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The sun was beginning to set over the town of Rejection and its festival. Many of the booths were decorated for the holiday with heart-themed foods and couple’s games. At Iroh's sat Dracustos as he conversed with Dr. Macbeth.

“Don't get me wrong, Dracustos, I'm happy for you, but are you absolutely sure you want to do this?” the man asked.

“Well… yeah. I've always felt like there was something missing in my life, and even though we've only been together about two years… I think she's the one.”

“You do realize this could paint a huge target on her back, like it did Altaer’s wife?” At first Dracustos rolled his eyes as if to say “well duh”, but then he went over the sentence again and his brow raised in surprise.

“Wait, Altaer? Our Altear? Was married?”

“Before I met him, yes. He had made plenty of enemies before meeting his wife, and it was one of them that killed her. It's part of the reason he's the reckless alcoholic we all know and love. And with what's happened recently…” He trailed off with a sigh. “I'd hate for the same to happen to you.”

Dracustos looked down in thought. He wasn’t exactly sure what David was talking about regarding recent events, but figured it had something to do with Altaer vanishing for the past year or so.

“I’ve noticed she’s been going to the Dojo and gym more often. I think she’s getting ready for trouble so she doesn’t have to rely on me so much… or maybe she’s doing it to protect me when I’m unable to protect myself.” Suddenly the halfbreed’s ears perked up and he looked over his shoulder at the woman.

“Hey guys, what's up?” Samantha asked.

“Oh hey Sam. We were just talking,” he answered casually. There was a moment of awkward silence before Dracustos stood. “I’ve got something to do real quick. See you in a minute.” He planted a quick kiss on the woman’s cheek before taking off. Samantha reached out to stop him, but he was already gone. She turned back to the doctor.

“Did I interrupt something?”

“No no, like he said, he has something he needs to take care of.” He gestured to the seat next to him. “You’re welcome to join me if you like.” Sam glanced back where Dracustos had vanished, then huffed and took a seat. She noticed the doctor didn’t have anything in front of him and figured he just wanted to keep her company. Iroh was soon with her, not having been particularly busy at the moment.

“Hey there, Sam. Can I get you anything?”

“Just something to drink. Surprise me.”

“Really? You sure you don’t want any dim sum? Special is lover’s prawns.”

“Not hungry, and that’s a shared meal, isn’t it? I have no one to share it with - no offence, Doc.”

“None taken,” Macbeth replied with a disregarding wave of the hand. After a nod the old Oriental went about his work, returning after a couple minutes with a hot cup of muddy red tea that smelled of chai and cinnamon. There was another moment of awkward silence, then the doctor decided to break it.

“So, how did you and Dracustos first meet?” he inquired. Sam looked down at the steaming cup.

“It was a few years ago, back when that gang was occupying the town. One of them… tried to rape me, and Draco just happened to be around. He scared the guy off and walked me home. I was pretty shaken after that and became a bit paranoid around men… except for him. I asked him to walk home with me almost every day until the gang was gone.”

“Because you knew he’d protect you?”

“Well, yeah, but… it was mostly because I felt safe when he was around - I still do. Not because he’d lay down his life for this town, but… I dunno, it’s sort of hard to explain.” Dr. Macbeth gave a slow nod. Certain emotions could be difficult to describe.

“You’re all very lucky to have someone like Dracustos around. Wish there were more people with his moral compass.”

“I think part of it has to do with his dragon side, but you can tell he was raised right.” The woman drank her tea, and they sat quietly for a minute or so as the sky gradually grew more painted by the setting sun. Samantha eventually glanced up and noticed Iroh was missing from his stall. As she looked over the small area to make sure she hadn’t just missed him, the old man came around the corner and gave her shoulder a tap to get her attention. He then offered his hand.

“Miss Samantha, would you kindly come with me?” he asked with a smile. He was given a raised brow and Samantha glanced back at the doctor, who simply shrugged. She slowly took his hand and stood, and she was led across the festival grounds, followed by David. Sam noticed how vacant the place seemed to be, until they reached the stage. Nearly everyone was gathered around, and they parted as the Oriental approached, guiding the young woman through the crowd.

“Um, Iroh? What’s going on?” Sam asked nervously.

“You’ll see,” the old man replied, still grinning. He brought her to the center of the stage where a pink spotlight shone before letting go of her hand. “Now you wait right here.” Iroh scuttled off before a sound could be uttered, and for a moment Samantha stood stiffly in the spotlight.

Someone on her right began to whistle, and she turned to spot Dracustos stepping up and slowly making his way across the wooden floor. She recognised the tune he was whistling. Sam subconsciously covered her mouth in shock as he stopped in front of her and began to sing.

“I’ll swim and sail on savage seas
With ne’er a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of Life
If you will marry me

“No scorching sun
Nor freezing cold
Will stop me on my journey
If you will promise me your heart
And love me for eternity...”

He offered his hand. Samantha slowly put her hand in his, then reached for his other before singing the next part.

“My dearest one, my darling dear
Your mighty words astound me
But I’ve no need of mighty deeds
When I feel your arms around me-”

She spun him around and they began to dance as the Draconian happily continued.

“But I will bring you rings of gold
And even sing you poetry
And I would keep your from all harm
If you would stay beside me-”

“I have no use for rings of gold
I care not for your poetry
I only want your hand to hold-”

“I only want you near me-”

“To love and kiss, to sweetly hold
For the dancing and the dreaming
Through all Life’s sorrows and delights
I’ll keep your love inside me

“I’ll swim and sail on savage seas
With ne’er a fear of drowning
And gladly ride the waves of Life
If you will marry me!”

After a final spin Dracustos dropped down to one knee, produced a little velvet box, and opened it to reveal the ring inside. With a delighted squeal Samantha practically threw herself onto him and nearly made him fall, wrapping her arms around his neck. The crowd surrounding the stage cheered as Dracustos returned the embrace, picking her up as he stood and giving the woman a spin. Iroh leaned onto the stage.

“Are you ready for the dim sum special now?” he asked sarcastically. Sam turned to him with feinted anger.

“You knew about this the whole time, didn’t you?”

“Guilty as charged, but obviously I wasn’t the only one in on it!” he answered, gesturing to the people around him. Holding hands, the couple hopped down from the stage and made their way through the dispersing patch of humans to the Oriental’s stall. Dr. Macbeth showed up as they took a seat.

“How is it that Samantha knew that song as well?” he asked. Dracustos rubbed the back of his head.

“Well, she’s a fan of the How to Train Your Dragon movies, and one of her favorite scenes has that song. And I may have overheard her say she’d want her significant other to sing it to her when they proposed, so… I sort of knew she'd continue it as a way of saying yes.” The doctor nodded with a small grin.

“It was certainly a sight to see. Congratulations, Dracustos.”

Altaer watched the newly engaged couple enjoy their meal from afar. He was happy for the halfbreed, but in a way it stung. After a moment of hesitation he began to make his way to Dracustos, but only managed to take a couple steps before someone stood in his path.

“Please, do not ruin this for Dracustos,” Caesitus said. Altaer sighed in annoyance.

“What are you talking about?”

“Dracustos may not be able to detect it very well, but I can. The raging storm inside you. I can sense it, see it in your eyes. You have mixed emotions about this. Sorrow, anger… maybe even fear.” The dragon paused and glanced back at his son, then turned back to the Fixer. “Whatever thing you planned to say driven by that storm… don’t. At least, save it for later when he’s alone.”

Altaer scoffed and crossed his arms.

“I was just going to tell him he’s fucking stupid for thinking this will go well. I’ve been here before. You get into the fighting life, you make enemies, and they go after your heart.” The man fell silent for a moment, realising he was shaking. He took a deep breath and let it out in a sigh. “Dracustos is too good to go through what I did.”

Caesitus closed his eyes for a moment.

“I understand how you feel… but also understand that they both know the risks and this is their choice. I doubt something like your situation will happen any time soon.”

“How can you be so sure?” The dragon opened his eyes, his icy blue gaze locking with Altaer’s green.

“If there is a way to keep her safe, he will find it. For there is nothing a dragon guards more fiercely than its treasure.”