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09-20-2009, 03:32 AM
I did this before NT did >:L

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I'm happy of what I am. Sitting here in the bakery while being bathed in warmth by the counter's lights. I've had a few little boys and girls point to me and beg their mom to be able to take me home. Sadly the parents both said no, though.
It feels nice to be pretty. To know that your outer appearance draws others to stare at you with a sparkle in their eye. To have people want me to the extent of begging their parents.
I've seen others be taken before. The few that have greater beauty than I. They get taken in luxerious brown bags into wherever it is outside of this bakery. What's it like out of here, though? Surely, people would only buy us so that they could have our beauty to themselves. So that they could stare at us while they laid in bed, or have a sight for sore eyes after a bad day.
There's another lady there now. Starting at me. It makes me feel warm inside. She's talking to the cashier at the desk. Now she's pointing at me, asking to buy me. Another good thing about being me. Who would pay money to buy a human? There's nothing beautiful about them. Just about us.
I'm being taken out of my spot now. It feels slightly colder for a second, but then I'm placed in a bag, and given a soft white blanket.
Oh how wonderful this feels. I'm outside of the store now, and I can see through the bag I'm in. Its a beautiful world full of strange machines.

It's been a while since I spoke last. I was busy looking at the outside world. So fascinating...
I'm inside of a house now, and this woman's children are coming running. They see me and point to me, to have me taken out of the bag to see my beauty. She does so and places me on the counter. The children stare with an excitement to their eyes. One of them reach out to touch me, but the mother says something about waiting till later, as she was busy making something. They'd be able to do so later. My heart warms at the admiration that's being shown towards me.
Ah how it must be to not just be seen but to be felt and touched as well. To feel the embrace of another warm body.
I'm going to have a great future here...