View Full Version : Pawunch!

11-19-2008, 05:27 PM
Punch test, something seems weird in like the middle..
but oh well. :D

http://img81.imageshack.us/img81/8006/punchtest2ny2.gif (http://imageshack.us)

11-19-2008, 05:30 PM
The sticks are pretty stiff, and the reaction at the end was pretty choppy. Pretty less than decent easing, too. You should fix the sliding feet also.
The punch motion itself seems pretty good, you just have to fix the mistakes I said.

11-19-2008, 05:31 PM
Yeah i will fix it.
Thanks as usual Strider.
moar plz?

11-19-2008, 05:38 PM
as Strider said but if hes going to punch him so hard he hits the ground make a tremour or just dont make him fall that and at the end that didnt look right thru my eyes but whatever..:heh:

11-19-2008, 06:09 PM
Yeah i know at first i thought this was going to be good but i failed.
Lol, i'ma lock this thread cause i'm gonna get flamed
Next time i'll actually try.