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Sloppy-ish picture warning:

This is No-Eyes. He's the new guy at the asylum.
People call him No-Eyes because he never takes off his glasses. Rumor has it that under those glasses, is something terrible, something that will scar you for life, it's a mystery only No-Eyes knows the answer to.
His real name is Greg Meafe. But whenever someone calls him Greg, he glares at them with his hidden eyes. Everyone is afraid he'll take them off, and something horrible will happen to them. So everyone just sticks to No-Eyes. No one knows exactly why No-Eyes is even in the asylum. Phycological problems is the main rumor, but he always seems pretty calm. No one wants to mess with him.

He's the mystery of the place.

This is the thread that will host a new chapter of No-Eyes' story whenever released.

Yes I know the picture isn't there anymore. Sorry about that.

07-07-2009, 05:46 PM
Chapter 1:
Hm...why the hell did they put me in a place like this....I deserve a less organized place, somewhere where I'll be killed by cellmate....if I don't kill him first. Bah, who am I kidding? I kill almost anyone who even gets too close to me. Why did this all have to happen to me? Why am I the freak? Why was he killed? He was the only nice guy to me. I looked up to him. I envied him. He was the only reason I could keep on living. Why did my brother just have to die? Why couldn't he have just ran away like a normal person, like the others in my town? They were smart, and so was he. But then he went off and did something stupid and got himself killed, along with half my town. Maybe more. Now I'm stuck in this shit hole. Eh, at least there are smart people here. They don't bother me....they just go on with their lives. Sure, they talk behind my back. I hear their whispers. Their rumors. Their lies. But at least they don't bother me. The only people who have talked to me is my cellmate, who I may restate is dead, and those 2 chicks...Lydia and Wired? I think that's what there names were. Didn't say a word to them though, they seemed pretty innocent. Didn't deserve any harshness. They only wanted to say hi. Innocence......such a strange word. What is innocence? A diversion to hide one's true self? No...innocence is the worthy, the ones who don't deserve to die......unlike me. I deserve to die, everyone knows it. They just don't bother. I can't be killed, I get bothered and I lose it. I don't know why...must be just a reaction to the killing of my town and my brother, or the disease. This isn't good to go to sleep with, I should stop there and go to sleep to the sound of my cellmate's blood still dripping from the top bunk.

God, what the hell is wrong with me......

07-07-2009, 05:47 PM
Chapter 2:
Lunch sucked again today... like always. It seems everyday this place gets messier and messier. I feel this place will collapse in a few weeks. If not, something will. What the hell....why do these things always come up in my mind? These bad thoughts. I just generally hate people. I mean..my cellmate was a douche, that Lucario dude pisses me off, 'Felicia' or whatever her name is tries to spread rumors about me. God why can't people just think I'm a freak and leave it at that? Like that one girl in my old class. Everyone always thought of her as a freak. *Sigh*..back then, in my old town... everyone was cruel. You couldn't take a step outside without worrying about someone sweeping you up off your feet. You would have to run to the bus stop, with a 20:80 chance of not being bothered by a stranger. I remember my brother though, he was always happy. Glad to be living where we were at. How could he be so happy? Mom was put down due to the disease I now have. Dad killed by mom in a rage. Horrible town to be in. How could he be happy? Sometimes he could just be an idiot. But he was my idiot older brother, and he loved me, so I loved him. He was the only one nice to me. I didn't need friends. He was enough to keep me going, showing that no matter what the circumstances, there's always a good side to something. So he was enough. But I guess having a friend wasn't so bad. Jerry wasn't the only one who was always so happy. There was also that one girl that was that freak in our class. I think her name was...Lauren? It was something with an L. Anyway, the class always thought I was a weird kid, because I didn't talk, or volunteered to do anything. Just did class. And so did that one girl. She was treated so badly, and I thought it wasn't fair that she was being treated like that and I wasn't. So I tried to be more like my brother. One day after school, I walked up to her and said, "Hi there." She turned to me and glared. I wanted to walk away, but then I remembered that I had to be nice. "Sooo... good day at school right?" She still glared. "I guess." she replied. "Look, I just wanted to..you know, hang out sometime. If that's okay.." She stared for a second. Her eyes were staring in the "Excuse me?" way. "Yeah, that'd be good." she said back. "Great" I said. She then walked away. I remember hanging with her at the park. Once you got to know her, she was actually really nice. I remember asking her, "Why do you take that crap from the other kids?". She turned to me, then she looked back down, "Because I know that they just can't take their boring lives in this crappy town. So they have to make fun of me to at least make themselves feel better. So I look at it as helping people feel better about themselves." When I heard that, I just sat there. How can some girl who is called a freak by people all the time, like helping out those same people? It just didn't make sense. My mind was spinning that night. The next day I decided to go visit her. I came up to her door and was about to ring the doorbell when I heard a very loud knock and shouting. I peeked through the nearby window and I couldn't believe what I saw. She was being beaten, by her own father....what the hell. How could someone do that to their own child? And so...I left. To this day I'm disappointed in myself for it. I could've done something, but I left her there...to be beaten even more. I never saw her from that day on. I just couldn't look her straight in the face from that day forward. Someone who's called a freak by everyone in the town, AND is beaten by her father, can still be positive. I just couldn't take it. It was so unfair. And what made it even worse was that the town was still breathing down my throat about my disease. Meh, that's for another night. Another day in this crapfest, and now...I'm the freak.

07-07-2009, 05:47 PM
Chapter 3:
I'm not that tired, but I have nothing else to do. But falling asleep is always a huge risk. Last night I woke up face first against the glass. At some point I might actually cause some harm. Damn this disease, damn it all to hell. Why did my mom have to pass it along to me? As if she didn't have enough problems with it. This disease was known as Sleep Conscious Activity, or SCA for short. It's a disease where you do things in your sleep. Things you think of doing but not actually do. That's why it's called sleep conscious activity, it's all the work of your conscious, without you knowing that you're doing it. Like you think about running away because you're mad earlier that day, but you don't. But when you fall asleep you wake up in a random field just outside of your town. It's like sleep walking on a whole new level. The problem is, my case is uncontrollable. Sometimes what I do in my sleep is completely out of random. Sometimes I'll find myself doing pull-ups on my couch, other times I find myself covering myself with kitchen utensils. But the problem is, is that sometimes I commit crimes in my sleep. Like breaking and entering, thievery, and even assault. But the worst was when I had a case of murder. Apparently on February 7th that year, I snuck into my neighbors house. The man of the house heard something and came down with a gun to see me with a knife in my hand. He knew I had the disease, so he walked up to me telling me nicely to go back home. And I did the worst thing possible, I turned, and stabbed him in the chest. I'll never forget that moment, where I woke up at that exact minute, to see a knife wielded by me in his chest. My hand covered in his blood. I remember slowly letting go as he took a step back and fell on his side, leaning against the counter. I quickly asked him if there was something around to help him. But before he could answer, his mouth filled with his blood. He then fell on the floor. Dead. Murdered. By me. It took my brother months just to get this case off my back. I'm glad he went to Law School for a year before our parents died. But this case started a protest, people were telling me to get treatment, even though there was no cure for this disease. But that's not what the protesters were asking for. They were asking to put me in a place to be seized. Taken away and settled down in a controlled environment. But I didn't want to do that. I was just a boy. A boy who wanted to live life and be as successful as his brother. Be happy like his brother. But how could I be happy when people wanted to take me away from my brother and put me in a controlled space for the rest of my life where I won't even be able to live my life? My brother always cleared protests for me. I started to become a class freak over time in school. Like that girl. But I always tried to be happy, because I know that she would be happy too if she were in a situation like this. But over time the protests got larger. And soon protesters got more violent. Soon enough....someone was gonna cross the line.

07-07-2009, 05:48 PM
Chapter 4:
More people bothering me today. More people in the infirmary. God, I hate being in this place. But I have to be here. Ever since that day.........that fatal day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was walking home from school. I missed the bus that day. Everything was going wrong. Some kids tried to beat me up after school, but I ran out before they could do anything. I passed that girls house. But I heard nothing. No pouncing. The girl hasn't been to school for the past few days. I feared the worst. How could someone do something like that to their own daughter? I almost got hit by a car, then cussed out by the driver. But I was gonna be home soon, so I didn't really care. When I finally came home though, there was a huge protest with people and signs. They were telling me to get out of this town. They didn't want me here. When they saw me, they all told me to leave...go away.....I should've. I ran to my front door where my brother unlocked the door. As soon as he opened it though, someone came running up to me...he had a knife. My brother pushed me out of the way and punched him as hard as he could. The guy went down instantly. My brother saved my life. Then I guess the guys friend or something was there, because another person came out and hit my brother. Next thing you know my brother was in a brawl with 2 other guys. The guys won. The protest split after the fight. My brother was on the ground bleeding. He sat up and said he was okay. I knew he wasn't. And I was extremely angry. I was about to get those guys while they were walking away but my brother held me back. He said as long as I was okay, it's alright. I was tearing myself up inside, but I said okay. We went inside and my brother called 911. The guy that tried to stab me was arrested for attempted murder. I watched the news that night though...and he was let free....wasn't guilty. I sat there with my mouth wide open, and lost it. This was the worst place you could possibly live in. My life was horrible...and I couldn't look on the bright side, because there was none. My town wants me dead, I have a disease, my brother is hurt. I just wanted to kill this town. Then I stopped myself. I was going over the edge. I needed to lay down. Worst thing I could've done. I fell asleep. That night I had a horrible nightmare. I watched my town die. Something was jumping around killing them all. All of them were dying. And all I could do was watch. I saw everyone die. Then...I woke up. I was in my closet. My disease must've moved me again. The closet was locked though. Then I found the key, I was sitting on it. I left my closet and heard sirens outside. The usual. I walked downstairs. I didn't see my brother. He wasn't in his room. I was wondering where he was. Then I caught a glimpse outside my window, and then looked back. People were crying and walking. Why? I walked outside and went up to a cop. I asked him what was going on. He said something or someone was running around killing everyone last night. I asked where my brother was and he had no idea. I walked to my driveway and saw more people weeping. Then I froze. I saw something in the corner of my eye. I turned my head slowly....and there he was.......my brother.............in a pool of blood. Dead. I stood there for a second. Then finally moved. My movement was me collapsing onto the ground. I just broke down. I had to let it out. My life......was horrible. And I finally did it. I cried. I cried tears of sadness. I made a a puddle of tears under me. I was on the ground for the next 10 minutes just crying. Then I stopped. I stood up, and glanced at my brother one more time. And started to walk away, and then....I realized it. I remembered my dream. It makes sense now. Everyone here who was killed... was killed by me. It was me, I killed my town. It wasn't a nightmare at all, it all actually happened. And before I could kill the rest, my brother stopped me. And told me to please stop. How could he defend the people that wanted me dead? And I attacked him. Killed my own brother. Right there in that spot he's in now. And then.... I walked back to my room. And locked myself in the closet. And then I woke up a few hours later. I just wanted to cry again.. but I couldn't. I cried out all my tears. There was nothing left to cry. And so I walked away. I was leaving this town......forever.

07-07-2009, 05:49 PM
Chapter 5:
How did I get in here? Oh yeah, that's right. I've been here for only a month and I'm already forgetting. Heheh, dumb memory. And I can still remember how it all led up to it. After killing half my town, I grabbed whatever I could and left. My eyes were completely bloodshot. I realized that I couldn't let anyone see my eyes. The blood of my victims were contaminating them. I would be considered a freak again. So I grabbed my brothers sunglasses. I was gonna wear them till my eyes got better. Then I got the emergency money out of our safe. I'd need it. I left everything behind. My town, my life......my brother. It was all going to end. I was going somewhere else. A nice place, where people are nice, and actually care if you are in pain or not. The exact opposite of this hell hole. I left. I was finally gone. I actually smiled. My whole life, I haven't smiled a real smile. One of joy, and happiness. I was ready. I passed the sign saying "Town Limits". I only smiled more. I looked to the right of the sign. And there was a rock. I looked more closely and words were carved into it. No, not words.....names. These were all the people that left this place. Left it behind for a better life, just like me. I read down the list. Checking to see if any names sounded familiar. But I didn't notice any special names. I then carved my name in the rock with a wooden stick laying next to the rock. Hopefully smart kids will follow in my footsteps. My stomach started to rumble. Might as well grab something to eat before I leave. I came to a little convenience store downtown. It had good foods. I looked to my right while I was looking for a snack however. I saw a girl, about my height, wearing this weird purple and black jester costume. She had on a bunch of make-up so her face was plain white. I didn't want to start any trouble or anything so I moved onto the next isle. When I got a big bag of Cheetos, I started walking towards the counter. But I stopped and watched. The girl in the weird suit was just about to walk out the door without paying. The counter dude stopped her and they got into a big argument. But then the chick pulled out a knife. The counter dude let her go. I sat there for a sec. I walked up to the counter dude and started talking to him. "Sorry if that girl caused you any trouble. Here's money that she should've paid, plus the money for these Cheetos." But the counter guy said, "That was a young girl, and she took Smirnoff." I replied, "Well she already walked off with it so there's really nothing we can do." But then he said, "Oh yes there is." He pressed his little police button under his counter. I said, "Sorry for this big inconvenience." And I slowly walked back out. That girl should've been away from here by now. So she'll be alright. But after about 10 minutes while I was sitting outside the shop window eating my Cheetos, the cops arrived. I then heard, "POE-POE!". I looked to my right and saw that same girl in the alley right next to the shop she robbed. That wasn't a very bright idea. Anyway, the cops arrived and started chasing after a bunch of thugs in the alley. I started to slowly follow, and saw a few get arrested, including the girl. I shook my head. Now it was time for me to leave this town. I passed the "Town Limits" sign. And turned around, and looked at the town one more time. I then raised my hand, and raised my middle finger to it. That felt so good. I laughed, turned around, and went on my way.

07-07-2009, 05:49 PM
Chapter 6:
I was finally gone. I was out of that hellhole. My life will really begin, starting now. I'll find a place, where people care. I walked for about 3 hours on the side of a road. Hoping to finally find a place. Eventually, I came up to a small little area on the side of the road. A gas station. I was starting to get hungry, so I might as well. I walked inside and looked for some food. I saw some turkey. I needed protein, so I went ahead and grabbed it. But as soon as I put my hand on it, someone's hand went over mine. I looked to my right, and it was some girl's. She seemed to be about my age. I lifted my hand away.
"Oh sorry, did you need this?". She just giggled. Why did she giggle?
"Um, what's so funny?" I asked.
"Your clothes." she said.
"What about my clothes?" I asked.
"They're all messed up. And dirty." she replied.
"Oh, heheh, well I have been walking for a few hours."
"You walked all the way here?"
"Yeah, because-"
I stopped myself. I was leaving my old life behind, bringing it over here will just make me the freak again.
"I...got kicked out of my house."
"Seriously? Why?"
"I, pissed off my parents."
"Well what'd you do?"
"Does it really matter?"
"No. Just wondering."
"Well then there's no need to make a huge deal about it."
"Haha, you're weird."
I blinked.
"Do you think I'm a freak?" I asked.
"No. I mean funny weird."
"Oh, heheh, I guess I am."
"I'm Carolyn Lessler."
"I'm Greg Meafe."
"Cool name."
"You too."
"So, why are you here?"
"Oh, just grabbing some turkey for my brother."
"Oh, is he here with you?"
"No, I walked."
"You too?"
"Haha. Well yeah, but it was only like 5 minutes."
"Yeah, our town is only like right over there."
"Don't your parents care?"
"Oh no. My parents died a few years back in a car accident. It's just me and my older brother."
She's just like me, except.....my brother is also dead. This was really weird. I just met this girl, and I already know pretty much her entire life.
"How old are you anyway?" she asked.
"Oh, I'm 13." I replied.
"No way, me too."
"Yeah. You know, if you don't have a place to stay, you can come and stay at my place."
"Won't your brother mind?"
"Heck no! I have the coolest brother ever. We'll have to be in separate rooms across the house though, since my brother is a bit paranoid."
"I don't blame him."
She thinks of him as I did my brother. I just wanted to sit down and be silent for a few minutes, but I had to chin up. I know that girl would.
"So, are we gonna head to your place?"
"Yeah, lemme just get the turkey."
"Yeah no prob."
This girl was great. She was my age, had the same interests as me, and pretty much has the same lifestyle(besides the whole town hating and dying thing.) I mean she was just perfect. I then thought to myself and realized that I was hitting on her. Damn. So after getting the turkey and walking for 5 minutes, we arrived at her house. It was in the middle of a small town. In fact, it was like 1/3 the size of my old town. It was one of those towns on the side of the road.
"Here we are. Lessler mansion." she said.
"Awesome, you seem like you live in a good neighborhood." I stated.
"Eh, it's decent. Gets boring really fast though, since nothing ever goes on around here."
"You should be happy nothing goes on around here."
She doesn't realize that it's better like that. Anyway we walked inside.
"Kevin! I'm back!" she shouted. "And I brought a friend! Can he live with us for a few days?"
I then heard someone shout from another room, "Sure! But he has to stay in the guest room!"'
Wow, that was easy.
"Come on, I'll show you my room." she said.
I followed her upstairs, and we went into her room. It was just a plain room. No posters on the wall or colored walls. Just a room with a bed, tv, and computer.
"So, you're not a big fan of anything?" I asked. "Movies, bands, shows?"
"No not really. My room is my room. This is everything I need." she replied.
"Makes sense." I said.
"I do have a good view out my window though."
I looked out the window, and it was her backyard. Behind the fence, was what seemed like an endless field. And it wasn't one of those pure grass green fields, but one of those tall grass fields that you can just run through forever.
"Wow, that is a great view. I'm sure you'll want to be a farmer when you grow up."
And then I hit myself on the inside. 'Be a farmer when you grow up'? Stupid. But she laughed. I never made a girl laugh before. There's a lot of things I haven't done before because of my shit hole of a town.
"You're funny." she replied.
"Well, you know..." I said, "I try."
"Haha. Man where'd you get a good sense of humor?"
"Probably just from hearing around back where I lived."
I really got it from my brother, but, I didn't want to mention him out loud.
"You seriously are one mysterious kid." she said.
"Am I?" I asked.
"Yeah. I randomly meet you at a gas station. I've already pretty much told you my life story. You've made me laugh a lot. And you're already living with me. And I've only known you for like 15 minutes."
"Yeah well..." I was blushing. "I guess I just have that charm."
She laughed again. But then she walked up to me.
"That's not all your charm is doing." she said.
I sat there frozen. I just blinked. She started to lean in on me. But then there was a knock on her door. And she pulled back. On the inside of me it was like a raging bulldog. I was about to get my first kiss, and it's interrupted.
"What?" Carolyn said.
"Dinner's ready." her brother said.
"Alright we'll be right down." she said.
She started walking towards the door.
"Well?" she said.
"Are you coming or what?"
"Oh, right. Sorry."
How could she act like nothing just happened.

She was one mysterious kid.

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That's it for today. The rest of the chapters will come one by one as they are completed.

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too many ellipsis's, i stopped reading like 2 sentances in because it didnt captivate me

07-08-2009, 02:44 PM
The perspective is from a depressed guy looking back at his horrible life.

It only makes sense.

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Chapter 7:
It's been about a week since I've been at Carolyn's house now. So far, everything is great. She's got a really nice house, really nice brother, and really nice personality. I was set to go. The only problem was that she had to go to school so I'd be at home just with her brother most of the time. But when she comes back, she's very cheery. Me and Carolyn's friendship has gotten big. I've been nice to her, and she's been really nice to me. There have been a lot of moments where it seems like she's trying to seduce me or something. But every time has been interrupted and/or ended without reason. So it's still gibberish flying between us. I never know if she's gonna make a move on me at any moment. And I know a lot of people would be like, "Well why didn't you just make a move on her?". You have to understand the position I was in. I've known this girl for about a week, am living in her house with her and her older brother, and I just got away from a life of killing people in my sleep. Oh, reminding me. For the whole week I was living with her, I haven't been doing anything in my sleep. I mean every now and then I'd find myself sitting against a wall in the middle of the night. But nothing to worry about. So life had been rocking. But then, one day....that all changed. It was a week after I started living with her. I was sitting in her room using her computer, waiting for her to get back home from school. I really made no friends in her town, and I wasn't planning on really making any. I then heard the doorbell. So I got out of the seat and hopped on downstairs. I guess her brother wasn't gonna open the door this time because he was on the phone in the backyard. So I went ahead and opened it. I was about to joyfully say "Welcome Home." But I stopped myself and looked at her. She had a black eye, and bruises on her arm. I stood there for a moment, and then finally said something.
"Oh my god, what happened to you?" I asked.
"The bully of my school," she said, "He picked on me today."
"What?! That ****ing bastard. What did he do?"
"Well, he told me to give him my lunch, and I said, 'Go get your own dumbass.' And so he pulled me outside and punched me. I fell on my arm and got bruises..."
"What?! Can't the school do something about him?"
"I've tried to tell them. But they won't believe me. Or at least believe me that it was him. Whenever he talks to a teacher, or staff of the school, he acts all nice and innocent. Everyone in the school hates him besides his little thugs that follow him."
"Have you told your brother?"
"Oh no no no. If he found out, he would flip and walk right over to the school and raise hell."
"Well don't you want him too? This kid is hurting you Carolyn."
"I know but I don't want this minor problem to start a huge one."
"Minor!? You have a black eye Carolyn! This is not minor!"
"What do you know?! You don't live my life! This is minor for me!"
She started to tear up. So she ran inside and pushed me out of the way. She then ran up the stairs into her room and slammed the door behind her. That was the first argument we ever had.

This problem had to be solved.

07-14-2009, 08:28 PM
Chapter 8:
I couldn't stand idly by and let this happen. Carolyn was getting hurt, and there wasn't anything anyone could do about it. I decided it's time to redeem myself. I need to at least help someone in my life. So the next day I went to her school. Seemed like a decent place, better then my old one. I looked around for a bit and it was passing period. Suddenly Carolyn ran up to me.
"What're you doing here?! You don't go here!" she said.
"I know," I said, "But I'm here to fix your little bully problem."
"You're not gonna do anything! Now get out of here!"
"Not until I found out who hurt you!"
"Why does it matter so much?!"
"Because I care about you!"
She went silent. I don't know why she did. I thought she already knew. But our silence was broken from someone shouting, "Hey let go!"
I ran over to where a circle formed and got to the front. A little kid was getting picked on by some huge kid.
"So are you gonna give it to me or not?" the big guy said.
"Why should I? Just because your family is too poor to buy you your own lunch?" replied the little guy.
The crowd went "Oooohhhhhhh......."
"You shouldn't have said that you little prick." the big guy said as he pulled his fist back.
The small guy flinched.
"HEY!" I shouted.
He stopped and everyone turned to me.
"Leave the kid alone." I said.
"Oh yeah?" He walked up to me, "What're you gonna do about it kid?"
"I'll rip your face off...." I replied.
He laughed.
"You think you can beat me up dickweed?"
"Try me, bitch."
"Oh you asked for it."
He leaned in on me so no one would hear.
"Tonight, school courtyard. 10 PM. Be there."
"I will **** face."
By now the little kid ran off. So the big guy left.
"Who the hell was that?" I asked to Carolyn.
"He's the guy that beat me up. His name is Heath." she replied.
"Well then, we'll see what Heath's got."
"Don't do this."
"Why not? It's time he gets what he deserves."
"See! This is what I was talking about! You're just making this problem worse!"
Everything went dead quiet. She was just staring at me with her teary eyes now. I then realized that everyone in the hall was looking at us. I shouted really loud.
"Don't talk to me." she cut me off.
She walked down the hallway, and she got out of sight. I sighed and left the school.

That night was the night........

It was 9:57 when I arrived at the school courtyard. I was ready for this. I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I turned around quickly and said, "Who's there?!".
Carolyn walked out of the bushes.
"Carolyn? What're you doing here?" I said.
"I just wanted to make sure you'd be okay." she said.
"Listen, Carolyn. About today-"
"Forget it Greg. It wasn't your fault. You're only doing this for me. I was only worried because....well I didn't want you to get hurt."
"Then why'd you make such a big deal about it?"
"Because I care about you."
Another silent moment followed that line.
But then the silence was broken again by hearing, "You ready for this, fag?"
I turned around and saw Heath walk up with his 2 thug followers.
"Anytime dick." I replied.
"Wait!" Carolyn said. She ran in front of me.
"You guys don't have to do this." She cut me off again.
"Please, I don't want anyone to get hurt."
"Shut up bitch." he said.
He then punched her out of the way and she went falling to the side.
"CAROLYN!" I shouted.
She was bleeding. Bad. She hit the ground really hard.
"Oh my god Carolyn you're bleeding!" I said as I ran up to her.
She was silent. Then laughed.
"What's so funny?!" I said.
"You're clothes." she said.
"What about my clothes?!" I said.
I lot of blood was dripping from her head.
"They're all messed up, and dirty." she then closed her eyes.
"Carolyn! Carolyn! Come on don't close your eyes! Stay with me Carolyn! COME ON CAROLYN STAY WITH ME! PLEASE DON'T GO!" I started to tear up. "DON'T LEAVE ME CAROLYN! DON'T LEAVE ME!!"
By now Heath was scared.
"Oh shit man you killed her!" one of his thugs said.
"I didn't ****ing mean to!" Heath said.
Why..........why did this happen? She was the last person in the world to care about me, and there she went. Just like that. Out of my life, forever. Just like my brother. It was the worst feeling anyone in the world could get. And I lost it. I cried. But not tears of sadness....tears of anger.
"Hey listen man! I didn't mean to-"
But then I blacked out.

I was no longer awake.........

07-19-2009, 02:51 PM
Chapter 9:
All I remembered was that. And that was it. I was out cold. No longer awake. I don't know if I was hit in the back of the head or something. But I think my subconscious took over my mind or something, and MADE me go to sleep. I don't know...but I still haven't found out to this day. And that's what I'm scared of, what if my subconscious is MAKING me go to sleep. Like I'm 2 different people in 1 body. It's still a mystery. And I never got to find out from my mom or dad...since they're dead. But yeah, so I finally woke up. But I was in a hospital bed with beepers running and everything. I felt really weak, but I had no marks on me at all. I wasn't hurt. The TV was on though. And I happened to look at it just in time. The news was on. And a section came up covering a developing story.
"And now to you Jerry."
"Thanks Mary. Right now I am at Woodrow Middle School where 4 children were murdered last night. Police said they got a call from a janitor who said he heard screams. when he went outside to see what it was, he saw 5 children on the ground bleeding. One of the children is still alive but is unconscious and is in the hospital. We do have the identities of the 4 children though."
I froze after hearing this. 4.......
"Heath Forick, 14. Jonathon Wilson, 13. Garrett Morvob, 14. All 3 of these children had scratch and bruise marks all over them. Some body parts were even decapitated. Lastly was a 13 year old girl named Carolyn Lessler, was found dead by an impact to the head. Locals believe that she hit her head on the floor, and her brain shut off from there. The identity of the 5th boy is still being found out. We still haven't received word on how the 3 boys died or what even happened to them. More on this...later on. Back to you Mary."
I just froze......she was dead. And those 3 guys....I killed them. I killed them. The guilt got into me. And that was it. But it was the weirdest thing. I couldn't cry, or show any emotion. I've shown too much. I just.....stopped caring. From that day forth I wouldn't become aquatinted with anyone. I would only hurt them. No more emotion, that makes you attached to someone. I didn't want anyone to get hurt. So that was it. I quit showing emotions. No point in them. I grabbed my things from the closet. Eyes show the most emotion of all body parts, so I was to no longer show my eyes to people. I put on my sunglasses, and I would never take them off...not even in my sleep. I climbed out of the window and slid down the trail i made by wrapping up the bed sheets. I walked off. I needed to be away from society. Those people were right, I had to be taken away. I was no longer supposed to be near society. There was something I had to do before I left though. I headed to the graveyard, and watched the funeral from a nearby hill. Carolyn's older brother was standing next to the preacher, crying his eyes out. He was all by himself now. But, I didn't shed a tear. After the burial, and hearing her brother cry louder, I left.....

I walked all the way back to my old town. I passed the sign once more, "Town Limits." and I just kept walking, not even looking at it. I walked back into my town, and saw police patrolling the place. I saw wanted signs of me. Over these few weeks my hair has grown, and I have my sunglasses now. The police were just passing me up. I walked into the police office, and I walked up to the clerk.
"May I help you?" she said.
"I'm turning myself in." I replied.
"Excuse me?"
"I'm Greg Meafe, I'm responsible for the murders of this town. I'm turning myself in."
She was silent.
"S-Security..." she said.
Cops walked in and she explained. They walked me off. I was taken to court. And was sentenced to 23 months of therapy. Were these people stupid?! Therapy wasn't going to help! Nothing will! So for 23 months, I was held at a mental institute, switching from there to therapy sessions every day. Somewhere in that 23 months though, I told my nurse I had to be sealed off, I needed to be taken somewhere else. She wouldn't let me and thought I was just talking nonsense. She didn't understand, so sad. I killed her...and that was the final straw. I finally got through to the judge. I pleaded and pleaded and he finally came through. And that's it. I was taken here to this asylum. This is where I belong. They were right from the start. I'm going to stay here for the rest of my life.

This....is my home.


09-30-2009, 06:34 PM
Disturbing yet interesting at the same time. I liked it.

Nice job, Sacred.

10-23-2009, 12:03 AM
That is a great story sAcReD, do you have any plans on becoming an author?

10-23-2009, 07:09 AM
That is a great story sAcReD, do you have any plans on becoming an author?

Actually, I'm making a book at this very moment. I hope to get it published around May/June 2010.

10-23-2009, 10:44 AM
Jesus Fuck, clean it up. Those many "....", overuse of bangs and question marks and the "*sigh*" stuff look real seedy in a story/book. Apart from that it's fairly well written althought it doesn't really pull me in. I'd have it more descriptive but maybe that's just me.

10-23-2009, 02:23 PM
Actually, I'm making a book at this very moment. I hope to get it published around May/June 2010.

Good luck! I would buy it but I don't think you will be releasing it in Australia :/

10-23-2009, 03:19 PM
Jesus Fuck, clean it up. Those many "....", overuse of bangs and question marks and the "*sigh*" stuff look real seedy in a story/book. Apart from that it's fairly well written althought it doesn't really pull me in. I'd have it more descriptive but maybe that's just me.

Yeah I know where you're coming from. Don't worry, this is a short story. But after I finish the book I'm making, I'm recreating this into book form. That way I can really can get into detail with the story.

Good luck! I would buy it but I don't think you will be releasing it in Australia :/

You never know.

Earth's Angel
01-01-2010, 08:21 PM
I would of liked it if i would of read it all but its a good start i ges

02-07-2010, 05:59 AM
The Devil EyesAll Of Us Are BadDont Deny This FactWe Are All Evil.We All Have The Devil EyesWe See What We WantAnd We Envy People Who Have ItWe Want To Tear Them ApartOr Rip Off HeadsBut We DontWe Dont Because We Have Self Control.- Fin