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09-10-2009, 07:54 PM
I could hear its footsteps. It was getting closer. I dove under a red truck. Atleast I thought it was red. It was so dark with the black out I couldn't see anything. I heard it breathing. It was right next to the truck. I rolled out the other side, and suddenly I heard it smash against the truck, I sprinted down the street as fast as it could, I turned around to look, and it jerked its head up and saw me. It was ugly. It had brown crusty dead skin. Its face looked like it was cooked in an oven. The scariest part of it, was it had big menacing, glowing yellow eyes. It stared right at me for a second, then suddenly it jumped clear over the truck. Over it! How could anything jump so high? It landed on all four and sprinted toward me. I've never seen a faster animal in all of my life. Not even on television. It kicked up dirt as it ran through peoples yards. It was three houses away from me. It was on top of me in seconds. It tore at my stomach, I didn't feel pain. I was in shock, I just laid there and waited to die. I did.

I wrote it in like 20 minutes.