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- Establishing Uplink -
- Logging into Black Codex -
- Scanning -
- Input User -
- Username: //////// -
- Password: ******** -
- Secondary Key: ****** -
- Access Granted -
- Opening Folder -
- Security Code Required -
- Sec. Code: ****** -
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- Opening File in Read-Only mode -


CLAN FLAG: 5952 (Temporary Flag)


Obzidias' big investment. Was once a former technological terrorist group called the GEARs, led by the infamous Maverick Bolter, who was a former commander of the now annexed NORN Division. The NORN Division, was once a militaristic and technologically superior group that kept the order and peace throughout the world, often to either stop massive scale assaults or to convince even the most stubborn of leaders to stop their chaotic action. The NORN Division's during their time of being active, had one motto. To Restore Order, We Fight Chaos.

The NORN Division was active for over 20 years since their creation, and have stopped several wars from happening as well as kept beating back terrorist groups that threaten to go over the horizon. Though that does leave them enemies to any and all terrorist groups, Maverick was a terrorist sleeper agent in NORN ranks but was later botched in his sleeper programming. He still wanted to destroy NORN from the inside, but he also wanted to take over and turn NORN into his own army, and so he took 5 years of preparation time gathering the more unruly recruits and officers of NORN to create his own little subfaction in the NORN Division, also taking some of the 'honorable swines' that had impeccable engineering and researching capability. The GEAR Corps. Once fully prepared, Maverick launched a surprise rebellion attack on several NORN Bases disabling them before pulling back all of his forces to take over a disabled defense stronghold.

Panicked and in disarray, the NORN Division could not recover fast enough from the swift blow and was later overrun by several terrorist groups opting to finish the NORN off while they were weakened. In about a few months, the NORN were finished and any tech they had left were either self destructed or taken by the GEAR Corps. Maverick was contacted by his superiors and refused their offer to rejoin their terrorist group and opted to turn the GEAR Corps into their own terrorist group, much to the silent horror of his scientists and engineers. The GEAR Corps now led by Maverick Bolter, caused several alliances to fail and even make the two factions hate each other, and supplied several of the more dangerous terrorists with equally dangerous weapons for them to wreak havoc with.

2 Years later, and during those 2 years GEARs led several of their own attacks on innocent bystanders and countries, opting to take the women and children, while killing the men and elderly. However nearing the middle of the second year, they came into contact with Obzidias while attacking a village. Naturally, Obzidias fell into a rage knowing just what the GEAR Forces were planning to do with their 'catch' and so unleashed wave after wave, and dragon after dragon of obsidian at the force, reducing it into nothing but scrap and rubble while saving the prisoners who repeatedly thanked him over and over. He waved his hand and said that he was sorry for not coming sooner and that he wished he was of more help. For three days, Obzidias helped the village with burying their dead and saving some who were still alive. During those three days, Obzidias noticed a survivor in the GEAR pile of scrap and immediately phased into existence in front of the grunt before grabbing him by the neck and brought him close to his face to interrogate him. Said soldier spilled everything he knew about the GEARs and their current location, which was XXX-XXX-XXX and that it was heavily defended by an AI called the Eclipse Defense Initiative System, or EDI System. Controlling every single defense turret of the base ranging from a numerous amount of double gatling turrets and double mass driver cannons, along with several triple beam cannons and plasma missile launchers, and even a few anti-matter cannons.

Now knowing enough, Obzidias killed the grunt and bid his goodbyes to the village before making a warpath towards the base. Arriving at it in under two days without stopping he saw it and understood just how big now it was, and decided against destroying it since he might have use for it and so decided to encase the defenses in obsidian completely disabling them before he systematically slaughtered any enemy within his sights while sparing the innocent scientists and engineers. Finding several prison rooms, Obzidias rage grew to immeasurable heights and his kills became increasingly brutal as evidenced by the fact several bodies had obsidian spikes jutting out the eyes, nose, ear, and mouth, with another few bodies completely in pieces all shish-kebabed on a single obsidian spike. He reached the boss' office and tore down the door and let's just say, Maverick was utterly defeated and systematically tortured and killed.

The next day, just outside of a more well-known military base was a box which was noticed by an officer. Opening it he saw the disfigured but easily recognizable head of one Maverick Bolter, along with a note that had a crudely drawn symbol on it. We will clean up Maverick and his GEARs mess. EPSILON UNION Knowing where their base was, the officer sent forces towards it but was informed that the base was completely gone with no traces whatsoever except for an obsidian forest of spikes.

Obzidias now finishing off the last of the GEAR member barring the scientists and engineers immediately got to work in getting the prisoners cleaned up and helping rehabilitate them. During that time, the scientists and engineers asked him if he could help, and he did. For one year of his time he helped clean and fix up the base with the reconfiguring of the EDI System first as he didn't want to get shot in the back as well as activating the synthesizers, weavers, along with a few factories. During that time, the women and some children who weren't sold were now able to speak without flinching thanks to Obzidias and some of the female scientists. After his time to stay was up he was crowned by the scientists, engineers, and the others as the Supreme Premier of the Epsilon Union. He thanked them all and told them all to take care before leaving for his home.

During the time that he left, the base grew in size immensely opting to be an island base. As well as said island base being advanced enough to relocate to the skies to become a floating island base. Then later the non workers who were on the island joined because of one thing, they didn't have any home to go back to anymore. While increasing their repertoire and supplies they heard about Obzidias joining the wRHG and that he's having an unofficial spar with one of the S-Rank Level Gladiators and quickly dispatched several scout drones to record the spar. For the remainder of the fight, they cheered both gladiators on and were glad and surprised that Obzidias won against an S-Level Gladiator such as Terra Magnifica but later found out who his mother was and figured that was right.

A few months later, Obzidias got a call from the Epsilon and was asked to come to them for his inspection of the place which he accepted and told his mother since, well, he is a momma's boy, and he was damn proud of it. Finally being picked up by one of the new Dybuk-Transports which he helped design and was taken to the flying fortress island of the Epsilon Union. Amazed at what they did while he was gone, he inspected every nook and cranny of the vessel, finding similar designs to what he drafted up but never presented, he was flattered. However he was confused seeing the previous non-workers were now just there in uniform or customized uniforms working, he asked them what they were still doing there and was met with a response saying that they had no where else to go. Thankfully, the ratio of men to women on the vessel was more or less equal so if they decided to remarry or stuff like that, there is more than enough people, it also helped that none of the people on the vessel looked anything less than plain looking.

Obzidias walked out of the building before looking around, seeing several forces already ready to be deployed as well as several Gehenna Carrier Bases being loaded with several scientist but mostly mechanical soldiers and the like. He turned his head to the sky reveling in the fact that his unintentional but welcome investment paid off.


Name: Obzidias
Title: Obsidian, Black Glass Warrior
The Supreme Premier of the Epsilon Union, founded said union with the help of the ones he helped. Is strong enough to kill off armies by himself if needed be. Freed the Epsilon Union from being a thrall under the control of Maverick Bolter and his GEARs as well as saving countless others and avenging them by destroying GEARs.



Ranging from adept scientists, to complete masters of research and development. These scientists are the ones that keep the energy of the Epsilon Union at a safe level. - They can also be stubborn if they want to. - Mirana -

These engineers are master craftsmen and strong physically. They help in maintaining the structure and as well as improving the mechabots efficiency and durability. - They may look intimidating, but they are mostly sweet gentle giants. - Porcelain -

They have no reason to be here but they stay and help wherever they can, Obzidias would say that they are just repaying a debt already paid but kept being rebuffed and was told otherwise. - They still don't have to do this. But they do, I don't understand. - Obzidias -

CLAN FORCES (For story immersion purposes. :P )

The Construct, an armored mechanical humanoid wielding a beam assault rifle. Is based off of an actual human soldier called the Conscript. With not only the plasma assault rifle, the Construct has several grenades and is capable of short bursts of electricity, mostly to just jumpstart other Constructs if their power goes out. They are immune to outer electric currents and can only be destroyed or shut down via contact with electric source.

The Guardian, a more heavily armored mechanical humanoid, wielding a more powerful anti-vehicle plasma missile bomb launcher, or rather the PMB-23. It's capable of digging in and unfolding a circular shield around it to protect it from gunfire while shooting the homing ordnances, can still be crushed.

A huge humanoid, with bulky armor that limits movement a bit but has heavy hitting weapons on board. Armed with dual arm cannons with a dual function, a tesla electric blast, or a concentrated laser beam. It's back carries a reactor that generates the energy needed for the dual arm cannons.

The Apocalypse Heavy Tank is an insanely armored vehicle armed with double rail guns and two anti-air missile pods. Meant for prolonged combat.

The Opus Medium tank is a moderately armored vehicle armed with double mass driver cannons and a short range beam machine gun in the hull. Can be used in prolonged combat and in hit and fast combat.

The Lasher Light Tank despite it's name is a hybrid medium and light tank, with a single slightly weakened mass driver cannon with increased fire rate. It also has a spiked steamroller in front of it, designed for chasing fleeing targets and running over smaller targets.

Despite the name, the Gatling Tank has a tank base but 6 heavy duty off road wheels with a twin gatling cannon turret mounted on top. Designed for anti-air, and anti-infantry.

The Driller APC, designed only for ground ops. The Driller functions a four man vehicle, with one seat being the pilot and three being the passenger. It can drill (-Insert "You don't say?" meme here.) and tunnel through the ground to bypass almost all defenses and come out onto an undefended or even a fully defended area if need be. It is heavily armored with no weapons.

The Dybbuk-Attacker is a strange looking fighter in the shape of a flat C but is also incredibly aerodynamic and is able to stop mid air if need be, armed with four laser cannons and an armament of rechargeable plasma missiles. Can be used for dogfighting, escorts, and or pseudo-air support.

The Dybbuk-Seizer looks almost like a normal fighter bomber, but is also still fast and aerodynamic as well as able to stop mid air if need be, armed with twin laser cannons, it has an armament of rechargeable plasma missiles, and plasma bombs. Is used for bombing runs, sieges, and close air support.

The Dybuk-Transport looks like an amphibious hovercraft transport with the addition of several thrusters and wings. Despite it's size which is about three times the size of a Dybuk-Seizer, it is still considerably fast if given enough time to accelerate. It has a small gatling turret on the top. Mainly used for transport of troops or goods.

The Piranha Mini-Sub, a small, cheap and easily mass produce-able submarine with light armor and a homing plasma missile launcher as armament. These subs are used in great numbers, for anti-naval, and is the only unit capable of sea-air combat.

The Typhoon Attack Submarine, the backbone of the Epsilon Union navy. A strong submarine with three plasma torpedo bays and if surfaced an added single laser cannon on top. Mostly used for prolonged combat and short combat.

The Nautilus Heavy Submarine is a stronger submarine, and bigger than the Typhoon Sub. Has an armament of four plasma bomb torpedo bays and if surfaced a single double barreled mass driver cannons on top. It's slow and much preferably used in prolonged combat.

The Akula Missile Submarine, the only submarine with no close to mid range armaments, and instead has four long range heavy plasma missile bays, needs to surface to fire missiles at targeted location. Heavily armored but must keep safe as they are key siege units.

Is a heavily armored, and heavily armed flying base filled to the brim with weapons, soldiers, vehicles and the like. Is considered a moving base of operations, for sieges, invasions, or even scouting. It is about three times the size of a regular aircraft carrier, and uses the NIMBUS Cloud Generator to conceal it in a cloud that blocks infrared and satellite scanners barring our own.

It is a base that's just 1.5% bigger than a regular aircraft carrier and is carrying less storage space for units but good complement of plasma missile launchers, mass driver cannons, gatling turrets and a single beam cannon. It is nowhere near large enough to utilize a NIMBUS Generator and relies on the Gehenna Carrier to cloak them as well. It is normal to see 2 or 3 of these escorting or guarding a Gahanna Carrier Base.






- The RHG-Corporation - Current Disposition: Protection Recent Status: Active

- Providence - Current Disposition: Secret Recent Status: Active

- The wRHG Regulation Force - Current Disposition: Alliance Recent Status: Active


- The Hand Organization - Current Disposition: Cold War Recent Status: Active

- The Night Creatures Organization - Covert War Recent Status: Off-Grid

- The Heaven's Sacred Wrath - Current Disposition: Cold War Recent Status: Active

- The System - Current Disposition: Covert War Recent Status: Active


- 06/12/XX89 - NORN Division established.
- 08/10/XX92 - Potential Crisis Averted.
- 11/20/XX95 - Terrorist Threats eliminated.
- 06/18/XX99 - GEARs Revolt, Obzidias birth. - Newly Added -
- 08/23/XX99 - NORN Division destroyed. GEAR Corps Risen.
- 08/24/XX99 - Maverick Bolter crowned leader of GEARs.
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
///// CORRUPTED FILE /////
- 05/11/XX17 - GEARs Forces contact with Obzidias. GEARs Forces annihilated.
- 05/15/XX17 - GEARs Base under attack by single individual. Maverick Bolter slain.
- 05/16/XX17 - Maverick's head and message delivered to nearest military base.
- 05/16/XX17 - GEARs Disbanded. Epsilon Union Formed.
- 06/04/XX17 - Reactivation of Material Synthesizers and Weavers.
- 09/09/XX17 - Redesign and Overhaul of mechanical military.
- 10/16/XX17 - Refurbished Interior.
- 11/26/XX17 - First Epsilon Army Completed.
- 01/12/XX18 - Factory Output efficiency increased by 60%.
- 03/10/XX18 - Second & Third Epsilon Army Completed.
- 04/24/XX18 - Premier Obzidias granted leave. Large Party before Obzidias departure.
- 06/10/XX18 - Completed Flying Base Technology.
- 06/10/XX18 - Women and Children joined Epsilon Union.
- 06/11/XX18 - Relocating Island Base to the sky.
- 06/18/XX18 - Sending birthday cards to Obzidias. Created NIMBUS Cloud Generators.
- 07/20/XX18 - Recorded and Archived Unofficial RHG Spar, between Obsidian and Terra Magnifica.
- 07/21/XX18 - Completed Icarus Satellites I, II, and III construction.
- 08/06/XX18 - Beginning construction of Gehenna Carrier Bases.
- 08/18/XX18 - Half-point mark construction.
- 08/25/XX18 - Gehenna Carrier Bases: SCORPION, ATOM, and CELL completed construction.
- 08/27/XX18 - Sent out invite to Premier Obzidias
- 08 29/XX18 - Sent out a squad and captain to pick up Meat-n-Bunz order.
- 08/30/XX18 - Beginning construction of Basilisk Frigate Bases.


None at the moment.


Difficulty Levels:
Normal = Regular
Hard = Experienced
Very Hard = Veteran
Extreme = War-Hero

Battle Types:
Strategy = You control forces and use them to win. Including yourself.
Solo = Your own character/RHG fights alone.
Party = You and a couple other friends work together in a collab mission.
Solo or Party w/Backup = Same as the two, but are given a small group of units to help with your mission, you only have access to those units you have.

Goal:For writing the story, stick close to the parameters set. Need a minimum of 2000 words. Once your story is finished, send it to me and I will make a close inspection of it.
Loss = You 'die' or your army and/or base of operations is destroyed.

Mission 1: Destroy Epsilon Base
Difficulty: Regular
Battle Type: Strategy

Objective: Use the base given to you for the mission to build an army and destroy the Epsilon Base.
Notes: Enemy has a lot of units already, but you are given a bit of time to build up forces to defend a wave before you attack.
Limitations: No speeding through, take your time. Limit your character to one attack, your RHG is given a health bar. If it drops to zero, you lose. You CANNOT go in the base guns blazing with invulnerability.
Forces Available: Constructs, Guardians, Lasher Tanks, Gatling Tanks, Dybbuk-Attackers.
Enemy Forces: Constructs, Guardians, Stalkers, Opus Tanks, Dybbuk-Attackers, Dybbuk-Seizers.
Player Location: Walled off base at the base of a cliff, base able to expand to top of the cliff. Base Defenses: Basic
Enemy Location: Slightly elevated base far north of Player Location. Base Defenses: Medium Level.

Mission 2: Destroy The Akula Subs
Difficulty: Regular
Battle Type: Solo w/Backup

Objective: Make your way through the deep water channels while avoiding patrols and destroy the 6 Akula Subs before they launch their missiles.
Notes: 8 Nautilus Subs are visible, do not get anywhere close to them. They have radars and coms. Once they spot you, you will have a hard time destroying the Akula Subs as enemy forces will scatter to look for you, and the Akula Subs will start to move around.
Limitations: No speeding through, take your time. Limit your character to one attack, your RHG is given a health bar. If it drops to zero, you lose. You CANNOT put all Akula Subs in one island.
Forces Available: Yourself, 12 Piranha Subs, 8 Typhoon Subs.
Enemy Forces: 50 Piranha Subs split off into five 'school' patrols. 20 Typhoon Subs scattered around the area. 8 Nautilus Subs.
Player Location: Start at a small island south east of mission site.
Enemy Location: 6 Akula Subs stationed somewhere among five islands.

- Closing Read-Only file -
- Closing Folder -
- Security Code established -
- Security Code shuffled -
- Logging off of The Black Codex -
- Username: //////// -
- Password: ******** -
- Secondary Key: ****** -
- Confirmed -
- Logging Off -
- Shutting Down -

08-28-2018, 02:01 AM
Holy crap! You put a really impressive amount of thought into this, but to be honest, I'm a little worried if it's a bit too excessive. Not the length, because if you pop any of my threads open it'd clearly be hypocritical, but like, the power of the forces. I mean, I don't take issues with the existence of private armies within the universe, but I don't really see what you can do with it in the scale of wRHG. The only clan that I could see comparing would be the Coils, but I haven't seen them in a long time, and if I'm not mistaken, even their military was toned down by some event. Personally, I've always seen it as difficult to have small scale problems with a character on such a grand scale. Like, if character X wrongs Obzidias in a major way, there could be a full army after them. On the flip side, joining feels like it could be a cure all for the characters with comparatively smaller problems.

Ultimately, I'm impressed with it, but worried about it too.

08-28-2018, 03:04 AM
From Technology? or sheer amount of numbers? Don't say both. :P
Besides, most of those units will be for story immersion purposes. As a buffer to keep wars from starting, Obzidias read about the NORN Division and is willing to continue their work... From a more blunt perspective. (AKA You want war? Deal with me first.)

As far as I would say, for fighting RHGs should need be during Events, would be the full infantry roster, a few Lashers and Gatlings, about one or two Opus or Apocalypse tanks. The amount of forces, and air would be affected by what difficulty any player want an event to be. :P

But if I make a Clan Event that involves having a group of four to five wRHGs invade and destroy a Gehanna Carrier then, well. I will put up the roster of just how much firepower and mechanoids will be in the thing, not to mention the two Basilisk Frigates as well.

As far as I say, The Epsilon Union will be an Order type group, but can waste resources for Clan-Sponsored Events such as. Invade and Destroy the Carrier, Deactivate the Sub before Missiles launch, and somethings like that.

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