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11-12-2008, 10:59 AM
8i 1l 9i 1g am 16 bp p cq 6 dn -g ef -16 f4 -1v fp -2s g9 -3m,g9 -3o g7 1d,ou -3 of -q o2 -1i np -2e ni -38,nf -3i nc 1l,ot -7 pg 7 q6 k qu v,rq 19 sm 1g tg 1k,qo t s4 1c,nk -32 nc -3n,12p 1e 1qa -33,1q3 -32 1qp -3a 1ri -3l 1sb -42 1tg -4m 1ul -58 1vu -5u,g9 18 n9 1f,tb 1j 12p 1e,8o 1k -g8 1o,2gm -5u 2uj -1h,2u7 -1j 3ke -1i,3k9 -1i 3l3 -1j 3m5 -1n 3nh -1s 3os -21 3q9 -2a 3rq -2n 3t3 -32 3uf -3f 3vs -3t 419 -4f 42m -54 443 -5q 45h -6i 46v -7d 48c -89 49q -96 4b7 -a4,4b4 -a6 4bp -9n 4ci -99 4de -8p 4e8 -89,4e2 -8d 4ev -80 4fs -7l 4gs -7c 4i0 -73 4j7 -6t 4ke -6q 4lj -6r 4mj -71 4nk -79 4oq -7l 4q4 -85 4rh -8o 4so -99 4tu -9t,4to -9o 4ub -a6 4v0 -ap 4vg -bf 4vs -c8 505 -d2,53l -d1 53s -ca 549 -bi 54p -at 55c -ab 562 -9r 56p -9f 57h -96 58a -90 593 -8s 59r -8p 5ai -8o 5b7 -8o 5bv -8o 5cl -8p,505 -d3 53k -d1,5cc -8p 608 -90,600 -90 60q -95 61n -9c 62m -9m 63m -a4 64g -al 65a -b9 65v -bv,65b -bc 65r -br 669 -cd 66m -d4 66v -dr,671 -ds 671 -95,6s0 -c0 6t1 -bg 6u5 -b1 6vg -ah 710 -a1 72b -9k,72a -9m 73i -9e,722 -9m 73u -9d,73d -9d 7h1 -9e,72b -9h 749 -9c,72b -9j 72n -9j,7gu -9c 7gu -hg,6sa -bs 6rm -c6 6r2 -ck 6qe -d3 6pt -dj 6pf -e4 6p4 -en#7gu -hg 7je -hg,7i6 -gi 7m8 -gi,7jo -gi 7jo -fk,7la -gi 7la -hg,7je -gi 7je -hq,7ig -e2 7m8 -e2,7l0 -e2 7l0 -d4,7lu -e2 7lu -fa,7l0 -fa 7ng -fa,7gu -c6 7gu -d4,7gu -cq 7j4 -cq,7gu -9c 7gu -hg,7gu -9c 7gu -c6 7gu -9c,7je -bi 7ms -bi,7mi -c6 7mi -bi,7k2 -bi 7k2 -aa,7m8 -bi 7m8 -aa,7j4 -aa 7la -aa,7l0 -aa 7l0 -9c,7j4 -92 7oo -92,7je -92 7jo -92,7oo -g8 7ri -g8 7te -g8,7q0 -g8 7q0 -fa,7sq -g8 7sq -hg,7pc -cg 7s6 -cg,7r8 -cg 7r8 -do,7qu -b8 7uc -b8,7to -b8 7to -cg,7lu -e2 7o4 -e2#O 22c -q,O 228 -16,O 228 -19,O 228 -1l,O 228 -1s,O 228 -26,O 22a -2e,O 22a -2q,O 223 -3a,O 21u -3j,O 227 -3j,O 230 -3j,O 23g -3h,O 248 -30,O 243 -2b,O 23p -27,O 23b -24,O 22m -24,O 228 -24,O 23l -3f,O 22a -3r,O 22i -3k,O 23q -3a,O 22r -26,O 241 -2q,O 23k -2h,O 23s -2h,O 243 -2c,O 248 -29,O 248 -1q,O 248 -1i,O 248 -1b,O 243 -14,O 23s -11,O 23k -q,O 23f -n,O 230 -n,O 22n -n,O 22c -n,O 24v -f,O 24v -k,O 252 -u,O 256 -18,O 257 -1j,O 25g -1v,O 25m -2g,O 25r -2o,O 262 -32,O 264 -3j,O 267 -3t,O 26e -43,O 26m -3u,O 26m -3m,O 26o -3c,O 26r -37,O 26u -32,O 272 -2o,O 273 -2g,O 277 -2c,O 27a -29,O 27c -22,O 27d -1o,O 27h -1j,O 27i -1e,O 27k -19,O 27m -16,O 27p -11,O 27s -u,O 281 -p,O 286 -k,O 288 -d,O 28b -a,O 25b -29,O 25q -2c,O 26k -2b,O 272 -2b,O 275 -29,O 26e -29,O 260 -29,O 25o -29,O 29s -k,O 29q -s,O 29q -18,O 29q -1j,O 29q -27,O 29q -2l,O 29q -2t,O 29q -37,O 29o -3f,O 29l -3u,O 29l -43,O 29l -4c,O 29l -4h,O 29j -4m,O 29v -4m,O 2ab -4i,O 2al -4h,O 2ao -4f,O 2b2 -4a,O 2b7 -43,O 2bc -40,O 2bh -3p,O 2bj -3j,O 2bj -3k,O 29o -24,O 2ab -i,O 2a2 -i,O 29v -g,O 29n -1v,O 2bj -3p,O 2bj -3f,O 2bj -3e,O 2bm -39,O 2bo -2r,O 2bo -2c,O 2bo -1t,O 2bo -1d,O 2bh -13,O 2av -u,O 2ao -p,O 2ab -n,O 2a7 -l,O 2b4 -v,O 2bk -2t,B 5vt -a9 dt,B 5tp -ad e2,B 61k -ab d7,O 6hs -11n,T 6hp -vd,O 6i0 -r6

11-13-2008, 11:07 AM
what is this for, exactly?

11-13-2008, 11:15 AM
The cheat code, or something you entry to generate a track?

11-14-2008, 07:56 AM
i think that this code is for Line rider 2 or something. When you enter it the crack that he created appears .

11-14-2008, 09:04 PM
Free Rider 2 code.


I liked the first jump, smooth, but then is got shitty.