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-How can you post links with 9 posts?
-Don't double post, especially with spam posts only a few hours after the topic was posted. Bumps are only 24 hours after the thread began.
-The 3-d Looked nice. some odd shading at the front of the bullet. You seemed to map it out so that at one view the bullet looked shaded properly. If I were you I'd take the time to shade the entire dome at the front of the bullet.
-The lipsyncing was just odd. I saw no 'bullet' in his mouth and it seemed if you put speech in it you'd think someone off screen was saying it and interrupting the guy...
-the sounds were loud at my lowest volume. To edit a sound clup for volume you can click the frame the sound is on, go into properties, do advanced effects, and click halfway down both of the boxes you see there. If you have a straight line half way down both boxes then you've reduced the sound by half. The top of the box is top volume, the bottom is lowest.
-There was no effect on the gun except for a small red blip. I expected more. :/

Overall not bad at all. The 3d was a nice surprise and the face wasn't a bad touch either.

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thanks man >>> :)

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Seriously, how do you post links with under 20 posts, it is probably something simple, but alot of people do it. The animation was pretty good. Accept the stickman was stiff. You halted his movement too quickly after the gunshot. The bullet itself was great, once again, I have no idea how you guys create 3d effects like that.

10-02-2009, 09:05 PM
eRain swf3d. I've been wanting to try it for some time...