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08-25-2009, 02:23 AM
I've woken up in this dark prison. I can't see anything around me, though. Its all black.
Feeling my face, I see that my head was actually covered with a bag. That explains the musty smell. I also notice that my hands are bound by some sort of restraint.
With some difficulty, I manage to undo the zipper of the bag over my head. Now I can see the room. Its low-tech just like most of the prison cells everywhere. Made of the traditional steel, with a cement floor and a bed hanging off the wall. Outside the door of my cell though, is the technology of the year 2442. Although the way prisons are made is primitive and flimsy compared to the outside world, they still do their job.
I look at my hands and see that they're restrained by electronic repulsor bonds. It sort of looks like orange beams are bending around my hand and connecting together.
For most people, this technology would have defeated all their hope of escaping from their room unassisted. But I wasnt just any person. I used to create this kind of technology myself.
Grabbing the bag that was lying on the floor, I put the metal zipper in where the two circles met.There was a short burst of sparks, and then the bonds turned transparent. Strongly magnetized to the zipper itself. My hands were free.
However, I could guarantee that there were sensors in this room, and that they were made to sense outbursts of sparks like this, just in case some prisoner accidently had this happen to them. A security guard would be here in a few moments, and I had to set everything up. I hid the bonds and the bag behind my back, one in each hand. And after a short wait, the door to my cell opened and a security guard walked in.
I had feared that they would send more than one in, but my fears were proven wrong. They sent only one guard. I was after all, only a lonely unemployed man.
"I know what happened, sir." He said. "Don't attempt anything stupid cause your bonds fell off. Most people take it as a chance to escape, but things dont end well for them."
I nod, pretending to cooperate with him.
"Now give me your hands." He reached his arms out with another set of bonds. Amber this time.
And it was in position. I swung the bag and the bonds around from my back. In a blur, I brought the bag down in-between the guard's arms. When the zipper reached the space in between them, I yanked upwards separated the zipper from the bonds I had. They reformed over the security guard's arms, leaving him trapped. And he only gaped at me in surprise.
Then before he could call for backup, I whipped out and struck him in the face. While he was off balance I ran over and shoved him as hard as I could. The bonds prevented him from catching himself as his head smacked solidly into the cement wall. A trail of blood followed the guard's head as he slid down the wall. But there wasn't time for remorse. I had to get out of here. My son's life depended on it. As far as I knew I was the only one who knew the cure for the disease he had.
I stripped everything I would need from the guard. His taser - the gun was too loud - His baton, his ID, all his keycards, and his fingerprint cards. I couldnt take his uniform. It didnt even come off without a personal password.
I stepped to leave the room. This wasnt a big prison, and somewhere in it was a teleporter. The world didnt make cars anymore once those were made. They were completely pollution free, and ran on a watch battery. However, they were also highly guarded, but I believed I could pass through it with what I'd taken from the guard. Nobody would be able to take all this without killing one of them.
In sudden memory, I froze myself, inches from the exit of the door where I'd be seen by the cameras.
They werent watched by people anymore. The cameras were robots, basically. Their programming made them pretty much spot out anything that didn't have a guard's badge on them, and sending an alarm for backup to anything that didnt, during certain hours. I headed back and clipped the now dead guard's badge.
I walked outside and closed the door behind me. My room wouldnt be checked again until somebody smelled the body of the dead guard. Robots fed the prisoners with food and water, and supplied their medicine. All that people needed to do was supply physical force and act as sentries in the hallways.
It was easy to find my way around in here. I'd been in here for ten years now. My family stopped visiting me once my son got the disease a few weeks ago. But after what seemed like an hour of walking, I still found my way to the front desk.
There the teleporter was. On the other side of the glass. I just needed to find my way around.
I continued down the way I was going. Using one of the keycards to open up yet another door, it opened. And on the other side was a security guard, who's features quickly changed to shock. Thankfully, prison life has taught me a lot more about acting quick than being a security guard did. I instantly kicked the guard's gun out of his belt, and knocked him in the shoulder. He stumbled back, and I rushed after him.
The guard unexpectedly whirled around and struck me in the gut, and I doubled over. He then delivered a strong elbow to the soft spot on my shoulder. As I fell down, I expected him to start beating down on me like the prisoners here do, but no. He reached for his walkie talkie to call for an extra hand.
I reached out and pulled his leg out from under him. He dropped the walkie talkie and caught himself on the glass. I quickly got up and punched him in the face. As he stumbled back, I pulled out my baton and extended it. I hit him on the right knee as hard as I could. He screamed as his leg suddenly crunched and bent to the left. To silence him I hit him again on the top of the head.
I could guarantee at least 5 more guards were coming. I had to hurry.
I started beating on the glass window with the baton, and I covered my eyes with my arm so the coming explosion of glass didnt get in them.
And there was an explosion. Alarms instantly started blaring. I had little time before the teleporter's room locked up. But I should be able to make it. The alarm's supposed to sound because of a prisoner escaping the cell, not being 10 feet away from it.
I climbed over in a haste, cutting up my palms. But I made it to the door in no time.
I produced fingerprint cards, the stolen ID, and the badge where it was needed. All doors were open but the last one, which required a keycard. And as I used that, the doors locked up. The glass door didnt budge.
I knew for sure that the teleporter's room had defenses for things such as me, but I didnt know what. But at this point I didnt care. Id be lucky to get a lifetime in here for killing the first guard.
Covering my eyes, I smashed open the glass. I knew right away what the room's defenses were. Pain started bunching at my sides. Causing me to yelp before I knew what was going on. I ran closer to the teleporter. By the time I reached half way, my whole body was wracked with pain. Everywhere, twisting and roaring and ripping through every nerve of my being. I clenched my teeth and ran on, and the pain got worse. My head felt like it was about to explode and my eyes felt like they were on fire. The rest of me felt like I was dipped into a pot of boiling oil.
I knew there were guards outside of the room. They'd wait till the alarm stopped. Not daring to come in here. I'd gotten this far, so I'd be waiting in mortal agony until they got here. I couldnt stop.
I realized I'd dropped to my knees. I got back up. My skin's touch feeling like acid onto a papercut to my skin. I realized when I crashed into it that I reached the teleporter. Quickly I got inside. The pain generators were at full blast. I couldnt hold it in anymore, I was screaming in agony. I didnt care where the teleporter took me. I had to get out of here. Out of this horrible room's reach. Anywhere at all. I couldnt last.
I had the strength to tell the machine to keep me on this country. But then I collapsed. My fist pounded on the buttons.
And suddenly I was free.

08-25-2009, 02:37 AM
Ah, but he wasn't free, was he? He was about to get his head kicked in by a random flipper.

It's a great, well written story. I particularly enjoyed the description of the pain. In a strictly literarily appreciative way, of course. Nothing sexual. The only part I would change myself is

They sent only one man. I was after all, only a lonely unemployed man.

The use of the word 'man' twice in such a short time bothers me. I would have put either 'guard' on the first one or 'guy' on the second. O perhaps "doctor" or "scientist" or even "convict".

Can't wait for the sequal ;)

08-25-2009, 02:45 AM
Damn you, Zed. Now I feel obligated to do that. And I probably will, since I dont have anything else to do for the last 3 days of summer vacation.

I'll fix the thing you pointed out.

Edit: The guy who escaped didnt actually get kicked. I just made that part for my own "lols." In reality he's going to appear in the middle of a city somewhere with the police after him.