View Full Version : Background attempt

09-27-2009, 04:54 AM
It my first bg that i put effort in.

Which version is best?





09-27-2009, 11:31 AM
That's for you to decide.
I will tell you this thought.

The first one: Too bright. If you cut the transparenct (or "alpha") in half, you could probably see more background. If you're not willing to lower alpha levels then I recommend the use of another one.

The second one: The light to the right stops at the pillar. I don't care how you could explain this but in any case, to me that looks like a wall. I don't think sectioning off the front of your background would be the best idea. people may think there are 2 different rooms there. You might want this for your animation. If so then by all means go for this one.

The third. Same thing as the first, but I just noticed that in all but this and the 4th there is light coming in from 2 different directions. It's like there are 2 different suns at 2 and 4 o clock.

The 4th and 1st (with a less bright screen of light on the 1st) would be what I think would be good. I do recommend you not use that sound though. It's very loud for something that would be in the background. I recommend something more quiet, subtle, and/or echoing for a cave background.