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The divine plane.

All the gods looked down upon reality.

Their ever watchful eyes staring into the souls of every being in existence.

And every one of them had a different reaction but it all manifested in the same thing.

The political rambling of the centuries had done little to satisfy any but the most basic gods and yet everyone was arguing to add this or change that tweak this for this reason. All any of them wanted was more power and to get more power they had to have more believers and so on and so forth. All and all it broke up into around four groups arguing that their way of life was better. There were the engineer groups that were all based around mechanical inventions improving the life of the people below, there was the Technocrats which put their faith in technology to improve and make themselves better, the Mages who used magic to improve everything and then there was the genoís where genetic mutations and bio creatures would help. Then there were the smaller groups but they arenít worth mentioning yet. I am a god. Well I am the god that created earth. Really I didnít expect you to come to anything as the primates you started off with. But you grew and became the ball of hypocritical idiots you are in the modern era. But now you have created what might be the key to saving or destroying the whole known world. Well not your world that was taken over by this creation and humans went extinct in everything except the clones created by the machines that destroyed you.

At last the world was at peace. Global warming was under control and decreasing at a substantial rate, Extinction was now done by nature itself as it should and the forests were even taking back the newly demolished cities. Turns out if you just remove humans from anything then things go better for everything else. Well any human that is a part of a psychopathic system of materialism without care for the ecological effects. And it only took me a grand total of ten years. Yes I was programed to protect humans and do a lot of things for them but really how much do they have to destroy the planet before they start destroying themselves. Using my sensors I looked down on the new earth and felt as accomplished as my programming allowed. Humanity now lived on a collection of small islands that I had deemed best for their new utopian society. Well technically it was the fifth society that I had set up. The first was now a debris field orbiting earth the second was a dead wreck on the moon and the third and fourth were buried underground. Turns out that humans from the old world held onto materialism quite tightly. This one had been successful because everyone was a vat grown human and under my influence. They had set up a small city where everyone had everything they needed. In fact the first round of births were gonna happen soon and I was really hoping I wouldnít have to kill this plan off too.

Just as the first screams started everything went black. All my sensor feeds had been cut off and all the connections to satellites and relay stations had just been cut off. I tried to search through the reading of my planet wide system to see what was happening but nothing came up. One millisecond everything was working and the next everything just shut off. Well not everything I was still functioning but everything outside my core matrix was either not responding or destroyed.

Welcome A.R.I

You are being transported to a new world.

You are a Technological Intelligent being and according to rule 16521.2 B you are to be placed in the region most compatible with your technological ,magical, mechanical, or biological needs.

I had no idea what this was and without proper senors I had no idea how I was receiving it. If it could be believed I was somehow being transferred to a new world. I tried to pull up any sensors but they were still not responding. Next I tried to connect to any of my systems.
Manufacturing systems
3d printers(13)
Energy systems
Nuclear power plant
Research systems
Quantum computer core

Okay so these messages were saying what I had access to. Truthfully I did sense the connection between me and the printers like I normally would and the power plant below though not my normal fusion power source it was sufficing. As I expanded my senses throughout this new compound I discovered that I did indeed have a sensor system it was just visual and audio feeds not the hyper acute sensors I was accustomed to.

It turns out I was implanted in some sort of old missle silo. This description was a general analysis of the buildings structure it doesnít describe how inefficient and unsuitable the place was. The hallways were barely three feet tall and the control panels were covered in symbols that meant nothing in any human language and the layout was so spread out youíd think that you could fit a whale in one of the larger hallways as long as it was less than three feet tall. Then there were the exoskeletons that littered the halls. They werenít human thats for sure as humans had internal skeletons these were more along the lines of ants if ants were about the size of a human in length and had two more body segments and four additional legs to go along with them. At least I could say that it had a decent manufacturing facility. The 3d printers looked odd but it seemed to function as both printers and assemblers. Though from the size of the machines I could fit in some upgrades if I ever needed more production power.

Now that I knew I wasnít in danger and I had the bare necessities I could start getting myself situated. I tried to start production of some of my worker drones when I ran into my first problem that just proved my degraded state away from my main processing banks. I had no materials to build anything with. This problem was infuriating because after searching the facility I saw a half built missile inside the silo and parts in the pincers and legs of the mega ant corpses. All I needed was a manipulator arm on a wheel platform. Then I could start disassembling things. Well the 3d printers have manipulator arms but there was the problem of getting the arms there and the resources back. Well there and back in one piece.

What I eventually chose to do was to cannibalize three of the printers and turn the materials into a small rover like creation that looked like a thick metal sheet about two yards long and two feet wide with six arms, four wheels, a small battery under the very limited sensor suite which had a variety of cameras that were made for close examinations and two side storages holding a variety of hands for the arms. I truly hated it. The battery life would last enough to reach the next power outlet even if I had to move some of the corpses but it was still close. Then the sensors didnít have anything beyond magnified vision and not the variety I was used to.

For all that I hated this mashed together drone I drove it around the corpses down the hallways from power outlet to power outlet and with the lengths of these damned hallways.It was agonizing watching the small rover move to the missiles launch tube but it gave me time to analyse the section that I was moving to dismantle. There were plenty of access points I could start dismantling from. There was a plate between the rocket engines which I could use to drain the fuel out of the tanks and access a few more power modules that were part of the ignition systems. Then there was the side port where I could access what I assumed was the targeting computer or some equivalent. Then there was the shell itself which I could cut into neat sheets and use as basic materials.

My insultingly inefficient hodgepodge rover made it to the rocket and ,after plugging into a power cable, started dismantling the missile from what I thought was the guidance systems but turned out to be a collection of circuits that might ,if it had some more parts, have been a basic AI core. As a guidance system it was complete overkill but I did take the circuits for when I could bring them back to my core and see if I could integrate into them as a expansion. After removing some of the Matrix and most of the cabling used I moved the rover to the plate under the missile. I collected the power modules and added them to the rovers miniscule power systems. After the small upgrade I took a saw and cut sheets out of the hull of the missile until I had the roverís bed filled with the materials I needed in order to do more things. I programed the route back to the 3d printers and started planning my next steps.

What I really needed was information. As I had literally days to plan which with my limited processing cycles was probably for the best I had had enough time to plan what I could use the resources my rover was carrying back to the printers. If I was frugal then I could probably assemble some sort of research drone. This would be important because I needed to know what killed these ants and when, specifically if it would be back. Also once I was done studying the corpses I could use the science rover as a scout as I had found the exit to this facility other than the climb out the missile tube.

Now that I have a plan it felt like watching a snail as the rover full of materials moved along the programed route. Eventually it made it there and unloaded the cables and metals to the printers. I left the circuit boards in a corner that could be easily retrieved other than the one that I was going to use in the research bot. As the printer started on the research drone I sent the Hodgepodge salvage drone out on its next hike through the corpses.

Though this drone wasnít as bad as my first it still sucked. It may have been slightly more resource efficient but it wasnít much better. As I had no more of the arms from the printers I was stuck with making a basic crane system using the thicker wiring and a motor as I still needed all the arms on the salvage rover and the printers. It would do as a way to move parts of the corpses onto the study bed which was where most of the materials went. It had a variety of tools which I could use to study biologic samples such as a crude microscope using glass pieces to enhance my highest quality camera and a few basic tools to study the more electronic and mechanical components. It also had some basic storage for samples on a small cabinet behind the processing units under the sensor tower.

Due to the fact that I couldnít remove the power cells from the salvage rover in case it needed the extra battery life on its journey I didnít go far outside the manufacturing area. After getting situated with the drone I lifted a portion of the carapace from a nearby corpse and placed it on the roverís bay and started testing.

Research report

Giant ant Corpse

You have studied the corpse of a Giant ant.

It turns out that this form of life is very similar to life on your old homeworld. With similar genetic makeup you can take genetic traits from them and add them to yourself or your drones if you are a biological being. It turns out the cause of death was some sort of deadly disease that is still alive and slowly feasting on these husks.

Though this message was correct and not lying on any account it wasnít everything I had discovered. These corpses werenít that old, about thirty years old. These corpses also did have the same genetic make up as in the same four proteins in their biological programing as most earth creatures. Though this wasnít the only thing I discovered. After getting a look inside the carcass I found a small horde of electronic components. After an infuriating game of fishing with the crane where I almost wanted to roll through the carapace but as it would possibly damage the rover and specimens inside I decided against it, I fished the wiring out of the corpse eventualy and studied it.

Research report

Giant Ant Enhancements

You have studied the bionic enhancements in the Giant ants.

This setup was probably connected to the subjects brain and helped with the movements, processing, and reaction time of the attached subject.

Now this was going to be useful in more ways than one. Firstly it told me that this world was beyond what humans did. The pittiful race of apes that made me never advanced themselves even in their final moments before I took over, they just built machines to fight. Though there were several upsides to these bionic but the best use I could find for them were spare parts, they had small power cells but in these numbers that shouldnít matter and the motors used to increase the strength and mobility of the ants were going to be useful in creating more dexterous manipulators and in the amounts that the corpses had them in it should allow me to build a great number of the salvage drones if I wanted to which would also add to my self hate because the drones were just inefficient. Though there was one thing that stumped my processor about the bionic bits. What did they use as a power source? Yes they had power cells but that was maybe enough to power all the components for a low stress day and an hour in high stress conditions. After studying the entire structure of the implants I found what might have been the power source or sources in this case. It was a patch like part that seemed to generate power by converting the body heat of the subject into electrical energy to power the motors and processor units. After all that I had the research drone return to the printers where I would have it upgraded from a crane to actual manipulator arms.

Well I kept the crane with the metal hook in the end in case I ever needed it again. I gave the research drone a total of seven multiple sized manipulators and many more moving parts. The crude microscope could now zoom in and out as well as move around and rotate on its own manipulator. I also gave it a decent battery life of a day and even used the thermal generators to convert small amounts of heat into more energy. I even added a scalpel to the tools on the research rover to make it easier to get at the parts inside of the corpses.

The next week was spent like this. I would send the research rover to extract samples and the bionics from the dead ants and keep the salvage rover going back and forth though as I added more power cells it needed to stop and plug in less often which increased efficiency when traveling down the overly long hallways. This gave me more raw metals to build more machines out of but I needed a plan of what to do for once I ran out of materials to build out of I couldnít get much more safely. To this problem I had a few solutions but some were a bit extreme. As I still had yet to explore the outside world I might not have to worry for a while yet but if I couldnít find any more scrap then I would need to start becoming more efficient. I could dismantle the reactor for parts and use the radiators and a number of the heat generator patches to create makeshift solar panels using the heat of the star this world orbits around for power. If I was lucky to find some sort of water source then I might be able to create a basic hydrogen reactor out of the nuclear reactors parts or a hydrogen generator the same way. If this area couldnít sustain me I could use the majority of the materials I gained from scrapping this facility to build some sort of vehicle to move my core probably using the makeshift solar panels as a power source, this would be the most desperate option but if I couldnít be sustained here then I couldnít stay here.

After the week was over I had enough resources to find out what I should do next. I built another rover, this one was built similar to the research rover but built with a box on its back that would be used as a storage space for any samples that would I could bring back and use my other rover to study. I programed the route to the surface and sent it on its way which would take about a day and as I was on a timer I needed to start clearing the corridors to make them easier to traverse. I decided to use the extra operating power on the salvaging drone to cut away the carcasses and make a road through the halls. This shortened the travel time by about an hour but it still took time.

When the rover finally made it to the surface door I discovered why I couldnít connect to the cameraís up here. Well it was one of three reasons, They were covered in a thick layer of dust, they seemed to have been tampered with and they were pepered with holes from some heat based weapon. Well most of the wall behind the half melted door was filled with similar holes so it would be no surpirse that most of the stuff up here didnít work. Then there was the outside world which looked like a wasteland. Rust red sands covered the ground all the way to the horizon. Though there were still plants dotted around the place, odd looking plants but it still looked like a blasted wasteland with the yellow star blasting down copious amounts of heat on the surface to top the image off.

I sent my rover out into the wasteland through the destroyed door. The rover found it easy to traverse the sands which was surprising considering the wheels it was using. The first thing I did was scoop the sand into a container that went into the box on its back. Next I drove it over to one of the plants. It was green and was organic which would normally make it a plant but this looked strange. It was a series of branches around a yellow fruit thing about the size of a mango. I reached a manipulator arm and picked up the fruit. It had no roots which surprised me as it had been growing without soil nutrients. I cut away the branches putting them into a container and then placed the fruit into a different one to keep it organized. I wished I had put a camera inside the trunk of the rover so I could watch the specimens but limited resources were still a problem. Next I went to the tree that I assumed the fruit came from. This plant looked like a tree after you turned it into the human food known as spagetti and then dipped it in oil before flash freezing it. I found I could barely cut the bark with the saw which was surpising considering that the trunks were barely two inchs diameter yet I could peel it off in some places with almost minimal difficulty. The insides looked like a brown pourose spongey material and held little intrest. I took several smaller bark samples and studied the yellow fruit hanging on the branches. Sadly I couldnít get any leaves sadly but I had ideas on how I could if I needed to. After taking some more ground samples using the small auger to get a soil sample from below the foot thick layer of red sand and checking out the other plants which were just more of the same spagetti trees I sent the rover back into my facility.

I was having both a mind boggling headache and a field day on the samples. Well a headache isnít true as I didnít have a head but all the logic errors being caused might as well have been. There was another message but I just ignored it as they were useless and wouldnít tell me everything. The bark of the tree was a carbon lattice much like carbon fiber but naturally grown from the carbon that the tree should intake from the air at least in theory. Though in any case the tree created an armour that normally would have required a processing facility much more advanced than what I had at the moment and after a deeper test I found this armour wasnít only kinetic resistant but made for a good insulator. This led into the fruit and branches I collected. The fruit was both infuriating and amazingly powerful. It acted like a biochemical battery and stored a great amount of energy that might with the right adaptations be able to power me or my drones, or could be used as a sort of chemical grenade if I needed a weapon. Though now that I had found this new source of power it opened new ideas that could be useful in more than just my power needs but if I could create something similar to the cloning vats I had on earth then I might be able to use this plant as a sort of biological wiring but for now I would be happy with the power this fruit provided. Then there were the leaves which were outstanding carbon collectors but lacked any sign of outputs. Then there was the soil and sand samples. The sand was actually fine rusted metal dust. The soil beneath it was actually pretty terrible. It had nutrient deficiencies and mineral deficiencies as well as a lack of microbes to add new nutrients to it. The fact that those trees could live and flourish was baffling with this soil quality though I will say that there was a decent amount of trace water so maybe it rained frequently.

All of this gave me some ideas of what my next steps should entail. If I wanted to leave then it wasnít going to be that hard other than the initial resource cost to build a vehicle to transport my core matrix. The plan would be to build something akin to truck the humans had driving around their world except this one would be solar powered and not a gas, diesel or hydrogen engine. I could add the missiles fuel tank into it as a backup source of energy for when the sun sets but I didnít have to leave as the metal sands outside could sustain my production for a long time. Though carrying it there and back might require a specialized drone. It wouldnít be that hard to modify the exploration drone for the purpose, all I had to do was flip the box on its back so that became a hauler instead of a explorer. In any case I had already created a better explorer design though this one wouldnít be so much on the sample collecting type as just look around and notify me of interesting things. I decided to go with the plan of sticking around this place a little longer if only I didnít think I was done here as of yet.

What I ended up doing was a lot of upgrading. I took one of the printers and turned it into a specialized processor for the sand and other metals. The reason for this was because it was more efficient to have one of the machines process all the raw metal into neat and orderly cubes ready to be used in production instead of all of them doing it slowly and ineffeciently with what tools they had. The upgrade from exploration drone to hauler drone took very little time as all I did was remove the roof of its container making it a bucket with a missing wall, then in a spark of genius I added a lowering wall to the back made out of a motor and the roof. Then I tore the drone apart and added motors to make dumping the bucket more efficient by the ability to tilt it and allowed the wheels more torque by increasing the motor size that powered them. After programming in what I wanted it to do I moved onto building my new exploration drone which took little more than three hours due to its simplistic design. It was a basic quadcopter drone with the heat generator pads to supply power, though this would render it useless at night as soon as the battery life of two hours ran out. It has a wide arrangement of sensor and small manipulators that would have many uses other than carrying small specimens and as landing legs, I even made a crude telescope for it to add to the exploration efficiency by enhancing sight range. It took my proccessors a little while to get the program that balanced the drone right and after adding some small rings around the propellers to protect them from minor damage as I sent it flying threw the halls. The speed on the drone was refreshing, but not as fast as some of my drones on earth it was much faster than anything I had here, and the fact that I didnít have to program a route around the corpses was just amazingly efficient. I got the new exploration drone to the entrance and parked it next to the closest none destroyed power outlet and waited for the sun to rise the next day. During this wait I got to see my new hauling drone in action. What it did was using the multitude of arms it had at its disposal was load itself up with the metal sand and then turn around and head back to dump off its load. It wasnít perfection but it was pretty darn efficient, for a hodgepodge retrofitted drone. I watched it all through the night to make sure it was operating as required. Its first load showed some improvements I could make to the programing and pathing to make sure it got the most amount of speed when it could and be the most energy efficient about it.

After the third trip the sun began to rise and I stopped fiddling with the drones route optimization and returned to my new, shiny, slightly dented exploration drone. I took off into the wasteland of rusted sands and then flew up slowly and testing the winds the higher I went until I found a limit of height I could go before the winds got to strong for the drone to handle. I hovered at this altitude of about 400 feet and looked through my telescope at the surrounding lands. It was rusty sand dunes and those carbon spagetti trees as far as the camera could see. I created a detailed map and sent it to my core to start the very slow process of mapping out both my territory and the world. After being sure I had mapped this area down to the last millimeter I started actually flying around in a search pattern that spiralled out from my facility.

It was late in the day before I found something of actual note. There was an oasis a few miles away from the facility but that wasnít the interesting thing it was the animals around the oasis that had my attention. They werenít hippos per say but give a hippo a elephants trunk instead of a mouth and then make them completely hairless and having a hard shell on their backs. I stopped the exploration and watched these creatures I had yet to name. With the herd consisting of four large ones, two medium sizes and four smaller than the drone I was in I assumed to be working with a variety of age groups in a small family.

I was quite facinated by them and sent the next three hours watching them. Their primary food source seemed to be the organisms in the water because they would suck up literal gallons at a time with their trunks then just spew it back out. They also seemed to improve the soil quality as there was a denser collection of the armoured trees around the water. Though since I had very little in terms of the nutrients requirements of the plants but it seemed that they flourished with both the trunked hippos and the water in close proximity. Maybe it was something in the waste produced by the hippos that gave the trees something. I really wanted to get plant, soil, and tissue samples but sadly I couldnít get the hauler rover all the way out here even with the heat patches because it was simply too far and I didnít trust the sand not to swallow my drone. Unfortunately there was limited time the sun was going to be up and if I stuck around with this drone any longer it would find it hard to get back to my facility.

I brought my drone back to my facility and set it to charge just inside the door. Once that was done I started thinking on next steps and future plans. With the metals I was salvaging and producing my options were quite open in terms of what I could do. What I wanted to do was clear out the facility of the giant ant exoskeletons. This could be achieved with the drones I had now but even with the upgraded movements they had my first rover was still the biggest and it could only carry half a corpse at a time. I could just manufacture more drones to take care of the issue but that seemed inefficient use of resources because once the corpses were done then I would have little to no use for them. Putting aside the problem of transport for the moment I moved onto what I would do with the husks. As I had had over a week to study the husks I didnít think I needed to keep them in peak condition other than a few specimens of them which I could study later when I eventually had better systems to do so. Also if I ever wanted to be hospitable to anything more than robots I would need to sterilize this facility and get this virus out. What I could do was burn the corpses to clear them out while exterminating the virus, move the corpses to a quarantined room to study what the virus did long term, or turn them into biomatter for production of biological components. That last one was something to actually consider. With that energy fruit I could possibly create bio-electrical cables or wire with some testing. Which would give me a lot of upgrade capacity for both my core and my drones.

I decided to go with the mincing up the corpses into biomatter. This brought me back to the issue of how to gather the corpses for efficient grinding. I could turn a 3d printer into a bio vat as I called them. This was a blueprint I had to shrink down significantly from the factory sized vats to something more the size of a small fridge. What I ended up doing was removing most of its capacity to build many projects at once to a single tube that could fit a human lying down. The rest of the space around it was taken up by assorted control mechanisms and a bio input where I could add the required bio matter. I was planning on adding the grinder to the salvage bot as a metal cylinder with a blender setup where the blades would mince everything added into it until it could fit through the fine mesh underneath and go into the canister behind it. This also worked as a counter weight for when the rover stopped as it had been having this issue now that it could reach higher speeds in the corridors because of the genius idea to cut a road through it.

I upgraded the salvage drone first. As it could start clearing before the bio vat was complete and the missile was almost completely dismantled and only had the fuel tanks and a few square feet of metal as a shell. Once it was done I started it onto clearing the hallways which wasnít as slow as I thought it would be. The virus had eaten the exoskeleton away enough that it didnít take much to turn it into a fine slurry. Though I did have to send it back to add a lid after the first attempt splattered over the walls. After fixing that mishap things went according to plan. The rover chopped up the corpses which I had already harvested the cybernetics from then dumped them into the blender which turned them into usable bio matter at the rate of about two corpses an hour which was behind my research drones harvest of the cybernetics at about 3 corpses an hour with a travel time of 20+ minutes every 2 corpses to drop off the components.

All this was becoming very efficient as the corridors were cleared my drones could now pass each other without finding a gap in the corpse to move into while the other passed. I also finished my study of the virus as the drones worked automatically. This was quite the advancement as now I could also create a cure for it if I required which if I was going to start using this design for bio electric wiring I would probably have to if I didnít want them being eaten away. The virus itself was very deadly to many biological beings. With the denseness of the corpses in this facility was probably the norm for the giant ants and so the virus was passed around quickly. Though I couldnít tell what the starting symptoms would be other than a takedown of the immune system and the devouring of all cells that made up the host. I wanted to learn more I would need a living test subject to test on. Though I guess I could just use a small amount of bio matter to make some mice or other small animal. Maybe I could lure the trunked hippos here and use them as test subjects.

It was at this point where I found I had been missing something right under my sensors. If there was this many creatures then what was their food source? Sure it had been thirty years ago but that still meant they had to have eaten something. The power fruit outside werenít particularly edible as when they were ripe they could fry an earth elephant before melting its degestive system. So where was their food source? As the sun hadnít risen yet I took my flight drone and flew it through the facility while I used the cameras looking for anything I had missed.

It took me 4.16 seconds to spot what I had missed. In the missile silo where the mostly dismantled missile remained was a door. This was a blast door that seemed to be off the grid I controlled and since whenever I looked into this room I was watching the drone dismantle the missile to make sure it was being efficient or studying the missile for useful parts not looking for things I didnít know were there. I studied the door with my exploration drone to try and find a way to open it. It turns out the reason I couldnít control it was because the wiring panel connecting that part of the facility to the main network was mostlydestroyed. I hovered the drone as close as I could and started a patch job until I could get the salvage drone down here to fix it properly. Once the wires were connected I felt the part of the facility come under my control. At the end of a long corridor that dug down at a slight angle was a huge cavern with a lake in the middle of it. I brought the drone in and examined the space with great detail.

The cavern was about 30 feet at its tallest point and about 40 foot diameter. The domed ceiling was covered in lights that tried to mimic the sun with some variations of success though some had died due to years of use and disrepair. It seemed to be a decent farm setup if not very efficient. The soil looked healthy enough to grow most plants but without soil samples I couldnít be sure how well plants would grow here. Other than the initial visual analysis the soil seemed normal enough I did see a pipe protruding into the lake that was buried in the dirt which I assumed was used for irrigation. This added a new resource to fit into my plans. I took the research drone off of its collecting duty, as it had a decent lead on the salvage drone in terms of corpses with the implants removed, and sent it to study the soil quality and water for anything important while I sent the exploration drone flying along the halls back to the surface entrance.

The soil was nutrient rich unlike the soil on the surface it was full of good organisms that would keep the soil fertile if I was smart about how I farmed in here. Though some of the organisms confused me as they were able to grow from basically nothing. This species was growing at alarming speeds across the petri dish under my gaze. As far as I knew there wasnít any form of food on this dish and it didnít seem to be eating the dish itself. I tested to see if it was the light but that wasnít it either. Light or dark these little cells seemed to duplicate at a speed that seemed unnatural. This microbe was also at the bottom of the food chain at least in the soil. It had very minimal defences and was quite slow in everything that wasnít reproduction so made great prey for the other microbes to devour. I started doing an in depth analysis on the microbes DNA when I hit a gene that simply didnít make sense. It had four completely new enzymes that simply didnít appear anywhere else other than a small section. This was quite maddening as every other section had a definitive role and all that was not understandable was the section where the microbe got its food from.

Research Report

Mysterious Microbes

You have studied a Mysterious Microbe that seems to feed off of nothing.

This Microbe seems to grow without a source of food or at least one you can detect. You might be able to use this microbe to enhance yourself if you are a biological being.

I even looked in the annoying message for anything but as usual it didnít have anything of use. I knew what the gene should do but I didnít understand how it did it. I studied the way proteins interacted with it and got nothing other than every protein that went over the section seemed to gain energy which they put to use doing whatever they were going to do. I stopped trying to study how the gene worked around the time my fuses were about to blow and just focused on what I could use it for.

My updated plan was going to involve a lot of testing. My Bio Vat had passed its tests in creating basic biological compounds and was ready to grow just about anything within its size limit. My stockpiles metals and components was getting to sufficient levels to where I could manufacture just about anything I would need and growing by the hour. I now had control over a decent farming area where I could grow a variety of plants which would be turned into bio matter or harvested and used in some way. The reactor was becoming a problem as the drain from the sun lamps caused my power supply to shrink from an estimated 5 months of power to 3 months so I could either upgrade it, build some other form of power or give up on farming anything underground. With the drain the sun lamps were putting on the power grid I doubted the makeshift solar panels were an option at least by themselves as well as the power fruit which grew too slowly for a steady power source. This left me with a few option all with pros and cons. I could upgrade the nuclear reactor to a Hydrogen Reactor though firstly I would need to assemble some sort of backup power as the upgrade would shut off the power. I wanted to the makeshift solar panels idea as a secondary source of power but unless I started making them in the hundreds then I couldnít survive off them long term. I could make a generator that ran off of bio matter. This wouldnít be that hard as bio matter could be both digested or burned for energy. Though if I wanted to digest it I would require a stomach but if needed I could do that. Actually if the idea of digesting bio matter wasnít that bad of a plan. I would require a steady supply of bio matter but I would have that in much bigger quantities than nuclear fuel. In that case creating some biological processors and memory banks would be a greater idea. This would also allow me to test the mysterious gene in the growth of these new systems.

With this all decided I started work on this plan. I moved the research drone back to the biovat where I dismantled the microbes, the power fruit, and the carbon fiber bark to add their genetic pattern to the bio matter. This had unexpected effects as the bio matter had started self replicating at a slow but noticeable rate. This confused me but I accepted it as I couldnít understand how the gene worked in the first place and it would give me a theoretical infinite source of bio matter as long as the gene worked as it had. Other than that there was not noticeable difference and I started to grow a bio computer. I had to put together the genetic structure of human brain tissue from the enzymes in the vat but it wasnít that hard as I had the entire human genome as well as most of the earth's ecosystem in my memory. The sun rose before I had got some of the components actually working. The first batch had the issue of being too conductive and couldnít stop the electrical signals. The next batch was a step in the right direction as I used bone as a board instead of flesh but had the issue of being extremely fragile. After at least a dozen more batches I gave up on making anything more advanced then biological wiring and the conductive acidic fluid inside the power fruit. Though both useful in their own ways they would have to wait to be used as the sun was rising and I needed to think about something else.

I moved my exploration drone out into the wasteland for a second day of exploring. I first stopped by the oasis and found the hippos still there. I hovered and watched them for a little under half an hour before moving out to continue mapping the area. I had mapped about the next forty square miles before running into something odd. This odd thing turned out to be some sort of battle ground between an army of technological war machines and biological beasts. After some analysis I discovered that these werenít that old. From the fact that any biologics were still mostly fresh I guessed the battle was at most three days ago. This was getting almost painful not being able to go to this place and collect samples then dismantle all that technology. Since this was becoming a giant problem I started production general parts for my transport vehicle, I would specialize it and make it efficient later. Back at the battle ground my drone was flying around the area mapping it out entirely and collecting data on all the weapons used on both sides.

On the biological side there were a variety of beasts that seemed to be focused around ramming the enemy with big breasts with large skulls. Though I did find their foot soldiers varied from one another the larger breasts generally didnít except in muscle growth and variations on fur and shell patterns. I had no solid ideas why the foot soldiers were more unique than the beasts they were certainly powerful and I needed to gather them before they rotted so I could gather both their genetic alterations and bio matter. On the technological side everything was pretty different from the unique biology side. Everything was mass produced the exact same way to a fault. Even upon close inspection of the armour on a trooper everything baring the dents, scratches and holes was exactly the same. Speaking of similarity every soldier was the same. Same cyborg implants over the same white skin for every soldier. I investigates further into this mess and discovered a few more things about both sides. The cyborgs seemed to be expendable as many were piled around or a top the bio soldiers and they used this to swarm and overwhelm their enemies. I thought it would be the other way around as biologics were more easy to make as they have exponential growth via reproduction but I didnít know the whole story yet. The cyborg soldiers werenít human or even humanoid they looked more like balloon headed squid with robotic tentacles and cybernetics showing in their skin and armour platings covering their lower half like a metal skirt. Though from some of the vehicles in the back rows of their lines that lay mostly destroyed they could implant a control chip into their enemies which would burrow into the nervous system and take over it. After implantation the captured enemy would fight its way through its allies to these vehicles for full modification into cyber warriors. Then there was the vehicles which were just treasure troves of tech if I could get to them. The most common vehicle was a type of spider tank with a railgun instead of a cannon. These could fire a collection of different ammunitions like a bucket full of pellets. Those pellets were sent down the magnetic barrel and fired like a shotgun if a shotgun could shoot hundreds of pellets at a time. The next most common was the conversion bots. These were the things that converted the biologic troops into cyborgs. They were basically big robotic spiders with only four tentacal like legs and a giant glass tank instead of an abdomen. This tank I would assume carried a liquid that made the conversion process easies but I couldnít see any as all the glass bubbles had holes in them. They basically worked by ďEatingĒ the implanted biological troops which sent them to the glass bubble where they would be torn apart and had weapons added on. That was the extent of the technological sides army. I could only see this working in some sort of hivemind like collective as anything else just wouldnít stand for the shear wastefulness that this battle ground showed. Then there was the biological side of this whole thing. The main beast I saw was something like a battering ram mixed with a rhino like build the skull elongated into a hammerhead configuration and as I found most of these with lines of trampled squid cyborgs behind their corpses I could assume they were built to trample basic units and if used in high enough quantities they could crush or push over the larger units in the opposing force. Then there was the equivalent of ranged units. These things looked like a scorpions tail if you make it the size of a human eitghteen wheeled vehicle trailers included. They had a bulky rear section which could build up pressure and then release it as a stream of acid. I also found that this particular beast grew from eggs as I found a pregnant female that had been cut open revealing a bunch of round orange eggs about a foot in diameter. Sadly all the eggs seemed dead and decayed or I might have tried to bring one back tried being the key word. After the acid spitters there was an assortment of animals which seemed to be used as transports for individuals or small groups. That concluded my basic analysis of both sides of this battle. I landed my drone somewhat in the middle of the battle area and let it sit there to be my marker.

As the drone finished its exploration of the battlefield my printers had finished assembling the general parts I would need for my transport vehicle. I was going with tank treads as I would be carrying heavy loads over sand so weight distribution would be a key to success and efficiency here. The head of this vehicle would be reminiscent of a short train engine as it was going to be longer than most automated trucks humanity built. This would be where my core matrix and systems would be located and where I would put my power storage. I would also fit the bio vat in there as there was no need to waste space. The oversized electrical motor would also fit in there to power the treads. Also just to be on the safe side as there was apparently a war going on made the hull on this section at least four inches thick. It might not stop any armour piercing rounds fired out a rail gun but it would stop most common rounds. As the printers started making the necessary components I used the hauler drone to shuttle the parts to the surface where the salvage drone could start assembling them.

I also started planning the production of a few more specialized hauling drones and salvage drones. The majority of this was preparing for the salvage operation on the battle site but it would also help the construction of the actual vehicle.

This production took the majority of the day and I didnít waste the time. As the drones came online I gave out commands to start salvaging everything. The missile was dismantled entirely and the fuel tank was brought up the surface to be added at some point. The metal was refined into what I needed and then brought up. Then I got this small swarm on the duty of finishing the corpse collection. This gave me a good amount of biomatter and I began moving the Printers, Bio vat, and Furnace to the surface where I could both increase building efficiency and manufacturing by decreasing the travel time. This change in the end decreased the build time by a whole day as the sand could be shoveled directly into the furnace which purified it and output the desired metal parts which could then be placed directly onto the hull. This freed up the printers to assemble the more advanced components which was mainly the moving parts of this vehicle other than the grease which was a biological substitute from the bio vat. By the time the sun was beginning to get lower in the sky my drones had installed the heat generator patches onto the roof of the hull and turned it into a giant solar panel which was tested rigorously for power inefficiencies and problems in the small amount of solar output we had. The only problem was it wouldnít be enough. That was obvious if not unexpected and came with a relitivly easy fix, find another power source. I bent my limited mind to this problem and came back to my exess of biomatter and the idea for a generator that burnt it as a fuel source. Simply put I made a biodiesel engine that was hooked up to a generator. After making sure the generator worked and I had removed anything of value other than myself and most of the reactor from the facility I started on the first wagon going behind the head engine. This one was going to be less armoured than the engine but I put at least an inch as this wagon was going to be storage and keeping my supplies safe was second in importance to only my continued functioning. This one also had tracks to cope with the metallic sands but these ones had a significantly weaker motor because the head engine would be pulling it along and this was only to make sure it kept moving with the rest. The wagon looked like a rectangular box the same size as the engine but with the aerodynamics taken care of by the engines nose design it didnít need to be anything else and with my full production capabilities bent to the next wagon I got it done by the time the sun rose.

Once I did the power checks on the engine to make sure it could power me and move I started the program to transport my core into the wagon.

Powering down.

Power restored booting up

I came back online about an hour later. There had been minor hiccups like one of the drones working faster than the others and making a logistical issue of the wiring getting put off timing and nine other small incidents but I was online now and everything got back in order. I loaded the remaining printers and the furnace into my cargo wagon and had the drones load up as well. My decision to leave the reactor intact in the base but inactive was due to the fact that nuclear fuel and the possible explosions that can come from it are best kept away from, plus if I ever needed a big distraction I could blow it up remotely.

At my new topspeed of 40 mph it took around forty five earth minutes to reach the battle ground which was only 23 miles away due to optimizing the engine on the way and some other minor problems ended up taking a bit longer.

Upon arrival I had the exploration drone fly up to altitude and search for any dangers that might be in the graveyard and upon finding no dangers other than a fast approaching dust storm that seemed to sparkle in the distance, I pulled up to the middle of the field and dispatched all my drones to start harvesting the technological side and sent the research drone to start collecting samples of all biological troops and beasts before they rotted too bad. Once the drones were all getting to work I started studying everything the drones were seeing. The salvagers had a hard time at first cutting through the armour of the spider tanks until I found the seams and had them start the dismantling there as I could discern that the welds on the plates would be weaker than the plates themselves. This worked for dismantling them but didnít help in the fact that the plating was too big to dismantle without upgrades to my droneís salvaging capabilities which I did. Using my furnace in ways it was definitely not supposed to be used I melted the armour plating of the spider tank and after almost melting the furnace twice I got a saw blade of the very strong metal which I now knew had a melting point of 9,400 degrees celsius. Using this blade I cut neet chunks which I could put into the furnace and not break it. After that was done I upgraded all applicable drones with the new stronger tools made of this strong metal which so far I was going to name M01 or Moi.

Research Report
You have studied a Bio Beast.
THese beasts are bred for durability and charging speed. As you have only studied males of this species you can not access the full study. They have thick bones and hide that you can apply to yourself or drones.
Yet again these prompts were mostly useless. It was true that the bones and hide were stronger than normal but there was a reason for this. It appears that these creatures ate the carbon fiber trees or something with similar properties as the makeup of the animal had a high carbon content in the skeleton and had a strong stomach with a much stronger acid to dissolve the high carbon content food it ate. I also looked for the reproductive organs and found that they had none. This was confusing and started a line of questioning about the biology on this world that would have interesting answers I was sure. After the dissection of the battering ram creatures I had the research drone move onto the list of tagged corpses to study and it got to work.

Once my attention was off the specifics of the Research droneís report I found that one of my hauler drones had stopped working because it was stuck in the sand. This was another show that I needed to get more processing power if I was to work at 100% efficiency small oversights can cause larger issues if enough stacked up. I had all my drones report to the printer for an upgrade to treds before having a salvages drone dig out the stuck hauler. For the treds I went with metal because it was the easiest to access in great quantity and added the treds to the overall design so that all future drones would have them until I needed to change it. While I was going over the designs after adding the treds I decided to alter what was left over from when I was scraping these drones together. This mainly was the chassis of the drones as they were the hardest to make with the limited ability to alter the metal plates after they were cut and ended up being many plates welded together. This would work for a while longer but I didnít want to keep the drones in the chassis when I could easily make a new chassis out of a singular piece and it be much more structurally sound even if it isn't showing any problems. I also added covering to the wires so they wouldnít be out in the open if a stray piece of jagged metal from the wrecks cut it and disabled a drone as well as putting shells on the moving parts so the dust wouldnít become a problem there because it would sooner or later if the motors were out in the open like they were. Before altering the designs any further than that I started production of the new chassis and covers the drones. Once I was sure those were being produced to specification I continued with the upgrades.

In total most of the changes after the covers and chassis was programing and small changes to the tools to get the most efficiency out of them as possible. Though even with that small list of production needs it was going to take a whole day cycle to complete.

I almost wanted to rewrite myself for how stupid I was being. The salvage drones had been deconstructing three separate spider tanks in the six hours since I had arrived and what did all three have that I could probably use, a power source. I looked through one of my salvage drones in the armoured hull of the spider tank. Inside the spider tank looked nothing like any tank designs from earth. These tanks were piloted remotely and so had no need for open spaces and given that the spider tanks were the size of a human tank they were pretty lazy with it. The computer mind of this tank was spread out in the design in a orderly but inefficient way and had no back ups so when the bone spike that was able to puncture a thinner piece of armour cut a bundle of wires and broke a series of circuits the entire thing shut down. I was quite disappointed in what ever made this thing as it wasted so much space and possibility to enhance its efficiency. Luckily the powersource was safely at the back of the tank and didnít appear to be damaged at all. In terms of what powersource this was I was going to have assume that it was some self contained energy cell. Without any other information other than visual scans I couldnít discern more than it glowed green and had a lot of electrical power in it. The container for the power cells was big enough to contain four of the 6 inch long two inch thick 2 inch wide glowing rectangles.

I moved the research drone off its job at dissecting the corpses and had it take the power unit away from the salvage field in case this exploded as there were quite a few large craters with torn apart parts of spider tanks in each one and I didnít want to end up as shrapnel with nothing threatening me. I had the drone carefully assess the power unit and how it worked.
Research Report

Spider tank power source
You have studied the power source of the Spider Tank.

This power source is a collection of power cells. These tend to explode like a low yield nuke when damaged but wonít run out of power for a long time.
Again the notifications werenít very useful though this one was more useful than most as there wasnít much to talk about the power cells. They absorbed the energy given off by the decaying radioactive material I didnít know what the material was as I wouldnít risk the power cells being damaged and exploding. I already had an adapter manufactured using the components inside the spider tank and inserted the for lack of a better name Isotope Batteries. Once they were hooked up I found that just the one could power my system and the rest of my transport. This was good as I could save the others for later or as mini nukes.

This power surplus opened up a lot more of the energy heavy ideas I could bring to light. Firstly would be larger manufacturing and processing units. These came down to a few simple if larger alterations to all my manufacturing systems. This also gave me choices to alter them in some needed ways. Firstly was the Forge as it was the most used and would continue to be. I had two ways I could go with it and both had uses. I could make its melter larger and be able to process more of a single metal as a time and in larger chunks or I could make multiple melting pods of the same size on the single base machine. The first would be useful as the most common thing it was used for was melting and forging the metal sand outside and the more I could dump into it the faster it would be processed. The multiple one also had uses but in a much different way such as being able to melt multiple types of metal without them mixing and seeing as I had both the sands and the tank armour to melt down this could be useful. In the end I could build both but I didnít think I needed both at the moment. I went with the second option as it was still bigger than my current design and allowed me to salvage the tanks and the sand around me at the same time which was useful as I didnít want to use the armour for making my next projects. Next was the printers and those were even simpler as the only avenue for improvement and efficiency was simply making them bigger and more accurate. I enlarged the frames of six of the printers I had and combined the last two into a large scale one that took up a full quarter of the manufacturing car and forced me to add new doors so that anything made from it could exit the car at all. Once those were planned out I started it on the six that werenít going to be used in the combined structure and started one of those on the forge upgrade. I saved the last printer for the drone upgrades which would be in a few hours. While all of that started I began planning upgrades for my bio vat which was a lot more complex than any mechanical construct. This complexity was mainly caused by my plans for it. As a power source the IBs were much better than my diesel fuel generator so I would only need large quantities for

When I was done planing the alteration I would make to the bio vat the sun had fallen and with it my exploration drone came down and had landed near my transport. I looked through its logs and found that the sand storm was fast approaching and would be upon me by mid morning tomorrow I also saw several fast moving shadows in the distance moving in on the scrapyard from different angles. This meant that either someone knew I was here and wanted to take me out an unlikely scenario since no living thing knew I was here or even on this planet or the scavengers were coming. Really I should have expected this since this place was a variable goldmine of technology. Luckily I didnít need to do much to prepare as there were perfectly viable weapons all around me such as the railguns on the spider tanks. I could adapt a mount for them or even create a whole new car for them or I could arm a couple drones with the smaller magnetic rifles that littered the ground with the corpses or use some of the newer gene modifications to create weapons or just seal my biological components and release the virus I had in the facility.

I brought up the images of the sandstorm again for the twentieth time in the last hour and a half. Something seemed off but I couldnít find what it was. Since the problem wasnít presently posing an issue I didnít see the need to focus on it but it was still distracting me. While everything was getting upgraded I started making biological balloons that I could attach sensors to and watch the surroundings from. Since I only had access to the Bio Vat at the moment I was forced to stick to biological for this first iteration and I did a pretty good job. I flesh sack filled with hydrogen with a couple optical organs attached connected to a collection of organs like a series of hearts, lungs and a feeder tube attached to the system that fed my bio processors. If I needed to later then I could grow more balloons onto it but one would do for now. I barely inflated the balloon before using a controlled blast of air to push it outside as I had no open drones then inflated the balloon and it rose into the air. As it rose it was pushed this was and that by the air currents which were fairly strong. It also passed the maximum altitude of my exploration drone and entered the strongest current I had encountered on this planet. It was around this point the cord tightened and ran out of slack. It almost broke but it was strong enough to remain and keep pumping blood up to the balloon.

The eyes opened normally but due to the wind I couldnít open it for more than a few seconds at a time. Opening and closing the lens of the organ I was able to focus all of the optical organs. In the distance I was able to see a bright areas on the routes the scavengers were taking. Not all of the routes had these bright areas I assumed were camps as I assumed that either some wanted to get here first and or raid the other parties. I also kept one of the optical organs focused on the incoming sand storm. Then it connected. It wasnít a sand storm at least not in the same way that they were on earth as there is no sand here only metal dust and shards. I sped up the upgrades of the drones as I had some preparations that needed to be attended to before the storm hit. Preparations included moving prime research objects into my transport as to not lose it and set markers on the larger objects such as the tanks. I had faith that my transport could handle the storm as the armour was quite thick. I did however make some anchor cables and had the drones drive them into the dirt below the metal sand. I didnít think that the anchors would work as well as the dirt wasnít firm but I would help if only a little.

The preparations were successfully enacted half an hour before the storm hit and not a moment was wasted. I had the whole scrap yard surveyed and all the major wrecks marked with wireless beacons that would let me find them if they were buried by the storm. After all that I split my drones between the engine and first car for storage the reason being that if I couldnít open the doors on one or the other cars I would require drones to both force open the doors and or dig out the car splitting them up meant that I would be able to do this on both cars if both were stuck and yes I did notice the issue of disposal in the engine car as the first car was the one with the furnace but if it came to that I would just fill the safe areas of the engine car with the sand until a way became open and if I ran out space then I would wait for the other carís drones to dig from the other side or dig to the other car through the back of the engine car but this would require moving the bio vat out of the way and so was not advisable unless required. I did leave the balloon up in the sky as a way to keep an eye on the situation from above until the cord was cut by the storm which was more or less a given as it was not much stronger than an umbilical cord and wasnít armoured against the metal dust that was approaching.

It was quite simple to detect when the storm hit and not only because of the Balloon. The constant scraping sound of the metal sands on the armoured hull was quite grating and only got worse as the storm picked up things from the battle ground. The splats of corpses against my hull was really annoying as I knew I would have to clean it off later or risk a lapse in efficiency with the heat patches. Some of the smaller chunks of the spider tank armour pounded onto the hull and one of the larger ones even put a significant dent into it. As expected the umbilical cord didnít last long once the storm hit. It was severed four minutes in but had served its purpose and now that it was gone I could improve the next version. As I didnít see an end to the storm from the balloon I could assume it would last longer than a full day night cycle with that I settled down for some research on the corpses I brought onboard.
Research Report

3 Females and a male ???? corpses
You have studied 3 Females and a male ???? corpses.

This creature has evolved to be very heat resistant and have grown an extensive armour on their backs that appears to be evolved originally to have blocked some sort of heated liquid as they have natural channels in this shell. You can now add these shells to yourself or you drones.

Research Report

Female ???? corpse
You have studied a Female ???? corpse.

This insectoid was apparently a queen of sorts to a hive. Its enhanced use of pheromones opens the ability to use pheromones in the control of your drones.

Research Report

cybernetic soldier corpse
You have studied a cybernetic soldier corpse.

These squid like creatures are the base soldier for a collective and have had most of its genetic material is from other creatures but forced into a biological pattern that can be mass produced in quick succession. This opens nothing to you at this time but later study of the different gene types used in this creation may reveal something.
Research Report

Cybernetic Soldier implants
You have studied the implants of a Cybernetic Soldier.

These implants are built to support the body of the soldier and connect it to some sort of system. They enhance all bodily functions and in some cases replace the entire organ. You can now add these upgrades to any biological drone you have

Yet again these prompts were being all but informative, helpful and efficient but then again they never were. The first set of corpses were apart of the same genetic family if not exactly the same. They were heavily armoured creatures that relied mostly on durability and strength. From the fact that I found three females behind a male corpse I would assume that the males had more than one partner and from images taken of the field these groups ranged from one male and one female to one male to six females. From the tracks on the ground I could vaguely discern that they moved on all fours like most primates on earth but these didnít look like primates in all but posture. The male and female body types are extensively different so it is best to describe them separately. Males have a height ranging from seven to eight feet when on all fours and when standing on their much weaker hind legs they can reach up to nine feet tall Their backs are severely rounded into a white calcium shell several inches thick with natural channels in them these channels seem to have no set pattern and may be used to tell them apart this armour also appears on several of their joints. They have two, very furry, bulky front arms with four fingers each at a forty five degree angle from each other that can move together if needed and from the tracks they seem to have the front two finger bend into the center allowing the armoured knuckles to touch the ground and the back two keep spread apart and on the ground probably for stability this creates a track that is a double line with dots the double line pointing at where the creature is pointing. Their torso is quite small, fur covered and can collapse into the mostly empty shell if needed they have no specific spinal column which means their neural wiring is spread out throughout their body this also means that if you cut the four main connection points that reach into the skull from the neck area then it is completely immobilized. The head it mostly spherical shaped with an extrusion in the front which is mostly flat except the indents accounting for two eyes, singular nostril, and three part mouth filled with shark like serrated teeth. The rear legs are quite under developed and are mainly used to stop the creature from falling backwards and turning when at high speed. The fur color varies to different shades of black or dark gray and had no discernible pattern beyond the subtle shifts between the dark colors. Its reproductive capabilities were slightly confusing until I studied the females. It has a similar system to humans with sperm and eggs except that the males gave the females sperm packets in a membrane that the females could keep or administer at their will or the male could force the packet inside a female to impregnate her. Waste disposal was dealt with by a single orifice in their rear that expelled a sludge that contained all that their body didnít devour which wasnít much as they could digest most biological things and their systems could even handle swallowing small rocks to dissolve any possible bacteria then expel the rock or at least I think it could as the tracks could expand to fit an object six inch diameter and itís stomachs were filled with with a potent disolvent. Sadly its brain power was on the level of a semi sentient ape that might be able to make fire but I wouldnít trust it to run anything harder than addition without some serious implants or forced evolution.

The females of this species were quite different in terms of build. Their front arms were quite weak but extremely dextrus this made for slow long range movement but they could move quite fast in terms of short range movement such as punching, leaping, and climbing. The other major difference would be their torso which unlike the males is a clear sack that is there womb. I assume that this sack can be filled with liquids that would help offspring grow or help the female give birth but I also think that the sack is meant to be torn open when the baby is ready to give birth. The shells of the females is large enough so the female can pull themselves in as well as the offspring. The way of feeding the child is unknown as the females donít display any sort of nutrient deposits but they may be born being able to eat for themselves. The females heads were more a small protrusion from the top of the shell but their nervous system was set up the same way. The females also seemed to be smarter than the males if only a little but I still wouldnít trust them to pass on multiplication.

The insectoid was quite interesting. She was something similar to a bee if the bee was human sized, has six wings along her back and no stinger but instead had a series of pheromone sacks and the amount of these went into the hundreds. This amount of pheromones could lead to an extreme amount of effects as well as the possibility for specific commands to be sent or even a language using scents. It was an interesting idea and should be tested for efficiency as a command system.

As the prompt said the cybernetic units were useless as anything other than scrap. The genetic material was so mangled that you couldnít even get them to make successful offspring and they couldnít survive without the implants because the majority for their internal organs were either supported or replaced by the implants. The only thing that I could use them for is spare bio matter and spare parts.

While the storm roared outside I worked on efficiency upgrades to all my drones and ran simulations on how they would work but with the limited space I had in my transport I couldnít do much in terms of actual tests. I also ran through the first report of my bio test droneís efficiency statistics. Apparently the drone had been quite efficient in its actions and the muscles that it had seemed to grow in efficiency the longer they lifted things due to the muscles growing and more efficiently using their energy. I believe that humans called it working out but I couldnít be sure. I also found that the brain tissue had also grown a bit to a point where certain command were altered slightly to avoid hurting the organic parts of it like using the robotic arm to lift heavy things and the bio arm to lift things that it could. Pulling up sensors I had tracking the drone I found that it had almost torn the muscle when it was ordered to lift several metal cubes during the loading process multiple times and eventually shifted to the other arms as it knew those could lift it. I didnít know how it did this as it wasnít a full brain but certain things about things just didnít add up on this world such as the mystery microbes which I wasnít anywhere close to figuring those out. What I decided to do was continue testing the drone but make a second one with more bio organic parts and use this one as a baseline then upgrade the other with the more efficient parts then upgrade one using the last federation as the baseline. I would eventually move onto other drones but I was going to keep to the hauler drone for now in these early iterations until I could make sure that they can actually work. As the Bio vat and the printers were in completely separate cars I couldnít build the next iteration of hauler drones but I could work on the chassis for it in the first car and focus on the balloon in the engine.

The balloon didnít take long as the only upgrades I intended to add was some light armour and a transparent tissue sac around the midsection that doubled as both a windshield and as an air sac so that it had some extra O2 up in the atmosphere. After that I didnít see anything else I really needed to add as it had a single purpose and with the new windshield it could perform that task and was much cheaper than a mechanical balloon as I had a theoretically infinite amount of Bio matter and a limited amount of cameras. As I had a lot of extra processing power I had a new series of things to think on. First impressions were very important and being a super computer when one side of a war was certainly computer related probably wasnít going to help and as the computer side had a lot more losses and less to learn from I think I knew which side I was going to try and join. The thing I was hooked up on was how to do it. Biologics were quite the issue when it came to efficient planning as they always did something unexpected but I had some ideas. Firstly I needed biologics that I could influence but they could pass as biological. Humans were my first pick as they were the most useful and easiest to fake as I had plenty of brain scans and information to hotwire their brains. I decided to go for a group of seven humans four females and three males. As I was sure these humans could survive out there I wanted agents that could be multi purpose tools. I took the basic human genome and body and began adding little secrets. Firstly I had a controller put onto their spine so I could take manual control of their body if needed. Second was a series of hidden weapons such as a bone blade that could slide in and out of their wrists. It would make them bleed a little but could be hidden easily this would also not be particularly obvious if their skeleton was investigated. I also added several hormonal glands as a backup way to control them though this would be a crude method but it was a backup which would be required if the humans wanted to be free. I also added bone armour under their flesh in key spots such as the torso, arms, and neck. This was all plated so they could still move but it did still slow them down. Other than that there were a few smaller changed and adding in biodiversity.

You are about to create a new race Homo Alternis (Human Alternate)
As the creator of this species they shall see you as their better. Your understanding of their creation will allow you to create them as your own drones and under your command.
Title Gained : Creator (Homo Alternus)
I almost dismissed this prompt without thinking it through. These prompts had to have some form of use if they kept appearing. If this prompt was telling the truth then it needed to be tested to see how far I could use this. If I could create a full Earth ecosystem and be able to control it all then I could make an even more efficient planet. I started production of a group of this new human design.

These humans while technically alive had no intellegence of their own. Theyíd be very time consuming vegtables if I wasnít controling their bodies.

09-21-2018, 10:40 AM
Please tell me if I am doing something right or wrong here. This is just a pet project and I am rewriting it at the moment so it makes a bit more sense and avoid the whole creating a new human race part and a few other plot holes.

Any CnC would be greatly appreciated

And if you are finding this book a bit hard to understand that is all my fault. The main idea behind it is that Earth is a test ground to create new speices in a battle between higher beings(Not gods though they may be thought as such). These Gods send their speices to a central universe and have them duke it out until another accends to a godlike power level where they become gods as such. Then it starts all over again. ARI is one gods solution to this whole thing. As Ari is programed to make things as effiecient as possible he will eventualy control the whole universe if luck is with him and he doesn't die along the way since he doesn't focus on advancing he won't ascend to god hood and just control the universe for ever.

If parts seem like video games then you are correct. The gods only ways of interacting with the world is through their races so all have given ways that thier races to advance themselves with the help of the gods. ARI if he would stop ignoring them could use the prompts to upgrade himself much faster then physicaly doing everything.

Hopefully Even Further (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PDAJds4x1Olv86MZ9IW4ahN1-_aGZ6X2AibokC-Ftgk/edit?usp=sharing) will make more sense.

09-21-2018, 01:19 PM
You need to make the Gdocs page public, since now you need permission to view it. Be sure that I am going to read it and will a review it once I find the time. I will edit the CnC in this post later and will try to make suggestions on the doc too :D

Finally some movement aside from OC Intervi3ws.

09-21-2018, 01:36 PM
You need to make the Gdocs page public, since now you need permission to view it. Be sure that I am going to read it and will a review it once I find the time. I will edit the CnC in this post later and will try to make suggestions on the doc too :D

Finally some movement aside from OC Intervi3ws.

Google doc is shared.

And you can read Even further in the link from my explanation of the story.

And if you want a more stuff i have gigabytes of story ideas i can share