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10-25-2009, 12:06 PM
The aftermath of the attack on versa One can still be felt to this day, A catastrophe recorded in history as the worst possible scenario for the first contact between the human race and an alien species. No one really knows exactly what happened in the 15 minutes of battle between the unknown race and our space armada. But we do know the damage. 1,853 Officers and 312 cadets were killed, 14 frigates were destroyed, and the NOVA peak space communication tower was obliterated. All within 15 minutes. The CNA pilots barely had enough time to send an emergency video feed before they lost communication, and were killed. China was the first to receive the stream, they brought the still frame of the attacking ships to the Board of the UN council. The ships were not identified by any country. The ships were not human made. It seemed as if the world held a collective breathe, change was coming.

The massacre was a wake up call to the leaders of the world. In the view of a species to species war, issues like racism, land and religion fell into the background. A worldwide military assembly was called together, the OWA; One world alliance, to settle on the grand terms of Earth and the individual nations that separated it. Smaller countries were absorbed, rights were crushed, individualism gave way to worldwide democracy. The old wars didn’t matter it seemed, what we had done to each other in the past was forgiven, forcibly. And so, the scores were settled, the books closed. And the OWA turned its focus to the attack, and the prevention of another. That’s where my story is.

The cloud initiative, a cross country armada was formed, the best of the best. Cloud was the second generation of the CNA, where the CNA had to worry about stepping on toes, Cloud might as well have stomped on them. Soldiers from Israel were paired with soldiers from Palestine, north Koreans with south Koreans, Russians with everyone else. Declassified technology reports became the technology we flew in. The most advanced weaponry from every nation was combined with the most advanced antimatter enginery to make the pinnacle of mankind’s space warbirds; The dragonflies. Dragonflies were given only to the best pilot from every nation, a special squad, representing earth. Exodus Squadron.

10-25-2009, 03:29 PM
Why do officers outnumber cadets?

Looks cool, more of like a prologue ramble than a story so far.