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04-11-2009, 09:39 PM
The relaxing sea sits by my chest
I feel the breeze over my neck
Darkness falls inside my head
Absorbed in hidden light I enter it in

Particles of energy bouncing around
My body is filled inside it now
My meditation, holds deep within
The now of forever, behold within

They release there being into mine,
We join together until the end of time,
And even where the beginning stood,
Inside is life, we misunderstood,

When good comes out we bow on our knees,
When bad rages out, we curse ourselfs in grief,
Behold the power, it's all within,
Absorb the light release your sins,

Do not fret about the future and past,
Only inhale the now of our last,
See the world for what it is,
Not in what you have grown into, it's different within,

Through the present, where meditation stands,
I stand along, hand in hand,
Ready to hold anyone in the light,
For you will learn, within your light,

Sit deep inside your mind,
Try to do this at all times,
Relax the presence of your thoughts,
Only in the now is what should be sought,

Set upon a beautiful world, within yourself,
An ocean even, it has wealth,
I bring you all to what indeed,
The wind, it feels gentley; abreeze

It might be a lil long idk but tell me what you think :o haha