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10-05-2009, 06:44 PM
So, I made a story a second ago. I got some inspiration from Killzone, and put this together...while listening to Pirates of The Caribbean music :3


The year is two-thousand thirty-three. Humans have long been a source—an intelligent part of the world. They have developed long-range weapons, computers, even warfare itself. It is around this age, the age of revolution, that the Humans would make their first, and last, fatal mistake. Wars and riots are popping up in Europe, and Asia is getting a financial beating. Robberies and murders are occurring nationwide in the States. Do you want to know why?

A long while ago, in world war two, the Nazis experimented on and murdered Jews to ‘control population’, and to ‘savor the Aryans’. The Nazis considered the potential race known as the ‘Aryans’, superior. ‘Aryans’, refer to people with blond hair, blue eyes, and a tall height. The Jews that were being experimented on were tortured before their final words, and were sometimes hung before the ‘Aryans’.

There was one experiment that the Nazis have kept secret until this very year, this very month, and, this very day. The biochemical transfer of the Jews’ mental will. The Nazis, in the most impossible of circumstances, succeeded. They transferred the Jews’ will and emotions all into a test tube (literally), and made them emotionless souls, called The Haze. After-wards they murdered them, and hid their labs after the attack on Berlin. Some Nazis, somehow, escaped to neighboring countries and continued the experiments on British, Spanish, American, nearly uncountable cultures. Over time, the experiments became widely popular around the hidden Nazis.

But, at this time, their experiments have upgraded a lot. Their troops have emotion and an iron will, but they are mentally and physically moved whenever orders are given. Well, they escaped from the caves in two-thousand thirty-two. That’s why, and we’re fighting for our lives in this damned war.


My eyes popped wide open. I turned my oval of a head towards the digital clock by my hard and colorless bed. Eight o’clock, just as I wanted.

I turned over in my bed, pulled the top cover off, and jumped right on out to the black hole of a floor. The green carpet looks tanner than it used to, and my anti-Haze sub-machine guns, US Army uniforms, and clothes were spread out on the ground like my room got nuked. Hell, it’ll probably get nuked for real some time around with these conditions.

My black, short hair rubbed and scratched against the surface of my hands as I washed. I bent down and grabbed the handle to the water, turned it to the left, opened the door. I stepped out discreetly and whipped up a towel from the pile quickly.

I finished drying my crappy room, and slipped on my casual jeans, black T-shirt, and dark grey Vans 2008 shoes. I got down to the ground, handled an assault rifle out from under my bed, and put the sling over my back.

The brown, wooden door slammed open, revealing the true nature of war outside. Molotov Cocktails flew in all directions, illuminating buildings with columns of fire. Some buildings went down in flames just as I stepped out, and soldiers ran in one direction: away. Bullet streams were lighting up the street, some killing troops. Some Haze troops, dressed in black, steel armor that enveloped their body and a dark hellish helmet with spikes reaching out from the forehead and green eye holes proceeded to fire shots from their grey machine guns.
Just another day of survival, I thought.
I lifted my black gun, the monster of battlefield, and moved its scope to my eyeball. The red image that showed digitally told me where the Haze were and where the US was, within the scope.
“Time to show these bastards,” I whispered.
Fire erupted from my gun’s barrel. I heard a cry, a weep for help in the distance. I heard a slam, and the next thing I knew, a body of metal was lying on the ground, dead.
A sergeant was firing at the enemy troops. He turned his head, and saw me. “Hey, get over here! We need support!”
I grinned and slung my gun over my back. I sprinted in his general direction. “If you insist.”
I slid on the ground, dirt covering my shirt. I flipped my body back upwards onto my feet and quickly ducked to dodge and incoming bullet. “So, situation report, sergeant.”
“We’re pinned. The Haze have the high ground, and control over three-quarters of the city. We’re still trying to hold them back, but it’s just not working.”
“Did you consider flanking them?”
“No, in-fact we haven’t. The Haze have some of the most advanced flank bombing tech in the States. One step to the side and we’re raw meat.”
“Hmm…” I put my hand on my head, and got into a thinking position.
A flurry of bullets passed overhead, covering the red sky. The sergeant looked frantically at me. “SIR! I don’t want to die! Think quickly! I have a wife in Sacramento expecting me to be home!”
I looked back at him in response. “Then I guess we gotta do the obvious.”
“The obvious?!”
“Air raid.” I smiled, and pulled out a smoke flare.
He grinned back. “I guess we do,” he responded.
I lit the flare.

Chapter one isn't totally finished quite yet, but have it done.