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06-24-2009, 03:17 AM

Click the link,click 'load map' then paste this:

-18 1i 18 1i 1m 24 24 2l 2j 37 32 3n 3i 48 49 4l 55 5b 64 68 77 74 8i 7o 9v 8e bf 95 cv 9t eg am g2 bg hk c6 j8 cj kv cq mr cr oo cr ql cr si co ub c9 102 bk 11q au 13h a8 159 9h 16p 8d,1je 6m 1jd 8a 1jc 9v 1jb bm 1ja de 1j9 f8 1j8 h2 1j6 is 1j5 ko 1j4 mj,1j2 mj 1jm mg 1kc me 1l6 mf 1lr mg 1mm mh 1nd mi 1oa mj 1p4 mj 1q0 mk 1qu mf 1s1 m7 1ta m1 1uj m0 1ve ma,1vc ma 1vb lh 1v9 kp 1vg k4 1v7 je 1vd il 1vn i0 1vh ha 1vh gc 204 fb 20m e7 20u ct 216 be 21a 9q 210 8f 20b 7g 1vn 6j 1v6 5j,2a2 47 2bd 5a 2cq 6e 2e9 7i 2fv 8k 2ho 9l 2ji an 2lc bc 2n5 bp 2ot bv 2ql c5 2sd cb 2u6 cd 300 cb 31q c8 33l c5 35f c1 37a bu 395 bq 3b1 bn 3cs bj 3en bf,3ek be 3eh ai 3ec 9r 3e8 95 3e5 8d 3e0 7l,3e3 8b 3di 8j 3d0 8q 3di 8t 3e3 8t 3dh 98 3d0 9f 3dj 9m 3ea 9p 3eq 9o 3e4 9s 3di 9u 3d4 a9 3dp a6 3ec a9 3er ai 3e7 am 3dk am 3d3 am 3dl aq 3e7 b2 3eq b7,16k 8e 17b 87 184 7m 18v 79 19n 6t,19j 6t 1ac 6p 1b4 69 1bt 5p 1cm 5d 1dh 4v 1eb 4e,1j8 57 1jf 60 1jk 6q 1jg 7f,1e4 4i 1en 43 1fc 3m 1g2 36 1go 2m 1hf 20 1i7 1a 1j1 f,1j1 12 1j3 1o 1j5 2i 1j4 39 1j1 41 1j5 4n,1j2 1b 1j1 o,29u 44 29a 3o 28e 39 27j 2q 26k 2d 25j 20,1v5 5k 1ui 4v 1u0 49 1th 3n 1t3 36 1sg 2j 1rs 1r 1rc 18,1rc 18 1qu k 1qg 1 1q2 -h 1qr -8 1rj 1 1s9 8 1t6 a 1u4 e 1ut i 1vp n 20j r 21f 10 22c 16 23i 1h,25k 1v 24v 1p 24a 1l 23l 1g,23s 1i 23b 1d,3n qe 43o sf,3u qg -35j pq#1lf -eg 1le -d8 1lu -dd 1mc -ds 1m5 -eg 1le -en,1le -eq 1le -ed,1nn -ed 1mn -ed,1n3 -ed 1n5 -dd,1o8 -cs 1pb -cs,1lh -be 1lh -a6,1m3 -bc 1m3 -a6,1lh -aq 1m3 -ar,1mu -b9 1mc -bc 1mc -a4 1ms -a4,1md -ar 1ms -ar,1na -b7 1nb -9t,1n8 -b4 1nk -b4 1ns -ar 1nn -ah 1nb -ag 1o4 -9o,1po -a7 1ol -a7 1ol -bo 1pm -bp,1ol -b2 1pe -b0,1o8 -8i 1o9 -4j 1pe -67,1o9 -4l 1n5 -64#O 1qo kr,O 1qr kr,O 1qt kr,O 1re kr,O 1r4 kr,O 1os kr,O 1ou kr,O 1ov kr,O 1pi kr,O 1pl kr,O 1q4 kr,O 1qc kr,O 1qj kr,O 1rc kr,O 1rf kr,O 1rj kr,O 1rm kr,O 1rp kr,O 1sa kr,O 1sd kr,O 1sh kr,O 1ss kv,O 1t1 kv,O 1ta kv,O 1td kr,O 1td kr,O 1tk kr,O 1u8 kr,O 1u3 kr,O 1ts kq,O 1tq kb,O 1tq k7,O 1uo kl,O 1v7 l4,O 1us l4,O 1uo l4,O 1ui l7,O 1ud l7,O 1ub l7,O 1u4 l7,O 1td l7,O 1td l7,O 1tb l7,O 1sc l7,O 1sc l7,O 1sc l7,O 1sa l7,O 1s2 l7,O 1rj l7,O 1rf l7,O 1rc l9,O 1r7 l9,O 1qt l9,O 1q7 l9,O 1q1 l9,O 1q1 l9,O 1pt l9,O 1pj l9,O 1p9 l9,O 1p9 l9,O 1op l2,O 1ok l2,O 1ok kv,O 1of kt,O 1nu la,O 1nu le,O 1od le,O 1op la,O 1nn la,O 1ns la,O 1of la,O 1ol la,O 1ol la,O 1ol la,O 1of la,O 1ni l9,O 1n0 kl,O 1n0 ko,O 1n3 kv,O 1ns l0,O 1ns kv,O 1nm kt,O 1ma kt,O 1ma kt,O 1mo ko,O 1mo km,O 1mm l4,O 1mm l9,O 1mm l9,O 1mr l9,O 1n3 l9,O 1n2 l9,O 1me l9,O 1mf lc,O 1n7 lf,O 1ni lf,O 1ni lf,O 1nd lf,O 1mk lf,O 1mk lf,O 1mk lf,O 1mf lc,O 1m7 l9,O 1m2 l5,O 1m0 l0,O 1lr kt,O 1lr kt,O 1lo kt,O 1ll kr,O 1lv kq,O 1m4 kq,O 1m4 ko,O 1m2 km,O 1le kh,O 1kl kg,O 1kl kg,O 1kl kg,O 1l6 kj,O 1lm la,O 1lm lk,O 1lb lf,O 1kj l4,O 1jq ko,O 1ju kr,O 1lh l0,O 1lh kv,O 1kv kj,O 1kg kc,O 1kg kc,O 1kg kg,O 1kd l0,O 1kd l9,O 1kd lj,O 1ki lc,O 1k8 kt,O 1jf kr,O 1jg kr,O 1l1 kt,O 1l6 l5,O 1ks l5,O 1k4 l5,O 1k4 l5,O 1k4 l5,O 1k4 kv,O 1jv kb,O 1js k6,O 1js kh,O 1js kl,O 1js kr,O 1jl kr,O 1ji kr,O 1k6 kl,O 1k6 ko,O 1k6 lh,O 1k1 lc,O 1jn lc,O 1ji lc,O 1jq lh,O 1k1 m5,O 1jb kr,O 1jf ko,O 1jk kq,O 1jk la,O 1jk kb,T 3c7 9b,T 3cb 8q,T 3c9 8q,T 3c9 91,T 3c7 9n,T 3c7 ab,T 3cg 9j,T 3ce ag,T 3cg b5

06-24-2009, 01:31 PM
That was an awful map. It wasn't smooth at all, and the ending was bad and unoriginal. I would know, when they had a free rider forum at the original website it was made at, I was one of the top track makers.

07-06-2009, 09:17 AM
:heh: (ptam@bellsouth.net):Bricked:
:Love<3:[/I] (ptam@bellsouth.net)]pta:Spiderman: (ptam@bellsouth.net)m@bel:heh: (ptam@bellsouth.net)lsouth:Love<3: (ptam@bellsouth.net).net

01-09-2010, 04:39 AM
Ok heres my new track.

-18 1i 18 1i 1l 28 23 2t 2n 3m 3h 4e 4e 57 5c 61 6i 6v 7n 7m 91 89 ab 8t bn 9g d4 9m ei 9q fp 9p gv 9l hv 99 j7 8n kg 80 ls 74,so 5k sm 6l sf 7q rv 8t ra 9r qj ao pr bj ov cd o1 d4 n2 dm m1 e8 l1 ek k2 et j1 f7 hr fp gf ga f1 gn dq gm co gg bm g7 ak g0 99 fp 7u fe 6e ep 54 e3 3o dd 2g ch 1f bd e a7 -m 91 -1s 7t,-92 6s -9i 7l -a5 8d -at 97 -br a0 -d2 au -e5 bn -fc ci -gm de -i2 eb -ji f2 -l5 fj -mq g0 -of g9 -q6 gg -rt gn -tl gt -ve h3 -118 ha -132 he -14s he -16m hd -18g hc -1ac hc -1ca hc -1e9 hd -1g7 hd -1i7 he,-1i0 hg -1j2 hd -1k4 h9 -1l2 h6 -1m7 ha -1n6 hg -1o5 hj -1p4 hl -1q1 hm -1qr hn -1rr hm -1t3 hl -1ud hk -1vt hj -216 hg -22j hc -241 h8 -25i h3 -275 gs -28p gj -2af g9 -2c5 fs -2dr fc -2fi eq -2ha e8 -2j2 dm -2kq d3 -2mj ch -2oc bu -2q6 bb -2s0 ao -2tq a5 -2vk 9i,-3m6 ns -3lq pk -3l4 rb -3k1 st,-3ir uc -3hh vp,-3g1 111 -3ed 125 -3cl 131 -3as 13m -392 148 -377 14n -35a 151 -33c 156 -31d 158 -2ve 157 -2tf 155 -2rh 153 -2pl 14u -2np 14n -2lu 14g -2k2 149 -2i6 146 -2ga 149 -2ec 14e -2cd 14j -2ae 14n -28e 14p -26e 14o -24f 14j -22f 14b -20f 142 -1ug 13s -1sh 13q -1qi 13r -1oj 13v -1mk 144 -1km 149 -1in 14f -1go 14l -1eo 14q -1cn 14r -1an 14n -18m 14i -16l 14c -14l 146 -12l 140 -10m 141 -uo 146 -sp 14e -qr 14o -ot 152 -mv 15d -kv 15m -it 15r -gq 15q -ep 15m,-ep 15m -cp 15f -ar 157 -8u 14t -72 14j -56 145 -3a 13m -1e 137 e 12o 2b 127 48 11m 66 113 83 10g 9v vs bs v7 dp uh fm ts hj t9 ji sp li sb ni s0 pk ro rl rl tn rn vp rt 11q s7 13r sl 15r t5 17s to 19s ue 1bt v4 1de vn 1ev 10b 1gg 10v 1i0 11j 1jh 128 1l2 12s 1mj 13h 1o4 145 1pl 14q 1r6 15f,2bl 1k7 2ad 1k4 28u 1k8 27k 1k4 26a 1k2 24u 1k2 23g 1k4 220 1k4 20f 1k4 1us 1k6 1t9 1k6 1rk 1k3 1pu 1ju 1o8 1jp,1o8 1jp 1mg 1jl 1km 1jj 1ir 1ji 1h0 1jg 1f4 1jf,1d8 1je 1bc 1je 19g 1jd 17l 1jc 15r 1jb 142 1j9 128 1j8 10f 1j6 um 1j5 sr 1j4 r1 1j3 p7 1j2 nd 1j0 li 1iu jo 1is,k0 1iu jm 1i8 jp 1hf ju 1gm kg 1fr l5 1f7 lt 1em,so 5k pk 5k,so 5k tb 5a tr 4l u2 3q u0 2u tr 24 tg 10 st b,-1i 84 -3e 6i,-3m4 o2 -3m3 n9 -3m6 m9 -3m6 l9 -3m5 k1 -3m3 ij -3lu h5 -3ln fl -3le e4 -3l5 cp -3kp be -3kb a1 -3jv 8a -3jk 6c -3iu 4k -3ho 2q -3ga 13 -3eq -h -3d4 -1u -3b6 -2u,-3fs 114 -3gg 10p -3h0 10b -3hd vt,-3h4 106 -3hk vq,-3im uk -3j5 u2 -3jj tg -3jt t1,-3jk tc -3jv sq,1fg 1ji 1ee 1je 1dd 1ja,-92 6s -92 mq -8e jc -84 mq,-9c mq -34 mq -3e 6i,-84 ls -7q jm -7g mq -7g jc -76 mq -76 jc -6i mq -6i jc -5u n4 -5u jm -5u jc -5a mq -5a jm -4m mq,-4m mg -4m jm -42 mg -42 jm -3e mq,1r2 15g 1rp 163 1ss 16r 1u7 17m 1vg 18f 211 199 22l 1a1 24a 1ak 267 1at 284 1b1 29t 1b2,2ba 1k6 2cc 1k4 2di 1k2 2es 1k1 2gb 1k0 2hs 1ju 2ja 1js 2km 1jq 2m3 1jo 2nl 1jm 2p4 1je 2q7 1im 2r8 1hn 2s8 1g6 2st 1el 2t9 1d1 2t7 1bd 2s5 19n 2ql 18s 2p4 185 2n9 17g##S 29o 1a6,S 294 1a6,S 286 1a6,S 286 1a6,S qi 1ik,S tc 1ik,S vs 1ik,S -34k 8o,S -31g 8o,S -26 6s,S -2q 68,S kk 76,S l8 6s,T li 1hm,B 1r2 1j8 8h,B -30i 148 2v,G -3ki pa 7s,G -3k8 qi 7s,G -3ja rq 7s,G -3ic t2 8e,G -3he u0 71,G -374 130 5k,G -39u 12m 5k,G -3c4 11o 66,G -3ea 114 6f,G -3g6 vs 71,G -2va 8o 8e

01-09-2010, 04:51 AM
I can't even get past the first slow motion 1-ups.

01-09-2010, 11:04 AM
it sucks...u dont know how to do those grid ramp things?
-18 1i 18 1i 76 1i 76 -26 6s 1i,76 -1i 76 -1s 6i 1i,76 -1i 68 1i,76 -18 5u 1i,76 -u 5k 1i,76 -k 5a 1i,76 -a 50 1i,76 0 4m 1i,76 a 4c 1i,76 k 42 1i,76 u 3o 1i,76 18 3e 1i##Copy that and do it >:D

01-10-2010, 03:45 AM
Update :D

-18 1i 18 1i 1l 28 23 2t 2n 3m 3h 4e 4e 57 5c 61 6i 6v 7n 7m 91 89 ab 8t,d4 9m ei 9q fp 9p gv 9l hv 99 j7 8n kg 80 ls 74,so 5k sm 6l sf 7q rv 8t ra 9r qj ao pr bj ov cd o1 d4 n2 dm m1 e8 l1 ek k2 et j1 f7 hr fp gf ga f1 gn dq gm co gg bm g7 ak g0 99 fp 7u fe 6e ep 54 e3 3o dd 2g ch 1f bd e a7 -m 91 -1s 7t,-92 6s -9i 7l -a5 8d -at 97 -br a0 -d2 au -e5 bn -fc ci -gm de -i2 eb -ji f2 -l5 fj -mq g0 -of g9 -q6 gg -rt gn -tl gt -ve h3 -118 ha -132 he -14s he -16m hd -18g hc -1ac hc -1ca hc -1e9 hd -1g7 hd -1i7 he,-1i0 hg -1j2 hd -1k4 h9 -1l2 h6 -1m7 ha -1n6 hg -1o5 hj -1p4 hl -1q1 hm -1qr hn -1rr hm -1t3 hl -1ud hk -1vt hj -216 hg -22j hc -241 h8 -25i h3 -275 gs -28p gj -2af g9 -2c5 fs -2dr fc -2fi eq -2ha e8 -2j2 dm -2kq d3 -2mj ch -2oc bu -2q6 bb -2s0 ao,-2tq a5 -2vk 9i,-3m6 ns -3lq pk -3l4 rb -3k1 st,-3ir uc -3hh vp,-3g1 111 -3ed 125 -3cl 131 -3as 13m -392 148 -377 14n -35a 151 -33c 156 -31d 158 -2ve 157 -2tf 155 -2rh 153 -2pl 14u -2np 14n -2lu 14g -2k2 149 -2i6 146 -2ga 149 -2ec 14e -2cd 14j -2ae 14n -28e 14p -26e 14o -24f 14j -22f 14b -20f 142 -1ug 13s -1sh 13q -1qi 13r -1oj 13v -1mk 144 -1km 149 -1in 14f -1go 14l -1eo 14q -1cn 14r -1an 14n -18m 14i -16l 14c -14l 146 -12l 140 -10m 141 -uo 146 -sp 14e -qr 14o -ot 152 -mv 15d -kv 15m -it 15r -gq 15q -ep 15m,-ep 15m -cp 15f -ar 157 -8u 14t -72 14j -56 145 -3a 13m -1e 137,13r sl 15r t5 17s to 19s ue 1bt v4 1de vn 1ev 10b 1gg 10v 1i0 11j 1jh 128 1l2 12s 1mj 13h 1o4 145 1pl 14q 1r6 15f,so 5k tb 5a tr 4l u2 3q u0 2u tr 24 tg 10 st b,-1i 84 -3e 6i,-3m4 o2 -3m3 n9 -3m6 m9 -3m6 l9 -3m5 k1 -3m3 ij -3lu h5 -3ln fl -3le e4 -3l5 cp -3kp be -3kb a1 -3jv 8a -3jk 6c -3iu 4k -3ho 2q -3ga 13 -3eq -h -3d4 -1u -3b6 -2u,-3fs 114 -3gg 10p -3h0 10b -3hd vt,-3h4 106 -3hk vq,-3im uk -3j5 u2 -3jj tg -3jt t1,-3jk tc -3jv sq,-92 6s -92 mq -8e jc -84 mq,-9c mq -34 mq -3e 6i,-84 ls -7q jm -7g mq -7g jc -76 mq -76 jc -6i mq -6i jc -5u n4 -5u jm -5u jc -5a mq -5a jm -4m mq,-4m mg -4m jm -42 mg -42 jm -3e mq,1r2 15g 1rp 163 1ss 16r 1u7 17m 1vg 18f 211 199 22l 1a1 24a 1ak 267 1at 284 1b1 29t 1b2,2p4 1je 2q7 1im 2r8 1hn 2s8 1g6 2st 1el 2t9 1d1 2t7 1bd 2s5 19n 2ql 18s 2p4 185 2n9 17g,ls 9m g8 9m,ls 76 ls 9m,ls 76 l8 9m,ls 76 ka 9m,ls 76 jc 9m,ls 76 i4 9m,ls 7q ku 7q,ls 84 ka 84,ls 8e jm 8e,ls 8o jc 8o,ls 92 ie 92,ls 9c hq 9c,-2vk 9m -2vk d4 -2oe bs,-2vk d4 -2lu cq,-2vj 9i -2vm 9j -2rv cu,-2vm 9j -2vj 9s,-2vl 9i -2v3 d5,-2vl 9j -2ts d2,-2ts a6 -2vj a1,-2te aa -2vk ak,-2vk 9m -2pc cq,-2s1 am -2u7 a1,-2vk b8 -2sg ak,-2vk bs -2ri au,-2vk cg -2qk b8,-2vk cq -2pm bi,-n 1l7 -1o 1m9 -2m 1n8 -3k 1o7 -4l 1pb -5n 1qj -6r 1ru -80 1tc -95 1ur -ab 20b -bi 21s -cv 23f -e3 24l -f7 25s -ge 273 -hp 28a -j5 29h -kg 2ao -ls 2br -n9 2cr -ol 2dq -q2 2eq -rh 2fo -t0 2gl -ue 2hi -vs 2ig -11b 2je -12p 2kd -148 2lc -15n 2mb -176 2n8 -18m 2o3 -1a8 2ou -1bq 2po -1dc 2qi -1eu 2rb -1gi 2s2 -1i5 2sm -1jp 2t5 -1lu 2te -1nj 2tj -1p9 2tg -1qv 2tb -1sh 2t1 -1uh 2sf -20e 2rq -22a 2r1 -245 2q6 -261 2p6 -27d 2oa -28q 2nd,-2at 2lj -2c1 2kf -2d7 2j1 -2ee 2hg -2fj 2fs -2go 2dv -2hk 2cf -2id 2b3 -2j9 29c -2k1 27u,-2k2 27s -2k2 2ng -28g 2nq,-2ig 2n6 -2ig 2ng,-2k2 27s -2ig 2ng,-2k2 286 -2gk 2ng,-2k2 286 -2dq 2ng,-2k2 286 -2ba 2ng,-2i6 2ba -2k2 2ba,-2hi 2ci -2k2 2ci,-2gk 2e4 -2k2 2e4,-2ga 2fc -2k2 2fc,-2g0 2fc -2h8 2fc,-2fc 2gk -2k2 2gk,-2ee 2hs -2jo 2hs,-2cs 2je -2je 2je -2k2 2je,-2bu 2kc -2k2 2kc,-2je 2hs -2k2 2hs,-2ba 2la -2k2 2la,-2qk 278 -2o4 26u -2qa 28g -2p2 28q -2q0 29o -2o4 2b0 -2q0 2am,-2rs 26k -2u2 25m -2s6 27s -2to 29o -2s6 28q,-2s6 2ac -2va 2bu -2sg 2bu -2s6 2bu,-2sq 26a -2sq 23q -2s6 26a,-2sq 2n6 -31g 2ng -3ic 2ng -3jh 2nj -3kr 2nm -3m3 2np -3na 2nn -3oe 2nm -3pl 2nm,-32e 278 -334 28a -342 29j -351 2ap -367 2c1 -37m 2da -397 2ej -3ap 2fs -3cb 2h4 -3e0 2ic -3fp 2ji -3hl 2kk -3j3 2ld -3kl 2m2 -3md 2mm -3o4 2na -3pq 2nu,-32e 27i -324 2ng -31g 2k2 -30s 2n6 -30i 2kc -308 2n6 -2vu 2k2 -2vk 2n6 -2v0 2k2 -2uc 2n6 -2u2 2km -2te 2n6,-32e 27i -340 2ng,-32e 27s -36q 2n6,-32e 27s -3b6 2n6,-32o 27s -3ea 2ms,-32e 2ac -34k 2ac,-32e 2ci -36g 2c8,-324 2e4 -38c 2e4 -38m 2dq,-32e 2fm -3ai 2fm,-324 2hi -3co 2hi,-324 2jo -3fs 2jo,-324 2lk -3ju 2lu,-2ri 210 -2t4 2n6,hm 1hf gu 1gq g7 1g1 fl 1f2 f7 1e4 el 1ct,em 1d0 ec 1iu,em 1d0 f0 1ik f0 1iu,em 1d0 g8 1iu,fk 1es em 1es,fu 1fg em 1fg,g8 1g4 ec 1g4,gs 1go ec 1go,hg 1hc ec 1hc,f0 1i0 ec 1i0,a0 8o am 93 bf 9d c9 9j d2 9n,f0 1i0 fl 1i0 gd 1i0,gl 1ik fv 1ik,-u 1le 1s 1ia,g8 1ik ec 1ik,aa 1ik au 1fq bi 1ik bs 1g4 cg 1ik d4 1ge do 1ik e2 1go e2 1ik,-2o4 2ng -2k2 2ng,-2kc 2ng -2l0 2jo -2lk 2ng -2mi 2k2 -2n6 2ng -2nq 2k2 -2o4 2ms,-1k 138 -l 134 i 12q 20 12a 3d 11n 4r 113 6c 10f 82 vo 9s uu be u8 cu ti ep ss ge sb,g8 se h6 s7 ia s3 jl ru l7 rp mp rm oe rl q7 ro,pt rm qn rp rm rr sk rs tj rt uh ru vg s0 10d s2,106 s1 110 s5 11r s8,144 sn 13f si 12o sc 122 s8,128 sb 11l s9,sn 5i q1 5i,8v 1il 8n 1ci,8l 1ci 81 1d7 7d 1du 6l 1em 5n 1fj 4p 1g8 3p 1gt 2q 1hj 1s 1ic 11 1j2,91 1in 1h 1in,8n 1ck 89 1ih 85 1in,8l 1ck 79 1io,8k 1ck 5t 1in,8i 1cn 42 1io,7m 1dk 8q 1dm,8p 1e5 79 1ed,8m 1er 8p 1es 6e 1eq,7b 1e9 70 1ee,8q 1fo 5l 1fl,8s 1gq 4b 1gh,8s 1hn 2v 1hg,a9 1ig 9l 1fj,9j 1fm 91 1iq,-2o6 2nd -2rd 219 -2rn 211,-3pd 2nh -3q9 2nk -3r4 2nm -3sl 2nn -3tv 2no -3vc 2nt -40o 2o3 -42c 2o9 -43v 2ob -45n 2od -47f 2od -496 2od -4ar 2oc -4ci 2oa -4e9 2o8 -4g2 2o5 -4hr 2o2 -4jm 2nv -4lg 2ns -4nc 2nm -4p8 2n9 -4r4 2mt -4t1 2md -4ut 2lp -50l 2l1 -527 2k4 -53h 2j2 -54n 2hr -55r 2gi,-55t 2gi -55g 2l8 -4u3 2m4,-55t 2gg -54i 2ld,-55t 2gl -52k 2ll,-55o 2gq -51e 2ll,-53f 2ja -559 2j5 -55g 2j5,-54b 2i9 -55t 2i7,-51e 2kk -55b 2kf,-55j 2kd -55l 2ka -55o 2ka,-509 2l8 -55g 2l1,-5ap 2hn -5b9 2gt -5bt 2fu -5cg 2ep -5d2 2de -5df 2bv,-5dh 2c3 -5do 2b3 -5e1 29v -5e9 28o -5eg 27k -5ek 26d -5el 254 -5ek 23q,-5en 23s -5eg 22u,-5e2 21t -5dc 20o,-5cj 1vk -5bl 1uk -5ag 1tj -595 1si -57j 1rg -55r 1qe -542 1pb -52k 1oh -514 1nn -4vl 1mv -4u3 1mb -4sh 1lp -4qt 1l9,-4pa 1kp -4nl 1kc -4lv 1k5 -4k9 1k5 -4ii 1kc -4gq 1ko -4f1 1l8 -4d9 1lr -4bj 1mg -49u 1n9 -48b 1o3 -46o 1ot -454 1pl -43h 1qc -41t 1r2 -40a 1rl -3un 1s4 -3t4 1sg -3r1 1sr -3p2 1ss -3n6 1sn -3la 1sc -3je 1rv -3hi 1rh -3fl 1r3 -3dn 1qr,-2pi 1rv -2nu 1sg -2mc 1t4 -2kp 1to -2jc 1ua -2i5 1ur -2gr 1vd -2fg 1vu -2e1 20h -2ch 214 -2au 21l -297 224 -27e 22g -25k 22n -23p 22n -21u 22i -204 226 -1uc 21l -1sn 20v -1r6 204 -1pp 1v3 -1oq 1tt -1oc 1sm -1oc 1r9 -1ol 1pv -1pc 1ol -1q9 1nd -1rc 1m6,-1rc 1m6 -1sd 1l6 -1tq 1kh -1ve 1k5 -211 1k1 -22h 1k2 -241 1kb -25c 1kk -26q 1ku -285 1l7 -29j 1lc -2b2 1lc -2cn 1l8 -2ed 1l1 -2g6 1kq -2hv 1kg -2js 1k6 -2lv 1k0 -2ni 1jv -2pk 1k2 -2rh 1k5 -2td 1k7 -2va 1k8 -316 1k7 -332 1k6 -34v 1k4 -36r 1k2 -38o 1jv -3ak 1js -3cg 1jn -3ec 1jf -3g9 1j1 -3i6 1ig -3k2 1hr -3lv 1h4 -3ns 1gc -3po 1fj -3rk 1er -3tg 1e2 -3va 1d9 -40k 1c7 -41i 1b4 -42h 19v -43b 18q -441 17k -44q 16a -45j 14t -46e 13c -478 11o -482 102 -48t ua,-48t u8 -44q 1e2 -3s2 1eh,-48u u7 -43n 1e0,-48n um -420 1e2,-462 14a -47a 14c,-443 17e -44g 179,-44d 17e -46e 17q,-43a 18o -45o 19h,-42c 1an -427 1ak,-427 1ai -45l 1bs,-40b 1ce -44q 1e7,-44s 1e5 -454 1e0,-4d9 tu -4dj v1 -4dv 10c,-4g1 15f -4gm 16j -4he 17r -4i9 18t -4jb 19t -4kb 1ap -4lk 1bj -4n8 1c5 -4ot 1cm -4qk 1d4 -4s8 1dd -4tk 1di -4v1 1db -506 1d4 -51b 1cq -52l 1ce -540 1c5 -55e 1bu -56u 1bm -58g 1bf -5a5 1ba -5bt 1bc -5dn 1be -5fe 1bg -5gv 1bm -5ii 1bu -5k5 1c5 -5lq 1cd -5ng 1ck -5pa 1cq -5r7 1cs -5t4 1ct -5v1 1ct -60u 1ct -62r 1cu -64p 1cv -66m 1cv -68i 1d0 -6ac 1d1 -6c6 1d2 -6e0 1d3 -6fq 1d4 -6hk 1d5 -6je 1d6 -6l8 1d6 -6n2 1d3 -6oq 1ct -6qg 1cj -6s8 1c5 -6u0 1bg -6vp 1ao,-6vp 1ao -71b 19s -71v 18p -71o 17c -70t 16a -6vo 15j -6ue 151 -6t0 14n -6rg 14i,-4db tv -4dn 1d9 -4nf 1c7,-4da u7 -4eu 1d7,-4fm 14h -4g3 15c,-4e0 10d -4eb 118 -4eo 128 -4f5 137 -4fh 146 -4ft 153 -4g8 15u,-4di uu -4h0 1cm,-4eg 11e -4di 11e,-4eq 12c -4di 12c,-4f4 130 -4di 130,-4fe 13u -4di 13u,-4fo 14i -4di 14i,-4g2 15g -4di 15q,-4gg 167 -4dl 16g,-4gn 16n -4di 17c,-4h2 176 -4di 188,-4hi 17t -4dj 197,-4dj 1a8 -4if 191,-4dl 1bd -4iq 19s -4j8 19r,-4dn 1cb -4l5 1b9,-44s 1e2 -4du 1d9,-4dr 1d6 -4d0 1b3 -4co 19r -4cc 1db -4bl 18t -4b9 1cv -4aq 1ap -4ab 1db -498 18g -495 1cv -47c 19c -47h 1cs -46q 1a0 -45s 1dj -469 1a7 -44u 1dt,-5dv 21n -5e9 22d,-5e8 22b -5ee 22u,-5cj 1vg -5cu 204 -5db 20n,-4p4 1kn -4pr 1kt -4qk 1l7,-4qj 1l6 -4r5 1lb,91 1io 2p4 1jk 2p7 1jh,hk 1hd i6 1hs is 1i9 jl 1ik ka 1ir,gb 1hv ib 1i1,gj 1ij ji 1ik,-3e1 1qq -3cv 1qo -3bk 1qm -3a9 1qk -38n 1qi -37a 1qi -35t 1qi -34f 1qj -330 1qk -31i 1qm -301 1qq -2ug 1qu -2sv 1r5 -2rg 1rg -2q3 1rs -2oq 1s8,-2b1 2le -2ak 2m1,-2am 2m0 -2a7 2mg -29k 2ms -290 2n8 -28d 2nj##G -20h 1ih 5m,G -1ub 1is 5t,G -1s4 1jv 66,G -1q9 1lg 6n,G -1ov 1mv 75,G -1nb 1pa 7o,G -1mq 1rn 8e,G -1ng 1tn 8q,G -1p2 204 a3,G -1rb 21h ap,G -4m0 1lc b1,G -4o6 1le b2,G -4oo 1m0 q,G -4q4 1m4 as,G -4ru 1lq b8,G -4rp 1mn as,G -4st 1np ao,G -4uo 1o4 b6,G -50i 1p1 b3,G -526 1q2 as,G -541 1r3 ao,G -558 1si ao,G -56k 1tk at,G -58m 1uk ao,G -5a9 1v4 b8,G -5a8 1v7 am,G -5a2 1vk ad,G -5bg 1vo am,G -5b8 20e ah,G -5c9 217 a5,G -5d2 226 a5,G -5dk 23d a1,G -54u 2go 9u,S -6si 1bl,S -6sk 1b1,S -6sd 1ad,T -710 18t,S -47r 103,S -47u vm,S -48a ut,B -2ie 2ak ah,S -2it 292,S -2j7 28m,S -2jh 287,S fu 1ei,S g8 1es,S fu 1du,G -2va 8o jm,G -3g6 vs i9,G -3ea 114 hn,G -3c4 11o he,G -39u 12m gs,G -374 130 gs,G -3he u0 i9,G -3ic t2 jm,G -3ja rq j4,G -3k8 qi j4,G -3ki pa j4,B -30i 148 e7,S l8 6s,S kk 76,S -2q 68,S -26 6s,S -31g 8o,S -34k 8o,S 286 1a6,S 286 1a6,S 294 1a6,S 29o 1a6

01-10-2010, 09:25 PM
you just got me into this.

-18 1i 18 1i,17 1m k2 1j k6 -ej,fu 1k k1 18,gc 1k k1 s,gq 1k k1 d,h6 1k k1 -2,hh 1k k1 -e,hq 1k k1 -q,i3 1k k2 -17,ic 1k k2 -1m,ij 1k k3 -23,ir 1j k2 -2g,j1 1k k3 -2r,ja 1j k3 -38,ji 1j k3 -3r,k6 -ei c8 -f0,k5 -d2 jt -eh,k6 -dg jk -eh,k6 -dr j9 -ek,k6 -e5 iv -ej,k5 -ed ii -ek,cb -f7 -3q -eo,-3r -el -7u -a2 -14 1k,-6u -ba -75 -7k,-q -fd -7c -cg##G -6h -9m 8e,G -11 k 5m,G jf -ds b6,G if -k 2p

01-18-2010, 04:05 PM
the update fails...thats no grid ramp]

Vendetta's is better

01-20-2010, 01:47 PM
passed the updated one... its cool! hard and unexpected turns (and a lot of gravity!!!) but cool!

01-20-2010, 04:54 PM
passed the updated one... its cool! hard and unexpected turns (and a lot of gravity!!!) but cool!
not really...its easy and fail

01-20-2010, 05:43 PM
here's one that I made

-18 1i 18 1i,13 1k 17 2n 1g 3u 1t 58 2e 6j 39 87 4d 9v 5d bd 6h cs 7p ec 95 ft ak he c7 iu du kc fs ln ht n2 k1 ob m9 pg oi qh qs rf t7 s9 vj su 121 te 14e to 16t tt 19c tr 1br th 1ea t1 1gm s8 1j1 r4 1la pk 1nf nq 1pf ll 1rb j8 1t1 gl 1uc dm 1v5 a6 1vh 7l 1vn 50 1vq 26 1vs -m 1vt -3j 1vt -6h 1vt -9f 1vt -cd 1vs -fc 1vs -ic 1vs -lc 1vs -oc 1vs -rd,1vu -r2 200 -q2 206 -os 20a -nl 20j -m3 20u -kh 219 -ip 21n -gn 222 -eu 22f -d2 22u -b4 23e -97 241 -79 24n -5b 25e -3d 268 -1e 275 h 284 2g 296 4f 2aa 6d 2bg 8c 2cn ab 2e0 c9 2fa e8 2gn g6 2i8 i3 2ju jv 2lo lp 2nn ng 2pt p4 2s6 ql 2uk s2 317 t7 33u u5 36n ut 39h vj 3ca 106 3f0 10l 3hj 10u 3k3 110 3mf 10s 3oo 10g 3qq vo,3qp vs 3rq vg 3sv v1 3uj u9 40a td 41r si 43h rj 45b qg 476 pa 493 nu 4av md 4cr kn 4en iu 4gi h0 4ib ev 4k3 cr 4lo ak 4nb 89 4or 5q 4q6 38 4ra i 4s3 -2c 4se -5h 4si -8r 4sj -c6,4sl -bi 4sr -af 4t1 -9a 4tf -7o 4u0 -6a 4un -4i 4vh -2k 508 -13 517 g 52f 23 53r 3n 559 5b 56t 6u 58n 8f 5an 9r 5ct b2 5f6 c5 5hb d3 5je dq 5ld e7 5n9 e9 5p1 ds,5op e2 5pg dr 5qg dc 5ri ck 5sj bn 5th am 5ud 97 5v1 7q 5vl 69 607 4j 60p 2o,5vb db 60l di 624 do 63q du 65h e5 67b ec 695 ei 6bb eq 6d4 f3 6eu fb 6gq fi 6im fp 6kj ft 6mg g1 6od g4 6q8 g7 6s3 g9 6tt gb 6vm gb 71e gb 735 gc 74s gb 76j gb 78d gb 7a7 gd 7c3 gi 7e0 gp 7fu h2 7ht hd 7js hp 7lr i5 7nr ii 7pr j1 7rs jg 7ts k0 7vt kg 81u l0 83v lh 860 m1 881 mi 8a2 n4 8c3 nm 8e3 o7 8g4 op 8i6 pc 8k7 pv 8m8 qi 8o9 r5 8qb rp 8sc se 8ue t3 90f to 92h ue 94i v4 96k vr 98l 10i 9an 11a 9cp 122 9eq 12r 9gs 13k 9iu 14d 9l0 157 9n1 161 9p3 16r 9r5 17m 9t6 18i 9v7 19e a19 1aa a3a 1b7 a5c 1c4 a7d 1d3 a9e 1e2 abf 1f2 adf 1g3 afg 1h4 ahg 1i5 ajg 1j7 alh 1ka ang 1le apg 1mi arg 1nm atg 1oq avf 1pv b1f 1r5 b3e 1sb b5e 1th b7d 1un b9c 1vv bbb 216 bda 22f bf9 23o bh7 251 bj6 26b bl4 27l bn3 28v bp2 2aa br0 2bl bsu 2d1 but 2ed c0r 2fq c2p 2h8 c4n 2in c6l 2k6 c8i 2lm cag 2n6 ccd 2on cea 2q8 cg7 2rr ci3 2td ck0 2v0 cls 30k cnp 327 cpl 33s crh 35h ctd 376 cv9 38r d14 3ah d30 3c8 d4r 3dv d6m 3fm d8h 3hf dac 3j7 dc6 3l1 de0 3ms dfq 3on dhj 3qj djc 3sg dl4 3ud dmr 40b doh 42a dq7 449 drt 468 dth 488 dv6 4a8 e0p 4c8 e2c 4e8 e3v 4g8 e5h 4i8 e72 4k8 e8k 4m9 ea5 4o9 ebl 4q9 ed4 4s9 eei 4ua efv 50a eha 52b eim 54b ek1 56b eld 58c emo 5ac eo4 5cd epg 5ed eqt 5ge esc 5ie ett 5kf evf 5mf f14 5of f2q 5qe f4h 5sc f69 5ua f82 607 f9s 624 fbo 63v fdm 65q ffl 67j fhm 69c fjm 6b2 flo 6co fnr 6eb fpu 6ft fs2 6hd fu8 6iq g0e 6k4 g2m 6lc g4v 6mj g77 6nn g9h 6op gbq 6pp ge4 6qo ggf 6rk giq 6se gl6 6t5 gni 6tq gpu 6uc gsa 6us guo 6v7 h16 6vf h3k 6vk h60 6vn h8b 6vk hal 6vd hct 6v0 hf4 6uf hh9 6tp hje 6sv hlj 6s3 hnn 6r5 hpr 6q4 hrt 6oq htr 6n9 hvn 6lj i1e 6jm i2t 6hh i3u 6f1 i4d 6c3 i4i 68t i4k 65f i4i 630 i4f 60f i4c 5tr i49 5r6 i46 5og i42 5lo i3v 5iv i3r 5g5 i3o 5d9 i3l 5ac i3i 57d i3f 54d i3d 51c i3a 4ub i37 4ra i34 4o8 i30 4l6 i2s 4i4 i2p 4f2,jih 210 jih 228 jin 23m jj0 254 jj7 26p jjd 28o jjo 2at jk8 2cl jku 2ee jlq 2g8 jmq 2i2 jnu 2js jpa 2ll jqr 2ne jsh 2p6 juc 2qt k0j 2si k35 2u3 k61 2vh k93 30s kcb 324 kej 32s kgt 33j kj8 346 kll 34m ko4 34v kqk 353 kt3 34r,i1k 459 i2j 44o i42 44p i5f 452 i6t 45f i8a 460 i9o 46u ib6 489 ice 49r idf 4bk ie9 4de ieq 4f7 if3 4h0 if4 4iu if1 4ks ier 4mo ie7 4o8 id9 4pd icf 4qc ibj 4rc iaj 4rv i9g 4s5 i89 4ro i7f 4qv i6u 4pu i6l 4os##S i26 4dr,S i29 4ei,B i1e 4a6 2f,B hv0 4af 2j,B i1q 49f 3o,B i0b 4a5 2h,B i1g 49f 2m,B i2g 49f 2h,B i1g 4al 2i,B i0q 4b6 2j,B i3f 4ce 2a,B i2v 4cg 2p,B i2e 4ct 2l,B i03 4da 2f,B i50 4d0 3f,B i3p 4d9 5p,B i24 4df 3e,B i0k 4c7 2q,B i1v 4cc 2m,B i06 4cl 2t,B i2m 4c1 2n,B i24 4al 2n,B i1v 4av 2a,B i3p 4as 2e,B i0n 4al 2i,B i1b 4a8 2s,B i0u 4a8 2i,B hov 4cl 2e,B hri 4cc 2f,B hu0 4al 2h,B i05 49i 2c,B hs3 49m 2k,B hom 4aa 2j,B hsq 49n 2o,B ht4 4ap 2k,B hu0 4c6 2h,B hrv 4c7 2m,B i2t 4bs 2h,B i0d 4c6 2m,B hsi 4c1 2l,B hup 4av 2m,B hst 4b9 2i,B hvc 4a5 41,B hqi 49u 2p,B htr 490 65,B ht4 4af 2f,B hpt 4an 2h,B hqa 4a5 2r,B htc 4a0 2i,B hu9 49s 2q,B htc 4ak 2b,B i0b 4bn 2d,B hv5 4bo 2f,B i03 4bn 2l,B hsl 4bn 2l,B htq 4cj 2g,B hvu 4do 1i,B hsl 4e3 2l,B i0v 4dp 2q,B i0i 4dh 2n,B hs9 4dh 2l,B hvh 4da 2l,B htc 4co 2q,B hom 4cm 2l,B hsi 4bv 2m,B hqc 4be 2o,B hnn 4ai 2n,B hr3 4aa 2l,B hu4 4ad 2e,B hrq 49d 2s,B hp2 48r 2n,B hmq 48o 2i,B hn4 48m 2l,B hno 495 2e,B hph 49u 26,B hpa 4av 2d,B hqr 4bb 2i,B hqh 4bs 2c,B hpu 4cc 2k,B hpp 4cr 30,B hoo 4bs 32,B hs3 4bq 3c,B hpo 4an 3p,B ho9 4an 2o,B -i 1u 2q,B i2j 4j8 b8,B i2j 4jv b8,B i2l 4kq b8,B i2n 4lp b8,B i2n 4m8 b8,B i2o 4n3 b8,B i2n 4o1 b8,B i24 4nl ah,B i2n 4os ak,B i2o 4qf b5,B i2o 4rf b8,B i2q 4sq b8,B i2i 4uv 7,B i2l 502 b4,B i2n 51g b8,B i2l 524 b8,B i2j 531 b8,B i2j 54c b2,B i2n 56g b5,B i2o 578 b2,B i3b 59j aq,B i3b 5am 4,B i3c 5c8 b5,B i3c 5d6 b8,B i3c 5e5 b8,B i3c 5f5 b8,B i3c 5fr b8,B i3h 5gp aq,B i3l 5i6 b5,B i3l 5j2 b8,B i3l 5k0 b8,B i3q 5k8 b4,B i42 5me b1,B i3v 5oc 4,B i3r 5qd 4,B i3v 5rl b3,B i42 5st b3,B i40 5u7 3,B i44 5vg b3,B i4a 616 b2,B i4e 627 b5,B i4f 63c b4,B i4c 64d 8,B i4c 653 b8,B i4f 65j b8,B i4a 66h 8,B i47 67e 8,B i47 68c b8,B i47 69n b8,B i45 6bc 2,B i3q 6d8 d,B i3g 6e6 k,B i2t 6f9 p,B i2i 6g6 k,B i24 6h0 v,B i1d 6i5 t,B i0p 6ja t,B i00 6k3 16,B hv9 6l2 18,B huh 6lq 1b,B hu6 6m5 1l,B hti 6mm 1g,B hsu 6nc 1b,B 4s1 -bs b,B 4s1 -bk 2,B 4s1 -am b8,B 4s3 -9q b4,B 4s5 -8k b5,B 4s5 -7a b8,B 4s6 -67 b5,B 1v6 -s1 2m,B 1td 2u 8e,B 1vj -8c b8,B 1vi -6b 3,B 1vi -5d b2,B 1vi -3c b8,B 1vj -1a b6,B 1vi 1 3,B 1vg 1j 2,B 1vd 2n 4,B 1v9 56 3,B 1uv 6t 9,B 1uv 8v b8,B 1up a1 b

01-21-2010, 03:42 PM
not really...its easy and fail

well thats what YOU think... not what I think....

01-21-2010, 04:48 PM
tha cliff(i was bored so i made it :>, its a very big map code i know):
-18 1i 18 1i,17 1i 28 2l 38 3s 43 4v 4v 6d 5m 7q 6e 9g 73 bh 7f d9 7q f6 85 h6 8g j8 8s lc 98 nh 9m pn a3 ru ah u6 b0 10f be 12p bt 153 cd 17e cs 19q dd 1c5 dv 1eh ej 1gt f8 1j8 fv 1li gm 1nt hf 1q6 ia 1se j7 1uk k6 20p l6 22t m9 24u ne 26u om 28r q2 2al rg 2cd t1 2e2 ul 2fj 10d 2h0 127 2i7 143 2ja 162 2k7 181 2kv 1a2 2lg 1c2 2lu 1e3 2m8 1g3 2md 1i4 2mf 1k4 2md,1k4 2md 1m5 2m8 1o5 2m3 1q5 2lr 1s6 2li 1u6 2l9 206 2l0 227 2km 247 2kc 267 2k3 287 2jq 2a7 2jj 2c8 2jc 2e8 2j5 2g8 2iv 2i8 2iq 2k8 2im 2m8 2ij 2o9 2ig 2q9 2ie 2s9 2ic 2u9 2ic 30a 2id 32a 2ie 34b 2ih 36b 2ik 38c 2iq 3ad 2j1 3ce 2j8 3ef 2jh 3gh 2js 3ik 2k8 3ko 2kl 3mt 2l1 3p3 2ld 3ra 2lo 3th 2m1 3vo 2m8 420 2md 447 2me 46d 2me 48i 2ma 4al 2m5 4co 2lu 4ep 2lk 4gm 2l8 4ih 2ku 4k4 2ko 4lm 2kp 4mf 2kq 4n2 2kr,4n2 2kr 4no 2kj 4oa 2l2 4p2 2le 4pt 2le 4q5 2m5 4pd 2mm 4oo 2mu 4p7 2np 4od 2op 4o9 2qd 4os 2rv 4oo 2tm 4od 2vg 4p6 313 4pu 32o 4pi 34p 4ov 36a 4pf 382 4ph 39q 4od 3bh 4of 3dj 4ot 3fo 4o0 3hj 4nu 3jj 4oi 3ll 4nu 3ne 4n7 3p5 4nl 3qs 4nu 3sj 4mm 3u0 4ll 3vc 4l9 418 4jh 42g 4hf 43k 4fe 44o 4e3 460 4fl 47j 4i4 492 4kn 4ab 4n9 4b6 4pf 4bd 4rp 4bd 4u8 4bc,50n 4ba 534 4b8 553 4bc 56r 4bj 58h 4bp 5ab 4bs 5ca 4bs 5dr 4bj 5d2 4a5 5bq 492 5bb 47n 5a9 46n 591 45t 59f 44m 59e 42v 58l 41f 57s 3vs 57v 3u0 58g 3s7 58p 3q9 58b 3ok 57m 3ms 571 3l3 56c 3ja 563 3hk 575 3fv 588 3eb 58v 3cj 593 3al 592 38m 58h 36q 58d 355 59d 344 5a6 32n 5a8 30u 5a4 2uv 59p 2sv 59k 2r3 59s 2pt 5b5 2q6 5ci 2r5 5dr 2s3 5f8 2sr 5gq 2t1 5i0 2sq 5ju 2su 5lm 2t8 5ng 2tn 5pb 2u4,67p 364 663 36v 667 38k 671 3ae 65s 3bs 64k 3cu 64r 3f9 64k 3gu 63m 3ic 647 3kg 64s 3le 64e 3nb 63r 3p8 637 3r6 635 3t2 64h 3uq 660 40i 65o 42l 64f 443 636 45i 64b 47r 66a 495 689 4ag 6a3 4ca 688 4e2 66d 4fa 64q 4gi 653 4ij 66t 4k6 691 4lk 6b8 4n0 6di 4oa 6fs 4pi 6i0 4qh 6jn 4qn 6lb 4qo 6n4 4qm 6p0 4qk 6qt 4qh 6t5 4qj 6ve 4qm 71h 4qm 719 4p6 700 4nq 6un 4mb 6u3 4ks 6v3 4jo 702 4ih 6uu 4h0 6tg 4fb 6st 4do,6st 4do 6td 4bq 6tu 49r 6ub 47p 6up 45m 6v6 43i 6vd 41u 6ve 409 6uf 3uj 6t1 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4rf 6l0 4s6,6kv 4r7 6km 4s5,6kq 4r8 6lk 4s5,6lp 4r3 6m8 4ru,6lu 4r2 6m0 4rh,6kt 4qp 6jt 4s5,-p3 -j0 -ou -i6,-os -ir -ok -ib,-oh -im -oa -ie,-of -io -oa -ic,-or -iq -op -ig,-oi -io -p1 -i7,-p0 -io -oh -ih,-oh -io -on -i9,-ou -ir -or -ig,-p1 -it -p6 -ij,-p6 -io -ou -ie,-o8 -ij -o3 -ig,6pc 3eg 6r8 3fl,6oj 3h4 6qi 3h5,6q5 3h2 6p9 3gr,6p2 3gq 6q3 3ha,6p2 3gt 6pr 3h9,6pa 3h2 6ov 3ha,6oq 3h0 6pt 3ho,6qh 3fi 6rb 3fd,6qk 3fe 6qd 3ev,6q8 3f8 6qk 3ev,6qk 3fe 6pu 3eq,6pk 3f1 6qa 3ep,6q0 3f1 6qc 3eu,6pc 3eq 6pr 3ek,6pf 3es 6pr 3ef,6q0 3f4 6pu 3eg,6p0 3fd 6qn 3f9,6pt 3fe 6pc 3go,6pp 3gj 6qu 3fg,6r0 3fv 6qk 3gt,6qa 3h0 6r6 3gv,6qu 3gv 6r1 3fn,6r6 3gr 6qn 3g2,6qf 3gl 6rs 3g9,6r8 3ge 6qn 3fi,6qs 3g1 6rq 3g6,6rg 3gq 6qs 3fq,6ra 3gc 6pa 3fs,6pf 3gq 6qk 3g2,6qc 3h4 6ph 3fe,6pk 3gj 6qm 3g4,6qd 3go 6pu 3fn,6pk 3gb 6qc 3fj,6qi 3gb 6q3 3fb,6q5 3gg 6pj 3fb,6pr 3ge 6qd 3fo,6qd 3g6 6pj 3ep,6q8 3fe 6om 3f4,6pr 3eq 6ol 3fq,6pe 3en 6oo 3fn,6p9 3es 6pp 3fq,6pp 3ep 6p0 3g6,6p2 3ep 6oc 3fi,6p4 3el 6oe 3fd,6p7 3ei 6p9 3fi,6pe 3ei 6o4 3ft,6ot 3es 6or 3g2,6p7 3f4 6o2 3g2,6oe 3f6 6oj 3gb,6o1 3gc 6oj 3fl,6nv 3ft 6oo 3gj,6o2 3g7 6om 3h4,6ob 3gq 6oc 3fq,6ob 3gg 6or 3ge,6p0 3h2 6pe 3fq,6po 3ge 6oo 3gq 6pc 3fj,6pf 3g9 6oh 3g6,6oh 3gb 6p7 3fl,6p2 3fi 6pp 3gm,6pu 3gr 6pc 3g7#

01-30-2010, 11:39 PM
try this one:
-18 1i 18 1i,19 1i 9s 11,9t 11 9t 1j ge 1i ge s sf 20 vb 1u,v9 1t vv 1l 10s 1c 122 t 138 -1 141 -1e 14m -2m 159 -40 15r -5c 169 -6p 16f -88 16i -9i 16f -ar 168 -bs 15v -cs 15d -e4,cd -8r cr -a7 db -bk du -d2 ek -ei fc -g1 g9 -hg ha -in if -jj js -jo l1 -jr m8 -jt nc -jt oj -jq q1 -jn rh -jk sq -jd u2 -j2 v6 -if 109 -hr 119 -h6 12c -gc 13h -fm 14n -eu 15d -e6,cf -8t cf -76,-19 1i -18 -23##G ck -6p 5e,G l1 -ji 8a,G 12s -fa b6,G 15m -65 2q,T cm -7d,B 9m u 1d,O gg 1p,O g3 1r,O fu 1s,O fk 1s,O f7 1t,O el 1t,O fh 1s,O fn 1v,O ff 1v,O fc 1v,O er 1t,O eo 1t,O ei 1s,O ec 1s,O e7 1v,O de 1t,O dl 1t,O e0 1t,O e3 1v,O e3 1v,O dd 1p,O d8 1p,O d7 1p,O ct 1s,O cq 1r,O ch 1o,O cd 1n,O cb 1n,O bp 1p,O b9 1p,O bi 1r,O c2 1p,O c6 1s,O c0 1v,O bs 1v,O b7 1n,O b1 1n,O as 1k,O aq 1k,O ag 1o,O a8 1m,O a2 1k

01-31-2010, 01:35 AM
Lol. It says there Level complete yet i died. Say flood, show us some of your work.

02-01-2010, 08:57 PM
lol....what i think is what i think...what u think is what hippies think