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Cereal Man
03-21-2008, 09:27 AM
Morning of 21/3/08:

Dream 1:

I'm outside my house, with a game that looks like Persona 3, which I was looking at on /v/ yesterday. My dad suddenly comes out and asks if he can play. I say " later, I'm waiting for someone now."

I wait outside with my dad and my one of my friends, albeit a LARGER version of her. The other one comes over, wearing an extremely emo/goth look. I forget what happens after.

Some how, that goes to: (same dream, same people)

A normal school day. Kids are talking. Then, somehow, I find my blanket which I'm using to sleep with (in the real world). I wrap it around me, and walk around. No-one cares or seems to notice.

Suddenly, every child stands up. It's dismissal time.

We get up slowly, since we're a lazy class.

We walk out of the class, this is the last time I see/remember these people (in this dream).

We hear screaming, and turn to look, and see a teacher/adult throwing sharpened bar holsters (the things you put your drink on, they looked just like the ones where I went to a sports bar yesterday for dinner) at the crowd, cutting children down.

I pull my blanket over my head, because I know I'm safe now. The bar things bounce off of me.

*a blurry hour of hiding in several rooms, seeing dead children*

One of my teachers, Mrs. Glenn, doesn't seem to be trying to hurt us. She's escorting us into the restrooms where we find that all of the doors are boarded up/locked. Another teacher comes in and rapidly throws 'stars' into the crowd, hitting me in the forehead once, only a half-centimeter deep, I push on with my blanket.

I get outside into the hall, the teacher who got me is still in there, several "HAHAHA's" and "AHHHHHHHH's" are heard. I walk into a classroom. When I enter I see a large Gothic teenager spitting on my second friend and then finishing off through the neck with another one of the stars.

One of the other two killers in the room sees me, then she makes a sound and the large Gothic child quickly throws a star aimed to my face. I block it, and he smiles, then says: "You must be new here." He throws another star and gets me in my ankle, it stings for a second. First I lean over, to feel more comfortable, and he smiles wider. I figure that I'm going to die, so I stand up-right again, and his smile fades.

A few more stars come my way, but I block them with my awesome blanket.

We exchange a few questions, most of them I don't remember. I only know that he said that Mrs. Glenn was behind it and that there would soon be a surprise.

I leave, and the 30-40ish survivors are all walking down the main hallway. I come over, walk through them, and go to the 7'th grade hall. It's untouched, no bodies, and the students are still working. (after the dismissal bell, I don't know why.)

I go back to the other people and follow them down the hallway, to a flapping, open door. We go through and are greeted by Mrs. Glenn, and the other killers.

We are also surrounded by many present boxes, large bouncing places (moon jump and shit.), around 30-40 cars/trucks.

Mrs. Glenn explains some things, like how we are the survivors, ect. She lets us go to play on the new fair in the back of our school. I instinctively pick one that looks oddly like a portal puzzle. (I had my 8th run-through of Portal yesterday. :D) Me and a friend mess around on it for a bit. It's actually a pretty cool puzzle. It's like a mix of portal/tfc conc map, maps. We hear a child say "It's Hanukkah, I remember!" (We watched the diary of Anne Frank movie in school yesterday.) I say, 'oh' and walk out of the puzzle.

A few steps and my dream ends.

I wake up, and I find my TV on, but I still lay back down and go back to sleep, resulting in this:

Dream 2.

My friend Braden meets an angel (actually, halfway through this dream, he turns into a black, stumpy, girl from my health class). He gets two wishes.

One of them is that he gets any power he wants (ANY power) at any time he wants.

We're traveling in a group he says "to prove it, you, girl, show him your boobs". Which she does, which I give a thumbs up too, in which also gives me the boner when I wake up.

after about 20 minutes of messing with people in an oddly popular track field in the back of a building, I remember that Braden (who is now the black girl) has one wish left. I go back and explain to him a complicated ring where we can both get infinite wishes if he just uses his second wish to give me the same power he had. (which would in turn give me a second wish, somehow, and then I would use my second wish to gave Braden (who is now braden again) infinite wishes. He would then use one of those wishes to provide me with more infinite wishes.) He calls the angel down again, tells her what he wants, I get superpowers.

I go around the track that 300+ students are on. I find my Canadian friend and do the same wish thing to him that I just did with Braden (who is now Adam, who is in a wheel-chair).

Some time after, with me telling girls to take their tops off, etc. I find an angel, who then transports me to an arena type thing. (map below.)

Him and another angel are in 7, the tower some 200 feet tall. They are in the top.

They explain how I broke the code of heaven, while I'm sitting at 1, the lunch tables with Braden and the Canadian kid. Three heavy logs over each of us fall down, I dodge mine, but the other two die.

The angels laugh.

The only way, it seems, for me to get out is to go over 2, 3, 4, and 5, and get to 6, where I had the impression where I had to fight some body.

Now, this part is really confusing, but stick along.

The angels bring up dancers, and explain that by the time I get to the top of 5, I would then jump off, and kill myself. (2, 3, 4, and 5 all got gradually taller)

They place me under mind control, where I easily go over the traps of 2 and 3. I have to jump on top of it, do some task and get out. I don't remember these tasks until 5.

On 4, I realize that I can control myself, and the mind control nudges off. I complete 4, and go to 5.

On five, I'm in an elevator type thing, with two people... (nevermind, this part is just TOO confusing) All that comes from it that I find out that since I'm out of mind control, I won't jump. I also find out that the guys in 6, which is actually a convenience store, will help me get out.

I get out of 5, and jump all the way down to the ground, which is good 250 feet. I go to the store and find about 9 imperial guards facing away from me with purple toy light sabers in their hands.

I walk behind one, snap it's neck, and then walk by the others. They don't seem to notice.

I get into the store, meet a guy, who explains he has 3 star cruisers to transport us out of the planet. The star ships are very small, only room for 1 person in each one.

a weird alien dude gets the first one, I get in the second one, and the store dude gets in the 3rd.

Over the starship radio, I hear that the angels say that they have no choice, and that they need to set off the bomb they placed on earth, while I'm warming my engines.

All three ships are turned upward using hydraulics in the floor. The manger screams "GO, GO, GO" over the radio.

Ship 1 takes off, I ship off, I guess 3 took off, but I don't know.

I hear the angels over the radio laugh and say "10 seconds."

the manager is still screaming to make us go faster. Ship 1 disappears from my sight.

The angels say, "here we go" and launches the bomb. I keep going , I'm already a few 100 miles away from the atmosphere.

I keep going at around 50 miles per second. I hear the WAAAAHBOOOOOOOO M of the bomb going off and I look back at earth, ship 3 gets caught in the blast, I don't see ship 1. I'm out of range though, so I just sit back and watch the explosions going off.

Now, there's more to this dream but I really don't want to keep typing, plus, it's pretty boring.

Bad map of the arena in dream 2:


Cereal Man
03-21-2008, 03:21 PM
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Cereal Man
03-21-2008, 09:03 PM
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03-23-2008, 08:23 PM
I lolled.

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03-24-2008, 06:53 PM
Nice I actually laughed at a Few, OMG KILLAR ANGELZ!
You Should Post More :D

05-03-2008, 01:33 AM
i had one the othe rday that had an artificial intelligence rocket hunting me down my bedroom. my dad was putting books away, completely oblivious to it, and we ran around and around his legs.
i was dreaming i was four at the time.

05-05-2008, 12:14 PM
You got to stop eating cheese before bed.

05-05-2008, 12:48 PM
dont worry, i was scared too.

and cheese is niiiice...=]