View Full Version : Most Elabourate Game Of Catch Collab

03-17-2008, 05:58 PM
This is a collab for animators which are on the same ability level or better than myself. If you want to join you must post an example.

Ok lets get down to the specifics:

Program: Pivot ( any version preferably beta 3 or hacked 3 but it doesn't matter) { Sorry everyone else }

Size: 550x400 pixels

Length: Longer than four seconds

Plot: Make an elaborate and original way to "throw" the ball to the next person. THIS WILL BE A PASS IT ON COLLAB!

Max Participants: Unlimited

Due Date: Wait untill i have enough people.

Last thing is that you only have 8 days from when you get the file to when you have to send it to the next person.

Finally here are a few of my animations.




Rather Cheesy
03-17-2008, 07:18 PM
Not a bad idea, sound similar to the hot potato joint awhile back.

I'll give you some advice on how to make this more successful.

Open the joint to Flash, 90% of animators in the comminty projects section are flash animators. Pivot & EZToon collabs tend not to be as successful or popular. PM animators that you think are good and want in the collab, and invite the. Chances are they'll join if you ask nice enough and don't act like an idiot.

Set a due date and invite animators to come in. I generally set my due date for 3 weeks after the collab starts, also you can't set a due date fr a pass it on collab [AKA Joint] I tend to get a bunch of people in then simply close the collab to any more entries.

Bring down the 8 day deadline from when you get the file. If you set it to 8 days the collab will take ages and it would take forever to figure out if someones not doing their work. Set it to 2 days and allow people to "get back in line" after they've been skipped. Also constantly remind people that there is a 2 day deadline and that they WILL get skipped if they don't meet it. This prevents people from saying "But I didn't know there was 2 day deadline you prick!" or something similar.

Hopefully this will make your collab more succesful! ^_^