elders and found out that they were all staring at him. He hunched himself up a little, feeling intimidated.

“Uh…” he managed.

Infininova chuckled, looking embarrassed.

“Oh…that’s right. Sorry Seraph; I meant to ask you what we were going to make. You’re the only one who’s been in the most contact with, you know…the humans.”

The Light Alphegerai nodded and focused on the energy ball again, trying not to let the gazes of the other beings bother him.

“Yeah…right, sure.” he acknowledged. “Well, normally the female humans have necklaces, earrings, bracelets…things like these.”

He illustrated the basic shapes of each item with his energy.

“Normally, the male humans don’t wear these as much as the females do, but it happens.”

Seraphoenix illustrated some other wearable items: clothing, mostly. Omegaeon watched this display for a while, and then said:

“Seraphoenix…what do human slaves or pets wear?”

With a sigh, the Light Alphegerai changed the items. Now there were many types of shackles, pet harnesses, a ball with a chain shackle on it, a collar…

Omegaeon’s gaze lingered on the ball-and-chain combo for a moment, and Seraphoenix began to worry. Fortunately, it was the collar that eventually drew the Elder’s full attention.

“That ring.” he said at last, nodding at the item. “Where does a human wear that?”

Seraphoenix dissipated the other things and generated more varieties of the collar.

“This item is not commonly worn by humans.” the Light Alphegerai explained. “You often see it on an animal, usually a pet dog or cat.”

“Then it will be perfect.” Eternitempest said. “A sign of his obedience to a higher power.”

Nods of agreement swept along the sides of the circle. Seraphoenix sighed inwardly, and then began to suggest different collar designs. Well, it could have been a whole lot worse.

It took a while to actually create the collar. Every Elder had a different idea of what they wanted it to do; putting a power dampening effect into it just seemed to simple. The additional suggestions were mostly personal: Eternitempest wanted a shock system to be implemented, for various reasons. Omegaeon, on the other hand, wanted little spikes of varying lengths to be lining the collar’s inner ring.

Seraph and Mutanterror argued against these; Samael had to keep the collar on for as long as possible. Having any sort of feature that made it torture to wear might compel him to seek help in removing it, and that could cause all sorts of complications. Eventually, Seraphoenix’s parents coaxed the others (yes, even Omegaeon) to leave the basic energies of the collar intact. It was going to dampen power and that was it. Still, Alphera wanted a knockout effect, in case the hybrid overcharged himself. Infininova approved of that, and it was added.

As a final touch, the additional engraving of each participant’s celestial symbol was allowed.
Seraphoenix came close, critically inspecting every part of the completed collar. It was a swirling silver in color, and decorated with one huge, rounded eyeball gem; its countless facets radiating a mystifyingly beautiful inner light. Silent, the Light Alphegerai turned to the Elders and nodded. With Seraphoenix leading the way, they all arrived at the warrior planet.

It didn’t take long for Omniris to pinpoint Samael’s location, and then the rest of the process was easy. Seraphoenix called Abyssentinel, and he caused the hybrid to zone out for just long enough for them to get the collar on. Seraphoenix made some last-minute weight adjustments to the item, and then transported Samael far out into a forested area; away from any sort of civilization…for now.

Once that was done, Omniris gave an eye servant to any Elder who wished to see the hybrid’s reaction. All they had to do now was wait…


Wet. Why was he wet? Samael opened his eyes and found out that he was lying flat on his back. A quick look around told him that he was in a majestic forest; rays of golden sunlight showering the surrounding trees with golden brilliance. It also told him that his rear end was soaking itself in a brook. The hybrid leaped to his feet, staggering away from the water source and sitting down on a moss patch.

Where was this? Samael closed his eyes, rubbing his earth-laden fingers on his temples. Some dirt dropped onto his shoulders, and he cringed in discomfort as the grains found their way down inside his clothes. He rubbed his hands together; finding out that he had two V-shaped marks on the backs of each one. They were scabbed over, as if they had been wounds. He stared at them for a while, unable to think of how they had gotten there.
Still confused, he scrambled over to the brook again, trying to get a good look at his reflection. The face he saw was familiar to him; a shady creature with wildly spiked hair and glaring yellow eyes. He stared at it for a while, and then cocked his head to the side.

“Samael.” he said out loud. He knew that was his name, but it felt…wrong, somehow. He bent down, lowering his face so that he almost touched the water with his nose.

“I…am Samael.” he repeated.

He then watched as the water distorted his face, and then leaned back into a kneeling position, sighing. The hybrid looked around the woods again. There were no horses or other methods of transport nearby, so maybe he hadn’t gotten here alone. If that was true, then where were the people who’d done it? Were they responsible for the wounds on his hands?

He looked at them again, noting at how perfectly uniform the shapes were. The V’s pointed to his wrists, and he narrowed his eyes. Had they been put there to tell him something? Samael tried to remember, but he could not; his brain felt numb and couldn’t recall anything aside from his first moments here.

Maybe someone had wiped his memories. He looked down at himself, inspecting the wear and tear on his clothing. Or…that’s what he tried to do, anyways. As he bent his neck, a strange feeling pressed against his neck. His hands shot up there immediately, fingering a cold, hard ring that encircled his throat.

No familiar feelings on this. He had a slight memory of his looks, clothes, and the wounds weren’t too alien to him either; but this ring…it was different. He felt around on it a little more, noting a small gap between his neck and the ring itself. It seemed to be made of one solid piece; there was no clasp mechanism anywhere. Was this repressing his memories? The idea suddenly caused him great panic, and he tugged and scratched at it. The ring would not yield, and he tried harder, but his frantic attempts were in vain. He dashed to the brook again, noticing that the ring was in fact, a collar. It had a large eye gem set in its front. He stared at the eye in the water, peering at its bright white, reptilian slit pupil.

The pupil thinned.

Gasping, Samael backpedaled, putting as much space between him and the brook as possible. He spun around, looking wildly about. Everything looked like an enemy; everything was watching him…they were everywhere. Everywhere!

“Stop!” the hybrid screamed.

The woods felt like they were darkening; pressing in on him. He could see eyes in every dark crack and crevice. Was he hallucinating? Were they really there?


“Look at him.” Omegaeon commented, amused. “He’s going to start running.”

Just as he’d spoken, Samael did exactly that, moving as if all the greatest fears in the universe were chasing him. All the Elders (except Celestialien, Infinesse, Infininova, Alphera, and Seraphoenix) laughed uproariously at the creature’s plight.

As Seraphoenix continued to watch, he felt a discomforting tightness in his core. It took all his power to keep the emotion hidden.

Come on, Samael. he thought to himself. You’re stronger than this.


Samael ran blindly through the forest, hands planted firmly over his eyes.

“Go away!” he cried. “Stop looking at me!”

He continued on in this fashion for quite a while, miraculously swerving away from every tree in his path. That was…until the author decided to add a comical touch to her work. Moments later, the hybrid slammed right into a tree, very hard. Stunned, Samael took a step back from the obstacle, blinking stupidly at the tree as if wondering why it was growing there. The hybrid took another step back, shaking his head, and then remembered what he’d been running for. Fear clouded his eyes, and he grabbed the collar with both hands.

The eye gem glowed brightly, and a terrifying (yet familiar) visage flashed in Samael’s mind. The hybrid opened his mouth but no sound came out. Paler than a ghost, his eyes rolled back into his head, and he went limp, collapsing onto the forest floor.


The monster drifted silently through the halls. All the doors were closed, and it could not open them. Something had happened; there had been an immense power shift just a moment ago. Pale lightning crackled across the ghost-grey creature’s form, stirring its wreathing, wispy tentacles. Its three eye shards flashed angrily.


The monster froze. That voice. Twisting its neck about, it flashed through the maze of halls. There! A door was open, and something was just about to step out. The monster roared, barring the door, tentacles waving about, lightning whirling around it.

The being in the room scrambled backwards with a cry, putting its arms up in front of its face. It was a child, dressed in animal skins. A V-shaped pattern of shiny beetle shells decorated its shirt’s chest area, almost reminiscent of a necklace. The child’s body was radiating a faint white aura, and was sprawled on a smooth, polished stone floor. The walls and roof looked like they’d been carved out of a hollow of wood, and some firefly-laden vines grew across the ceiling. There was a springy moss bed in the corner, seemingly growing right out of the floor; its plush surface was full of delicate white flower blooms.

The child took its hands away from its face, revealing a messy mass of chocolate-colored hair; its fearful brown eyes locked on the monster’s unreadable shards. The monster sighed, and the lightning vanished. It drifted into the room, and the door closed obediently behind it.

“Iksazkel…” the child whispered, a tear tracing a moist path down its cheek. “…what happened out there?”

“Don’t be afraid.” the monster replied. “You’re safe in here.”

The fear vanished from the child’s face, and it ran over to the monster, embracing it. The monster returned the embrace, coiling its tentacles around the child briefly, and then they both separated.

“I was fighting the monsters that hunt for open doors.” the monster explained, looking deep into the child’s eyes. The child looked away, an ashamed expression on its face.

“I was going to close it.” it said quietly, fingering the shells on its shirt. “You said I should never have my door open.”

“I did.”

“It opened by itself.”

A light flickered in the monster’s eyes. “Are you absolutely certain?”

The child nodded, making a sign with its hands. “True.” the child answered. “There was a big noise, and then it opened up.”

The monster nodded, and then flicked its head at the moss bed. The child ran over to it and lay down, curling up into a ball. The monster approached the child, touching heads with it before going back to the door. Before leaving, the creature cast a final look in the child’s direction. The child looked up, parting its wild hair with its fingers.

“Sleep, Jordan.” the monster said softly. “I will be back soon.”

A smile lit up the child’s face, and it nodded. Its aura faded and went out, causing the fireflies to dim as well. The monster’s gaze remained on Jordan for a while, and then it left the room, closing the door. The creature stayed by the door for a bit, waiting, then zipped a little further down the hall. It waited a little longer, but nothing happened. The door stayed closed. Hissing, the monster sped down the halls, weaving about until it spotted a massive glowing light at the end of one. The monster increased its speed, bursting through the light and coming into a massive empty blackness.

Well…it was supposed to have been empty.

There, hovering as if suspended on invisible strings…was a single, massive eye. Its crystalline sclera refracted its celestial brilliance everywhere; the massive white pupil slit was locked directly on the maze of halls. Could it be the one keeping the doors closed?

The monster drifted back and forth before the eye, pale lightning leaping across its body; spitting off angry sparks. It bluff-charged the eye, shrieking defiantly, and the pupil focused on it. A chorus of powerful voices blasted through the monster’s mind, shaking it to its core. Stunned, the monster retreated, suddenly realizing that…compared to the eye…it was quite weak.

This was wrong. This was very, very wrong.

“Daeikzae!” the monster cried. “Daeikzae, wake up!”

There was no response. The eye had returned its gaze to the maze hall. Anger surged through the monster’s form, and he charged the eye again.


There was a blinding flash, and the monster fell, drifting to the ground like a withered leaf. The eye continued to watch, as if nothing had ever happened. From where it lay, the monster struggled to rise, but its tentacles only twitched weakly.

“Samael…” it whispered.

“…Samael…answer me…”

Chapter 3 is complete! As always, CnC is welcome and appreciated.

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Here's my two cents on this story all the way up to this chapter. Very beautiful and very confusing. The usage of details is wonderful, each of the characters feel very alive with their distinct personalities. However, I feel that some of the transitions are just very sudden and break the flow, leaving the reader confused unless they reread it. For example, we shift from the creation of the restraining collar to a scene with Samuel in the forest. I assume this was intentional in order to leave the reader in the same confused state as Samuel; however, I feel like there should be a a way to keeps the flow of the writing going by the usage of dramatic irony (i believe that is what it's called). Anyways, good work! I would be happy to read more of these in the future.

05-08-2018, 09:45 AM
Thanks for the input Sharpiro! Aside from the collar-forest transition (you're right, that confusion was intentional), which were the other confusing transitions?

Also, if you're back, does that mean the forum's not really dead? :D

I am working on Chapter 4, but my studies have been taking up most of my free time lately. Once school is out of the way though, I'd be able to put much more effort in both my writing and animation school.

05-08-2018, 05:34 PM
Thanks for the input Sharpiro! Aside from the collar-forest transition (you're right, that confusion was intentional), which were the other confusing transitions?

Also, if you're back, does that mean the forum's not really dead? :D

I am working on Chapter 4, but my studies have been taking up most of my free time lately. Once school is out of the way though, I'd be able to put much more effort in both my writing and animation school.

Now that I think about it, I may have rushed through through chapters. But yes I have returned due to noslogia of this place. However, it seems I came back too late.. Especially as I can see spam taking over everywhere...

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