View Full Version : Flash is ****ing up. AGAIN.

03-21-2008, 12:55 PM
I'm trying to animate a movie, but when I draw, the brush tool goes strange, as though I'm letting go of the mouse then pressing it again pretty quickly (which I know I'm not), and it's making the animations looks retarded.

I switched Auto Save on & off, which has made no difference whatsoever.


03-21-2008, 12:59 PM
Un-plug the mouse, and plug it back in the computer.

03-21-2008, 05:38 PM
Check your smoothing settings.

03-22-2008, 02:13 AM
Smoothing = 50.

It's happening less frequently, but I may try to re-plug my mouse.

03-22-2008, 02:44 AM
Is it wireless?

The Dude
03-22-2008, 02:46 AM
He said be may re-plug his mouse, so it can't be wireless.

03-22-2008, 02:50 AM
He said be may re-plug his mouse, so it can't be wireless.

You can still unplug it.

The Dude
03-22-2008, 02:51 AM
You can still unplug it.

Now that is bad assed.

03-22-2008, 03:05 AM
I can unplug my wireless Internet connetion USB thingy.

And no, my mouse is not wireless.

03-22-2008, 03:32 AM
how many times has flash fucked up on your comp? lolz I'd re-download flash if I were you.