View Full Version : Pivot wacky/awesome race/battle anim. contest

07-24-2009, 12:54 PM
In your animation, you can have either a race that stops and becomes a battle, or a race in which the contestants fight one another during the race.

1: you can have the race be a foot race, a space race, a boat race, a car race, or whatever kind of race you want, but YOU MUST HAVE A RACE OF SOME SORT IN YOUR ANIMATION!
2: no copying other animations. if you can't think of something original, then don't enter the contest.
3: there is a five minute limit on your animations, I don't want to spend three days watching two animations.
4: you can use weapons, fist fights, or any other method of battling you can think of, but YOUR ANIMATION MUST INCLUDE A BATTLE OF SOME SORT.
5: I don't care if your anim. is funny, or if it is the most totally F***in' awesome, action-packed video on earth, so go ahead and use your imagination, but please, keep the romance to a minimum, I HATE sappy stories.

Judging will be on the interest lvl of your race and of the battle, and the amount of effort involved.

I will hand out prizes to the first, second, and third place winners. (Prizes are by Smashdood)

good luck, you'll all need it.

Stick Titan, signing out