View Full Version : Old and new animations (I <3 TETRIS?)

12-23-2008, 07:37 PM
Well here are some older ones...

1.(WARNINGbeCAREFUL) Dan's Unlimited
3.DK fight
4.Assassin (part1) [never finished]
5.1 Hit KO (kind of...)
6.Gladiator [never finished]

New Ones:
They are pretty laggy at first since its loading, sorry, so let it play through once or something, idk.

1.Random(pt1) [kind of short]
2.TETRIS-hax ( I <3 this) [photobucket is meh, so it might be laggy at first]

Just a heads up, I understand that many people want to help, but bad comments, no nvm. Insults, are going to be ignored, I mean really. Over 50% of Americans, nvm. Over 75% of Americans a-holes, and I know this thanks to the internet. But I dont need it here? Ok? Be an ass to someone who is going to satisfy your needs and actually reply to you.

Otherwise, thanks for the comments (good/bad) and for feedback (positive/negative). The 1st one was literally my first one, and I'm pretty sure it was longer, until I reached the limit and it decided not to load :O.
It goes in order from 1-7. "Rank" me if you wish, even thought that wont really affect me, since thats not the purpose of me posting this.

I also understand that the new ones are a bit sloppier than some of the old ones. I stopped caring for quality, and just enjoy them for laughs (mainly the 2rd new one)

Oh, yea. I only got back into pivot because thats what we decided to do for some points in Vocational. I'm more into controling my GMOD10 server. [UAC] FTW! whoo..... alright.

12-23-2008, 07:41 PM
wahh it wont load for me..... try another link or something

12-23-2008, 07:57 PM
none of them? or just the new ones?

Ok I think I fixed them.