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09-02-2008, 10:15 AM
Its about what the police do on the day the World Trade Centre towers were tragically destroyed by terrorists on September 11th 2001. Here is the first few paragraphs -


Numerous phones rang in the police department. The operator was trying to answer them all, and they all said the same thing; "The Twin Towers have been hit by something!"
The operator flung the phones down and pressed the intercom button. A crackle and a chime sounded as she spoke.
"All police to Manhattan Island, west side. World Trade Centres under attack, I repeat, World Trade Centres under attack." She released the button and listened to the police cars drive away.

Earlier that day

A plane flew across the countryside. It shot through the air like a bullet, casting a shadow over the lazy awakening America. The passengers on board ducked down in their seats as a gunshot rang out. Milliseconds later a short scream was cut off by something. A man in a turban burst out of the cabin door and aimed the gun down the aisle.
"We have hi-jacked this plane. Our pilots are now flying towards New York where we shall fly into the World Trade Centre towers. Evidently, you will all be killed."
Screams and cries sounded loudly, cut short by a sudden gunshot.
"You will be quiet."

The plane arced towards the towering skyscrapers that dominated New York City. It zoomed towards the towers, slowly banking before smashing into the middle section of the towers. It exploded in a fiery ball, smoke and debris flung into the air. People below screamed and cried as the tailwing of the plane dropped down. Police suddenly raced round the corner, cordoning off the streets around the towers as firefighters sprinted into the building to evacuate people. Fifteen minutes passed and people were flooding out of the building.

A thud sounded. Everyone became silent. Out of the skyscraper a body was flung. It tumbled down like a ragdoll, before limply smashing into the ground. At that moment the other tower's midriff erupted in a ball of fire resembling a nuclear explosion. More debris fell from the sky, and firefighters ran into the building. People were weeping on the street, babies crying, men sobbing. Then it happened.

A loud creak sounded, then everyone stared at the towers. Another big creak, then a twang, and the first hit tower started coming down vertically. An enormous cloud of neverending dust toppled into the streets, blowing people down, and other citizens ran away from the falling tower. Less than 5 seconds after it had begun, it stopped.
Police edged towards the rubble tentatively, as if unsure if it had finished collapsing.

A lone man ran from the rubble, covered in blood on his left side, before collapsing. Police and ambulance crews ran to him, and as they got to him, he croaked; "Tell my wife I'm suffocating under words of sorrow."


Give some CC on it, and rate it. Also, tell me your opinions on the people who did it.

09-02-2008, 10:23 AM
Did you copy and paste that from an article or something?
Help me out here...

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Why'd you ask?

09-02-2008, 12:26 PM
No one had a gun, where did you get that from? Also, the first tower that got hit was NOT the first tower that fell. You obviously didn't know what you were talking about. It shouldn't piss me off, but it does.

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Olol .

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Olol .

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Death Rattle, I bet you can't even tell me the designations for the towers that fell or how many world trade center buildings fell that day.

Do research when you write, man.