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New Generation
03-06-2009, 11:34 AM
End date: April 06
Science fiction, fiction, fantasy fiction.


It was almost midnight. I was rushing down the old alleyway, while the street lights illuminated my way. I was late for my martial art class, since I left home a thought hanged loose on my mind. Why would there be a martial art class this late? Whatever it was I had to get there in time. My attendance was top-notch for a reason. I worked hard every day, the will to not be feared of fear, to look straight into his eyes and defend myself and never back down. I never really asked for help from my parents, even when times were difficult. I have taken the responsibility of caring for myself. I remembered those days when my brother was still with me. His face would tell a thousand words, his smile would enlighten the paths of many people, until that is he just disappeared and I have never really saw him again. A bright flash interrupted my rhythmic running. I jumped as it flew right past my eyes while a flow of cold air rushed through my hair while leaving me completely frozen; I slowly turned to gaze at the unknown object. It was right near me glowing with vivid blue, it gave off a chilling feeling. I had the eager to touch it and so I did, as my hand slowly approached the object, I touched it with a finger being cautious. Immediately a burst of exhilarating energy flared in front of me as. The object started to merge with my skin; I was confused and shocked at the same time. I was petrified. As the unknown object merged with my skin I felt a lot of energy flowing through my body. I looked at my hand but nothing was there. I gazed at the location where the object fell. Is this a dream? Am I dreaming? No, it can’t be as. I hurriedly punched the wall next to me; I felt the pain rush through my hand. Everything was real. As I quickly remembered what I was here for, I swiftly was up on my feet and on my way to the martial art lesson, but not forgetting what happened to me today.
As Harry disappeared from view, a strange man approached the crater. He had black glasses and had a long black coat. His beard was shaven and his appearance could not be seen. A woman spoke through the radio “Have you got it?”, The man grunted “No, but I know who has it and I will track him down and if I need any help.... let’s just say I won’t need any. A fainted smile appeared on the man’s face as he vanished into the darkness.

It was a clean fresh morning for me. The sun was filtering through the curtains lighting the room to a smooth yellow glow. I jumped from my bed as I swiftly remembered what happened yesterday. I could not forget that sensation, an unnatural feeling of a sudden burst of electrifying energy. It’s not something you get every day. I wanted to talk to Dad about it but something was holding him back, something inside of him. A fainted voice inside him told him not to. It felt like that orb was alive; it spoke to him, silently. No one could hear him except himself. Harry never believed in magic or UFO’s for that matter but this was something else, he now started to believe that he was truly merged with that orb, but what was the purpose of it?“What if it takes over my body?” I exclaimed while standing from my bed, “I must attend a doctor.” With a nervous perplexed tone. I opened my cupboard and put on a warm jacket, blue jeans and a winter hat.

It was cold outside, snowing lightly but the wind was particularly strong. Houses were masked with white; a soft warming feeling gave off the streets of Kensly.

P.S: Second draft.

New Generation
03-07-2009, 04:52 AM
Nice story there mate.

03-07-2009, 07:45 AM
Hm...When is the next part coming?'Cos ever since I read the short stories of Isaac Asimov I fell in love with such stories :)

New Generation
03-07-2009, 08:49 AM
So you're telling me I have a style of writing as Isaac Asimov?

03-23-2009, 06:38 PM
Research Vessel 221 lumbered toward the uncharted planet, breaking atmo around 11.00am EarthTime. It had passed the world a few times in the past, but previously nothing on its sensors had ever warranted any closer inspection.

The readings it had aquired this time though, were to the small human crew, quite alarming. No planet in the quadrant had showed any signs of life before, let alone intelligent life. The humans aboard knew whatever it was posed no threat, as the Research Vessel 221 was a flagship boat in the EarthFleet. It had all the latest technology, including the dizzying power of a seldom used Matter Drive. The Matter Drive would cause billions of blackholes, manipulated by antimatter boosters to swallow anything it was aimed at.

Although all Research Vessels were AI operated, EarthFleet insisted they all be manned by a small team of humans. At this time, 221 had five of them aboard. They didn't contribute much, they were mostly there just incase a vessel does encounter some kind of life on the outer rims of the galaxy. EarthFleet didn't want the first contact with another life form to be made using artificial itelligence. Inter-species public relations, you could call it.

The signal the onboard scanners had picked up was without question intelligent in origin. It consisted of a low frequency sound which upon analysation, turned out to be some kind of rudementary pulse beacon. This could mean one of two things. The extremely unlikely event that a human beacon had drifted into the planets gravitational field and was now circling, giving off its signal to passers by, or something actually on the planet was trying to make contact.

When the humans had their turn in inspecting the signal, they concluded it was some kind of distress message.

As 221 made contact with the uncharted planets surface, the signal died. The onboard AI did not know what to make of this, nor did the humans. It had cut off the instant they hit ground. 221 felt this was rather ominous, bordering on hostile activity and began to take off. The AI had decided, it was a trap. As 221 gained massive distance from the world, it fired up its Matter Drive, and much to the dismay of the humans, it procceeded to wipe out the planet. It only took a few moments.

There was no way of overriding the AI's decision, it was the authority in the humans exploration.

They would never know what the signal was for. But for the AI, not knowing was not a burden.

yes, i know i have a limited grasp on science and stuff :O

03-23-2009, 07:53 PM
Whoa, deja-vu.