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03-22-2009, 07:21 PM
This is a joke song/story, and I am in no way taking this seriously. I just got carried away and started turning it into a bad ass tale. My bad was going to play this one night when we got baked.

-Guitar slide, Dakota, possibly with some kind of dark and gothic sounding effect-
-Play sound clips of eagle cries and screeches-
-Guitar slide 2, Jason, with an echoed powerful sound that makes you piss your self-
-Sound clip of a really long and eerie eagle screech-
-Tommy’s Bass rift kicks in, Low and dark thudding slap sound-
-Sound loop of battle drums and violins-
-Vocals come in. Tommy and Dakota talk at the same time, in low and dark voices. Jason hums in the back to the tune of the rift-

This story is recited from long-lost chronicles. A tragedy of a nebulous, and heroic hunt. Many warriors had attempted to slay the Eagle of Enfer, and all failed. Dark and grim rumors could be heard spoken by drunk peasants at the tavern. Tales of a valley, covered in the remains of human skeletons. Spines and skulls alike, crushed into splinters were said to cover the rigid and rocky land. The walls of the valley were said to be covered in the caked blood and gore of once-great hunters. At the end of the valley, a behemothic mountain rises from the earth. The sight of it is said to strike terror and reluctance into the bravest hearts. The mountain is covered in moss and shrubbery, a obscure manifestation to prove that it has not has the hands of man laid upon it in many years. Late at night, if you listen closely, over the low howling on the wind you can hear the high pitched cries of some kind of monstrous creatures. A hidden specie, never before written into history. On some nights, when the moon is covered by dark clouds, and the wind has came to a halt, you can hear the rush of colossal wings. The skeptical man says it is nothing but sudden wind gushes, while the superstitious man knows better.

I am nothing but a mere drunkard, but I can tell you the story of three great warriors. Three great heroes who broke the boundaries of fear. Three young princes who challenged an unspoken of fiend, and freed our lands of fear’s worse reincarnation.

They rode into our village one night, cloaked in dark robes and masks. My instincts told me that these strangers were a rare breed, yet I had a wondrous curiosity in them. They walked slowly into the tavern, and all eyes glared upon them. Fear and wonder could be felt throughout the rooms, as the three figures approached the bar. The men removed their masks and lowered their hoods, revealing the faces of long battle-ridden hunters. One had long crimson hair, that flowed down his body, giving off an eerie aura. His eyes were red, and swollen, most likely from the long journey to our land. The next man was stockier, and had black, curly hair. The goatee on his chin was covered in the night snow. The third and final warrior had blood-red hair, and an unshaven face. He removed a flask from his side, and drunk.

The warrior with the black hair peered into the eyes of the bar-maiden, and he spoke in a dark and austere tone. “ I am Taamiti, and these are my friends and fellow hunters, Jaeger and Darkon. We came to your land, for he have heard tales of a monster that hunts its presence. May we speak to the leaders of your village?”

After a lengthy and deep conversation with the elders, the three men straddled their horses, and rode off in the direction of a the valley...

And that's all I have so far. C/C. Lmao.

03-22-2009, 07:25 PM
-Guitar slide, Dakota, possibly with some kind of dark and gothic sounding effect-
yay my names in it:Happy:

03-22-2009, 07:33 PM
Yeah, and it's not filled with that fake wwe stuff.