View Full Version : Millibeat - Gated

07-25-2009, 09:58 PM
I really need to start giving my songs GOOD names, with actual inspirations for them. Anyways, here is my latest song.

Made using the basic drum samples from FL Studio, and I used the Vanguard, NX-Synth2, and Triple Cheese VSTi's to make this.

Also, more news, I have put my songs on LimeWires P2P Network, so people (who have actually heard of the song, go figure) can download it. Now, LEAVE ME SOME MUTHA****IN' COMMENTS!!! And When I say that, I mean ON STICKPAGE OR NEWGROUNDS.

One more thing, my friend said I should put lyrics in my music. What should I do? Use the friggin' annoying and overused robot voice, along with even more generic lyrics (like "Feel the music", or "Butt**** me on extacy"). Or should I record my voice, and then change it (my voice is not so pretty IMO). And even then, what would I say?