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This is sasukekun777's story do not copy!!!!

The theater!

“Chapter 1”
Have you ever got bribed by a friend? Well I did, but one-hundred and ten dollars to go to an abandoned theater! I should have rejected the offer and stood home. By the way I‘m Jack Patterson and this is my story. It was Saturday morning December 15, 2007 it was my birthday I had just turned twelve. I had just awoken to the ring of the door bell. I ran down stairs to see Owen, David, Ben, Randy, and John at the door. When I was at the door I saw Owen holding a role of dollar bills in one hand and in the other a camera that had about five rolls in it. Then Ben said “Hey Jack do you mine if you go with us somewhere and be our cameraman?” “What’s the catch?” I shot back. I had a hunch that this was going to be posted in Youtube or something. Then John said “we all pitched in to twenty-two dollars.” “What’s that for?” I inquired. “It’s for you Jack,” David said. Then Owen said “So are you up for it?” “Sure” I said. Then we were off.

We went by bike, guess what they even bought me a new bike! They told me to just follow them. Where were they taking me to some birthday party? So I asked “Where are you taking me?” “You’ll see” they all said. It took half an hour so they would stop and tell me where we were going or at least I think? “So what are we going to do?” “Were going into this old abandoned theater,” Ben said. “Oh” I said, I never knew that it was going to be like this it’s to late to turn back now. “Are you ready Jack?” “Yeah,” I said. We went inside I started the camera. It was dark in there so I put the night vision light for the camera. “Do you see any thing Jack?” Ben said turning on his flashlight on. “Yeah,” I said. The entrance of the theater was awesome it was like a castle or something but it had too much spider webs. We started up the stairs. Every time we went up the stairs on a certain step we herd a moaning sound. Then John said “I’m tired of this!” And we saw in terror as when John stomped on the step it broke and he fell. I said “are you ok?” “I’m all right just some cuts and bruises. “There’s a door I’ll just go in try to meet up with you guys, ok?” “Ok” we all said.
We continued walking to find something. We enter this room where it looks like the place they would sell food. We looked inside and there was this room it looked like a secret compartment. We opened it and the next thing we saw was John there looking scared like he had sawn a ghost. Had he, or did he have some dire information? Then the next thing he did he handed us a newspaper. He said “Look what it says on the headline.” “It says January 17, 1979 Theater closes and abandoned do to the government quarantining this theater.” Ben said. “I think we better get out of here!” David said. We ran to the entrance of the theater. But it was to late the entrance was closed shut!

I hope you liked the first chapter. Reply if you would like me to post chapter 2.


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literature forum man. go there...

EDIT: just read the first sentence. HOLY SHIT 100- AND TEN! (GASP) ****ING DOLLARS? WOW-WEE! hahaha i would have settled for a hundred.

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What a great story, please post more!

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so this is what elementary school teachers feel like

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but one-hundred and ten dollars to go to an abandoned theater!

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Go ahead and post the second chapter. I love horror stories.

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Win? You spelled like... 15 things wrong. Other than that, I thought it was pretty wicked.

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Do any of you know that I all ready made chapter 3.... And I changed it up a bit... OK I hope you like it a little bit more.