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10-10-2008, 11:31 PM

Hey people, I was listening to some Gorillaz and looking at the back of one of my albums and it had a picture of 2D spray painting a wall. That gave me an idea for this Joint.

Like all collab's/joint's there are rule's, and rule's must be followed :3.

~Dimensions [This is a joint, keep them the same when you get them.]
~FPS [24, change it and you're part is instantly gone.]
~V-Cam, Use the one that's included in the .fla
~No erasing other people Drawing's (Although you may draw over other people)
~No profanity (Adult Oriented)or cuss words like (****er **** Bitch etc. Do something like $#@*!)
~Length (5-30 seconds max!)
~Name you're item's in you're library as such; [XeKia]Name, [XeKia]Head, etc. etc.
~When you're part is done please save it as a .fla not a .swf , upload it to savefile.com and PM the link to the next person AFTER clearing it with me.[Flash CS3 people save it as a Flash 8 document]
~To avoid confusion, please name and put all you're symbols into a folder and then name that folder.
~When you're parts done pass it to the next person on the list
~There is a max of 10 people, Everyone can be put on the list 2 times and that's it.
~If you've been sent the .fla and you don't get it done within a maximum of 10 days (1 week 3 days) then you're skipped and the person before you will send it to the next person.
~Try to be original, don't just go "Run's in with the spray can, spray's OLOLOLOL RAWR, puts can down, exits..."
~Put you're name in the upper right hand corner, select over it and hit ctrl+b twice.
~For the layer's that say somthing like "Spray Can(Fixed Spot)", Make sure those stay there.

Just a few I thought up.
-Someone sprays a face, You spray some big huge eyes over it.
-When you enter an "enemy" stick enter's and you have a little fight while getting stuff like blood on the wall.
-You paint a mountain background and walk threw it to exit you're part.

Just to name a few thing's, try to get real creative with this.

- pending
F Has .fla
C Complete
M Maybe
S Skipped

(If you're a maybe, when it's you're turn I'll PM you.)

F Uni-bombeR, Oct 11th
M U-t
(NOTE:I'm going to begin and end this collab, secret ending ;3)

Yes there are, and they are.
1)Be active in the forum.
2)Be a decent enough animator. (I might ask for some recent work)
3)Gotta be creative =3.

Not decided, I'll make a poll later with a few choice's, PM me if you got a song.

Due Date~
When we get closer to finishing I'll post one.

None yet.

Extra Note's~
-First come first serve, No if an's or but's. (Only exception is if someone freaking amazing with super 1337 skills comes by.)
-First one to be accepted as an entrant will get PMed by me with the .fla

10-11-2008, 12:29 AM
maybe .

10-11-2008, 12:49 AM
Well, you're the first one up. I have to send it to you.

Nah, all maybe's go at the bottom.

10-11-2008, 02:03 PM
I'll do it.

Hit me up.

10-12-2008, 06:15 PM
Wow, slow -.-... does anyone at least have any comments?