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12-14-2008, 03:22 AM
this is a book im working on, called EXCELSIOR. (ever upwards in latin) its abut a third world war, the end war.

1996- UN disputes over terrorism becoming too big of a threat.

2000- International terrorism grows.

2010- Gasoline prices soar, US blames Russia for having hidden oil fields in the northern tip of the country. Russia blames the US for consuming more gasoline because of over-population growth.

2015- World population reaches 15.5 billion, Rebellion now supplying terrorists with tanks and heavy weapons.

2017- Massive rebel assault on the Pentagon. Pentagon successfully defended. UN replaces old rules with new ones, a new leader, Drake Vostok, a Ukrainian, is put in office. He enforces the conquest of earth by UN forces. China and Russia join.

2018- Canada, several African countries and Japan join, the UN now called the GATF, (Global Anti-Terrorism Force) and its military force expands to 2.9 billion.

2019-Great Britain joins, as several South American countries remain neutral. NATO’s military prowess is added unto the GATF’s, now making 3.1 billion. Global population grows to advanced cloning technology, engineered for the military. Global population peaks at 20.4 billion, not counting heavily populated poor zones in Africa. (Ethiopia, Sudan and some areas of Kenya are not accounted for.)

2020- US joins, name changed to Union, (Unification, Union for short) blue helmets replaced by white camouflage, showing purity in the Union’s military. The total number of the Union’s military is now at 4 billion due to drafting in some countries and the US joining.

2023- Controversy stated by rebel leaders about UN drafting in Africa, their numbers now at over five billion. The cloning facilities now in Union hands, but not in use due to Humanitarian associations, backed up by rebel enforcement. Conquest of earth, now called “Unification” is now in process.

2025- Second rebel revolution, the terrorist strike on the pentagon being the first. This time the rebels try to establish a base in the south western land of Brazil, Brazil not allowing Union forces inside their country. Rumors start about Brazil and other South American countries boosting the Rebellion. Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the United States including Canada join.

2030- Heavy rebel presence detected in California, and Michigan. Sporadic fighting in California and Michigan, the base in California Los Angeles, the one in Michigan under Niagara falls.

2039- Third rebel assault by counter-attacking Union forces on the borders, the only way to stop the fighting is to bomb Niagara Falls, collapsing it on top of the rebels. All contact with Union and rebel transmissions is lost in California; Union fears a nuclear attack gone overboard.

2040- Recordings located in the ruins of Los Angeles about a flying rock with green lights that fired thunderbolts and fireballs located. Helmet cameras show a giant rock that fired thunderbolts out of bulbous extremities. Scientists go to investigate and find a large amount of Uranium at extreme cold temperatures called URA by scientists. They figured the hive used radiation based weapons against their enemies.

Union officially declares war against the Rebellion with the attack of rebel forces in Peru.

2044- Union realizes that there is a massive rebel presence in Michigan, as they prepare Operation “Summer Breeze” to attack Lansing, the capital of Michigan. Rebel forces attack Nairobi, Kenya and other African cities as they try to establish a base in Madagascar.

2046 to 2051- Union attacks all the rebel positions across the globe. Death toll now at three million, War rages as Union deploys a fourth of its military. Out of the approximate three million deaths, 500,000 are Union casualties, 2,250,000 are rebel, and 250,000 are civilian. Union has deployed 1.5 billion troops, while the rebels have over an astounding 5 billion+, the Union not releasing all the information of the war to the public.

2059- The skies turn a dark grey, as the Union and rebel forces start using nuclear warheads against each other. Death toll now is at 60 million, 25,550,000 Union casualties, 31,950,000 rebel deaths, and 1.5 million are civilian.

2060- Rebellion announces to Union leaders that they have established a base in Madagascar and Brazil, and that both of them are impenetrable. Death toll now at 62 million, with the Union deploying now half of its military, 2.6 billion, with the global population now at 30.6 billion, with rebels recruit one of sixteen men and Union drafting half of them.

2079- Death toll now at 2.7 billion, now with so many deaths the only knowledge the military possesses is that Union death have peaked 75 million, while the Rebellion has lost slightly over one billion. The Union funds money for a space station project.

2089- Operation “Summer Breeze” is now in progress. The war turning the world’s skies to a bright black and all vegetation and almost all animal crop die. One of three people is now starving.

2090- Union scientists invent a new crop called “lot”, which can grow in weather without sun or water. This crop has the main ingredient that is most concentrated in bread, (wheat). This new invention prevents massive death numbers due to starvation and the world population grows to 50 billion, one of every two men is either in the military or in a service to help the rest of the Earth. Union starts research on walker-type human operated robots for the military.

2095- Huge alien fleet, the aliens called MHR, is seen crossing the Atlantic Ocean, and then never seen again. The MHR are now officially at war with the Union and Rebellion, Android war research now started.

2096- Android research finished, the Union deploys over 40 billion to fight the MHR, and all of the marines, six billion. Cloning facilities are now in process to create a more stable military. The walker robot technology, called “MECH” is now finished, and deployed in combat.

2097- Union scientists update the robots to have a mind of their own to fight with a better strategic advantage. Union scientists make robot generals to lead the robots. Rebellion is not seen of for a time. Union starts research on ELITES or “the speechless” for greater combat capabilities for marines.

2098- Robots protest for rights of their own, being created solely for war, but their protests are ignored and responded to with violence by Union marines. Eventually, the robots completely rebel from the Union, and call themselves the Confederacy. The Confederates now have over 50 billion in service.


12-14-2008, 03:28 AM
2015- World population reaches 15.5 billion, Rebellion now supplying terrorists with tanks and heavy weapons.


Theoretically, the population will only be 7.5 billion by 2015. Slightly less, even. World population will only just reach 10 billion until 2035.

While the story itself seems interesting, you need to research it's plausibility.

12-14-2008, 03:32 AM
I also wanted to mention that your population numbers seem to inflate too fast before the whole cloning thing.

12-16-2008, 05:36 AM
Bitch just read my story and copied the layout.

I feel like a sad panda now.

12-17-2008, 09:59 AM
what? ur story is about zombies and north amreica crahin into europe. this is about WW3. I created this about a year ago.

about the global inflation thing, i saw charts of human exponential growth over time. the reason why the rapid increse is that as time advances, so does technology. families are larger, which means more offspring. also, the age of machinery rises, as less people die doing stupid shit such as bungee jumping, construction, anything dangerous. they make a pill which simulates adrenaline and i just wanted it to be badass. also, the mechs come in too late. the aliens, or MHR, use hydrogen to live, so they make a huge "crystal" that floats in the middle of the ocean, evaporating the water to recieve reliable materials that they need to live. i will be posting sketches. the aliens have gone to several planets, but have cities established on one planet. the cost of creating a new planet is too much, and all they do is evaporate the water, and take it back to their planet. this has caused wars, as their bodies permenntly absorb the water, stopping the cycle.
-i need help drawing the rebels, they look like modern day marines, but u can put anything u think looks badass.
-ive done the union marines, or "space nazis" but could take more ideas.
-only one or two sketches on the MHR. need more. they look like people, except the have huge masks with three eye holes and termite like jaws.
-the robots will be posted later, take liberty with these.

please post some drawings, will be appriciated.

12-20-2008, 04:36 AM
I said you copied the layout of it, like a history book.

12-20-2008, 06:19 AM
oh now i got it, and i typed this about a year ago. i just copy pasted it onto this. if u want u can help, will be appriciated. i got an idea for a sequel? but i havent finished the first one!!! here are some ideas.

-at the end of the first book, a quarter of the earth's surface is blown off the planet by the machines, after they realised that the aliens teaming up with the humans were too much.
-billions of humans were evacuated via MHR crafts or surviving space stations such as the OMEGA-4.
-the machines, advanced in technology, have space cruisers and stuff, while the humans dont.
-the rebels have joined the Union. the remaining ones that stayed rebels were all killed in the explosion.
-20 years later, humans can be seen rebuilding the earth, with new technologies that were discovered with the aliens.
-earth is rebuilt, and humans discover that life actually survived on earth when it was "dead"
-the animals that survived had a chemical reaction in their bodies which makes them more intelligent, strong, but more violent and brutal.
-the union incorporates this chemical in their 'super soldiers' as the final component, and it works.
-the soldiers start showing signs of mutation, and are eradicated.
-the union perfects the mixture and the final "breed" of super soldiers are made.
-giant insects have mutated due to the nuclear fallout, and stand 3 stories tall.
-a marauding race of ORKS is found to land on earth.
-the ork's arsenal is composed entirely of weapons captured by other races, not beig intelligent enough to build their own.
-the dead ELITES have resurrected themselves, turning into "mutant zombies"
-there is another war on earth V2, between the humans+aliens, the orks, the mutants, the swarm, and the biggest one of all, the machines.
-later, the orks form an alliance with the mutants, and together they enslave the swarm.
-the war escalates as the coalition (humans) and alliance (orks) fight out a war that makes the first one seem like child's play. the machines are still alone, but strong.

thear u go guys. i would like if the orks looked like the Uruk-Hai from lord of teh rings, and the mutants, like, well, mutants.