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02-09-2009, 10:21 AM
My name is Keiran. I am 21 years old, I have black hair and grey eyes. My nose is finely chiselled, like the rest of my face. Some people would call me attractive, some would not. I do not care. This is my story :

I live in the city of Deta. It is a fine city, mighty and strong, large and impenetrable. I work as a lowly bartender, it may not be the best job in Holeka, but justice knows it pays well enough for me to buy food. One day, while I was wiping up a counter, a man came in. That is not strange by itself, lots of people come in here, battle hardened veterans usually. This man was no different, he was missing an eye, he was bald, and he had covered himself in tattoo's. Two of his fingers are missing on his left hand, his middle and his index, and he has a ring of iron on his right, he has clothed himself in some sort of leather. He comes over to me and asks me for a drink, his voice is rough, like gravel smashing against steel, and I reply earnestly, ' What would you like? ' He asks for the strongest kind, and I oblige, picking out a bottle of Xombka', a spirit made in Iz and distributed in small doses in hospitals as painkillers. I then ask him for the money, which he relunctantly hands over. He then turns to me and asks me if I'm happy. I'm taken aback by this, of course, and reply I am. He then swigs the whole bottle and then throws it at the wall, where it smashes, the glass shards spraying everywhere. He thens leans in closer to me,

'' How wud' you like to make some money? ''

This catches my interest, money is always helpful, I lean in closer as well,

'' Well ... That depends on what I would have to do ''

He smiles, his teeth are black, and in some cases, missing, '' Help me escurt' sum' weapons over to Ando ''

I sigh and sit back, a moral dilemma in my hands, then reinitiate the conversation,
'' How much do I get paid? ''

He laughs wildly,
'' 5,000 pounds ''

It is a lot of money, and it makes my mind cogs snap into action,

'' Well then, when do I start, Mr ...? ''

'' You may call me Frederik ''

'' Well, Frederik, my name is Keiran ''

'' Gud' ta' meet you Keiran, we start now, take this ''

And without warning he slipped his hand into the pocket of his leather jacket and in an instant throws a pistol at me, I catch it, but barely,

'' You do know how'ta use one of dem', right? ''

I nod abruptly, every man child and woman in Deta knows how to fire a gun. I pick up my hat from behind the counter, and put it on my head firmly, it is a good hat, it never blows away or tears, and I have it with me always,

'' Then lead the way, Frederik ''

He smiles, and leads me out of the bar and away from my old life, I dont have any family members left, and I sleep with friends who barely notice me, so I pick up the pace and join his side, ready to go out on this adventure,

'' Tell me boy, you ever seen a zombie befur'? ''

I shake my head, Deta has a superb security force, no zombie has ever come into public view

'' Well den' boy, you best get used to it ''

We walked for about twenty minutes in silence before we come to the gate, he looks up at the men patrolling the walls and shouts to them,

'' Oi! Open up dem' goddamn gates ''

I suddenly realize I have never been outside Deta before, and a pang of anxiety strikes me as the iron doors clang open,

'' C'mon now boy, the weapons and der' rest of the crew is waitin' just outside the gates ''

I shrug off any last minute doubts, and take my first steps outside of the city. We walk for a while, I wasn't keeping count, before we come to a wagon filled with guns of all kinds and five burly looking men. I suddenly feel very small, very alone,

'' Aye boys, this ere' is Keiran, treet' im' nicely, right? He's new to this and you all know we need a last guy on dis' job of ours ere', right? ''

All of the men nod, and Frederick grunts, happily. All of them seem to be dressed in just trousers, all of them are bare footed, bald, and they all seem to be carrying assualt rifles of some sort. Frederick walks up to the pile and throws me an assualt rifle of my own, reaches into his pocket, and then throws me two clips of ammo for it as well,

'' Shud' be all you need til' we get to Ando', righ'? ''

I nod, and we begin our way down the long, winding path to Ando.


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I'll probably not finish this, due to being handed a perma